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What Do We Know About UFOs
Source: :Terry Bastian

This file was created to aid in the comparison of UFO sightings.  These are the technical
abstracts not the personal-emotional experences of the contacts.
Since these sightings technology has developed new ideas and inventions such as:

               Transparent metalic aluminum,
               Lensless telescopes,
               Subatomic particle vacume (A.K.A. Etheric medium),
               Ionised plasma phisics,
               And much more............................



A giant silvery cigar shaped ship hung motionless with no wings or appendages of any kind, a orange glow was noticed on the top half along the entire length.
A heavy glass bell shape ship colorful and translucent in appearance. Three ball shaped landing gear were half lowered below the flange that covered them.  On top was a round glowing ball like
a heavy lens.  Top of craft was
domed shaped, with a ring of gears or heavy coil glowing at the base of the dome.  Round portholes in the side wall but not above the position of the ball gear.  The lower outside portion or flange
was shiny but not one piece built
in layers in a reverse step fashion.  Underneath the craft two rings under the flange and a third around the center disk.  The inner and outer rings appeared to revolve clockwise and the middle
one counter clockwise in direction looking
up from underneath.
Inside a slight hum came from the floor and a coil built at the top of the circular wall.  The coil glowed red but emitted no heat, the coil emitted various colors before like a flashing prism.
Many of the color changes and glowing coronas are from different energy intensities radiating into the atmosphere similar to ionization.
A pillar about 2 feet thick extended downward from the top of the dome thru the center of the floor.  This is a reversible magnetic pole to draw on natures forces to provide power for flight.  It also
serves as a powerful
telescope one end to the sky and one end to the ground and are projected to the big lenses on the floor and ceiling.
Control panels and benches are placed along the outer wall.  An instrument connected to the central column and functions similar to a periscope.
Four cables appear to run thru the floor lens or below it join the central column forming a cross.  Three cables carry power to the ball underneath which are hollow and can be lowered for
emergency landings are used
as electro-static condensers.  The 4th cable goes from the column to 2 periscopic instruments, one next to the pilots seat and the other behind him.
All the machinery is locate underneath the floor and under the outer flange.  Small workshop and storage areas are located here, along with the ships environmental system.
A porthole opened in the wall somewhat like an iris of a camera to a size of about 18 inches, the porthole is nearly undetectable when closed.
Craft recharge is done by connecting a clamp to the edge of the flange and the other end of the cable to a charging rail.  Emergency recharge can be done in flight by receiving a beam of power
from a transmitting source.
The hulls of the craft are multi-layered.
By increasing the frequency of the activated area of a ship can produce invisibility
Nature works on the principal that 1 plus 1 equals 3.  The positive and negative brought together in a relationship that results in the third which in itself has a percentage of the other two primal
forces.  If we liken
the earths geomagnetic field as circular ripples like dropping a pebble into a pond they expand and diminish in force.  If we drop 2 pebbles in the pond several feet apart, where the ripples meet
they form a interference pattern
that extends between the 2 points.  The pattern assumes the shape of an extended ellipse with the smaller ends at the 2 points.  Although the ripples have diminished the interference pattern has
combined a portion of both forces
to create a third force that remains constant between the 2 points as long as they are active.  The elliptical magnetic interference fields maintain a constant strength between the celestial bodies.  
The planets magnetic field
can be described as direct current while the interference pattern can be called alternating current and can be transmitted over long distances.  They exist in the solar systems as well as the
atoms.  The end zones of the
elliptical fields influence the earth from +-58 degrees latitude and the axis of the pattern is equivalent to the earths magnetic equator.
The ships operate on electro-static power finding the balance of centrifugal force of a planets axial velocity and the centripetal attraction of the planets electrostatic field.  The crafts field would be
adjusted to resonate and blend with the geomagnetic field.  The power is produced by a generator similar to a Van de Graff electro-static generators and a type of magnetic turbine.
The ship has been described as glowing which is created when particles come into contact with the resonant field.  Pulsations within this field cause a shimmering effect which makes the craft
appear alive and breathing.  This
also can cause the light to bend completely around the craft and to become invisible.  Also as field strength is varied ionization may shift thru all colors of the spectrum to a part of the spectrum
not visible.
The intense resonating field also serves as a shield to deflect debris from the ship.  And at the same time serve as a atmospheric buffer reducing friction and atmospheric shockwaves.
The external field of the ship can cause the local air to condense and form a cloud around the hovering ship.
To travel at FTL speeds the ships field is tuned to a high resonant point or a prime merge.
The three ball undercarrage seen serves as a retractable landing gear and as a 3 point electrostatic propulsion control system.  The larger ships use a series of bands built into the framework for
the same purpose.  The
variable 3 point systems maneuver by regulating the charge on them.
The walls are of multiple construction for safety and storage purposes There must be a minimum of 2 charged walls, the outer negative and the inner positive.  The field outside the ship will
negatively ionize all particles of
matter near the ship.  The power field emanating from the ship can blurr photographic negatives as if they were exposed to X-rays.  The greater amount of power used the farther the influence
extending from the ship.  The positive reference field on the inner wall leaves the central portion of the ship at a neutral potential.


