Mary Sutherland @2003
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center

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on the UFO caught on film during a
shooting of a movie in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Milwaukee Airport.
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Above is actual photo of UFO in Milwaukee Wisconsin, taken September 2002

Below is the Report that was sent to Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center
in Burlington Wisconsin August 11, 2003


The picture is from a digital video tape (mini Digital).

(There's actually a series of photos from the tape showing the approach and what appears to be a landing, although that is not on the tape.)


I was part of a group making a short movie (Video) for a local film group (project), in Sept, 2002.
The camera was set on wide angle and was mounted on a tripod  5feet off the ground.

The time of day was 1:30pm looking south south east at Milwaukee International Airport.

There were four people in our crew. Simply put, we videoed the scene, with the actors doing their lines,(a number of times) (cover shots and back up shots (takes).
During the video taping none of us saw, or were aware of anything unusual, other than a massive gust of wind that ruined our sound for a bit. But at the time we saw nothing, in fact I was the one
looking at the video monitor, and at the time saw nothing.
Then, the next day, scene edit began as the scenes shot that day were put together. Even then I noticed nothing odd. But then as I did one of the final edits for sound, Maybe the 15th time I saw
the scene, I started to look at other parts of the picture, rather than the actors, to make sure the scenes were as clean as possible.

That's when I saw this thing flash from left to right at a descending angle of about 38 degrees. It covered the field of view behind the actor in less than 1second, I thought great, a bug or bird, but
when I realized it was far beyond the actor I thought what the heck is that, as I new it was not a plane, as I've seen 100s of landings and plans just do not move anywhere near that fast that close to
the ground and there was zero noise other than a massive rush of wind maybe two seconds after it went out of frame (sound is on the tape as well as the image).

The video editor counter on the computer said that the thing covered the field of view in less than one-second.

The fence you see in the background is about 100 feet from the camera, the light post is about 25feet high, with a 2foot long fixture on top. The video is a real mystery.

I still think about it. Further, I showed it to some aviation people I Know, and they claim it's about one mile from the camera. Anyhow I'll attach a blow up of the thing,

By the way, it showed up again in a later scene in a different area of the airport, but much farther away fro the camera.

- More Information Coming-


In a message dated 8/12/03 11:41:45 AM Central Daylight Time, sutherla@speeddial.net writes:

Sounds like you may have something here!
Would appreciate more pictures , if you still have them.
Actual UFO photos from Wisconsin are quite rare and Iam very interested in doing a followup with you on this sighting.
May I ask your name, so that I can give you the deserved credit for the photo and story.

Just use the first name ...."Mark"

How long do you think this object appeared on the scene?

The first scene, that is on screen, time of the object was approx. 1 second, it shoots diagonally across the screen almost with a strobe like effect, when scene is run real time (29.97 fps) The
camera aperture was f 11, shutter speed was a digital 10,000fps equiv. Had the camera been a traditional mechanical  (film camera) the shot might have been missed because of shutter block as it
would cover the film for the instant the thing appeared. Depth of field (area of focus) is not the same issue with digital as it is with film since digital uses CCD at the image plane and reacts differently
than film.

Did you notice any military activity relating to the object being there?

No. However just before the shoot began, a sherif stopped by and asked us what we were doing, said someone had questions. I told him who we were, showed our documentation, he questioned
us, smiled, and left.

Iam assuming this craft took off out of view?

The video shows screen entry upper left, diagonal decent to exit lower right, object becomes larger on approach  and is closest at lower right. The thing is, with hind sight, there would have been no
way to hand hold and pan the thing had I saw it at the time, it just went to fast, I don't think the eye can see something like that.
It's almost like it uses speed as visual stealth.

Was there anything unusual going on that day which would have attracted the UFO to this particular spot..

I have no clue, other than that thing added a whole new meaning to the name "Milwaukee International airport" IF the thing is what it appears to be. My own opinion is that this thing, is some toy
"Uncle Sam" is playing around with. But then who knows?

