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The "Mothership" Theory and Warp Speed Thinking.
by TopSecret Publishing Company
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One theory presented by some UFOlogists is that a great ark or "mothership" may be orbiting Earth or laying at anchor in deep space just this side of a "Black Hole" dispatching scientific
probes and reconnaissance craft to our planet from time to time. This ark, like a real-life "Deathstar," is an artificial world, growing its own food, recycling its own waste products, capable
of sustaining alien life indefinitely, just as a naturally created world does.

Living aboard this ark are a number of different kinds of alien beings, each carrying out their own particular experiments upon earthlings with the blessings and help of the others. That
the ark is peopled by different life forms is the only explanation of the diverse descriptions of alien beings seen by humans who have experienced encounters. Unless there is more than
one ark!

But if UFOs are really capable of the speeds and maneuvers they appear to display, a "mothership" would not be necessary. If a spacecraft could travel to the ark near a black hole, why
not simply go on to the black hole and re-enter their own dimension, thus eliminating the building of an enormous artificial world with all its logistics problems?

In one way, an answer to the appearance and disappearance of UFOs may be less complicated; in another way the possible answer is infinitely more complicated than humans can
imagine. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. A beam of light, if it could be made to follow the curvature of the Earth, would circumnavigate this planet at the equator 7.44 times
every second. It takes approximately 2.5 seconds for radio transmissions travelling at the speed of light to reach the moon. It takes light approximately 8.33 minutes to reach Earth from
the sun and a bit over two minutes from the planet Mars.

The fastest aircraft devised by humans travels at approximately 4000 or 5000 miles per hour; 83.3 miles per minute; 1.38 miles per second, or approximately 186,000 times slower than
the speed of light! The limit of our vision at sea level, from horizon to horizon in nearly flat areas (deserts), is about 40 miles. If we could spot the Aurora aircraft flying at 40 miles above
the ground in the west and follow it until it disappeared in the east, we would see it for approximately one minute.

If a UFO or TLO were to traverse the same sky at the same altitude at the speed of light we would be unable to see it at all since it would be in our field of vision for about 1/5000th of a
second! The image, even if we were looking directly at the object, would not even register on the optic nerve, would not be transmitted to the brain, except, perhaps, as a subconscious

Some astronomers, engineers and government poobahs have argued that UFOs do not exist because no one has ever captured an image on film during the thousands of photographs
taken of stars and planets from all the observatories on the planet. Aircraft lights have been recorded as they cross the field of vision of the telescopes, and other known phenomena
have been captured. But no UFOs have been recorded by astronomers. Even long exposures of open sky seems to have failed to reveal the presence of real "Nuts and Bolts" UFOs or
elusive TLOs.

What they apparently fail to understand is that the hardware and software they're using is not equal to the task of recording an object moving at or near the speed of light. Recent video
pictures of the Patriot missiles intercepting Scuds over Saudi Arabia clearly illustrate the inability of television cameras to record events that occur in fractions of a second. A 4000 miles
per hour missile may travel several hundred or several thousand feet between scans of the television camera. Even ultra high speed motion picture cameras miss events at 10,000,
20,000 or more frames per second simply because the shutter or prism of the camera has rotated to a "closed" position exactly 50% of the time the event is being recorded!

Think of it this way: When you watch a motion picture recorded at 24 frames per second, each frame of the film is seen in approximately 1/50th of a second. Then the shutter on the
projector closes, the film advances and the shutter opens to reveal the next frame. In other words, when you view a film at a theater, half of the time you are seeing total darkness!

Because the human brain is geared to generate apparently smooth motion from a series of still photographs projected through a light source and lens at approximately 1/50th of a
second, the movement on the screen is transmitted the brain as continuous motion. We are completely unaware that 50% of the time the shutter is closed and we are in darkness until
someone explains it.

But even at 1/50th of a second, significant action is occurring that we do not, can not see. Imagine how much more action might be occurring all around us at 186,000th of a second! A
craft with a propulsion system capable of moving at the speed of light in normal flight coupled with the anti-mass field inertial system could remain in earth orbit continuously without ever
being seen by human senses or recording devices. Only when the UFOs decelerate from light speed to several thousand miles per hour to enter the atmosphere to land or take pictures
or hostages, do they become visible to human senses.

