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An interplanetary spacecraft from Venus descended over the scientific laboratory, the Tesla detection alarm sounded, and the landing occurred. Arthur Matthews went outside to gaze at this
incredible spaceship. Two beings stepped outside the craft, and walked toward the scientist. He noted they were about six feet tall and could discern their golden hair and bright blue eyes in the
brilliant starlight. They emanated an aura of perfect health and happiness. He could feel an overwhelming vibration of good will from the Venusians. The spacemen then told: Matthews that they had
come to check on Tesla's cosmic ray machine, which he was continuing the development of. After exchanging scientific dialogue, the scientist was taken on a tour of the spaceship, which had a
metallic ring about 20 feet from it's central metallic body, and was not connected to the body of the ship by any visible device, but rather by magnetism. This ship was about 700 feet in diameter and
about 300 feet high. There were no visible controls in the control room. In the center was a large circular platform with a raised seating area on it. Four Venusians sat there with their backs facing
the center, with one each facing north, south, east, and west.

These pilots were especially chosen for their powers of mind over matter, and they ran the ship through thought control, which theoretically can be accomplished by projecting brain waves into a
computer that operates the craft. Two of the pilots were women, and he met a timeless beautiful Venusian girl who had long beautiful golden hair, beautiful sun tanned skin, and an indescribably
beautiful face reflecting deep inner peace, supreme happiness, and sparkling sapphire blue eyes emanating cosmic wisdom. From her he learned about life on Venus.

Before we detail life on Venus in a later section of this research, would like to point out that this information is not from some wild-eyed spacey true-believer cultist, some fanatic looking for space
brothers to rescue him, or some drugged or boozed derelict. This information is the writings of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Wilburt B. Smith, who was director of Project
Magnet, the Canadian government scientific UFO investigations committee. This prominent scientist was extremely respected, credited for numerous technological inventions, had an excellent
public reputation, and held prestigious degrees, awards, and patents. Smith was arguably the greatest Canadian scientist of his times, and Tesla and Einstein were arguably the two greatest
scientists of their time, based on the patented evidence.

We would also like to emphasize that the details of Venus and it's people in this report in no way contradict details we obtained from totally different sources.


The Canadian scientist was then given a tour of the planet Venus. He found himself on Venus standing near tall pillars of smooth perfectly polished basalt. A mighty waterfall descended from ebony
cliffs thousands of feet high. The rims were of beautiful foaming water, yet the center lake was a perfectly smooth mass of water looking like a dome of multi--colored glass. It was not water as we
know it, for reflections of light of every imaginable color covered the shining surface of the dome of water, transforming into rainbows of colors. They blended into green, rose, and violet glitterings.
The entire scene of grandeur was failed by a broad band of emerald green grass, dotted here and there with graceful palms with fronds glistening diamond drops of spray.

In the Venusian sky, above the waterfall, was a transparent crystal ball. It looked like a huge soap bubble of rainbow Hughes of colors. Around the center of the craft was a gold band of metal, and
there were gold projections at the poles of the craft. Around the golden band were the windows. (Note: Onec described travel in these bubble craft too in her book "From Venus I Came.")

Beyond was rolling countryside looking like a beautiful park. Snow-capped mountain peaks and a wide river were in the background. Mathews later entered a Venusian city. The buildings had
prismatic crystal ellipsoidal roofs on circular colonnades of marble pillars. Between the buildings was a paradise of green; vegetation. Above the color crystal homes were the transparent
multi-colored airships. On top of the basalt columns, bordering a majestic river, groups of Venusians were gracefully standing on the cliffs. At a higher elevation was a large building with a color
crystal prismatic dome, used as a meeting place on Venus.

There was a broad avenue of stately palms that led to the great assembly hall, with a great amphitheater surrounded by tiers and marble seats. A circular lake was filled with colored water that was
suspended in mid-air so that you could walk underneath it.

