George D. Fawcett

Source:  Flying Saucers (Mysteries of the Space Age) Page 34, September, 1974, Issue No. 85


After all but ignoring UFOs since 1969 the nation's press and news media in 1973 gave prominent space to sightings - both in this country .and overseas. The massive wave of UFO
sightings worldwide in 1973 opened up a "new era" in public and official acceptance, veteran civilian UFO investigator and researcher George D. Fawcett of Mount Airy, N.C. stated.
current flurry of UFO sightings actually started with the opening of 1972 (contrary to what is generally thought) and brought with it a flood of UFO landing reports on a global basis that is
expected to spill over into 1974.
Over 80 landings of UFOs were recorded and documented from 24 states in the U.S.A. and from over 11 foreign lands. Overseas these excellent
encounters came from such far away places as England, Canada, Africa, Argentina and Australia, etc. with Australia heading the list. Mexico, France, New Zealand, Central America also.

tateside, such on the ground experiences were reported from North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Oklahoma, California, Iowa, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin, Kansas, Colorado, New Jersey and Arizona, etc. California, Tennessee, Mississippi and
Georgia ranked in that order for UFO landings.

Most controversial of all were the sightings of UFO occupants on the ground or through `windows' in low level flights. Such encounters were reported in conjunction with landings and/or
near landings in twelve states and two countries overseas. These experiences were recorded in Dobson and Copeland, North Carolina; at Gaffney, South Carolina; at Robesonia,
Pennsylvania; at Balls Ferry and Chatsworth, California; at Athens and Danielsville, Georgia; at Giles County and Watauga, Tennessee; at Pascagoula, Mississippi; at Falkville, Alabama;
at Danville, Virginia; at Hampton, New Hampshire; at Pensacola, Florida; at Baltimore, Maryland; at Kimbra, Australia and at Bahia Blanca, Argentina. For the most part the UFO
occupants (UFOnauts) were around 4 feet tall, dressed in divers suits and/or white coveralls (with and without helmets) and they
seemed to be busy with surveillance and specimen
These types of reported UFO happenings almost led to panic situations at varied localities across our nation and overseas.

Trigger happy and badly frightened witnesses shot at UFOs and sometimes their pilots at Ft. Beaufort, South Africa; at Griffin and Danielsville, Georgia; at Gadsden and in Mobile
County, Alabama and in Georges County, Tennessee. In some of the incidents the bullets bounced back, while the emotional excitement made for bad marksmanship at other locations.

The U.S. Air Force, the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Agency were involved with UFO-jet interceptions and were greatly concerned by the growing number of radar
tracking of UFOs reported
from the Eglin AFB, Florida; from the Baer Air Force Base, Fort Wayne, Indiana; from FAA radar at San Antonio, Texas; from Civil Defense radar in Columbia,
Mississippi, from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma; from Bahia Blanca, Argentina and from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Pilot reports of UFOs were often reported by both commercial and military
pilots from Braniff, Eastern, Pan American, Delta Airlines, Colorado NORAD Air Force pilots, BOAC, TWA, Bell Huey Jet Helicopters, Scandinavian Airlines, private Australian and Missouri
pilots. General George S. Brown, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff admitted for the first time that UFOs had triggered many air, sea, land battles earlier in Vietnam.
The DOD and FAA issued
new UFO regulations, and the USAF started two new UFO studies, code-named Old New Moon and Blue Paper.

Other radar tracking came from military bases in Maryland, Arizona, Delaware, Massachusetts and Washington State. Reports of UFOs came from the governors of Ohio and Georgia,
from President Abi Amin of Uganda; from the Skylab-2 astronauts, from police and law enforcement officials in all 50 states and from both highly qualified scientific observers. Astronauts
Gene Cernan and Gordon Cooper stated they believed UFOs represented `other civilizations' and visitations from 'afar' over a long period of time, a thought shared and spoken by
Senator Barry Goldwater also in 1973. The 1973 Gallup Poll indicated that 15 million Americans had seen UFOs to date and that over 51% of the population had accepted UFOs as being
real, both astonishing increases over the last Gallup Poll on UFOs which was taken in 1966. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomer at Northwestern University opened a "Center for UFO Studies"
in early December, just after a secret Rand Corporation study, as well as a two year study by the American Institute for Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) recommended new UFO
studies after the previous ill-fated Air Force Project Blue Book and University of Colorado Condon Committee UFO probes had failed to either explain or duplicate the UFO phenomenon.
Both national and international security and advanced science and technology are involved with the growing number of UFO sightings worldwide over the past 28 years and more.