Imagine you have built a spacecraft with these features. You certainly would not approach the target landing area at the speed of light. You would slow your craft and make a gradual
approach similar to any earth aircraft, although at a considerably higher speed. When you decelerate from light speed your craft would suddenly become "visible" to human senses,
making it appear as if your craft materialized instantly in the sky.

Having chosen your target or landing area, you would glide in, take pictures, or land to abduct humans, do whatever you think you should do, and leave. Once in the sky and safely away
from aircraft or other hazards, you could accelerate to light speed again and simply "vanish" from view. You could be on Mars in about two and half minutes having dinner.

And that brings up a question: When humans are abducted, are they examined in the spacecraft at the spot where it landed or does the spacecraft take them somewhere else? Does the
tingling or burning reported by many abductees suggest that the propulsion system is operating, that they are somewhere in space during the examinations? Many people have reported
that they regain consciousness miles away from where they first encountered the spacecraft. This would suggest that some, if not all, are actually taken to another location or into
hyperdrive while the examinations are occurring.

This seems entirely plausible since the aliens would not necessarily wish to remain on the ground during a medical examination requiring an hour or two of earth time. Too much danger
of being seen by others. Besides, remaining in Earth's polluted atmosphere may be unhealthy for aliens accustomed to breathing purified gases.

That UFOs and TLOs appear and vanish instantly, that they perform dramatic maneuvers while in the atmosphere and visible to humans is well documented. This can only be accounted
for (in a purely mechanical way) if the craft are capable of accelerating to or decelerating from near-light speeds.

But at least one type of travel is infinitely faster than light speed and that is Thought-Speed! Suppose for a moment that alien spacecraft are not propelled by "engines" or surrounded by
anti-mass fields, but are projected to specific points in the universe by the power of alien thoughts!

Light can travel to Mars (for instance) in about two and one half minutes. Thought can travel to Mars instantly. Thought can travel to a "Black Hole" instantly. Thought can travel to the
most remote corner of the galaxy instantly. One moment you are on Earth; the next you are on Alpha Centauri. There is no physical motion, no brute force required to send you from one
point to another. No humming or buzzing of equipment or engines. You are here, then you are there. You appear and disappear as quickly as you can think it.

Scientists who study the human mind agree that we have hardly scratched the surface of knowledge about what the human mind is capable of doing, even when functioning at
one-hundredth capacity. Experiments in mind-over matter suggest that normal human beings are capable of controlling the random numbers generated by computers.

Tests have shown that human beings can control their heart rate and blood pressure by will alone. People who practice holistic medicine are able to regenerate damaged tissue in a
remarkably short period of time. Mediums appear to be capable of conjuring up spirits of departed friends. Terminally ill patients have been known to cast off their ailments and live long
and productive lives with no sign of harm.

Some particularly gifted people can move objects or alter their shape. Nearly everyone has thought of an old friend only to have them call minutes later. A few espers can see events that
will occur or are occurring with astonishing clarity and accuracy.

Are these people operating on a different frequency from the rest of us, or have they simply honed skills any of us could perform could we but get the hang of it? Is the dimension of
thought-time-space so near that we live within it without being aware of its existence? Has everything that ever happened, is happening or ever will happen already happened? Is our
universe so structured that it takes "Earth Time" to catch up to it? Could we see past, present and future events completely by learning to penetrate and control the dimension of time and
space as thought?

An illustration that events occurring over a period of thousands or millions of years continue to exist in the cosmos is evident by the birth and death of stars. Exploding super novas have
been seen and recorded on earth, even in recent times. But the stars destroyed themselves thousands or millions of years ago. We are only seeing the event now because it has taken
the light from the explosion thousands of years to reach Earth telescopes. That we can see and record these events is tantamount to traveling backwards thousands of years in time. The
light emitted from these stellar explosions is not lost with time and distance. It continues for thousands of years until it strikes a solid body in space.

If a spacecraft approached Earth at the speed of light from a distant galaxy, the inhabitants aboard that ship could see every event that occurred on this planet from the moment it began
to form from cosmic dust to the present. They would have an instant overview, in a matter of hours, minutes or seconds, like a motion picture seen in fast forward until they slowed to
"Earth Time,".

They would, of course, if they are as technologically advanced as they appear to be, have sophisticated devices aboard their spacecraft to record and store these images. They would
have seen the rise and demise of dinosaurs, the emergence of homo sapiens, every war fought over every inch of ground since the beginning of time, and every probe earthlings have
launched into their airspace.

They would know a great deal more about us than do we!
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