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Leonard Lamoureux, age 21 was on leave
from the Army when he visited Vancouver
City Hall to view and photograph the
Christmas light display. Along with him was
his brother Wilfred.

The two were suddenly astounded to see a
"bright bright blue light" drop straight down
from the sky. It became larger as it did so
and they were able to observe the source
of the light as an object that Leonard
described as
"two saucers" open ends facing each
other, glowing bright blue. The object then
moved "dead straight" horizontally across
the sky. When it just appeared to clear the
flagpole on the roof of the City Hall it came
to an almost dead stop and Leonard
clicked the shutter on the camera. The
object then shot straight back up into the
sky. "They never seen anything fly so
fast!" This scared them to death and they
ran from the scene. The object made no

Leonard's daughter, Debra DeCamillis who
still lives in the Vancouver Lower Mainland
area related this account to us. She
remarked how vivid and excited
her father sounded each time he
described the sighting. Leonard
Lamoureux passed away in 1992 and his
brother Wilfred in 1955. Misfortune has it
that the negative is no longer around as
some UFO researchers have suggested
that this image is nothing but a watermark
defect that appeared during the
development of the print. Debra has this to
add regarding this assertion: "I know for
fact there was no bubbles on the film, or
watermarks because I was
facinated by negatives as a child and saw
that negative many many times. On the
rest of the pictures there was nothing but
pictures of lights, so I know it had no
bubbles or watermarks on it."

Deborah provided the following additional
details: "The camera was on a tri-pod of
sorts because Dad was trying to take
sequential shots of the courthouse to
capture all the lights. But he was not using
a timed exposure,
his camera was not sophisticated enough.
He did say that he could actually see the
bubble or tail as he called it that the object
was encapsulated in."
Incident at North Berwick

By Jeff Nisbet

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(Originally published in Atlantis
Rising #49—January/February,
2005—under the title "Incident at
North Berwick: The Skies Are
Buzzing over Bonnie Scotland")

A picturesque coastal town about
20 miles to the east of Edinburgh.
The views of the offshore islands
are glorious. The gulls cry, the
waves lap, and it's a great place to
sample some of the fine local
seafood. It is also one of the
strangest places on the face of the

I had known for some time that the
area from North Berwick west to
the town of Bonnybridge is
considered to be a UFO "hotspot"
which, considering the population,
has had more sightings than
anywhere else on Earth. In
Canada, the ratio of sightings to
inhabitants is one per 61,200, and
one per 136,450 in the United
States. There are 300 registered
sightings in Scotland each year,
which translates into one per
17,000 inhabitants. Skeptics have
blamed the whisky.

If you had asked me just a few
months ago how much thought I
had given to the phenomenon, I
would have said "not much." But
that was then …

I made two trips to Scotland in
2004, and on the second trip I was
accompanied for the first time by
all of my immediate family and their
respective spouses. On Sunday
morning, July 4, I naturally
dragged them all out to North
Berwick. We had a nice stroll
about the town, visited the new
Seabird Center beside the harbor,
took photographs of the glorious
views, and sampled some of the
fine local seafood before heading
back to Edinburgh in the late
afternoon. It was a grand day for

A few weekends after returning
home to the U.S., I was reviewing
my vacation photos while my
daughter was visiting. With the
above photograph on my
computer screen, I pointed to an
object in the sky and said, "Look,
Sarah, a UFO!" Well of course she
thought I was either playing a
prank on her or that there had
been dirt on my lens. But a few
hours later she emailed me a
photo, taken that same day on her
own camera, which showed a
similar object. Needless to say, my
photo had suddenly gained many
points in my daughter's credibility

Here is her photo.

my last three visits to Scotland
and, though none were as
spectacular as the two shown
above, several of them were
extremely interesting.

I list three of them here:

• A sunset view of three
"objects" photographed from my
Newhaven hotel room in May
2003. Two of the objects appear to
the west above the world-famous
Firth of Forth Rail Bridge. The
third object appears more in the
direction of Bonnybridge, the
official Scottish UFO capitol.

• A shot of Newhaven harbor,
looking northwest, which shows an
airplane on its approach to
Edinburgh airport. There is also a
seagull flying in the photo, and
some other object, high in the
clouds, that looks like neither.

• A photograph taken from
Edinburgh's Calton Hill of Arthur's
Seat, an ancient and extinct
volcano, with two objects in it—
one in the sky above the summit,
and one silhouetted against the hill
below. It is the only photograph in
my collection that shows the
objects in a setting that gives a
measurable idea of the distances
involved, and therefore a fair shot
at estimating the actual size of the
object that flew between Arthur's
Seat and me.

But none of these photos, even
the two shown here, would have
compelled me to write an article
about a subject that I've been
advised to avoid.

