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Hello Mary,

This E-mail is to confirm our discussion of ALL happenings that arose from the show of 04-26-06 with Sir Clifford--Warren Bonesteel and yourself as the host. My computer crashed three(3)
times that evening. I had another return of whatever this dark blob represents??? I angrily told it to Go to Hell! It streamed away from me, like it was being drawn through a straw to where-ever??
My physical being then felt as IF I was in another time??? My vision was distorted as seeing doubles of everything around me and everything appearing as a wave type form. Approximately two
hours later, ALL suddenly just settled. It felt as IF I was dumped back into me. Like falling and then a sudden stop! I was awake though when it happened. My rate of exhaustion was none as I
ever experienced. I finally began to feel rested today Friday April 28th 2006.

THANK's to YOU--Mary and the many others who are contributing in a positive way, I do believe ALL of us who are sincerely seeking, ARE obtaining the TRUTH rapidly now.  The darkness is
becoming more than just concerned--------They are becoming Terrified that we ARE obtaining those Truth's!  Keep up the GOOD works, WE do appreciate them.  Teo

I felt that at the end of the show your concentration was  'off' .
Strange energies.
My computer also froze  and I had to reboot. ..Ted

April 28th
Went into town for some errands earlier this morning and the world
looked different--there is a  freshness, like a whole new world.  Air
clear, cool, clean...trees brilliant with sun on their new leaves.
Couple of other people in different parts of the globe verified same
awareness to this day. N
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Mary Sutherland -

"The Cherokee Indians used the stars as relays for messages between different bands in war parties and hunting parties. They would decide before they went out at night, which star they were
going to use. After the hunting party split up into smaller bands, members of the different groups would put their attention on that star, and "send" or "receive" a mental image accompanied by
emotions. (This method works exceedingly well. .) The star they selected could have been hundreds or thousands of light years away, yet their messages were sent and received in "real time".
One of the band could send a message to the star, and another could pick it up any time after that. During the day they would select a mountain to use as a relay. It worked. (Anyone can do it, if they
know how.)" Dr. Robert Neal Boyd -physicist

PHOTO: My poor attempt at trying to draw...but it works

The Law of One - tells us that all is connected to the One and the One is connected to the All. This is demonstrated in the photos on this page.

Our brain produces electrical light charges which carry information (see photo one... electrical discharges from the brain)

This information is transmitted and received to us and all objects of the cosmos. In return all information through this same type of energy process is exchanged back and forth to everything in our
dimension as well as every other dimension from the smallest to the largest- instantly . .

Mirrored Neurons

As the first party observes the second - energy is transmitted from the first and the second party.

This energy is met in the center of the two creating an 'orb' or bubble filled with the information (See 2nd photo- photo b) which is then shared by both parties (See 3rd photo). Through this simple
process we not only pick up the thoughts and images of the person or object we are observing but their emotions and they will do so as well.

Tools Used to 'Tap' into this Conscious Energy Field.

Tools such as divining rods and pendulums are only used as an aide for gathering information until you gain 'the confidence' to realize that you already have the ability to gather information around
you simply by listening to your higher self or mind.


How does Intuition Work ?

Intuition works as our sixth sense, through our nervous-muscular system and our five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

Until we awaken our true potential, intuition lies within us, but in a weakened state. As we become more and more aware of our environment, the stronger our intuition becomes. Think of it like a
muscle... the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

When your intuition 'kicks in' , you will probably see the same picture of your environment, but there is more emphases on contour, shading, color , smells, objects, taste, emotions,

'Tuning' into your environment is the tool of choice. When you go into a place, learn to become aware of the conditions not only around you but within you. Take the time to ask yourself, " How do I
feel ? What am I thinking now ? What taste is in my mouth ? What am I smelling ? What am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes ?"

Learn your body language. Your body reacts to signals from your 'sub-conscious'...the all-knowing self. Take notice of how your body reacts to all circumstances. When you can learn to understand
your own body language you are on the road to activated consciousness or intuition.

Pay attention to what you become aware of as you walk down the street or work in your yard or on your job. Many of you have heard people say 'It was speaking to me'. A lot of crystal collectors say
that! But what is 'speaking to you' mean? Simply put, you 'noticed' it , you became attracted to it. You may walk down the street and notice a particular color, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers
in a garden 'call' to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all these things were there before, but your Intuition is now drawing your attention to them to give you a
message. If you want to learn the meanings, simply google meanings, signs, omens and the object in question. I always watch for 'the signs' whether it be a bird, a color, a stone, a tree, an

If you seek some sort of answer or guidance from a person that is not there, you may have a quick memory of that person or another person showing you an event of sorts. At first you think that it
has no meaning to you, especially if it doesn't come from the person you want a question from, but dig deeper... Ask yourself , who was the person, what did his/her appearance mean to me;
sometimes a stranger can appear standing in a valley of green grass... signifying peace... answering your question, 'yes the person you are concerned about is happy and in peace' . See where I
am coming from with this. Its not in the messenger, but the message. Ask yourself... Could your relationship with that person, the memory of how they behaved (to you or to others), or the outcome
of that happening be an indication regarding your present situation ?

Then we have to 'make sense' of these impressions - a job fitting for the logical part of our thinking team !

If you need and ask for further clarification, a thought may POP into your mind. Now that FIRST THOUGHT is the most important because it usually comes from your right brain, the part that is
connected to your god-source. Seconds later, more thoughts will come in, but are most likely coming from your left brain, the logical mind that tries to override the right brain. The left brain has a lot
of great qualities, but not if you are trying to communicate with the metaphysical world.

Sometimes it pays to immediately record all your intuitive experiences. Often you will find a pattern that indicates the way that your intuition works. Certain symbols seen - or persons popping into
your mind - may have special meanings, even appearing in dreams. By recording these, you may find the key to deciphering such meanings.

As you are working to strengthen your psychic abilities, it helps to write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, color, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear,
memory, etc - you can write each of these on a card, and go through them to get immediate answers; do each one quickly - and if you do not get an answer then make one up ! Make one up you
ask???? Why would you do that! Well remember here we are just trying to strengthen that muscle and help you to become more confident in using your right brain perceptions. Just like in a toddler
learning how to walk from a crawl. first the toddler falls, and with you , you may get it wrong..but the important thing with the toddler is to have assurance that by getting up and starting again ,
he/she will eventually walk... you also need to know, yes you will make mistakes in the beginning but the more confidence you gain in yourself, the stronger your psychic abilities will become and
you will get more and more right. Practice does make perfect...and you are a perfect being! The important thing, is to feel or see something (even if it is wrong) and write it down.