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Official UFO Special - Ancient Astronauts 1977
Close Encounters with Space Aliens
  • Captured Alien
  • Maria Sanchez Kidnapped to Breed with
    Space Creature's Pets
  • Psychics are Terrified: "We Can't Stop the
    UFO Invasion!"
  • Protect Your Family: What You Should Do
    When 'The Saucers Land in Your Town'
  • How to Tell if You're Already Controlled by
    the Invaders
#DC 102
Price $12.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
March 1971 Issue 72
  • Project Doomsday: The UFO
  • Who Owns the Moon?
  • Spacemen in the Ancient West
Price $17.00
UFO Report - Latest Worldwide Sightings  Dec 1976
  • Saucers Spotted Along California Earthquake
  • Computer Expert Predicts Exact Time/lanews
    UFO Wave
  • Are Aliens Breeding New Race of Super IQ Star
    Children on Earth
  • They Beamed Me Aboard - A Personal Account
Price $12.00
UFO Report Magazine - February 1980
  • Encounter of the Decade - Minnesota Sheriff's
    Account of Famed UFO Attack
  • Alien Occupants: Five Startling True Incidents
  • Star Trek: Aboard the U.S. Starship Enterprise
  • Crashed Saucers: The How, When and Where
  • ESP Power: New Psychic Development
  • Probing the Universe- The Search for
    Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • Latest Saucer Sighting Reviewed - Exclusive
    Eyewitness Reports
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine  - Ghosts and Hauntings October 1994
  • Gangster's Ghost Haunts Minnesota Caves
  • Psychiatry (Finally)Validates the Paranormal
  • Genius of Hypnosis: Dr. Milton Erickson
  • Ghostly Child Roams Chalet
  • Conversations with Bigfoot
#DC 106
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - March 1996
  • Did a Curse Kill Yitzhak Rabin?
  • Russell Means- Mystic Warrior
  • Special How -To Section! UFO Detector, Self-Hypnotism-
    and more!
  • Murder Mystery Unearthed in Egyptian Tomb
#DC 107
Price 12.00
Official UFO Magazine  Oct/Nov 2004
They are Here!  They're Everywhere!
  • Billy Meier Points to our Future
  • Sightings!  Venice, USA - East Kilbride, UK-
    Complete Map
Price $12.00
Official UFO Magazine Feb/March 2005
  • Alien Autopsy Expose' Part 1
  • He Shows Where NASA hid the Bodies
  • What's the opposite of Glasnost- Hint "Coverup"
#DC 109
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - Premiere Issue June 1994
  • A Dolphin Saved my Life
  • Winning Gardens with Nature Spirits
  • Drive America's Haunted Highways
  • Beware of Conjuring the Dead
  • ES Helps Lost Pets Return
  • Exclusive! Travel  to Mystical Sites
#DC 108
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - Special Edition  July 1995
  • Warning- Shocking and graphic Photos! New Light on Self
    Healing Dervishes
  • Readers Share Their True Mystic Experiences
  • Hans Holzer Tells How to Choose Your Psychic
  • Two Cops Vision Saves Teens' Lives
#DC 109
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine- April 1996
  • Is Some Thing Stalking Your Cat?
  • Black Helicopters- What are they Hiding?
  • Saved by a Premonition: Surviving the Holocaust
  • Russians Tests Time Machine
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - February 1996
  • Dream Your Way to Better Sex
  • Vampires Among Us!
  • America's Ghost Busting Couple: Ed and Lorraine Warren
  • Love that Pierces the Veil of Time
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - December 1995
  • Magic, Mystery and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Wyoming Schoolchildren Say "Angels Saved Us"
  • Ouija Board Dangers and Things NOT to Do
  • An Inside Look- Alien Autopsy Film
Price $12.00
Fate Magazine - July 1994
  • Ancient Druids in New York
  • Aborigines- Unchanged for 50,000 Years
  • New Evidence- ETs in New Mexico
  • Haunted African Mountain Devours Children
  • Dying to Get In? Visit the New American Funeral Museum
Price $12.00
International UFO Library Magazine Vol 1 No 4
  • A Search for An Up Close Report from the
  • UFOs and Common Sense- Sticking to the Truth
  • Caught n the Act- Old Cases Help Reveal the
  • Pictogram and the Plate- A Sensational
    discovery in Germany
#DC 114
Price $12.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
October 1969 Issue 66
  • UFO Crashes
  • Exposed: The Myth of UFO Hostility
#DC 115
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
August 1969 Issue 65
  • Macaca Nemestrina- Captain of the Scout Ship Bios
  • Tracking the Astronauts in Apollo 8
  • 100 Years Behind in the Space Race
  • Space Kings of Ancient Rome
#DC 116
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
September 1970 - Issue 70
  • South Pole Photographed in Entirety
  • A Generation of UFOs
  • Absence of UFO Artifacts
  • Space Age may Need Astro-Theology
  • Raiders of the Sea- UFOs or UMMs?
