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We as  spiritual warriors. move beyond the physical realm, where reality is merely a board game.
We learn that life is all about regaining our  personal power by not allowing the illusion to take it away.
To be a spiritual warrior is to bring balance to yourself and hopefully to others you meet...Finding   your own truths.
We are all spiritual warriors fighting the duality of 'good vs. evil' in a game created by electromagnetic energies.
With one foot in the other  world and another foot in this world the spiritual warrior sees beyond the illusion - into the truth.

Our Godly Inheritance
We  , through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping aether whirls, have the inherited ability  to manifest matter.   At  our
very command, without effort,  old worlds would vanish and new ones would manifest.  We can  alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, adjust its distance
from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey along any path we chose,  though the depths of the universe. . We can create life in all of its infinite forms.
Mary Sutherland - Steve Fell - Stephanie
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Spirit Warriors - Physical
"The Odin Spirit  
Photo of Steve Fell
Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
  • Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic
  • Mysteries: Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
  • The Red Haired Giants
  • Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

Check Out Books Written by Mary Sutherland  She is also the creator of
BURLINGTON NEWS one of the largest and most popular websites on the world
wide web.
Virtual School  for the  Studies  of  Earth Mysteries , Multi-Dimensional Realities,
UFOs, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Mysticism , Prophecies......
n the BUFO Files Mary Sutherland delves into subjects, concepts, and planes of consciousness that few
spiritual teachers ever dare to consider or share with the public. !
Exploring the Unknown   
Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland -Red Elk
Spirit Warriors
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Following are photos of Steve Fell interchanging  Energies with Entities from  other Dimensions.
The Nvnehi (Spirit Warriors)
Click Here for Mary Sutherland's DNA and Blood Connection to the Nvnehi

The Nvnehi (Spirit Warriors) are very seldom spoken of, but are well known of by the Cherokee Peoples.  Roughly translated Nvnehi means  PEOPLE WHO LIVE ANYWHERE . They were believed
to be of an immortal spiritual race and lived throughout the Cherokee lands -  from high on top of the mountains, where trees don't grow to below the mounds in the earth around Niquasi.

The Nvnehi have been described to have the same  physical characteristics of ordinary people.  Most were always kind and generously good hearted, but never considered ghosts or evil spirits ,
nor have they been  related to as “godsâ€� in the Cherokee world.

According to Cherokee Legend, the Nvnehi were a tribe of people who were known to live together in townhouses. They were usually unseen by human eyes, but when seen, no obvious difference
could be told. At least, not until they disappeared right before your eyes.

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"Deeply placed within the head, covered by thick skin and muscles, true eyes that cannot see are found in certain animals," also, says Haeckel: "Vertebrate . . . blind moles and field mice, blind
snakes and lizards. . . . They shun daylight . . . dwelling under the ground. They were not originally blind but have evolved from ancestors that lived in the light and had well-developed eyes. The
atrophied eye beneath the opaque skin may be found in these blind beings in every stage of reversion." ("Sense Organs," Haeckel.) And if two eyes could become so atrophied in lower animals,
why not one eye -- the pineal gland -- in man, who is but a higher animal in his physical aspect?
Spirit Warriors - Non Physical
Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work
on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual
phenomena. She is a "hands on" researcher and the creator of
one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of
pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient
races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the
world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional
worlds , metaphysics, etc. The governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the
ancient sites of Kentucky. For the last 5 years, she has been
exploring, mapping and documenting the ancient underwater
structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. For the last fourteen
years she has been documenting the ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her passion. She believes it is through
truth that we will break ourselves free of our present
entanglements in life. When we become free, we will create our
own ‘personal story’ of the ‘hero’s journey’ suggested by Joseph

Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006
Mary Sutherland doing a ceremony in wooded area outside of Burlington using Staff with an attached crystal.
These colors represent the protection of the god/goddess
“There are rare persons in this world who see things others
don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and
possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred souls to
reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden
truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-
born networker in all she does --- from her Burlington
Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and
published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for
perception more developed than in her latest title.“  Frank
Joseph .
Joseph was nominated by Japan's Savant Society as
Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!
Photo to left: Mary lifting the energies  up from the earth  , pulling them down from the moon - then swirling them  around her.
Mary Sutherland - Michelle
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Mary Transforming into a ball
of light going into another
For photos and more
information on Marys
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Aleister Crowley's version of the Thoth tarot . Powers of magickal providence and materialization .
. It may be the witches' acts of "drawing down the moon" and "summoning the cone of power" applied with great and dramatic
Note the blue energies swirling down from between the raised hands.
Developing a Strong Root Charka,
By Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, LCSW, MSW

In Qui Gong, people learn very large body movements before  they can learn to make the precision movement smaller and  smaller with repeated practice.

Likewise, peoples distrust, doubt and confusion often  make the interactions with spirit large, awkward and inefficient.   However, what is wonderful is that with practice in the counterpoint  energies
of trust, belief and clarity, people can directly connect with Spirit.

How do you know you are connected?  When you finally recognize that the belief you have in your connection is stronger than the supposed external reality. Your conversation, life
direction and openness turns inward rather than outward.

It is this inward language with something greater you, call it intuition, knowing, your sense of God, that now becomes the container to hold all of your experience.  And through this practiced belief
in your container, you can bring your energy out into the world.

You can form a relationship with the world that is based from your connection with Spirit and through following the language of Spirit you can reinforce your belief in the inner reality of oneness in
which we all share.

Lets do a little experiment.  Each morning you are going to give yourself the assignment of trusting in the security of your abundance and safety.  With an air of excitement, expectation,
gratitude and joy,look outward into the world just to see what happens from your inward trust in a greater reality.  Note small synchronicities, those messages from Spirit that affirm and validate
your inward experience.

You may have witnessed a similar scene.  A small child, a beautiful little girl, was playing on a San Diego beach.  She took a dime leftover from the concession stand and said, I am going to put it
right over here on a rock for a little boy or girl to find.

She carefully picked out a prominent rock.  She was very mindful of how she placed the dime on the rock, examining it this way and that. Satisfied, she let it be.

The day ended at the beach.  On the way back to the car, we all commented on how the wind was blowing.  However, right in the little girls path, staying put as though it was weighted, was a
twenty dollar bill!

Her joy and grace being sincerely put out to the universe was returned many times over.

Wouldn't it be interesting to place your sincere energies of your intent and feelings out into the universe just to see what happens?

Rochelle Sparrow is a Psychic Trance Channel who does long distance individual, couples and group sessions, is an author, has online classes, hosts the Rochelle Sparrow Connection Radio
Show and is a Producer with Spirit Productions in association with Peter Coyote.
Connect with her at 602.430.6447 or