.I was curious as to what they were observing.

No idea, but funny you should ask, as someone else asked the same question, and another said they where watching us. Now there's a knee slapper for you!

Did anyone else on your crew notice or talk to you about what they may have seen concerning the vehicle.

After I was sure that the thing was what it appeared to be, WEIRD, I showed it, the video to two people that were on the crew that day. They both agreed, What the Heck is it, WOW, DAH! were the
responses. None of  us saw  anything out of the ordinary while the event occured,at least we could not recall anything other than the terrific wind gust that came up.

Iam trying to put together a report on this that other researchers may be able to use for data collection.
You cooperation is MOST APPRECIATED!
Iam in the process now of trying to locate other sightings.
By having the date now, we should be able to start a more accurate search.
I will keep you updated on anything we come up with on this matter.
Mary Sutherland


This event bugs me, since I have an interest in science, (read an enormous amt. of tech reports). It's interesting to me how someone could get something to move that fast that close to the ground.
Wonder which part of physics and flight dynamics applies  to that thing. My feeling for now is that the event amounts to a matter of perspective. What do I mean? Imagine someone spent their entire
life on an endlessly moving train, that had no windows, that persons world is the inside of that train, now one day some one creates a way to see out of the moving train, and the first thing that
person sees is a tree go flashing by the window, that person on the train thinks wow that thing just shot by..when actually of course it was standing still and really, the train was what was moving.
(Well, there you have my two cents worth on the event!)


I received messages in from UFO Wisconsin claiming that they have determined this sighting to be an airplane.
Burlington UFO and Paranormal disagrees on their finding.
UFO Wisconsin sent this to me via our Message Board located at the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Site

" I am not interested in your site, however the recent alleged Milwaukee UFO did catch my eye, as that story is old news, and it is clearly a plane."

I followed up on this by contacting Mark . Below is the conversation.  My questions are in bold print.
Under my questions is Mark's answers:

Just wanted you to know that UFO Wisconsin got in touch with me stating that they had determined your UFO was an airplane.
I TOTALLY DISAGREE with them on this determination.
Have they ever been in contact with you concerning you  initial  report.

I can see where just seeing the still photo one might think that, but when one sees the video, that's where problems begin. First its flying to fast, I went and video taped planes landing, none even
came close. The second thing is, there is no runway where this thing may have been landing, just a short airport service road. And another thing, videos of planes produce one long stream of
images, even the smaller planes. This thing did not produce that on the tape, just four distant descending images that progressively come closer. I've had a few non commercial pilots look at the
video and they each said, (in one manner or another) It's moving to fast, and hey, where's the runway. Further, the flyby over the top of the parking structure  from west to east,
with a slight slow down and then acceleration (second appearance on the shot that day) also baffled them (the pilots). Aircraft do not buzz the tower at that speed, and in fact only pull stunts like
that when the air national guard has its air show at the airport. There was no air show (by the National Guard anyway) that day.
And for my part, I have never seen a conventional aircraft  do what this thing did, as close to the ground as it was, in descending flight. That being said, I have seen stunt aircraft, fighter jets buzz,
flyby a very low altitude at air shows out west and in the desert, but not at a civilian airport when commercial aircraft are landing and taking off every two minutes. As I say when one sees the videos
the event is better realized, as the still photo is out of context.

Do you have a video that we could see of this?

Yes, I have the original mini Dv, the video then was captured to a CD disk as a data file MPEG and as an AVI file. Just for yuks I made the short scenes into an AV musical video short.(Plays in
windows media player)
By the way, it was total and complete luck that the lens setting for the scene was wide angle, had it been on a long focal length (tele photo) setting I would have not captured that Kodak moment. (or
at least I wouldn't have noticed it).
A VHS version won't work well because  VHS only has 250 screen lines (of detail) the Digital camera used produces 600 screen lines. Plus Regular TV sets only have 520 screen lines but Thats still
a further problem because that produces poor detail compared to a computer monitor. HD TV set would help, but if the source is VHS it'll make no difference. That's why I went with non-compressed
AVI and or MPEG.

