April 13, 2006

I had to come to Burlington last night, to pick up some freecycle stuff, and so I wanted to drop
in by Mary.  We decided to go out to the haunted woods and take some pictures.

When we first got there, everything was still and quiet and very peaceful.  Mary brought a
peanut butter easter bunny to give to the spirits.  Right away, we heard lots of noises.  Mary
heard an animal or something snort or grunt right away.  Both of us heard something crashing
through the trees.  And both of us could hear things scurrying around right off the path, but
when we would shine the light or take a picture, you couldn't see anything.  The mood was light
and playful for a good ways in.

Mary had commented several times about how the air was so light and it was calm and very
nice.  Then, she is ahead of me and complained that I was not showing up in the picture, then
she said I was back.  We were still enjoying the walk with caution.  It was very dark, and it
was just us two, and we were wishing more friends were with.  We saw a fallen tree, or half of
it was fallen and
that's kind of when things started to get weird.  There had been lightnening flashing all evening
which added to the charge in the air I'm sure.

Out of nowhere, the wind picked up way up in the trees, and a couple of branches fell.  We
stopped and assessed the situation, and kept going a little bit.  Soon, there were sticks hurling
down from all around us and you could hear commotion up in the trees.  And I don't know, but
I think I said, well okay, now their throwing sticks at us and we started to retreat.  I kept
looking up and could see branches coming down and hear them snapping only like where we
were, though.  Strangest thing. Some of them got stuck in the trees on the way down.  You
could see well when the lightening flashed.  We went back a little and then Mary said she felt it
was okay again.  So we tried to go back, and it started again, and we said that's it let's go.  We
never even made it to the bridge! LOL.

It was the first time I was doing something with spirits/ghosts where I was genuinely freaked
out.  I wish we could've stayed, but it was clear to both that we were suppose to go.  Funny
thing is, as we're leaving, everything seemed to quiet down, and I know I didn't leave
Burlington until after 2:00 am, and no storm had blown up yet.  I really do think we went
straight into a "super" vortex, and WOW!  What a powerful thing that was.  I have even
wondered if it wasn't the vortex creating the commotion up in the trees.  It was just like when a
huge storm is coming before a torrential downpour.  Very hard to explain, but very, very cool!  
It was exciting!

We got some very cool pictures, too.

Just thought I would share.