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Following is some misc. information that has come to
our office concerning the BigFoot.
Tips on Locating a BigFoot

Bigfoot "hunters" come to my area every summer and "hunt"
bigfoot lol! they all do really stupid stuff. I saw one of them on TV
and what an idiot! He was supposed to be a bigfoot "expert" and he
knew nothing!I live right next to the Jedidiah Smith National Forest
and the Smith River Recreation Area. I have been following bigfoot
for 20 years. I'll tell you the stupid mistakes the "bigfoot hunters"
regularly make.
1. They pitch tents lol.
2. They hunt in the daytime.
3. They look for tracks and broken branches etc.
4. They never disguise their scent.

Bigfoot is nocturnal, the ones seen in the daytime are lost,
confused, hurt, etc. Bigfoot uses streams to walk in, as trails, this
disguises their scent and reduses footprints. There is a HUGH network
of underground caves all over the northcoast and into the interior,
bigfoot uses these, lives in these, buries their dead in these. Their
are well camoflauged cave entrances that bigfoot uses, they are small
even though bigfoot is BIG because they crawl in and out of them.
They are DARK! lol. Daylight is painful to their eyes. From 12
midnight to just before dawn is the best time to spot them. They have
the ability to hibernate at will and as needed. Their system will
slow and they can stay asleep for months. They avoid rather than
confront BUT they will attack with rocks and large tree branches if
attacked. If you are in bigfoot country hang a hammock at your base
camp, keep your pack in the tree with the hammock. make a fire AWAY
from where you will be having a base camp. The fire needs to have
green wood in it. Smoke your pack and gear and your naked body and
clothes,boots etc. At base camp do NOT make a fire or use lights.
use streams to navigate into the forest and look for entry signs and
exit signs of bigfoot passing, look for cave openings. They will be
hard to spot. When you find a promising obsevation area stay
camoflagued and DON"T move around much, don't pee, don't do ANYTHING
but sit still, sleep, nap and wait for nighttime. From 12 to just
before dawn be alert and let them do their thing! Don't try to bother
them, talk to them, or touch them. Don't eat or drink for hours
before you leave base camp their sense of smell is beyond anything
you can concieve of. If you use these tips you will spot one
Dante lives in Northern California on the Oregon Border

From:  feastofsoul13
Date:  Tue Jan 4, 2005  6:16 pm
Subject:  Re: Bigfoot

I have run into Bigfoot Twice.
Both times at night while driving on gravel roads in the Nebrasks
Boonies in the late 70's.
I figure they were using the tall cornfields as cover.

It was frightening to say the least...I would NEVER go looking for them
in person.
(Id rather take my chances wrasling live Crocadiles!)

Both times I could FEEL their presence before I saw them.
On my second sighting one ran along side my car while I was trying to
get away...I clocked it doing at least 45 MPH.

Other PPL were sighting them as well.
(Including a ministers wife and kids)
We nicnamed them "Goobers"
The most sightings were on railroad tracks...in roadside ditches...near
bridges..Cornfields...streams & rivers.
Never during daylight..mostly on dark moonless nights or around dusk.

To be honest...You really dont want to be messing with them.

From:  Music Man <music_man4202001
Date:  Tue Jan 4, 2005  10:43 pm
Subject:  Re: [ancientmysteriesms] Re: Bigfoot

There were several people (senoir citizen's) on a flat bottom boat out on the Ever Glades in Florida, on a scenic tour. They saw an ape like creature, that had a fowl smell, it was
standing next to a 6-7 foot tree and was at least 2 feet taller than the tree!! it was on the local new's,. The  amature footage takin by one of the people, was lost. I lived in Florida for 10
years, and I smelled & actually seen one running, in the Ever Glades! I was out hunting. Bryan (MM


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