It was my "movies" that did it.

After I had found the "still" photos
mentioned above, I decided to look
more closely at my movies, too.

My Nikon digital camera has the
ability to shoot 35-second
"QuickTime" movies. The
QuickTime technology is relatively
new, but it is not exclusive to
Nikon. In fact, many other cameras
that have entered the consumer
market over the past couple of
years share the same technology.
And the fact that digital cameras
topped the 2003 Christmas gift
"wish list" means that there are
now scads of QuickTime-enabled
cameras hanging from the necks
of tourists pretty much
everywhere. But if they have used
their cameras to shoot QuickTime
movies yet, it's unlikely that many
would have bothered to click
through them frame-by-frame.

I have.

During my first 2004 trip to
Scotland, in April, I shot two of
those 35-second movies from the
same vantage point as the photos
my daughter and I shot later in
July. The first was a slow pan from
North Berwick out to Bass Rock
Island, and the second panned
from Craigleith Island back to
North Berwick. While the first of
these movies is by far the more
spectacular, with several of the
aforementioned objects appearing
in the same frame, I have chosen
to publish just four frames from
each in this article.

It is due to these eight frames,
which combined amount to a mere
half-a-second of "real time," that I
have been able to calculate the
objects' minimum airspeed, as well
as discover where these objects
come from. And so I feel that these
eight brief moments in time will be
the most interesting to the readers
of this magazine.

Look at the following four-frame
composite, which you can click on
to enlarge in a new window, and
then read on.
quantity—the fact that Craigleith is a
quarter-mile long. The object first
appeared about three seconds into
the movie, and remained visible in
the next two frames. Although the
object appears three times in the
movie, the QuickTime imaging
technology only captures an image
once every one-fifteenth of a second
(as opposed to video, at 24 fps, and
film, at 35 fps), so the duration of
time the object is actually visible in
the movie covers a period of just two-
fifteenths of a second—less than
the blink of an eye.

Using Craigleith's quarter-mile length
as a "benchmark" of distance, I was
able to calculate that the object was
traveling at an astonishing 1.25 miles
per second—if it was flying directly
over the island. But since it is
traveling on an oblique angle, and
may also be a considerable distance
beyond Craigleith, that calculation
may actually be quite conservative.

Conservative or not, 1.25 miles per
second translates to a blistering
4,500 miles per hour, which is 6.6
times the speed of sound—Mach
6.6 in air-force jargon. Chicago to
Vienna in just under an hour, think of
it! Imagine flying over the Atlantic in
less time than it took to check your

It is indeed a sobering thought that
the official aircraft world speed
record is held by the Lockheed SR-
71 Blackbird that, on July 28, 1978,
clocked in at just half that speed, or
Mach 3.3. In the meantime there are
objects that are moving at twice that
speed in the lower-atmosphere skies
above North Berwick, too fast for the
naked eye to catch. And, as my
movies show, they are not always
flying in a straight line. A particularly
memorable sequence shows one
following a S-curved path across the
sky in just 14 frames—less than a
second—and another performing a
graceful loop-de-loop! They are quite
the aerial hot-rods.

All that said, there is no reason to
believe that my Mach 6.6 airspeed
estimate proves that their pedals
have been pushed anywhere near
the metal.

So what are these objects? Who or
what might be in them? And where
did they come from?

There are many diverse theories
held by as many diverse groups,
none of which has ever managed to
slip past the ever-vigilant guardians
of acceptable mainstream thought.

The skeptics are able to shake off
most reported sightings by trotting
out, often with a chuckle, one or
more of the following time-honored
explanations: weather balloons;
swamp gas; earth lights; reflections in
a window; experimental aircraft; the

And the list goes on.

True believers have their own unique
set of problems when it comes to
putting forth their theories. They do
not constitute a unified front, and
have little or no power over the
mainstream press, which tends to
report the few sightings that make it
past the news desk with a wink-and-
grin delivery. Disappointing, but
hardly surprising considering the
disparate theories held by the

Some believers tend to focus less on
the extraterrestrial vehicles than on
their pilots. And since none of those
vehicles has ever been officially
found, there is an additional layer of
mystery added to their speculations
that is not likely to be penetrated
anytime soon.

The few Christian Fundamentalists
who also happen to believe in
extraterrestrial vehicles quite
understandably believe that Satan
and his band of fallen angels pilot the
craft. What other explanation could
they allow themselves to have?

Those who believe that Earth's
human population did not spring from
the loins of the biblical Adam and
Eve, but instead came from the stars,
have their own set of insurmountable
problems to contend with—as you
might well imagine.

