Interview With Chilean UFO Witness providiing Information on Winged Beings in Chile, Imps and Animal Mutations

UFO observing Military During Iraq War and
DATE: April 03, 2002

Fernando Martinez is a student of graphic design. On March 21 he happened to be at the corner of Pedro de Valdivia and Providencia (Chile). It was noon and a knot of people looked
skyward with curiosity. A series of unknown luminous objects could be seen unaided over the area: it was among the most massive UFO sightings of recent times.

So what happened that day?

Well, I was walking along Providencia. I'd gone shopping, and I suddenly realized that many people were looking at the sky and pointing with their fingers. I looked and was able to see a
light without any defined shape. But later, looking at it more closely, I was able to see over 50 smaller lights all around. They didn't move much. At least not noticeably.

What did you think at the time?

Well, I thought it was some kind of peace demonstration. But I had already seen those balloons that get filled with helium and these had no relation to them whatsoever. All the people
were saying: "Look, they're UFOs!"

Didn't you think that they could be something else?

I also said they could have been airplanes, but it seemed strange to me at that altitude. Later, seeing their movement, I realized they weren't airplanes.

You didn't hear any noise?

Well, with the noise on Providencia, even though they'd made noise, we wouldn't of heard a thing.

How did people react?

They were calm. Of course, there are always those who showed off saying they were Iraqi aircraft or Martians. But in general, all of the spectators were very interested in the

Were you aware that the sighting coincided with the allied attack on Iraq?

I found out later when I saw the news. I still find [the whole thing] curious, nonetheless.

Do you think there could be any relationship?

In the article I saw they were discussing that UFOs always appear whenever there's a tragedy unfolding. It could be sheer happenstance. I don't known that there's any connection.
Which is why I'm telling you its curious.

How long did the sighting last?

I watched for about half an hour, but the UFOs remained there. I had other things to do. But it would seem to have lasted somewhat longer than an hour.

Do you think that there is an explanation for this event?

It's possible. One never knows. But I think that no officials have said anything to date.

What do you think about this phenomenon, now that days have gone by?

I can only say that I saw UFOs over Santiago [de Chile]. No one told me about it. I saw them and I know what they were like. That's really good [sic]. In any event, it isn't the first time that
I've seen something strange. A few years ago, while vacationing in Puc=F3n, we saw something odd. A light that got in front of us and vanished in a matter of seconds.

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Witnesses To The Incredible: Winged Creatures  and Imps
Source: Calama UFO Center Date: July 27, 2003
**A preliminary warning**

In considering both the relevance and the exclusive nature of the following accounts, I must caution that this testimony was cited in an independent fashion, attesting that there was total
agreement between their different versions. The eyewitnesses were approached by me and it was not they who stepped forward with their version of the events; they were initially
reluctant to do so given the spectacular nature of their claims. Furthermore, all was done extemporaneously without the opportunity to craft the events discussed herein at an earlier
time.  --- Jaime Ferrer R., researcher.

The time being 17:00 hours on July 23, 2003 at Calama (Chile), four 16 year olds have made extraordinary and relevant statements to CUFOC (Calama UFO Center).

The first of these occurred recently on Tuesday, July 23 this year. However, the second one represents a previously unpublished event: it was possible to contact four of the five
witnesses for the first time, who had been able to observe in utter astonishment how six strange humanoid beings attacked and mutilated a lamb.

The First Case - "It was a moment of terror"

Diego, a young student living in the city of Calama and who is in his first year of middle school, frequently travels to visit his grandfather, who lives in a sector adjacent to the tourist
site of San Pedro de Atacama. He is always accompanied by his friends and neighbors Jonathan and Carlos.

These days, taking advantage of the winter academic recess, the friends travelled to San Pedro to visit his grandfather. Since the area is dense with vegetation, they took advantage of
the opportunity to walk around and have fun assisting Diego's uncle in rounding up his goat heard, which is located 500 meters away from the grandfather's house.

