Message from the Masters, Tapping into the Power of Love by Brian Weiss, MD
Book Review
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Summary: One of the most important books you will ever read
Comment: Reincarnation. Many people believe we are on this planet to learn lessons, a spiritual school
of sorts, and we keep returning until we get it right. While others still hold true to the tenets of their
religions: We go to Heaven if we're good and to Hell if we're bad. While the belief in reincarnation has
been part of the teachings in the eastern countries for centuries, it is a relatively new concept for many in
the west. Have you ever visited a place for the first time and known where to find everything without the
use of a guidebook or map? You just knew as though you had lived there before. Well, maybe you did
live there in a previous life. Psychiatrist Brian Weiss has spent the past twenty years learning more and
more about reincarnation and past life regression. His fourth book, "Messages From the Masters:
Tapping Into the Power of Love," promotes what Weiss feels is the most important lesson we can learn
- Love. Weiss hasn't always believed in reincarnation. In fact, as a respected Yale University trained
psychiatrist, he dealt in scientific fact. But, twenty years ago, when a patient visited his office for
treatment to rid herself of numerous phobias, his beliefs slowly began to change. Weiss calls this patient
Catherine in his first book, "Many Lives, Many Masters." In the book he tells the story of how when he
used traditional regression therapy, sending Catherine back into her memory to her childhood to find the
root of her fears, he was astonished to find her describing a life 4,000 years ago in a place like Babylon
where she died in a flood. Weiss at first thought Catherine was experiencing a fantasy, or maybe
remembering a movie. In any case, her fear of drowning disappeared. Over the next few months,
Catherine regressed to many more lifetimes and with each one, another fear disappeared. Through
research, Weiss found obscure records to document that Catherine had indeed remembered past lives.
But, the one incident that truly convinced him that reincarnation is real is a message from the masters.
During a regression session Catherine found herself between lives, in a spiritual state in which she met
many masters, or higher enlightened beings with wisdom of the ages. In this state Catherine delivered a
message to Weiss from his father, who Catherine addressed by his Hebrew name, a name she could not
have known. Then another extraordinary thing happened. Catherine delivered a message to Weiss from
his first-born son who died at just a few days old from a very rare heart condition. He was convinced.
And his life will never be the same. After twenty years, four books and countless lectures around the
world, Dr. Brian Weiss remains soft-spoken, humble, friendly, caring and loving. Quick with a smile, he
is always amazed at the throng of people who flock to hear him speak. He says he is only the
messenger. A messenger he may be, but to be in the same room with him you feel the presence of
greatness. "I don't feel special," he said. "I'm a psychiatrist." Since Catherine, Weiss has regressed
thousands of patients, successfully treating phobias as well as disorders such as asthma. He and his wife,
Carole, also a therapist, have trained numerous others in the technique that has proven beneficial to so
many people. And he has received many messages from the master spirits which some call angels or
guides. Their one universal message is the power of love. "'Messages From the Masters' goes past
regressions and reincarnation and really gets into the deeper levels and how to feel happier now," Weiss
said during an interview at Liberties Books in Boca Raton. "This field which I call psychospiritual
psychotherapy includes all elements: regression therapy, understanding at a deeper level, spiritual roots
and a lot about love. Love is the basic energy, binding force and how it can help to dissolve fear and
anxieties. There is really twenty years of my work in this book. Not just with regressions, but with
relationships." The masters speak to Weiss through meditation, his patients, dreams, through mediums.
He doesn't know why he was chosen but he feels that his ivy league education lends more credibility to
his work in this field. "My motivating factor was grief," he said. "That's why I wrote the first book.
Losing the baby, going through a grieving process. That was in 1971. Catherine didn't start until 1980. I
was finding out it helped people with grief and grieving. That's why I took the risk of publishing the
book. I had a job with tenure, a career, the whole thing. But knowing how terrible I felt during the
grieving process, I wanted to help others through it." As it was, it took Weiss about four years to write
"Many Lives, Many Masters" and he felt he was risking his career by doing so. Instead, other
psychiatrists contacted him, saying they had similar experiences with patients. It opened up a whole new
world for many. He has regressed patients thousands of years to cave dwellings, ancient Egypt and
Greece. "They offer detailed descriptions of time, dress, culture in historical periods of which they have
no familiarity or knowledge," he said. "A small percentage can speak a foreign language they had never
known. I haven't met anyone famous yet. The overwhelming majority of past lives have been everyday
people." His second book, "Through Time Into Healing," explores the healing potential of regression
therapy. His third book, "Only Love is Real," is the spellbinding true story of two of his patients, two
souls bound eternally by love. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, "Messages From the
Masters" is one of the most important books you will ever read. It will give you hope, and show you the
power of love.

Summary: A Book of Surprises!
Comment: When I picked up a copy of "MESSAGES FROM THE MASTERS" by Brian Weiss, I
expected lessons from famous prophets and gurus throughout history. Instead - I discovered a collection
of spiritual advice and anecdotes focusing largely on past-life regression that delivered an important
message: that we are the masters and that anyone can be an invaluable teacher in life. There is a sense of
urgency in this book as Weiss entreats the reader to be gentler on himself, to see life as a means of
learning the lessons we need to grow, and to see that we are all love. By relaxing the mind, Weiss tells
us, we can become aware of who we are, of how powerful we are.

In my own life, I have found awareness to be the key, and another excellent book on the subject which I
very highly recommend is another bestseller called "WORKING ON YOURSELF DOESN'T WORK"
by Ariel and Shya Kane. A truly magical life is possible and both these books are excellent guides to
discover it for yourself.

Comment: Having made "past-life regression" a household word, this author has courageously taken
another step toward raising the consciousness of his readers. He seems to be saying now, past life
information is of value, but don't linger there-- take the data you discover about who you "were" and
apply it to today. Stay in the moment, live in the "here and now"; face today's issues knowing you have
help from a universal life force. The book is filled with anecdotes, familiar universal truths, concepts and
tips on love, compassion, inner peace, harmony and balance; all the more meaningful because of Dr
Weiss' scientific, analytical background and training. He invites us to explore the power of love, and the
existence of Masters, spiritual guides. "So what is your purpose and why are you here, this lifetime?",
asks the author. A worthy addition to his previous books. I enjoyed, "Many Lives, Many Masters", and
this latest book is equally fascinating.