New Discovery of Ancient Race
Mary Sutherland   Copyright 2006
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Congratulations is in order for everyone involved in this great find!
Lindsey Fisher holding a river rock electroplated with  'gold pyrite' amulet used by the Indians for Protection  and Sight
Discovered April 23, 2006
Location ' Outside of Burlington WI '
Just as Stephanie had read in the 'Om' Mary Sutherland found her white powder...Actually it was Joel Gaskey that made the discovery.. Mary just enjoyed the thrill of the
discovery along with Lindsey Fischer, Branton Sargent, and Brian Wollner.
Sutherland asked Joel how he managed to find it...He said 'He looked down and just felt like digging.
Although , what he was looking at was nothing more other than the usual black dirt only an inch under the dark dirt was this white powder.
As the guys were digging up the powder, Mary photographed them shifting realities.
Question is : what caused the phase shift?.
Strangely, as they were digging they noticed that the earth underneath seemed to being giving off a sound which indicated a hollow cavity not far beneath the surface.
Watch and listen to this short video clip which may provide us with the audio evidence of what Mary has suspected for years - tunnels!
Ama Tharbo
Sometimes it is well known in the past the Druids were sealing sacred
places on such a way on 3D not only some symbols were shown as a
protection mark for insiders, with this they also could transport the temple
into the etherical world..they asked the cooperation of the forest to keep
the secret..sometimes even the forest could relieve their secrets by giving
presents to whom who are able to receive..
Brad Sutherland checking out the dig.
Seems the white powder may be chalk or silcon based ...or crematory remains
We now believe it to be an ancient burial site because of a petrified finger we found there. Since this discovery we have closed and
buried the site and placed a prayer of protection over it.
Hi Mary
I have felt you are connected with the Druids..
Maybe you are a protector..
I am sure what is happening there with others is not happening
without you..
As a protector you are allowed to open the inner secrets of the
My interest is that this is a leyline portal which makes it not only much more powerful, but also much more dangerous as getting lost in it could easily land someone in
some seriously uncharted areas where it might not be possible to get them back.

In other words, keep them on a short leash out there.
If someone wanders off then you may never see them again.

Also, stay psychicly guarded as you will never know just what will be passing through.
There are thirteen dimensions around the earth alone, and seven major subdimensions for each one.

However, the size and type of spirit in #25 indicates that this is a galactic leyline. That means there are many thousands of connecting dimensions of which many can
land a human in some pretty hostile places as well as in some that are grand beyond our wildest dreams, and everything in between.

Shaman Dr. Clifford Alford
The clear quartz crystal acts as a battery for any
other stone it is attached to. Pyrite, amoung other
things, absorbs, disrupts and grounds negative
energy which is probably why it is there.

Keep banging away on the powder where you are
hearing the hollow sounds, and you are likely to get
an abrupt introduction to one of your tunnels.

Shaman Dr. Clifford Alford
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