On Tuesday, July 23 of this year, the time being approximately 20:30 hours, the three youths decided to return to the grandfather's house and spend the night. Diego lit the stove to
boil water and serve tea with some loaves of bread they had brought from Calama; his grandfather was out of the house. His only source of light came from a candle, since the area
lacks electricity.

At around 9:05 p.m., moments after the boys were serving up their supper, they could hear the dogs on the property issue strange moans and howls; furthermore, they could hear the
canines running from one side to another as if frightened, a situation they couldn't help but notice.

At around 9:15 p.m., strange knocking sounds rattled the door to the house, swiftly increasing in violence and accompanied by scratches, a situation which left the boys speechless and
instinctively made them get up from their seats, running to one of the corners of the house. They intuited that the knocks and scratches were not the result of something natural; terror
seized them and they feared for their lives.

There was a bed in the place where they sheltered. They desperately took hold of blankets and mattresses to cover themselves.

One can recreate the image of how they sheltered in that corner, being able to do nothing but pray fervently, believing that the door would yield at any time, allowing the beast to enter.

After 3 or 5 minutes of fear, the sound ceased completely. Diego got out from under the blankets, looked out the window and did not see anyone. He opened the door and didn't see
anything either. "It's all right, boys-it's gone!" he said. Now the three were outside the house, trying to recover from the fright, when at a distance of some 15 meters-standing amid pear
trees-they could see a

horrifying creature standing a meter and a half tall, and sporting wings measuring at least 3.5 meters. It was covered by glossy black skin, very clean and hairless. It appeared
as though it had recently emerged from the water, but without being wet. It had a large head and a small beak, presenting a sort of crest which was apparently missing a piece
from a fight. Its eyes were immense and completely black, but sparkled brilliantly. They thought it was a prehistoric being, since its wings had a strong resemblance to those of
pterodactyls or bats, featuring bone-like protubreances which form the skeletal frame of the wings. Its legs were sturdy and had powerful claws like those of a carrion bird, but
much stronger.

Suddenly, the being fluttered its wings, shaking the tree in front of it and rising into the air with extraordinary ease, losing itself in the dark of the night. Fearing its return,
which fortunately did not occur, the three boys slept in a single bed that night.

If this story is frightening, the following one, without representing any further risk to bodily safety, is also relevant, since there had never been reports of eyewitnesses to
the way in which certain animals are mutilated. This is the first time that 5 individuals provide complete details on these extraordinary events.

In this case, aside from Diego, Jonathan and Carlos, another friend named Mario was in the group along with Diego's uncle Emilio, 42, the owner of the animals. These were the
privileged witnesses to the moment when 6 entities attacked and mutilated a lamb.

The Second Case - IMPS

Before moving continuing with the story, I would like to point out that Diego, Jonathan and Carlos now feel that the presence of beings at night in the aforementioned area is almost
natural. Diego states that with his flashlight he has been able to follow the activities-on more than one occasion-of small, strange beings which he does not hesitate to dub "imps".

"It's common to see these beings in this area; they're always cutting right in front of us or can be heard to run among the shrubs," he says.

"But I never saw anything like this."

On Thursday, May 22, 2003, the 5 aforementioned witnesses were rounding up animals at around 18:30 hours. It was just getting dark.

The group of youngsters, plus Diego's uncle, were returning toward the animal pens and just 10 meters short of their destination, saw six small beings, standing some 60 cm tall
each, emerge from the thicket.

It is worth noting that, given the way they described these beings, the event was not out of the ordinary for them, since they claim that this is not the first time they have witnessed
something unusual. However, Diego says that he was startled not by their presence, but rather, by the time and number of "imps"
that showed up.

The description given by each of them is quite frankly fantastic, and even appears to be drawn from the "Walt Disney X-Files". However, considering the large number of coinciding
descriptions, and the seriousness in presenting their eyewitness accounts, I have no choice but to give credit to their words and declare that what they said was indeed true.