In the Palace of Truth, Venusians explained how they had transformed their planet into a paradise of agricultural abundance, climatic control, prevention of natural disasters, and a life of perfect

The interior of the spacecraft was divided into different layers, the lowest containing 24 scout craft, ground vehicles, and equipment. The second level contained gardens, living areas, recreational
rooms, study areas, and a meeting hall. The floor was covered with a form of pliant plastic-like substance and there were beautiful wall paintings. The Venusians grew their fruits and vegetables
fresh on the ship using solar energy. A see-through wall gave a full view of space to the travelers.

Secret Oahu Venusian Ship Landing & Military

In 1972 there were hundreds of reports of spacecraft flying over Maui, landing in remote areas of the island, and a few contacts. We established the office of the Department of Interplanetary
Affairs, in Lahaina, to investigate these reports, and attempt to contact these visitors to gain advanced information on solving world problems and how to evolve. Several witnesses reported seeing
saucer--shaped spacecraft with domes and port holes, similar to photos taken by people in England and across America of alleged Venusian type UFOs, convincing them that those photos in our
files were not faked. Other witnesses reported seeing long cigar-shaped spacecraft unloading smaller scout craft over Haleakala Crater and hovering over other parts of Hawaii then, which matched
descriptions we now have from Onec.

That year we received some incredible information from a Sergeant Willard Wannall, who served in Army Intelligence on Oahu in the 1950s as he investigated UFOs. He claimed to have knowledge
of official government UFO secrecy, and it included visitors from Venus. We visited this man twice and exchanged UFO and E.T. research. He warned about all the men who had been assassinated
and silenced in other ways, by military authorities, for talking too much about secret UFO activity. He appeared to be somewhat silenced himself, after being harassed severely by the Army for his
research and contacts. Today Wannall has still not made public presentation of his startling research and contacts, and he warned us to be careful with ours.

Wannall told how he had been contacted twice by landed spacecraft in remote wooded areas of Oahu, and taken on board. After one of these contacts, which he detailed in a long written report I
have in my files, Wannall states he was taken to Retz, the capital city of Venus, for educational purposes. He reported that he landed, in an Energy Center located on the surface of the planet in a
structure that contained many chambers, of which most were circular. This edifice was part of the hub of a shimmering Metropolis composed entirely of dome shaped buildings and laid out in a
circular pattern. The translucent quality of the buildings and the pleasing molded effect was created spontaneously by, isolating sections of light-energy and adjusting the vibratory rate of that
particular area. The resulting radiant material gave the appearance of the building being in motion, though it
was solid to the touch. Only by subsequent time relativity change in the fixed vibrational frequency could these buildings be "dismantled" and the energy material returned to the cosmic forces. Most
physical objects on Venus were brought into manifestation in this process. He described all the beautiful paintings on the walls inside, mostly landscapes, with many NEW hues of unusual luminosity
beautifully blended. There was a profusion of flowers of pleasant fragrances with beautiful music. The Venusians there wore long loose fitting robes and didn't look much different than Earth
humans, yet all appeared to be in harmony.

We were shown some incredibly clear detailed photos of huge silver spaceships beyond our atmosphere. Farida Iskiovet, who investigated UFOs for the President of the General Assembly of the
United Nations then, told me that Wannall's experience was real.

In 1973 we met with Dr. Frank Stranges, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects, who was also a member of our Department of Interplanetary Affairs. He
reported details on how he was contacted by a Venusian diplomat in the Pentagon in 1959, Val
Thor, who had landed outside of Washington D.C. in a spacecraft to meet President Eisenhower. Dr. Stranges later stated there was later a secret meeting between the late Senator Robert
Kennedy. Farida Iskiovet was totally convinced of the reality of Val Thor and these contacts, and there was a meeting being proposed between the U.N. diplomat and the Venusian that we never
received details about.

Venusian Girl Lands

On May 11, 1991 one of the most incredible news releases of the century appeared in major newspapers across the United States. In the serious and factual GLOBAL news section of the daily
HONOLULU ADVERTISER, was an article entitled UFO CONVENTION GETS SPEAKER FROM VENUS, and it quoted "Omnec Onec, who landed from Chicago, says life on her native planet Venus
isn't all that different from life on Earth. It's like a desert here. It's amazing how adaptable the human species is." The news release continued, "Onec, one of 30 speakers at the World UFO
Conference landed here this month. Onec. who in her Earth life lives in CHICAGO and is known as Sheila Gipson, said she is from Teutonia, Venus."