In a ship unlike anything you have dreamed of.  The force is a electromagnetic one not unlike the force that holds planets, suns, and even entire galaxies in their orbits.  This force is a natural law
which has been
given to us to be used for good purposes.  Your scientists have discovered this but do not know how to apply this force.  Until we can use this force for good we will not be able to understand this
The small craft that we use for observation and reconnaissance will nullify or make neutral anything electrical such as the electrical system of a car, radio, television, and the like.  The power could
kill a man instantly or
over a period of time depending on how high the power level is.  The cause of this danger is an electromagnetic flux or field revolving around the craft and the rate of speed of the flux is the
determining factor in the amount of
damage done.  The energy would disrupt the cellular and atomic balances in the body and the damage to human tissue might lead to certain diseases such as cancer of the blood, liver
malfunction, or other organ disorder.  This power
properly controlled could also cure many sickness by restoring the natural balance in the body.
I noticed one of three ball like objects under the craft became distorted and looked like rubber as it seemed to stretch and grasp the ground.
I could see the other two through the translucent flange.
The ships often appear to change shape and colors due to the shifting magnetic fields surrounding them.
Photos taken around the craft may be distorted due to the electromagnetic flux around the craft.  Tape recorders would not work aboard the craft all that would be heard is a hiss on the tape.
Approximately one third of the circular interior room was devoted to instrument panels and in front of the panels was a frame containing some sort of viewing screen.
Take the primary energy from electrons present in our atmosphere and channel the force which surrounds each electron into all types of simpler conveniences which cost nothing to operate
utilizing so to speak a free
energy. Do not destroy the electrons but take the power which surrounds each one of them using the power and then the released electrons go on their way recharge and become useful again.
Material obstructions in space if on a collision course with the ship the flux around the hull would repel it and veer off to the side.
Using a 24 inch plywood base I drilled a hole half way thru the center.  In the hole I securely placed a carbon rod of a broken flashlight cell. Next I obtained a large nail of like diameter and wound
the nail with 50 turns of very fine copper wire.  I slid the finished coil off the nail the unwound ends of wire were about 8-10 inches long.  I soldered 2 extra connections one from the top and one
from the bottom: 2 of the ends were connected to a small penlight battery.  I stapled some of the wires to the wood base to hold the assembly in position.  Next I took the brass cap off a larger
flashlight battery cell and glued it to the exact center of a 10 inch aluminum disc which was then placed in a balanced position on top of the carbon rod.  The four ends of the wire pointed at the
edge of the disc
directly opposite to each other to form a cross approximately 1/8 of an inch
from the disc edges.  All was set up in the imaginary shape of a pyramid.  I made 2 connections at the bottom of the apparatus which apparently completed the circuit.  The disc immediately was
enveloped in a bluish spinning light
then it rose from the platform went thru my 12 foot ceiling and back down again destroying that model.  Did the electrons which came from the small battery start a reaction in the atmosphere
which took over once the system was
primed. Later the experiment was duplicated to the extent that the disc glowed but never did it move.


