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Occurred : 12/26/2004 20:00
Location: Green Lake, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:at least 1 1/2 hrs Very bright object low in the evening sky that seemed to spin while emitting light in many different colors.
I was driving on Hwy 73 S and Hwy 23 W in Green Lake County last evening when I noticed a very bright, twinkling star very low on the horizon. The light that I
was observing was in the to teh southeast, but it continued to hold my attention because of the intensity of the light and it seemed to change from a white to
blueish to green hued light. I thought it may be a aircraft due to the intensity of the light.I arrived at my parents house and remained visiting for approx a half
hour, when I was going to leave I noticed the light was in the exact location as when I arrived. I knew it could not be a aircraft as it had remained stationary in the
sky. I asked both my father and mother to take a look at the light to see if they had any idea as to what it may be. It was then that I remembered that in early
August of 2003 we had a observed a similiar light in teh sky in the exact location and had reported it to our local sheriff department becasue through the
binoculars it seemed to be a spining object with red, blue & green lights that remained in the same spot before abruptly disappearing. My father and I observed
the object through 10x binoculars, at this time we observed an object that seemed to spin (as if a conical shape - imaging a short, fat ice cream cone on it's side)
with every color of teh rainbow being emmitted from the circular end. With your naked eye you could continue to observe colors changing, but only in hues of red
to blue to green. We then called a friend who lives on the outskirts of Green Lake, he also saw it to teh southeast, slighlty abov ethe horizon and observed teh
similar movement and colors that we did through his spotting scope. I then departed my parents home and proceded to a my boyfriends home between Green
Lake and Markesan, WI. I watched the object remain stationary in the sky the entire drive and it continued to change colors. At this time, my boyfriend and his
nephew and I sat on a hill and continued to view it through binoculars at 10x. The object continued to spin and emit colors from the circular side. At this time we
also noticed 4 planes flying from west to east (at a very fast speed) within very close proximity to each other. They seemed to fly right in front of the object,
though the object seemed to be quite further into the atmosphere. At about 9:30 we stopped watching the object. Several of our neighbors have reported of
seeing the same object until 10 pm at night. No matter what it may be. it was definetly an experience I will never forget. If anyone else has seen this object, please
share your experience.NUFORC

Occurred : 8/21/2004 22:10
Location: Madison, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:10-15 min. Four bright white lights in a row, descended sharply and diminished to a flashlight size and winked out and hit ground.
On August 21, 2004 at approximately 10:10 P.M. CST I noticed a very odd phenomenon over Interstate 90/94 southbound between Poynette, WI and DeForest,
WI. My wife and I were driving home from central Wisconsin from a friends cottage. No alcohol or drugs were consumed at the outing. It was a very clear night
and the stars were very visible.
My wife and I both noticed a bright white light in the sky. She asked what it was and I responded jokingly, a UFO. It was extremely bright and was composed of
four lights in a row flying perpendicular to our line of travel. At first we thought they must be landing lights on an airliner. However the four lights in a row were not
right. Usually there is some separation between the lights. There was none. Between us and the lights there was a microwave tower with a red light on it, the
lights appeared miles beyond the tower. We passed the tower in about a quarter to half mile. Then the lights started to descend. I thought it might be a plane
landing at the Dane county airport a few miles to the south. But it wasn't turning toward the airport as it should have. It proceeded straight across the highway
about what initially looked to be about a quarter mile ahead of us. It then came down very steeply and I though it was going to crash in the woods next to the
highway. Instead the lights dropped in intensity until it looked about the size of a flashlight. It then winked out and appeared to land on the shoulder of the road
directly to our right. When it winked out it was the size of a computer keyboard and appeared to fly into the woods next to the road. It was not a bird. We could
not stop as it was a crowded interstate and had a steep ditch next to the road. We proceeded home to Madison and I filed this report. It was definitely an
Unconventional Flying Object.NUFORC