While others investigate, a large number of scientific, aerospace companies and technical laboratories have set up anti-gravity and artificial gravity projects, many under secret contracts;
in an all-out crash project to try to duplicate the technology inherent in UFO observations. Some of them are military, AEC, NASA, NSF, RCA, MIT, Bell, Boeing, Convair, Martin,
Lockheed, Douglas, Hughes, Air Force Flight Dynamics and Air Force General Physics Research.

In the meantime a large number of UFO photographs and movie film were taken in 1973 in North Carolina, Alabama, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, S.C., Italy, Peru, Missouri,
Tennessee, Washington State and Australia - which are still being evaluated and analysed. Electro-magnetic interferences with car motors, headlights, houselights, CB radios, TV, radio,
magnometers and other communication devices were widely reported in conjunction with UFO encounters, as were numerous cases of severe animal reactions and human physiological

UFO-related power failures (documented over the past almost 3 decades) again cropped up time and time again in 1973 on March 14 in Piedmont, Missouri; on May 26 in Morwell,
Australia; on June 28 in Columbia, Missouri; on September 10 in Atlanta, Georgia; on October 16 in Yazoo, Mississippi and on November 11 in Farmville, Louisiana ... just to mention a
few of the growing incidents on a global basis.

At UFO landing sites impressions and ground markings such as burned 20 to 30 foot circles, tripod landing-gear marks, background radiation increases above normal, chemical soil
changes, denuded vegetation and dehydrated and depressed areas have been found, along with many deposits of both metallic and non-metallic fragments. Many reported ammonia,
sulfur-like and ozone odors near UFOs.

On October 3 a motorist suffered impaired vision when burned by a UFO at Jackson, Missouri while on October 19 at Rutledge, Georgia another witness was burned on her face by the
heat given off by an approaching UFO. Over 170 cases of eyewitnesses being burned, blinded, paralyzed and injured by UFOs in close encounters have been documented since 1945,
so that witnesses of UFOs are urged not to touch or approach UFOs on the ground, until more can be determined about their origin and nature. Consistent features of UFOs are being
reported independently by witnesses thousands of miles apart.
In 1973 two important books were published, both of which tell-it as it really is. Dr. J. Allen Hynek's book THE UFO
EXPERIENCE (A Scientific Inquiry) and Major Donald E. Keyhoe's book "ALIENS FROM SPACE".
For many in 1973 UFO's became part of their experiences and alien appeared to be the
correct adjective used to describe the growing number of worldwide UFO sightings that were being reported.



George D. Fawcett 607 North Main Street Mount Airy, N.C. 27030 (919) 786-5410


(L) Landings   (0) Occupants   (*) Physical Examinations   (+) Pursue Witnesses   (#) Shootouts


Jan. 8-Ellenooro, North Carolina (L)

Jan. 19-Gaffney, South Caroline (L) (O)

Jan. 31-Kings Mountain, North Caroline (L)


Feb. 6-Dover, England (L)

Feb. 9-St. Margaret, England (L)

Feb. 11-Draytonville Community, nr. Gaffney, South Carolina (L)

Feb. 11-Kimbra, Australia (L) (0)

Feb. 18-Lexington, Alabama (L)

Feb. 26-Burlington, Ontario, Canada (L)


March (ND)-Kambala, Uganda (Lake Victoria) Africa (L)

March 14-Piedmont, Missouri (L)

March 28-Robesonia, Pennsylvania (L) (0)


April 3-Ellsinore, Missouri (L)

April 6-Stawell, Australia (L)

April 29-Burnside Mountain, Pennsylvania (L)

April 30-Queentown, Australia (L)


June (ND)-Claromeco, Argentina (L) (0)

June 3-Junee, Australia (L)

June 7-Keystone Dam, Oklahoma (L)

June 28-New Township Springs, South Africa (L)


July 23-Clarion, Iowa (L)

July 27-LaFollette, Tennessee (L)

July 27-Democrat Springs, California (L)


Aug. (ND)-Hampton, New Hampshire (L) (0)


Sept. 10-Griffin, Georgia (L) Shootout (#)

Sept. 10-Orchard Hill, Georgia (L)

Sept. 20-Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Sept. 27-Tabor City, North Carolina (0) Shootout (#)

Sept. 20-tiles County, Tennessee (L)

Sept. 29-Six Lakes, Michigan (L)


Oct. 1-tiles County, Tennessee (0)

Oct. 4-Nr. Chatsworth, California (L) (0)

Oct. 1-Sikeston, Missouri (L)