The details preferred by each witness coincided entirely; but as is natural, some noticed details that were overlooked by the others.

The descriptions corresponds to one of the witnesses; however, he states that [all of the imps] were different. These are the most relevant and coinciding details:

- Dark grey and hairless skin

- Large oval-shaped head

- Two large pointed ears]

- Two relatively small, oval eyes

- Large nose (different shapes)

- Mouth disproportionate to the rest of the face

- Yellowed, separated teeth; or else lacking teeth

- They emitted grotesque, sarcastic and hoarse laughter

- Their features were very similar to those of a human, and showed signs of cuts or injuries to their skin. Diego says that one of them had a chunk of nose dangling from its face,
but this seemingly did not affect it all.

- Short neck, similar to that of a child

- Something similar to a necktie could be seen under their necks, but it could not be readily identified

- Short arms with articulations (elbows and wrists)

- Hands similar to human, but ending in short but strong black nails

- Most of them presented bloated abdomens

- They were all dressed differently, such as flannel of various colors, but in tatters.

- They all had belts around their bloated waists, with different buckles.

- Their legs were short and strongly resembling those of a rabbit, but presenting long and powerful nails.

- Their manner of running is unusual: they take short steps followed by long jumps (like a kangaroo), achieving a height of up to 1.5 meters. They move sideways like people suffering
from dwarfism.

- Judging by their size, these beings must weigh between 35 and 40 kgs; however, they believe they couldn't have weighed more than ten.

- From the moment they emerged from the thicket, the beings began to play, jumping into the air and bumping different parts of their bodies deliberately. They also scratched the
ground, kicking up dirt and stones.

- During the entire duration of the incident-some 10 minutes-all perceived a strong odor of rotten eggs and sulfur.

- All claim that the beings looked at them and laughed grotesquely, a situation which surely inspired fear in them.

- The sudden presence of these beings created a
state of stupor that left them paralyzed for several minutes, relegating them to the role of observers.

- After "playing" in front of the startled group, the beings headed toward the flock of lambs, which gathered together showing signs of great fear.

- One of these beings jumped on one of the lambs in a single bound, like someone mounting a horse. The rest of the animals
huddled in one end of their pen.

- This being began to "play" with the lamb, squeezing it with its legs and then digging its claws into its neck. The lamb only shivered and moaned, not moving.

- Later, 4 of the creatures surrounded the animal, raining blows upon it until it fell. At that time, the 6 beings began clawing at the lamb's flesh with violent scratches and extreme hatred,
as it bawled desperately.

- The witnesses could see pieces of flesh with that lamb's wool flying off, but could only be spectators to the event.

- In spite fo this, Emilio, Diego's uncle, was able to shake himself out of the stupor and began throwing rocks at the creatures.

- All witnessed how the creatures dodged the rocks, laughing even more strongly and grotesquely, a situation which filled them with fear once more.

- But after this, they ceased their attack upon the lamb and regrouped, jumping and "playing" until they reached the place they had appeared from, vanishing into the thicket.

- The group immediately got it together and quickly approached the attacked lamb.

- The animal presented a large number of wounds on its body, drawing attention to some very fine cuts and circular holes in its throat which they ascribed to the first creature's

- Given the seriousness of the wounds and the loss of blood, which sent it into spasms, Emilio had to sacrifice the animal right there and then.

Diego says that the area is very special and it is common to see certain groups engaging in strange activities in which black dogs and cats are sacrificed.

On the other hand, Diego, Jonathan and Carlos claim that months ago, along with another group of friends, they found a being dangling from a wire which was extraordinarily similar to
another that had been found in Concepcian and which they had seen on TV. "It was identical, only taller, some 40 cm, with the same hand placement, large-headed and slant-eyed. It
was completely dried out. Some persons who saw us with this being traded it with us for supplies. I don't know who might have it now," he said.

Translation (c) 2003 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Special thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo (Miami UFO Center) and Jaime Ferrer (Calama UFO Center). For more
information please contact:

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