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The method of interplanetary communications involved the use of a crystal called a Telolith, a form of inter-dimensional communications telepathy called telethought, and a Venusian Symbol that we
embroidered on our clothing (and paintings were made of it for our offices and on top of our car). All of the Xians and our staff who used this combination, incredibly reported seeing flying objects
they believed were spaceships, and some reported telepathic contacts!

The Venusian Secret Science was written by Michael X. (Barton) of California, and he reported the information cam from a landed Venusian spacecraft he made contact with in the 1950s in the hills
behind Santa Barbara. He described the pilot as tall and wearing a one piece uniform, with the face of an extraordinarily intelligent man radiating masculine strength and decisiveness, but also
conveyed an inner quality of peace, kindness, and Compassion. His skin was beautifully tanned, the Venusian had long golden hair, and clear blue eyes that shone like precious jewels. He reflected
perfect health. The depth of his eyes, according to Barton, reminded him of looking into a deep ocean and seeing the whole universe.

A beautiful Venusian women then emerged from the ship. She had long golden blonde hair, beautiful sun bronzed skin, and violet eyes with sparkles of gold in them. Her features were beautifully
proportioned, and around here waist she wore a golden belt. Her shoes were of a soft golden mesh material.

This account reminded me f the ancient writings in hieroglyphics on the Temple of the Sun, in Tiajuanaco in the Andes, describing how a golden spaceship from Venus had Ianded there in the dawn
of time. The ancient writings tell how a beautiful Venusian women, Orejona, had emerged from the ship and taught the ancients the basics of farming, and the skills to begin civilization. Venusians
landed on Earth in ancient times to teach agriculture, textiles, mining, architecture, and other skills, according to written histories left by Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans,
Mayans, Aztecs, Aryans, Assyrians, and the inhabitants of ancient India and Tibet. Why shouldn't we believe these ancient writings like those peoples certainly did so!

Barton reported that these Venusians he met wore the same symbol on their space suites, a symbol of interplanetary communications, that the Xians were now using to try to contact space beings. I
decided to were the symbol embroidered on a shirt with some reported Venusian hieroglyphics beneath it, use the Telolith crystals, and the telethought telepathy to try to contact Venusians. At first
I was very skeptical. However, immediately began seeing UFOs that I could not identify.

One early morning in Lahaina, after staying up most of the night using tire the Venusian Secret Science. I was sitting alone on a bench by the sea when a mysterious stranger slowly walked up and
sat down right next to me. He sat there for several minutes saying nothing. I became a little uneasy, so I turned to look at this person. He had shoulder length blond hair with a tint of golden in it,
deep clear blue eyes, and was exceptionally good looking.

I cannot remember the exact words in the following conversations, yet it went something like this to the best of my memory. I said "hi" and he smiled and greeted me. I asked him where he was from
and he mentioned something about recently visiting the Rocky Mountains where he stayed at the White Temple of the Great White Brotherhood. That statement startled me, because this is
supposed to be the cosmic spiritual government of our planet, consisted of cosmic masters, and operated behind the scenes to help guide our destiny as a race on Earth. I began to wonder if had
actually contacted a real living master, yet he smiled and denied it. However, he stated that he had been sent to Maui by the masters in the White Temple, on a mission to find out about the Xians
and possibly offer us some guidance.

The Xians are a civilization of people who consider themselves Earthians or Citizens of Planet Earth, rather than of any one country like Americans, Germans, Russians, etc.

Xians believe the entire planet should ideally be one--nation at peace instead of dozens of fighting conflicting nations, religions, and political systems. In 1972 the Xians were based on Maui,
attempting to create a futuristic civilization for the next century, and uniting people with all the skills necessary from around the world. The Department of Interplanetary Affairs was one of 14
departments in the Xian Planetary Council, and our mission was to find out if it was possible to contact superior civilizations from other planets, that had solved all of Earth's problems themselves on
their home planets, and offer us advice, technology, and ideology on how to evolve as a race. In the 1970s, over a dozen members of this department reported they had made physical contact with
extraterrestrial beings and received advice. So far I had not been contacted, even though I was the director.

I was then used to people who were strangers approaching me ,me asking about the Xians, UFOs, and the Department of Interplanetary Affairs. He asked me to describe what the Xians are. I told
him we were planetary citizens of planet Earth who agreed to live a life of world peace and brotherhood as planetary citizens. I added I was interested in finding new Xians, and asked him if he was
interested in becoming an Xian?

The stranger smiled at that question, and replied..."what if I'm from another planet?"