Occurred : 8/21/2004 03:30
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Shape: Formation
Duration:1 1/2 hours ufo's formed a circle over our roof and hovered there for about 11/2 hours
My son ((name deleted)) and his girlfriend had gone for gas , as they came home they noticed an odd formation of what they thought were stars over the roof,
((name deleted)) yelled for us to step on the deck and have a look,my husband and I did and It struck me odd that the stars had nevr been in a circle before, we
all stared for a bit the one in the middle seemed to flash in a row and the ones around it responded with flashes, each in its turn.As we stood there puzzled my
daughter ((name deleted)) and her futer husband came to see what we were talking about and also thought it looked strange. My oldest daughter came out to
see what had now gotten us all looking up and as she turned to look around, out of the corner of my eye, i see something streak acrossed the sky heading north
, as I watched it another was passing it coming south and I ran for my camera (digital powershotA300) I stepped back onto the deck and notice that 2 of the stars
that had formed the circle were now missing, my husband told me it was coming back , as i turned to see it, the second one zipped so fast past it was a split
second. I turned back to the formation and noticed that the 2 emty spots were no longer emty. I took my camera and focused on the middle of the formation and
snapped a few pictures, as i did so, the middle object seemed to lower its self, the entire formations seemed to shift from east to west and stood still again a bit
closer. I took a few more shots and all stayed to watch but myself and daughter, we loaded the shots onto the computer and i sketched the formation on my paint
program, as i pulled up my photos I could see only one clear view of what was there and it in no way looked like a normal aircraft or a star, it was boomarang
shaped with a row of lights around the outer shape. At one point while looking at the formation, there was a bright flash of red that seemed to go to one of the
smaller crafts in the circle. At 4:30 am all came in to see the picture and to agree on sketch, we all went out to look again and it was completly gone!! we were in
the house for only about 60 seconds and all went back to look and found nothing! myself and my son ((name deleted)) kept hearing a high pitched tone in our
ears which kept me up till dawn. Since that night we have all looked to see if we could be wrong, that it may have really been stars and the formation has never
been seen since!I should mention that it was mostly clear skys with only a few high shreads of clouds. the sky seemed particularlly filled with stars, since we are
in the city, its rare to see it such. This is not our first siting ,but is the only one that left a photo to prove it! If you have any questions feel free to contact

Occurred : 8/20/2004 15:00
Location: Pelican Lake, WI
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 hours it was stationary object very high in the afternoon clear sky, which was visible until dark and gone the next day while fishing on pelican lake on
either 20 or 21 aug 2004, i looked up at the moon which was visible in the clear afternoon sky and noticed what appeared to be a white object at about 4 0'clock
in realation to the moon. i asked my father if he could see it and he could. we pondered what it could be also noticing that it wasn't moving. as the moon moved
across the sky, this object stayed in the same area through the afternoon. when we got back to the cabin i got some binocs and looked. the object seemed to
have a silver or somewhat reflective surface, but was hard to distinguish with only 8x magnification. the only things i'm sure of is that the object was very high in
the atmosphere, and was not a plane. any enlightenment on this sighting would be appreciated.NUFORC

Occurred : 8/20/2004 14:59
Location: Oshkosh, WI
Shape: Disk
Duration:3-4 sec 7 white, saucer shapes flying in v formation on live TV in Oshkosh, WI
I actually viewed this on a live, breaking news broadcast on the local NBC news affiliate, WTMJ4 here in Milwaukee. There was a breaking news story on the 4:30
report, there had been an accident on I41 just outside of Oshkosh and they had live footage from a helicopter. I happened to look at the clock it was 4:58 then
turned 4:59, I was watching the footage and noticed 7 silver/white on the top, and dark on the bottom, saucer/oval shaped objects fly in a v formation accross the
bottom of the screen, I have Tevo so I pressed record, because what I saw shocked me. I told my husband whom I was on the phone with at that time what I had
seen, and he just laughed a little. Later that evening when we viewed the recording we were totally amazed and a little freaked out. These objects were absoutly
NOT birds or anything else like that. We watched it for almost 45 minuted, rewinding it, in slow-motion, freeze frame, frame by frame, we tried to analize it but still
could not begin to explain it. They flew in a v formation and at one point it almost looks as if one of them get too close to another and sort of "bounces" off of the
other, and at times you can see the formation "adjusting". You can plainly see that they are in between the helicopter and traffic that was backed up from the
accident on the ground. You can also tell that they are traveling over at least 75 mph, because they are going faster that the traffic on the highway below. I have
the footage but I am not sure how to record it so I can email it. I suppose I could get a DVR and hook it up to our TV then record it that way. I actually, video
taped (with our video camera)the TV so I could show my parents what we saw. I also contacted WTMJ4 via email but have yet to hear back. I suppose you could
get file tape from that day??? Anyway, we are totally amazed and confused, and think you will be too.NUFORC