Oct. 11-Pare ish, Alabama (L)

Oct. 14-Franklin County, Ohio (L)

Oct. 14-Highland County, Ohio (L)

Oct. 15-Henryville, Mississippi (L)

Oct. 16-Mobile County, Alabama (L) Shootout (#)

Oct. 16-Pascagoula, Mississippi (0) Physical Examinations (*)

Oct. 16-Oakland, California (L)

Oct. 16-Baton Rouge, Louisiana (L)

Oct. 16-Hancock County, Louisiana (L) (0)

Oct. 16-Hattiesburg, Mississippi (L) On Top of Car

Oct. 17-Falkville, Alabama (0) Photographs Taken of Occupant

Oct. 17-Akron, Ohio (L) On Top of Car Hood

Oct. 17-Loxley, Florida (0) Physical Examinations (*)

Oct. 17-Baltimore, Maryland (0)

Oct. 17-Danielsville, Georgia (0) Shootout(#)

Oct. 17-Santa Ana, California (L)

Oct. 17-Eupora, Mississippi (0) (L)

Oct. 17-Alton Park, Tennessee (L)

Oct. 18-Chatham, Virginia (0)  Occupant Chased Boys (#+)

Oct. 18-Lebanon, Tennessee (L)

Oct. 18-Watauga, Tennessee (L) (0), Occupant Tried to Grab Children (+)

Oct. 18-Effingham County, Georgia (0)

Oct. 19-Gualala, California (L)

Oct. 19-Copeland, Nr. Mount Airy, N. C. (O)

Oct. 19-Port Arena, California (L)

Oct. 20-Athens, Georgia (0) Shootout(#)

Oct. 22-Hartford City, Indiana (0) Footprints

Oct. 23-Hattiesburg, Mississippi (L)

Oct. 23-Garner, North Carolina (L)

Oct. 23-Long Lake, Canada (L)

Oct. 24-Dobson, Near Mount Airy, N.C. (L) (0) Motorist Fainted

Oct. 24-Sigsbee, Georgia (L)

Oct. 25-Uniontown, Pennsylvania (0) Footprints

Oct. 28-Scranton, South Carolina (L) (10)

Nov. 1-Midland, Pennsylvania (L)

Nov. 2-Midland, Ohio Footprints (L)

Nov. 2-Goffstown, New Hampshire (0)

Nov. 3-Bahia Blanca, Argentina (L) (0) Physical Examinations (*)

Nov. 11-Nr. Corvallis, Oregon (L)

Nov. 12-Cheviot, Ohio (L)

Nov. 14-Winnefield, Louisiana (0)

Nov. 16-Bahia Blancia, Argentian (0)

Nov. 17-Fairland, Oklahoma (L)

Nov. 19-Altus, Oklahoma (L)


Dec. 4-Carnegie, Oklahoma (0)

Dec. 11-Calvert, Texas (0) (L)

Dec. 14-Paso Robles, California (L) (0)


Landings & Occupants

Totals by Month

               January            03 + 01 = 04

               February          06 + 01 = 07

               March               03 + 01 = 04

               April                 04 + 00 = 04           

               June                  05 + 01 = 06

               July                   05 + 01 = 06

               August                01 + 01 = 02

               September          06 + 01 = 07

               October              37 + 17 = 54

               November            10 + 04 = 14

               December            02 + 03 = 05           


                                          80 + 30 = 110

Landings & Occupants (Listed in Order)


52 Landings in 21 States

26 Occupants in 16 States

13 Landings in 5 Countries

4 Occupants in 2 Countries

65 Landings in 6 Countries *

30 Occupants in 3 Countries

*Includes USA Encounters

Note: No Reports in May

Largest Number of Overseas Cases

Argentina (5) and Australia (5)

Largest Number of USA Cases

California (10), Tennessee (7), Georgia (7), North Carolina (7), Mississippi (6) and Ohio (5).