I was shocked at that answer. I was silent as I tried to collect my thoughts and composure. Then I asked him if he was from another planet, and he replied he was. I asked him if he would mind telling
me what planet he was from, and he replied Venus.

I stared at him carefully, and noted he did have the physical appearance of the Venusians described by Michael Barton, the Canadian Government UFO Project Magnet, and dozens of other
contactees I had read about!

He gave me his name after I promised not to reveal it to anyone with out his permission. I was told that he was one of many Venusians disguised as Earth people here on missions and operating
incognito and he asked me not to identity him to anyone without permission. He said he was here to check up on our Department of Interplanetary Affairs.

I decided to quiz him on his knowledge of Venus. I asked him about detailed rare knowledge I had read in the Venusian Secret Science, an extremely rare publication, and he gave all perfect
answers to every question. This amazed me! This detailed information was simply not found in anything else I had ever read or seen. He also adequately detailed the secrets of propulsion of the
interplanetary ships and scout craft, and it matched details we had from Project Magnet and other sources. He was informative for sure, and used the name Rich Evers in public. I introduced him to
the others in our department who all became convinced he was a Venusian. We took him to a crowded UFO Meeting in Lahaina, and during the meeting a number of UFOs were seen overhead,
which many people agreed were spaceships. These UFOs flew over Lahaina after the meeting, where many people reported to newspapers and our agents they had seen "spaceships" and UFOs.
My father was one of the witnesses who was convinced he saw one after he met this person.

The diplomat to the General Assembly of the United Nations, who was investigating UFOs for the President of the U.N. Adam Malik, arrived on Maui and wanted to meet this reported Venusian. I
personally arranged the private meeting in a private home in Napili, where Maureen Maharry lived(Maureen was later murdered on Kauai by a reported CIA agent, and was once my secretary for
Interplanetary Affairs who was then releasing much of this information). At this meeting a bright UFO was observed by all present hovering outside the window.

The visitor stayed in our headquarters for a few nights and UFO activity was reported to be nightly overhead. On one of those nights the "Venusian", two members of our department(Paul Groover
and Nick Edwards) were sitting on a table long after midnight, outdoors in Lahaina. Paul and Nick exclaimed that there was a spaceship overhead. I looked up and we all saw a UFO. The visitor
calmly explained it was his spaceship, and that he had piloted it on a journey around the Sun before coming to Maui.

The Universe Sun news, which I published, contained a lot of information he gave us, and we had a lot more we decided was too detailed to publish.

The United Nations diplomat was convinced this person really was a real Venusian. Also convinced was Major Wayne S. Aho, formerly of Army Intelligence, a UFO investigator.

According to Michael Barton, who reported he was contacted by a landed Venusian space disc in a remote area of California in the 1950s, the Venusian capital city is based on the pattern of an
atom with three basic circular buildings which are domes of crystal material. Extending outward from the central nucleus, like spokes radiating from the hub of a wheel, are 8 great highways leading
to 8 great cities. Each of these cities has 4 radiating highways leading to 4 other cities, and each of these cities has the concentric spokes geometric pattern leading to 2 other cities each. This
pattern is continued around the planet.

Great forests, rivers, and mountains are between the cities. The valleys are full of beautiful vegetation and everything is in vivid colors. Here and there, in the lush vegetation, are domed homes
made of translucent crystal. The Venusian oceans are similar to those on Earth, but are smaller, deeper, and of more beautiful color.

On the highways are cars powered by magnetic light energies. These vehicles are completely silent, and derive their power from solar energy. The solar cars are surrounded by an electromagnetic
force--field that protects passengers from collisions at any speed. The air on Venus is far more electrified than on Earth. There is a phosphorescent glow over the planet similar to our northern
lights, with a cool radiance. There is a rainbow colored atmosphere(note that a painting of the Venusian village of Teutonia by Onec also shows a rainbow colored sky). From 2,000 miles in space it
appears a brilliant white light. 300 miles in altitude it is darkness. And over the cities there is light from a halo effect.

There is no crime on Venus and it is inconceivable to such a highly evolved race. There are no hospitals since the Venusians are in great health. The people spend most of their time outdoors and
have only fresh nutritious foods.

I spoke to Michael Barton in 1973, and he had been "silenced" by then according to UFO expert Gabriel Green who knew him well. Barton had little to add to his account then. However, the
information I had in writing was in complete harmony with details from Sergeant Willard Wannall and also Onec, as well as the Canadian government Project Magnet.

Onec described golden sands on Venusian beaches, purple mountains, and edenic paradise gardens covering much of the landscape.