#DC 117
Price 17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
December 1971
  • UFOs: Prospects for the Seventies - John Prytz
  • New Jerusalem: Space City of the Future- Kenneth Lloyd Larson
  • Magnetic Explanation of UFOs - Eugene Burt
  • Space Expert Denounces Flying Saucers - Ron Toft
  • Flaps: A New Approach - John Prytz
  • Open Letter on the 'Doomsday Project- The UFO?' - Allan Wiseman
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
March 1970 Issue 68
  • Spacemen in Ancient Greece
  • A Fossilized Alien Spaceship and its Occupants
  • Saucers and the Missing Top Stone
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
June 1968 Issue 58
  • The UFO Cover-Up at Langley Air Force Base
  • Solving the Secret of UFO Propulsion
  • Current UFO Status
  • The Problem of the Unidentified Flying Saucers
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
April 1969 Issue 63
  • Gravity Control - Secret of the Saucers
  • The Myth of UFO "Censorship"
  • Visitors from Outer Space
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
October 1969 Issue 66
  • Exposed: The Myth of UFO Hostility - Erich Aggen Jr
  • Flying Saucer Researchers Charlatans- Prof Edward Condon
  • UFOs in Western Australia- L J Locke
  • Yes, Virginia, There are 'Flying Saucers'
  • Luna, The Seventh Continent- Nikolai Kozrev
  • UFO Skepticism- or Objectivity? John A. Keel
  • UFO Crashes - Sgt. John Prytz
  • On the Trail of Flying Saucers - Timothy Green Beckley
#DC 122
Price 17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
June 1969  Issue 64
  • The Hills Revisted
  • UFO with Occupants
  • The Martian Asteroid Hypothesis
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
June 1972 Issue 77
  • Quarter Century of UFOs in North Carolina - George Fawcett
  • Sightings in Britain
  • Shaver, Saucers and the Three en in Black - Lewis W. Johannes
  • The Validity of the Alien Spacecraft Hypothesis- Karl Zayin
  • Why Can't We Use this Camera to "Disprove" the "Hole at the Pole"
  • Are We Never to Confront an Alien - Alex Saunders
  • Analysis of the Liberty Saucers - Kenneth Larson
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
June 1971 - Issue 73
  • The Astroufologists' Resume of the Planet Mars in Anthochronology
  • Flying Saucer Casualties - T. Scott Crain, Jr
  • Jung and the UFOs
  • Report from Baltimore - Gray Barker
  • Advance or Retreat- A reappraisal for 1970 - Alan W. Sharp
  • Hoax and Hallucination, the Evidence
  • Venus- Hot or Not?
  • Weird Flying Object Reported Over Ohio
  • On the of Trail of Flying Saucers - Timothy Green Beckley
  • The Hayward Sighting
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
December 1969 Issue 67
  • UFOs, Theories in Time Travel, Dimensions and Anti-Universes -
    John Prytz
  • What in the Prehistoric TImes?
  • Space Chronicles of Ancient Rome - W. Raymond drake
  • Daytonian Discovers a 'Hidden Planet' - Edward Garcia
  • The Lemon Grove UFO by Brent Raynes
  • Spacecraft Down the Ages - Columba Krebs
  • Further Aspects of the Hostility Theory
Price $17.00
Flying Saucers- Mysteries of the Space Age
February 1969 Issue 62
  • The Spurious Allende Letters
  • An Analytic Evaluation of Interstellar Exploration
  • Unusual Crashes
Price $17.00
Roswell UFO Encyclopedia Magazine
50th Anniversary Collectors Issue
  • The Day we made Contact- July 4, 1947- the
    most important 24 hours ever?
  • Top Secret UFO Documents - Majestic 12 and
  • Area 51 - Alien Technology Coverup
  • The Essential UFO Guide- Comprehensive
    Reviews of Websites, Books, Movies and much
  • The Alien Autopsy- Ray Stantilli Speaks
  • Beyond Roswell - The 10 most Convincing UFO
Price $12.00
Far Out - The Unexplainable- The  Unusual and the
Unreal   Fall Issue 1993
  • NASAs Search for Extraterrestrials
  • Harvesting a Mystery- Who or What's Behind
    the Crop Circle Phenomena?
  • A Nazi Flying Saucer? UFO Prototype of Modern
  • The Bigfoot Coverup Part 2
  • Plus: Hitchcock's best and the all-time worst
    Space Invader Movies
Price $12.00
Far-Out- The Unexplainable- The Unusual and the
Unreal  Spring 1993
  • Aliens on Ice at Wright Pat? We Blow the Roof
    Off Hanger 18
  • Outer Limits Episodes
  • Doomsday 99 - Will We see 2000 A.D.?
Price $12.00
Flying Saucers - Mysteries of the Space Age
December 1970  Issue 71
  • On the of Flying Saucers
  • More Photos of the North Pole
  • The Nerva Nuclear Rocket Reactor
  • Some Critical Notes on the Condon Report
#DC 130
Price $17.00
UFO Universe  May 1990
  • Interview with Top Russian Ufologist - More on
    Soviet Landing
  • Project Redlight Reveals Governments attempt to
    duplicate real UFOs
  • Meeting the Elders of Mt. Shasta
  • Beyond Communion with Whitley Streiber
  • Close Encounters on Long Island
  • Pharoah Tomb Provides Date of Future UFO
Price $12.00
Far Out - The Unexplainable- The Unusual and the
Unreal Summer 1993
  • Bigfoot in Idaho: Who's Hiding the Evidence?
