What residue still remains from the horrors of what some slaves may have went through .
Did their thoughts remain from their days on the plantations or did some of them go through their own nightmares once they got to Burlington Wi.? What happened in the
basement of Burlington's Acting School on Chestnut Street?

Mary Sutherland , Burlington Haunted Tours
Corral Gayle, owner of the acting school here in Burlington has spent much of her time trying to help captured souls find their families that have went on into the light.
Unknown to Corral Gayle, when she leased her building on Chestnut Street ,was the fact that her place, among many in the historic secton of down town Burlington , is
I came to know Corral when she came to our Center 'concerned' by what was going on down in her basement.  She asked us to 'please do an investigation' . We agreed to
help her. As time went on, the activity became stronger and seemed to be more aggressive. Many nights you could find Corfal Gayle sleeping on our couch here at the Center
or just hanging around ..anything to keep from being home alone nights with the strange noises and ghostly activities.
Although we did find orbs in the upstairs area, the ghostly activities seem to be more strongly focused in the basement.
Most of the spirits downstairs seem to have been harmless but there was also an angry spirit down there that was quite territorial.  Corfal felt his presense so immensely , she
ceased to go downstairs alone.
We followed up by photographing many nights down there, coming up with photos of orbs and spirit forms.
We tried to video the downstairs area several nights, but each time we left, the spirits would turn the recorder off.
We did however manage to get evps (electronic voice patterns) taped on our tape recorder.

Coral found out through the meter man that reads for the gas and electric company that the underground tunnels ran under her building which would account for some of the
phenomenon that was occurring in her home . We also found out that her basement was used to lodge run away slaves heading for Canada.  Here was the clue!  What
happened to these slaves while they were in this basement?  Was it residue of their thoughts from the days of their slavery..or was it something else?

We decided to bring in several psychics to read the house. Both psychics.. without knowing the other's readings.. said that their were many deaths that occurred in this
basement.  Now that the spirits had someone there could hear them, they all wanted to talk at once, which was quite confusing to the psychics. So we had one slave by the
name of Jeremy represent them all and speak for them.  Jeremy himself had been through hell while alive, suffering from the abuse of his owner . He said that he still
experienced the sensations of the beating from the whips. He and others were now caught up in this personal hell. They needed help. Our psychic 'Pathy' sent Jeremy and
many others to the light .  This became apparent when Coral went back to the basement. She did not pick up these spirits afterwards...much to her relief.  HOWEVER...one
remained...The angry one.  Pathy was called back.   She found out that this man had lost his daughter in a multiple death . He was not going to leave until he found her. His
anger was that out of frustration and fear. Pathy explained to him that she had already crossed over.  He would not believe her and refused to leave. Pathy found his
daughter, brought the daughter to him . He at that time agreed to leave so she sent both of them back over into the light. This spirit is not longer felt in the basement.
HOWEVER....being that this whole area is built over ancient burial mounds, and that it is over one of the underground tunnels, and that it is over a vortex, there is an active
vortex there, allowing spirits to come and go as they desire.
We now just watch to make sure that no angry spirit invades the home again and give the rest of the spirits permission to share the home with Corral ..as long as they respect
her privacy and her fears..
Corral's son , Jimmy, now lives with Coral and it seems that Jimmy , Corral and the Spirits are at peace with one another.

Thank you Corral for sharing your home and experiences with us. Her building will be one that we use for our haunted ghost tours.  Corral now works with us as an
paranormal and ufo investigators and has been quite helpful finding people that share their stories of the location of the tunnel entrances.
Screen Actors
160 E. Chestnut
Burlington, WI 53105

395.00 for 6 week
training course
Pictured is Corfal Gayle telling some great ghost stories of what she has experienced in her 'haunted acting school.'  This was our last stop before going to Coaches for dinner and was not only
grateful  for the stories and spirit visitations shown in the photo, but a place to rest our 'weary bones' after the one hour historical ghost tour in downtown Burlington. The Acting School will be a regular
stop on our historical haunted  tours.

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