May we get a copy of the MPEG or AVI ?

Here is the MPEG that Mark sent us of the UFO


Comments and Mark's Response to Comments


There was a short while ago a "FLOCK OF UFO" where some birds were being passed off as UFO and even edited to "prove" that this was not birds.... Only to have it stall
matted because only certain people had privy to the video, and that ONLY ater it had 'been cleaned up' ... which even on that they blew it.

This is nothing more than a plan.

Now I have a serious question: If you even had the pilot of the plan at the time say, "THAT WAS ME..." would you still disagree and doubt it? My question is, it sounds like you
have thrown all objectivity out the window to believe....

What serious investigation have you done to disprove this is NOT a plan. Did you ask the local airports of any flight plans that could/would disprove this being a plan. Those are
a matter of public records unless they are government flight plans.

Respectfully: Jerry
IN Response: No aircraft were logged during that period of time. (Remember there is no runway [just aservice road) at that location. There is a runway closer to the camera, and
it isin the wrong place (northeast to south west approach) so it is eliminated.


Are we (for my clarification) talking about the MPEG: UFOSEQUENCE ? of the guy in front of the car with face on chin?

And the first 1/2 is normal 'speed' and second half seems to be slower speed to allow for focus on the UFO?

If this is the one, could you please let me know I am looking at the right MPEG.

Thanks.... Jerry

Mark Responds:

The first part of the video is real time, (as it appeared on tape) the second part or slow motion part you are asking about, was made by taking the actual images out of the original video and making
a slide show of them to get a view allowing a better look at what happened. Understand here that a conventional aircraft would produce a much greater series of stills (photos) in the same amount
of time (that a later experiment showed),because aircraft slow down to land (reduce air speed) as crashes are otherwise a problem. Remember that the camera was set at a wide angle (max field of
view setting) and was approx. six feet from the subject (actor). Also remember that digital video has an enormous depth of field (focus) much greater than film cameras at the same aperture.


>IF< this is the picture that you are talking about it is 'cold.' It is nothing more than a plan and if you take the time to take another plane, blank it at the same degree as the one in
the picture, match the blur... GUESS WHAT? Wings and such all match.

Mark Responds:

IN  Response: Don't think we didn't think that too! That's why this info was held up since Sept, 2002. Attempts were made to get duplicate results with air craft from the same angle, and ant aircraft
that were captured did what all the other aircraft did, and that is produced 25 times the number of images in the same amount of time, none moved anywhere near the speed  that our friendly
unknown did. If we set the lens on tele photo (long focal length, we get closer to the same result except that the aircraft look like aircraft and not anywhere close to our original Kodak moment. And
that telephoto setting was NOT the original setting. The original setting was Wide angle, and with that setting the aircraft still looked like aircraft and not like our unknown. And again, none
photographed (on video) with the velocity of the original event. Further, on our video editor, which allows 5 tracks of video overlay, and matched with the video digital sink numbers on the tape ALL
produced more images in-between the 4 1/2 images on the original video. NOTHING CAME EVEN CLOSE. That's why we became even more interested. Keep in mind the original was video taped
on a digital camera not an analog camera. There's an enormous difference.


Additional Information from Mark:
By the way, The reason I don't run a DVD version is that most people would run it on a conventional TV, and having tested that, one just does not get the detail in an already
small image, The MPEG or AVI forces viewing on a computer monitor, as like I said before the scan lines on a reg,TV distort the image. One fellow I tested the VHS copy on said
that the image (thing/UFO) looked like a Bee! That's how much it gets distorted on a conventional TV.

Regards Mark



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Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center, UFO Photo Taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin
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