As the director of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, I was already familiar with this reported Venusian woman, and had even personally spoken to her on the telephone. She reported that she
was born on Venus and was trained and educated there for 8 years for her mission to Earth, and that she departed from the physical city of Retz which is the capital of Venus, in a saucer--shaped
spacecraft. Onec described Retz as a spaceport surrounded by hot dry desert that resembles the United States desert southwest. She mentioned that she was taken to a long cylindrical-shaped
interplanetary spaceship orbiting Venus, and described in detail the flight to Earth, where she exited in a smaller disc shaped spacecraft and landed high in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, where
it would be easier to adjust to Earth without severe cultural shock and atmospheric discomfort. Their
bodies resemble exceptionally attractive human beings in appearance only, yet are much lighter, less dense, with a different molecular consistency and frequency to our Earth bodies, making our
atmosphere dangerous for Venusians and their atmosphere deadly to our forms. Therefore, Onec had to undergo some type of physical density transformation by some type of technology before
she could land on Earth.

Onec wrote that she studied the culture of Earth which is so primitive, violent, and polluted compared to Venusian, that it was difficult to adjust. She found it very difficult to get used to walking
around in our strange atmosphere, breathing our air, and eating our gross foods!

Our strange foods tasted bad compared to what she was used to, and her body in our atmosphere felt bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. She studied our planet with spiritual leaders in a monastery
in Tibet for a few weeks, before being picked-up by a spacecraft and flown to Nevada, where they landed in the empty desert in the middle of a night in 1955. After she departed from the saucer in
a landscape resembling the Retz area, she was met by a Venusian and another extraterrestrial driving
a brand new Cadillac automobile, and driven to Tennessee to be gradually conditioned to our backward civilization. She found the bumpiness of the car and it's polluting fumes almost unbearable,
compared to silent non-polluting Venusian vehicles. Onec was introduced to restaurants, American food, and people who seemed gross to her. Yet she had to keep her origins secret and live
among Earth people incognito. She adopted the name Sheila to mix on Earth, and was raised by a woman in Tennessee under some strange diplomatic relations that we do not have the space to
detail here. Her mission on Earth was most often low-key and behind-the-scenes until this year with the publication of a book that she dictated about the history of Venus and how every problem we
have on Earth today was a problem Venus once had and solved. We can learn much from them and their way of life. I asked Onec for permission to use some of her information at my public UFO
lectures on Maui, and she granted approval. Two members of the Xian International agency that runs the department of Interplanetary Affairs, Romeo and Dean, have been meeting with Onec.

These meetings have resulted in an exchange of information and the advice that we use to plan the future, and she convinced them beyond a doubt that she really is from Venus. Onec also
convinced Mark Huber, a former Commander in Naval Intelligence and a leading expert on UFO secrecy, who supplies UFO secrets to the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, that Onec is really a

Brad Steigor, one of the world's leading authorities on UFOs and author of many famous books on UFOs and E.T.s also met Onec. He wrote that she claims to be one of thousands of
extraterrestrials now living on Earth. She says scientists, doctors, educators, artists, engineers, and ordinary citizens from these advanced planets live ant work secretly among the people of Earth.
Steiger, who has given many public Iectures on UFOs, describes her as having large blue bright eyes. platinum hair, charming manor, and diaphanous robes. We have photos of her in our files.
And she looks far younger than her age should be if she landed here in 1955.

In 1972, the Department of Interplanetary Affairs received a rare and out-of print book called The Venusian Secret Science, which detailed the cosmic sciences of Venus, the description of their
planet, their system of culture and belief, their appearance and clothing, and their missions to our planet. Most of the information was so different than anything we had ever seen, that it impressed
us as amazingly original UFO original data. Later we compared this knowledge with information from the Venusian woman Onec, as well as the Project Magnet Canadian report and Sergeant Willard
Wannall's data, and found many similarities and no contradictions!

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