We use the natural atmospheric pressure to give us the necessary propulsive force in our ships.  If we maintain a pressure below the craft and bring about a decompression on top the craft will be
given a terrific upward
thrust which no known force can match.  We create a vacuum in the direction of travel.  If we have low pressure on one side the other side is subject to full atmospheric pressure and any object
can be moved when this difference in
potential is created.  The ship can move at any speed and without creating any friction in the atmosphere.  Maneuvering is done by shifting the location of the vacuum.  The ship could be
constructed of any material and almost any shape due to the lack of friction in the atmosphere.  Glass windows would not be put in due to the pressure differences that would break them but a
form of television viewing can be used.  We often require heating inside the craft due to the vacuum causing a drop in temperature.
Cathode rays have the strange property of decomposing the atmosphere in which they pass.  Under this action the elements of the atmosphere decompose and ionize.  In addition to this we make
cathode rays intersect the
anode rays at an angle of 45 degrees.  We achieve this by using high voltage and current.  The entire rim or outer edge of the craft acts as the cathode ray emitter.  These rays are deadly and
are only projected outwards and are
capable of destroying human cells and in causing lethal burns.  The colorations of the craft are caused by these rays. They are the result of the low pressure that is created.  The intensity of the
vacuum is proportional to
the amount of current used and is controlled by a rheostat.  The passage of high speed electrons through the dense air appeared to open up a tunnel giving rise to strong ionization of the
particles with considerable air turbulence
and luminous effects which varied according to the voltage used.  It was found that heavy ions cause low pressure and that electrons could break down the atmosphere and set free hydrogen
which became ionized and repelled by like
charge.  The vacuum creating effect is not strictly due to the intrinsic speed of the ions but to the atmospheres ability to absorb ionized particles.  The negative ions are absorbed by the air and
the positive ones move to the
negative charged surface of the ship.  The area around the ship never reaches saturation point because the ionized bubble surrounding the ship is attracted and absorbed by the surrounding
atmosphere with tremendous force and in its place only a vacuum is left.  One way to shape and manipulate the vacuum is to use the effect that ions and electrons can be deflected by a magnetic
The earths magnetic field is made up of the electric fluid of the planet. If we manufacture an electric fluid which differs from the terrestrial etheric envelope the magnetic field of the earth no longer
affects us and enjoy complete freedom of movement.  When you entered our craft I called your attention to the different kind of light inside which did not emanate from any particular piece of
machinery but was caused by the air itself being luminous.
You also felt a being of lightness and well being.  At this time you were in an artificial etheric atmosphere and not the ordinary earths atmosphere.  When your accustomed to the earths ether the
artificial ether appears luminous.  If
we were to send electromagnetic pulses between magnets the waves thus produced would create an ether different from that on earth.  A variation in the distance between the plates would bring
about a modification in the ether


It looked like a large silver plate in places like molten glass mixed with molten tin.  Around it were lights of different colors and underneath were 3 large spheres.  On the upper p art was a large
dome and on its highest
point burned a dazzling white light that illuminated the disc and the surroundings. The dome had small round windows from which a similar light shone as if the interior was illuminated from all
directions.  The light which
surrounded the disc suddenly changed color from white to violet then to a deep orange.  There was a flash the disk becoming a ball of light I could hear a slight humming sound.  Then all at once
it sped away and over the trees a mist
was left behind which gradually dissolved.
A light appeared which grew brighter an d brighter.  The outline of a large cigar-shaped object resting on the ground could be clearly seen.  I was over 100 meters long and at its thickest reached
to the height of the trees
behind it.  A long row of portholes emitted colored lights that lit up the area where it was resting.  From one end of the ship one after another 4 discs that shone so brightly as to appear as globes
of white light.  After a time
the discs returned and a humming sound could be heard from the huge craft the light around it grew stronger changing from pearl white to orange gold along its length.  Then it lifted skyward
streaked off like lightning and
disappeared from sight.
As soon as a starship lands on earth it is fully materialized.  It remains enveloped in cosmic power which makes it independent of the gravitational forces of the planet.  For this reason we can lift
off the earth with ease at the ideal velocity for dematerialization.  When we raise the frequency of our life vibration we find ourselves perfectly attuned to the life of other dimensions.  We can
ascend to the heavens of higher dimensions or descend to lower even to the material.
The disc shaped craft could be seen resting on the ground and reflected the colors of the sky from the surface of the round dome witched appeared to be a crystalline meld of metal and glass the
gleam of reflection was such that one might expect it to burst forth with light at any moment.
Seen from so close the disc surface seemed to pulsate with a soft glow The inside was simple but elegant.  The central room was illuminated with light that seemed to come from all directions as
no source was seen.  Under
the large dome four panels with built in charts served as walls.  One of the panels had many brightly colored lines on it and sparkled with rapidly changing patterns of lights.


It was a solid metallic thing with a dome portholes and three bumps underneath.  In the center the underneath was darker and shaped like a cone.
At first 3 portholes were visible but then it turned and I saw some more.
There was what looked like a hatch on top of the dome and it seemed translucent.
It glinted in the sunlight and looked as if made of metal.  The upper dome and spherical landing gear were clearly seen.  I heard a low humming sound as it came within a few hundred yards from
me.  The whole metallic body
seemed to glow faintly as it hovered for a moment then it landed with a soft thud.  The hull central wall and upper dome seemed to be shaped from one sheet of metal.  Its color and lustre were not
unlike a polished aluminum.  There
were 2 visible groups of portholes set in threes around the central wall and above was a small flange.  From the top of the dome a dark vertical rod projected which looked like a lightning rod.  The
hull didn't seem transparent
or translucent and I thought to touch it.  I tapped the hull quickly expecting to get a shock and received none.  It seems that the motor was not running. The hull did feel warm to the touch.  The hu
mming noise began again barely
louder than the buzz of a fly.  It lifted into the air the upper dome seeming to revolve swiftly but silently and the craft glided into the heavens.