Occurred : 8/19/2004 20:00
Location: River Falls, WI
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:01:25 Immobile teardrop object in the west near evening.
I went outside for a minute when I saw a very bright object that looked like a star in the west. I am an amateur astronomer and I knew that there weren't any stars
over there, at that time. I ran an got my telescope and when I focused on it at 125x, I could see a transparent teardrop/sphere object just sitting. It never moved
at all for the duration, but after the sun had gone far enough below the horizon, it faded to an orangeish yellow, then finally disappeared for good. I had called my
friend just a mile away and in his telescope he could see the exact same thing. His whole family could see it as well. While we were observing it, the streetlights
went out for just a second. Also, while I was on the phone, we could hear a pulsating (sp?) buzzing noise in the background that lasted about 10 seconds. It is a
2.4 GHz cordless telephone. We knew that after we had seen the object fade with the sun setting that it had to be in the vicinity of the Earth, perhaps the upper
atmosphere, and not a supernova, comet, asteroid, meteor, etc.NUFORC

Occurred : 7/25/2004 17:00
Location: Lacrosse, WI
Shape: Cigar
Duration:one hour this will be related to another report.... but we saw this cigar shaped object going slow and i thought it was going to stall..... it was high up but
we could tell it was tubular ,,,, no wings and no tail.........it was moving nw to se .... about a minute it past by a jet at another elevation, higher, went from east to
west,,, at a higher altitude it was flying on its side ,,, did a complete turn and went same direction as "blimp" just seemed like he was after him..... so by now we
got our binocs...and sure enough this three lighted thing with the lights rotating goes over our heat at about 1000 feet, i used to fly airplanes, it was heading nw
to se....the whole thing was really weird so i called up my mom who had left hours before to drive home and she said they were between lacrosse wis. and sparta
and she saw a craft that got her attention because it seemed to have no wings so she told my dad to look at it but he was asleep..and they lost the disk???

Occurred : 7/22/2004 03:00
Location: West Bend, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:2 hours Light brighter than star moving slowly in various directions and dimming out to blueish glow and back to bright light.
I was sitting around a campfire with my friends at about 3 am. I just gazed up into the sky and started looking around when I noticed a really really bright star just
over the tree line. I pointed it out and we watched it for about a minute, then it started moving. It moved slowly to the left, then back to the right. It went diagonally
in all directions and once did a circle. It stayed in the same general area for about 2 hours, then when it left it would curve up to the right, then up to the left, etc.
until it finally curved up to the right and disappeared. When it was floating around it would be a really bright white light, then dim down to a blueish glow, then
back to a really bright white light. Occasionally the bright white light would disappear and through binoculars you could see 4 lights, green, white, blue, and red.
Once it emitted a white beam upwards from the white light.NUFORC

Occurred : 7/20/2004 19:00
Location: Nekoosa, WI
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 min. A very close big bright star that hung at 45 degree angle in the sky
I feel crazy writing this because it happened a long time ago, when my friend and I were fishing the Wisconsin River, having a good time catching fish, when all of
a sudden something catches my eye and I pointed it out to my friend Adam and he also thought it looked strange, only because it was this bright sphere like
object that did not move. It was very bright like a star in the sky but close and very visable. And it made me want to look at for some reason I just had this feeling
like it was kind of watching me. I then said to ((name deleted--friend)), I feel like its watching us man. He laughed and said "oh no its a ufo", being sarcastic. And
as I watched it it dimmed out very slowly and it was gone. But, what reminded me of this was that one report in Wisconsin Rapids, that was also reported like what
I had witnessed around the sameday in Nekoosa and I've always had this event in my head ever since. To this day I can't explain what it was.NUFORC

