At the end of Black Canyon Road, still in use, is the very telephone that Travis Walton used after his
aliens abducters finished with him.

We decided to put a little fun in our UFO Trip this year and go to Heber Arizona to search out Travis
Walton's phone. Determined, we had decided not to give up until we had found this landmark. Being
that Heber is such a small town, we  were somewhat surprised to find out that so little people even
knew where Travis Walton was..let alone where this telephone could have been. But for those that
know me, and Brad can attest to, Iam very stubborn when I set my mind to something. After many
strange looks and shakes of the head, I finally came across this elderly gentleman that just happened
to know Travis. Not only did he know him, but he knew where the telephone was. Not only did he know
where it was...he took us right to it!  Thank You!. I couldn't help but ask the gentleman if he believed
Travis's story. He said 'NO'!  But then again he also said he didn't believe that we had ever gone to
the moon either.  Oh well...each to their own opinion. I was just happy that he knew the location and
showed us.

While there, I just couldn't resist the temptation to grab the phone and try calling ET. But apparently
no one was home..sighs. We have more pictures to put up on this site of the Heber area. We also
have a picture of Black Canyon Road of which Travis and his crew used to go into the interior of the
woods to cut lumber.

Check back to this site for the rest of the pictures coming. Until then ...Keep your eyes to the sky!
Mary Sutherland