The ship is self luminous you don need to use flash bulbs to take pictures of a ship at night.  The ships seem to spin they do not.  The emanations of spiral radiation from the ships give this
illusion.  The upper or positive polarity of the craft radiates emanations outwardly from the center due to the collection and concentration of light particles through a vortex funnel in the center of
the craft.  These light emanations radiating outward appear such as grooves on one of your phonograph records.  The lower negative polarity operates in reverse.  This light substance
emanation is contained in a field or zero circumference which is void and gives the impression of an egg.

                   FRY'S TECHNICAL COMMENTS

A moving electron creates a magnetic field.  The tremendous surge of electrons through the force rings produces a very strong magnetic field.  The direction and amplitude of flow is controlled
through either ring and in
several paths in a single ring we can produce a field which oscillates in a pattern of precise controlled modes.  In this way a magnetic resonance can be created between the two rings or between
several segments of a single ring.
Any changing magnetic field will create a electric field which at any instant is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field.  If the two fields become mutually resonant
a vector force will be generated.  The force is similar to a gravitational field.  If the center of the field coincides with the crafts center of gravity the effect will be to increase the inertia or apparent
mass of the craft.  If the fields center doesn't reside at the crafts center of gravity the craft will begin to accelerate toward that center.


The cabins were pressured with 30 percent oxygen mixed with 70 percent helium and the crafts were powered by electrostatic turbines for propulsion while the magnetic fields created by the
rotating rings of the craft


The ship is operated through reversible electromagnetism.  A crystalline rotor in the ships center is linked to two large columns these being the reactors.  Reversing magnetic and electrical energy
allows control over matter
and gravity.  A radar beam can disrupt the craft through the ionization caused by the beam.  In some way power can be drawn from electrical lines and also from water into the ships.  The ships
are made of an extremely pure 100%
magnesium.  A reddish orange light emanates from the underside as a humming noise and the ship begin to rise and shoot into the sky.


The craft was made of silvery white material like glass or porcelain and grey in the shadows flashing like a mirror in the sunlight.  The dome large and rounded with three sets of four portholes in
the circular hull and
below this a flat bottom resting on three short legs almost hidden in the grass.  The craft uses a combination of field differentials to move thru space as a natural celestial object taking there
environment with them.  The electrostatic shield protects the people within from dangerous radiations from without.


There are 3 large turn electromagnetic coils.  Close examination reveals a doubling or displacement at periodic intervals suggesting a pulsating slowly turning wave form.  There are highly
charged electrostatic condensers which double as landing gear.  The condensers pulse in sequence and a rotating field is produced.


The craft was surrounded in a fiery rotating mass of some kind, you could see the craft in the center of it.  It then lifted up dipped down and then went straight up into the sky.


There apparently hovering a few inches above the ground was a large shinning disc.  The diameter was about sixty feet and about twenty five to thirty feet high.  Five windows or portholes were
visible and it glowed all
over with a dull fluorescent light.  A sort of halo seemed to surround the craft.  It appeared to hover 18 to 20 inches off the ground.  We began to hear a slight humming sound like a generator
running.  A low droning pulsating hum.
The dim glow surrounding the craft took on an orange cast then a bright red color.  It glowed like a huge ball of red fire.  It rose up and changed to a brilliant bluish white and sailed off to the
The blue white light turned to a dull green and made no sound.  It slowly started to descend.  We could make out what appeared to be three large round like ball objects equally spaced in thirds
near the outer rim of the
ship from which the fluorescent glowing light appeared to emanate.  The ship appeared to bounce up and down and we could hear the pulsating hum increase and decrease as it bounced.  The
dull fluorescent glow around the rim
brightened to a brilliant white then it disappeared from its location.


The ships do not carry walls of lead many feet thick.  In reality the ship hulls are not much more than many layers of skins somewhat like plywood but of a plastic crystal substance (aluminum
silicate crystal????) which can
be opaque and transparent to light depending on the field magnetism applied.
The hulls will tend to reflect light in a star formation (similar to a star sapphire).  Alternating layers are positively ionized and others negative.
These are insulated from each other with neutral layers between them.  The approaching cosmic radiation is rendered unstable by the field magnetism constantly maintained around the ship.  
Upon reaching the hull of the ship
they are shattered.  Then the respective charges are absorbed by the many layers.  Thus no radiation should penetrate inside.  When electric force is discharged under normal conditions, a
flame, or darting lightning is visible
all around the disk.  Thus we see flames of all different colors dependent on the gas content of the atmosphere.  The field surrounding the ship acts on every atom and molecule in the ship force
and acceleration is vectored in the
same direction at the same time.  All gravitational and acceleration effects from inertia are neutralized or nonexistent.
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