Occurred : 7/15/2004 20:30 (
Location: Trevor, WI
Shape: Oval
Duration:45min. WI--IL border 30miles West of Lake Michigan ball of light going way up and fading
It looked like a ball of fire floating up and around, it faded way up high on a clear night i saw it through binoculars when it faded it looked like it was going through
the atmosphere like when the sun rises the reflection bows . it looked far away around 15 miles . right on Wisconsin--Illinois border 30 miles west of Lake
Michigan shorelineNUFORC
Occurred : 7/10/2004 02:00
Location: Elcho, WI
Shape: Diamond NUFORC
Occurred: Later-June 2005 - ONGOING
Location: Burlington Wisconsin
Go To http://www.burlingtonnews.net/ufooverburlington for photos and continuous report of the UFOs over Burlington Wisconsin and Eagle Lake   BURLINGTON

Occurred: Mid-June 2004  - ONGOING
Location: Frederick Wisconsin
In mid June 2004 my family and I moved to a small town in western Wisconsin. This was to be a new start for us. After ten years of challenges, injuries and many
surgeries. We planned to settle into a quiet life in the country. It has been far from what we expected. Since this all started we have faced many hard questions.
What is this all about? Where is God in all of this? If we have been chosen for some higher purpose. Why us? We are simple, people, just trying to survive in a
difficult world. having faith and hope for a better future. We are finding in this journey that the most unlikely of people are being led to one another. Each having
a piece of a puzzle. Not knowing the whole truth. Only fragments. Collectively maybe we will find some answers. I believe the doors to understanding are being
opened. As long as we continue to seek out the truth. The answers will be revealed. I think what we have faced here and what is yet to come will be our biggest
challenges yet.
Frederic, Wisconsin Continuing UFO Encounters - Special Report
HBCC UFO Research was contacted by way of telephone late one evening. A fellow by the name of Shawn, asked me for some help as he and his family were
going through a number of unusual experiences, seeing lights/objects which were happening around them on a non stop basis. Shawn was extremely worried for
his families safety as any parent would be. His story is below.
Shawn said he and his family have property approximately 30 miles north of Frederic in Wisconsin. But this first incident took place before they had moved into
their new home. One night Shawn decided to drive to the local bar to pick up some pizzas for him and his family for dinner. When returning home on the one and
a half mile drive he noticed a strange light which was bouncing and zipping across the sky. Shawn knowing this was really unusual, pulled his vehicle off the road
and into a gravel pit, turned off the vehicles headlights and sat and watched the light for a short while. After watching this weird light maneuvering all over the sky
he decided to drive home quickly to tell his wife, also thinking if the light was still visible he and his wife might get some video footage of it. The couple grabbed
the video camera and headed back outside, and sure enough the light was still moving about the night sky. They managed to film it, but later on after reviewing
the video on the TV, Shawn told me the light shows up as only a speck. He mentioned that what he used to shoot the footage wasn't professional equipment so
the object wasn't showing up very good at all. Plus capturing night footage isn't that easy to begin with. They recently had purchased the home and it wasn't long
after that, that strange lights started showing up in the skies. It was only approximately three weeks after the family settled into their home when Shawn was out
on the deck and he again saw this strange light. He said it was primarily white and then would flicker a range of colors, red, blue and green and running all
around the white light. He says it would zig zag through the sky and come to a dead stop. He also mentioned that at one point he grabbed a strong flashlight and
blinked it off and on in the direction of the weird light. All of a sudden the light flashed back, or Shawn said the light seemed to respond to him actions. He
thought, no way, this wasn't happening. He was totally surprised and went back into the home and asked for his daughter's laser pointer. He brought the pointer
outside and  hone it across the road to where he could see the beam clearly on the trees. Shawn then moved the laser up the trees and just above where the
strange light was sitting in the sky. When the red laser light hit the object Shawn tuned the pointer off and on a couple of times until he saw a reaction from the
mysterious light which immediately turned a solid red and flickered off and on just like  what Shawn was doing with the lazar pointer.
After seeing this, he told his family that it was time to head into the house as this was getting just a little freaky for them. I asked him what distance he felt the light
was away from his location at the time he pointed the laser at it. His best "guess" would have put the light at maybe four miles away. Seeing the light was so far
from him Shawn was asked if he believed it had actually responded to the laser. He said yes, as later that night the object came down over the property. While
going about their business inside the home Shawn and his wife noticed that something orange was illuminating through their picturewindow at the east side of the