There are also those who feel that
extraterrestrials may have actually
been the Gods mentioned in the
world's various mythologies, which
came down to Earth and took the
daughters of men as their wives—
which would understandably be a
very unpopular theory, indeed.

The incomprehensibly vast distances
of space throw yet another spanner
in the works, and have spawned the
theories that either the vehicles have
the ability to enter a "portal" or
"wormhole" that immediately
transports them to star systems that
would otherwise take many light
years to get to, or that they have in
fact always been with us, and actually
exist below the surface of the earth,
from whence they come and go at
will. Hmm …

Let's take one of these two theories
at a time, and think how easy it would
be to fit my little QuickTime movie
into either scenario.

• The "Beam me UP, Scotty"
scenario: A few frames of my first
movie actually show objects that
appear to have expanded, and so it
doesn't take too great a leap of the
imagination, if you have one, to
speculate that they may actually be
in the process of atomically
dematerializing in order to
rematerialize someplace else—
perhaps at some far-flung point in
the universe.

• The "Beam me DOWN, Scotty"
scenario: Let's consider that from the
Bass Rock westward to Edinburgh's
Castle Rock there are no fewer than
six "extinct" volcanic plugs. As most
of us here know, live volcanoes are
ever connected to the molten core of
the earth by a tube. Is it possible that
these ancient tubes have become
flyways of sorts, and is that where the
"expanded" objects are heading?

I will consider, for now, the second

As I have toggled back and forth
along several microsecond
sequences in my movies, it has
become apparent that these objects
are not coming down to us from
above, but are instead emerging
from below. At least three sequences
in my movies show that these objects
are rising out of the sea, one of
which is shown below. You will notice
that, perhaps most amazingly, the
object shows no sign of having to
visibly accelerate from the surface of
the water in order to reach its
cruising speed in the air. Instead, it
appears to be operating at top speed
from its first appearance!
far from Puerto Rico. Suddenly,
the training session had to be
stopped. Sonar operators
determined that one of the
submarines was changing its
coordinates and was following a
strange object. The object was
moving at an incredible speed:
150 knots. No modern
submarine is capable of
traveling at such rapid speed.
(On average, subs cannot
exceed 45 knots)."

The article goes on to say that
"American scientist A.
Sanderson, who devoted many
years of his life to studying
ocean depths, writes the
following about a mysterious
occurrence which he observed
from the deck of an ice-breaker
in the Atlantic: 'Suddenly,
something emerged from the
waters, breaking thick ice; the
huge silver object disappeared
in the sky.'"

Let's assume it is unlikely that I,
with my 4.2-megapixel camera,
have been the first to discover
the origin of these objects—or
to calculate their speed. While
non-traditional investigators
such as myself would dearly
love to have made such
discoveries, I find it
inconceivable that the top
governments in the world, with
their ultra-high-tech hardware
and software, would be utterly in
the dark about these objects,
and so I think it's fair to assume
they are not.

Most disturbingly, the claim has
been made that the
memberships of certain
"shadow governments" have
been in touch with diverse
extraterrestrial life forms for
quite a while—some
benevolent and some
considerably less so—while
the rest of us have been
allowed to toddle on in

The eminently credentialed Dr.
Michael E. Salla has published
an extensive and highly
interesting paper on this subject

While available editorial space
forbids me to excerpt too much
of Salla's data, I can do no less
than to say that two of the
extraterrestrial races he
mentions are thought to live
below the surface of the Earth,
and have done so for many
millennia. If one considers that
humankind has always set its
sights on the stars, and that it
took us millennia to break out of
the thin pocket of atmosphere
that surrounds our planet, one
might also begin to consider,
with newfound wonder, the
mysteries that have ever lain
beneath our feet.

Now, how does the idea of
extraterrestrial life square with
the idea of a God? It should
come as a comfort to many of
you that the two are not
mutually exclusive.

On more than one occasion
Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a
Vatican demonologist, has
stated his belief in the existence
of extraterrestrial life. Here is
what he said in an interview with
Zecharia Sitchin:

" That life may exist on other
planets is certainly possible.
The Bible does not rule out that
possibility. On the basis of
scripture and on the basis of
our knowledge of God's
omnipotence, His wisdom being
limitless, we must affirm that life
on other planets is possible,
credible, and even probable."

On February 17, 1600, the
Inquisition burned Giordano
Bruno to death in the center of
Rome for having the temerity to
suggest, among other
"heresies," the very same thing,
having first taken the final
precaution of driving a nail
through Bruno's tongue to stop
it from blaspheming further.

The times do change.

So, you ever-growing legions of
amateur QuickTime
cinematographers out there:
Why not put my claims to the

Just pick up your cameras,
head on over to the UFO
hotspot nearest you, and let 'em

It's time to meet the neighborsâ
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