Others have described waters of rainbow colors on Venus, and a sea of the appearance of trillions of sparkling diamonds.....many of these landscape effects created by the Venusians themselves
with their superior cosmic sciences, and incredible mental and psychic. Much of what is on the surface of Venus is said to be slightly beyond our limited range of human vision, inter-dimensional,
and invisible to many Earth people.



"Somewhere along the shore of Lake Huron I found a story I could not decline. I had halted my little canoe and hiked overland to a filling station. The station proprietor invited me to his home nearby
for a cup of coffee and to meet his 12 year old son and pretty wife.

After a general discussion of our experiences, he asked if I had seen any unidentified flying objects. I grinned. "Well" he said, "it isn't so funny. See that island out there'? (he indicated a small island
offshore), "that is a frequent landing place for a flying saucer." His mein was serious, his attitude and speech sensible. I questioned him further. I must admit at this point I had some skepticism, but
my informant had every indication of being a man of good sense and sound judgment. "Yes, I have gone out to the island to watch the flying saucers land and take off. I have seen them many times
and so has my wife and son." I glanced at them with a nod of "confirmation" from both. "Have you seen the creatures in the flying saucers?", I asked. "I certainly have. I know one of them. They
looked like you and me. They can speak English perfectly through a sort of sing-sone manner. They are tall and quite strong and live for hundreds of years. "Where do they come from?", I asked.
"These particular ones come from Venus," he said. "They have friends on Earth like me, and they visit us. Those who can believe have been selected by a process only they know. Skeptics are
avoided. They want to spread the peace. They are vitally interested in our aims and attempts at interplanetary travel, because anything that happens on our planet effects other planets.

He added that about 25 Venusians were on the saucer and he saw them many times. The wife and son solemnly stated they had seen them too.

Ancient writings on Venus contacts

There are scientists who theorized that Venus could have once had an atmosphere like Earth has today, before a huge "greenhouse effect" , greatly changed the atmosphere and raised
temperatures. Why is it that most ancient civilizations in our school history books left written records clearly stating that they were in contact with visitors from Venus? The Sumerians, Babylonians,
Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, prehistoric Andeans, and peoples of ancient India and Tibet ALL claimed that they were taught civilization from sky
people and gods in flying machines from Venus, back in the days before there were government and military intelligence agencies to "cover up the truth." Robbert Charroux, a great French
prehistorian, who spent decades studying ancient writings around the world, detailed the
ancient Venusian colonizations on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here, in six volumes of books that are currently so suppressed they are not available in U.S. bookstores or by
order. I have studied these volumes in great detail, and they are backed up by carvings and drawings of advanced technology and space travel found in many nations. In large national libraries in
Asia there are also many ancient histories over 4,000 years old, which explain in great detail Venusian spacecraft, their pilots, their missions on Earth, intervention in Earth affairs, and involvement
in ancient interplanetary wars fought on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propulsion of these alien craft in great technological detail, which sounded like legend until recent
scientific discoveries proved this science was accurate. Among these ancient writings are the BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA, etc. Furthermore,
a famous 1950s anthropologist/archaeologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson, published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts, hidden in a temple high in the Andes of South
America, detailing Venusian landings, contacts, and intermingling with Earthians in ancient times.

High in the Andes Mountains are ruins of one of the oldest cities ever excavated, Tiajuanaco, where there are monolithic ruins so incredibly constructed, that archeologists cannot explain how they
could have possibly been constructed by ancients. Inscriptions found there have been translated to state that in the dawn of civilization, a golden spacecraft from Venus landed there, occupants
emerged from the craft, and a beautiful Venusian woman began teaching the primitive Indians in the basic skills of civilization! (see Charroux's book ''ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OF MAN'S

Why were so many of the human-appearing "gods" detailed in ancient cultures said to come from Venus? Why were Venusians usually described as being tall, blonde, blue-eyed good-looking
Nordic types?

Did some immense cataclysm destroy civilization and the atmosphere on the SURFACE of Venus, causing survivors to flee to Earth, where they tried to colonize Earth, and control the natives by
claiming to be Gods? Did primitive ancient Earth rulers and their followers believe the Venusians were gods, angels, and other super-beings because they did NOT UNDERSTAND the
ultra-advanced space-age technology that only seemed like "miracles" to primitive minds? Did Venusian technology destroy an atmosphere similar to ours and create the runaway greenhouse
effect NASA reports today, and our scientists admit "could also happen on Earth?" And was there a Venusian technology that was so far advanced, that they had interplanetary travel over four
thousand years ago(and up to 18 million years ago in some ancient writings), also able to construct deep underground bases or even cities on Venus, protected from the atmosphere on the
surface TODAY, from which they send UFOs to Earth?

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