  • Aliens at the Test Site?
  • Fire in the Sky - Preview
  • Granddaddy of UFOies
Price $12.00
Perceptions Magazine Aug/Sep 1996
Revealing Facts on Government, Health & Metaphysics
  • Montana Freemen Speak Out
  • Estrogen Without Risk
  • UFOs Worldwide Collaboration
  • Ancient Structures Unmasked
Price $12.00
The Probe-
Coverups, Enigmas &Suppressed Science Explored and
  • Colin Andrews Discusses the Crop Circle Mystery
  • Hidden Mysteries of the Sphrinx
  • Sex. Drugs, Cia, Mind Control and Your Kids
Price $12.00
Fortean Times - No. 83 The Journal of Strange Phenomena
  • The Unusual Suspect - Who takes the Rap for 3.7 Million
    Alien Abductions
  • The Iceman Cometh- Hunting Bigfoot in Darkest Minnesota
  • The Horse Whisperers
  • Termite Terror
  • Latest Roswell News
  • Jersey Devil Returns
Price $12.00
Fortean Times - No. 73 The Journal of Strange Phenomena
  • The World is Getting Weirder
  • Found Out Why with the Other FIndex - Your exclusive pull-
    out strangeness indicator (free inside this issue)
  • The Return of the Phantom Jaywalker
  • British Big Cats
  • Virgin Mary Sightings
  • Weird Sex
  • William Gibson Interview
  • Who's Dumping Foxes
  • Martian Mishaps
#DC 135
Price $12.00
Popular Mechanics  June 1997
  • The New 'Area 51' - The Air Force has abandoned top-
    secret testing at its once most secret test site. We know
    Why and We Know Where they moved it to.
Price $12.00
Popular Mechanics November 1993
  • Ice Station X - America's Super Secret Arctic Warfare Base
Price $12.00
Popular Mechanics Sept 2006
  • Sen John McCain Takes on 9/11 Conspiracy Myths
  • Are We Along? New Hope in the Search for Alien Life
Price $12.00
Popular Mechanics June 1997
  • The F-22 Quicker, Stealthier, Deadler
  • UFOmania at Roswell - What really crashed in New Mexico
    50 years ago? Tens of thousands of UFO believers and
    debunkers will make a pilgrimage to sort out fact from fiction.
Price 12.00
UFO Magazine  Vol 23 No.5
  • Fairies Demons Figments- What in the heck are
  • Strange Beings are Here
  • Aeolus Kephas, Nigel Watson and Yvonne Smith
    shed some insight
  • Yes, its true they're here , That's the easy part.
      But why? and who is Safe?
Price $12.00
Omnni - Special Space Issue May 1993
  • 25 Years of 2001  
  • Power from Space Now!
  • Amazing Argentine Dinosaurs
  • Future finance: The Return of Barter
  • Space Age Myths and misconceptions
  • Controversial Interview: Sex, Drugs and Evolution
  • Environmental Breakthrough: Green Housing
Price $12.00
Omnni- Special UFO Edition December 1990
  • The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: How much do
    scientists (and government) really know?
  • Omni's Alien Almanac
  • Human- E.T. Hybrids
  • Secrets of the Abductees
  • An Inside Look at a Flying Saucer
  • The Mysterious Cornfields of England
  • The Soviet Space Experience
Price $12.00
Omnni June 1993
  • Dispute on How to Repair the Air
  • Does the Ozone Layer Really Need Fixing?
  • New Research - What Causes Aides
  • Sex and Violence Among the Primates
Price $12.00
Omnni September 1994
  • Exclusive: UFO Cover-Ups Part Six
Price $12.00
Omnni February 1994
  • Explore the mind with Francis Crick
  • Space for Rent: Advertising in Orbit
  • Shocking Secrets of the FDA
  • Drug Addiction Cure
Price $12.00
Omnni January 1999
  • What would you say to an alien?  - Omnni gives you the
    chance to design a message for extraterrestrials
Price $12.00
Omnni April 1995
  • Forgotten Space Hero Found
  • Alien Evidence: How to prove the existence of ET
  • Beyond the Twilight Zone: New Out Limits TV Series
Price $12.00
Omnni March 1999 Collectors Edition
  • Expanded Project Open Book: How to Search for UFOs
Price $12.00
Omnni February 1995
  • Star Trek: Launching  Voyager
  • UFO Controversy: Abductee vs The Military
  • Exploring Artificial Intelligence
Price $12.00
Popular Mechanics June 2003
  • Official U.S. Government Roswell Files - The Startling Facts
#DC 148
Price $12.00
UFO Encounters First-Second and Third Kinds
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind - The inside
    story of the great UFO FACT movie
  • Why UFOs are Saucer-Shaped and why they
    cause skyquakes and radiation burns
  • President Carter orders new UFO probe: UN to
  • Startling new evidence of contact with space
  • The kidnappings continue: Astonishing case
Price $12.00
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