Total Landings and/or Occupants 1973                  81 cases

Total Landings Without Occupants Noted               51 cases

Total Occupants Without Landings Noted               17 cases

Total Landings with Occupants Noted                     13 cases

Total Landings Noted                                             65 cases

Total Occupants Noted                                          30 cases

Total Physical Examinations                                      3 cases

Total Shootouts Reported                                         5 cases

Total Witness Pursuits                                              2 cases

Total Footprints Noted                                             3 cases

Total States Landings/Occupants Reported              21 cases

Total Countries Landings/Occupants Reported            6 cases






Oct. 4-Paris Mountain, South Carolina

Oct. 14-Dover AFB, Delaware (Pilots Also)

Oct. 14-Civil Defense Radar, Columbia, Mississippi

Oct. 15-Baer AFB, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Oct. 17-Eglin AFB, Florida

Oct. 19-Indianapolis, Indiana

Oct. 21-Morgantown, West Virginia Municipal Airport

Oct. 23-FAA Radar, San Antonio, Texas

Oct. 24 Police Radar, Burlington, North Carolina

Oct. 27-Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Oct. 31-Cleveland, Ohio

Oct. (ND)-Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Ship Radar)

Nov. 3-Control Tower, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Nov. 30-Turin, Italy (Pilots Also)



Jan. 8-Ellenboro, North Carolina

Jan. 17-Concord, North Carolina

Feb. (ND)-Lexington, Alabama

March 20-Conejo, California

March 24-Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

April-May-Greeneville, South Carolina

July 18-Jeannette, Pennsylvania

July 27-LaFollette, Tennessee

August 31 and Sept. 1-Camilla, Georgia

Oct. (ND)-Lewisville, North Carolina

Oct. 10-Rigoless, Louisiana

Oct. 14-Montgomery County, Ohio

Oct. 13-Franklin, Indiana

Oct. 17 & 19-Columbus, Ohio

Oct. 19-Lima, Peru

Oct. 19-Darbydale, Ohio

Oct. 20-Vermilion, Ohio

Oct. 20-Shelbyville, Kentucky

Oct. 26-Vancouver, Washington State

Oct. 30-Washington, D.C.

Nov. 8-St. Louis, Missouri MOVIES

Nov. 12-Los Angeles, California

Nov. 21-Calvert, Texas

Nov. 24-Turin, Italy

Dec. 6-Portland, Oregon



Oct. 3-Jackson, Missouri (Eye Impaired Vision)

Oct. 18-Louisiana (Eye Damage)

Oct. 19-Rutledge, Georgia (Burns Woman's face)



March 14-Piedmont, Missouri

May 26-Morwell, Australia

June 28-Columbia, Missouri

Sept. 10-Atlanta, Georgia

Oct. 16-Yazoo, Mississippi

Oct. 16-Farmville, Louisiana

Dec. 5-Nimes, France



Sept. 10-Griffin, Georgia

Oct. 16-Mobile County, Alabama

Oct. 16--Georges County, Tennessee

Oct. 16-Gadsden, Alabama

Oct. 17-Danielsville, Georgia



Braniff, Eastern, Pan American, Delta Airlines, Australian Pilot, Missouri Pilot, Colorado NORAD AF Pilots, BOAC, Scandinavian Airlines, TWA, Bell, Huey Helicopter (Jet), Lloyd Aereo
Bolivian, Piedmont Airlines, Italy Pilots.

Announcement: UFOs admittedly triggered air, sea, land battles in Viet Nam (Gen. George Brown)


Aug. 14-Albany, NY (VHF Monitor)

Oct. 16-Louisiana (House Radios)

Oct. 16-Tennessee (Car Motor and Tape Player)

Oct. 16-Tenn. (Telephones)

Aug. 29-Missouri (Clocks 1 hr, 20 minutes)

Oct. 17-Ohio (House Vibrations)

Oct. 19-Ft. Smith, Ark. (Car Motor)

Oct. 20-Terrell County, Ga. (Car Motor & Lights)

Dec. 5-Santa Cruz, Cal. (Temperature Alarm on Freezer)

(In conjunction with UFO detectors)

ND-Gastonia, North Carolina

ND-Piedmont, Missouri

ND-Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington State

ND Murray Bridge, Australia


Waukesha, Wisconsin;,  Amy, Kansas;  Ft. Beautfort, South Africa;  Georges AFB, Calif.;  Bani. Santo Domingo;  Burlington, Colorado;  St. Michael, North Sound, Alaska;  Springfield, New
Hampshire;  Asseri, Costa Rica;  Port Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Coldwood, Canada;  Story City, Goldfield and Laurens, Kansas;  Tokorea, New Zealand; Tucuma,  Argentina;
Pacy-sur-Sure,  France; Acuesoma,  Mexico; Andover Township,  New Jersey; Pleasant View,  Arizona; Port Lincoln and Queensland, Australia.


26 landings

2 Occupants (Australia & Calif.)

1972 Landing

12 landings in 8 states

1 occupant in 1 state

10 Landing in 9 countries

1 occupant in 1 country

1972 total

22 landings 2 occupants in 10 countries

1972 Top Country


1972 Top State

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