house. Normally it is pitch black and you can't see anything. Shawn went to the window to see what was causing the whole area outside to be lit up. Just outside
was a large circular orange ball of light. He described it as being similar to a ball of Jell-O that someone may have punched, as theobject was wiggling and
oscillating. He said at arms length the object would have been roughly the size of a bowling ball. He gave a description of the area where the orange ball of light
was sitting. He said they live on a pine plantation and his home sits in a notched out area amongst the pine trees. On the east side from his home are six or
seven rows of pine trees which have been spaced to allow for better growth. On the back side of the rows of trees there is a pond. This is where the circular
orange object was sitting stationary, just over top of the pond, behind the rows of pine trees. He and his wife were looking through the spaced trees to see the
object, it was that low. Another point Shawn made was since itwas a plantation the lower branches of the trees are limbed which exposes the trunks and this gave
them a great view of the object. He said the "thing" was really close, maybe 500 to 600 feet away at themost. The couple were observing this at approximately
11:00 p.m./midnight. The entire area had been lit up due to the object's brightness. Shawn grabbed his video camera and his wife grabbed her digital camera
and started taking photos. With the object still stationary over the pond Shawn looked through the view finder on the  amera, but saw only blackness. He looked
up with his naked eye and the object was still sitting there shining brightly. His wife took approximately twelve photos of the orange object that night but later after
looking at the photos, nothing showed up. It was almost as if her camera stopped functioning properly. Shawn said all of a sudden he felt a large jolt of electricity
surge through his body which almost knocked him backwards to the ground. Both him and his wife panicked after this took place. He asked his wife did she feel
that, she said no. At the same time his wife asked him "did you see that?" Shawn said what?????? She replied ... "that thing shot a red light at you." He'd missed
seeing the shot of red light because he was busy trying to look through the view finder of the camera. The frightened couple ran back into the house. As Shawn
and his wife made their way upstairs and being visibly shaken up their daughter woke and saw her distressed parents and she got upset. They finally got their
daughter settled down and back in bed and to sleep. They were still thinking about what had happened and Shawn decided to have a peep out the window.
There, again...... was the same light. While he was watching it Shawn said it looked as if someone was striking metal with an arc welder as the flashes from the
object were extremely bright. Also beams of bluish colored light were shooting out from the object and across the families yard. As they watched, looking off to
the side of the home they observed what appeared to be at least ten of these similar but smaller lights sitting in the air. Shawn said at this point the wind blew up
and  literally shook the house and for a while they thought they were going to lose their home due to the strength of the wind. When they saw the ten lit up
objects they had no idea if they were all separate objects or one large craft with the different lights on it. It was just to hard to determine Shawn said and he was
getting more  concerned and scared by the minute. Shawn said the beams of light were so intense that they lit up the valley. It was approximately 4:00 - 4:30 a.m.
when this was taking place and he said three cars drove by on the highway past their home and under the beams of light which were lighting up the entire area.
None of the people driving the vehicles seemed to notice what was happening because Shawn said not a brake light came on, nor did the cars slow down even a
little. He was concerned and mentioned to his wife, "don't these people see what is going on". The whole episode with the wind, lights and beams lasted for
approximately three hours off and on during this time. It became so bad that Shawn, his wife and daughter covered the window in their daughters bedroom and
huddled in the corner because they were so scared to look outside. Eventually the wind died down and Shawn felt he just had to have a look out the window and
he noticed all of the lights had disappeared. It looked as if whatever was out there had finally gone. Feeling a little relieved the couple sat in their daughter's
room discussing and wondering about what had just taken place. Both weren't able to sleep due to their nerves still rattled, and not wanting to leave their
daughter's side they remained in her room. It was finally silence around them and after about forty five minutes Shawn decided to take one last look out the
window. His wife said "please don't". He slowly pulled the curtain aside and saw an object in the shape of a half circle, filled with tiny lights heading off towards the
southeast. The family was thankful it was all over and finally they could get some sleep.
On another evening one of Shawn's friends came over for a visit, this friend of his has been witness to a number of unusual happenings around this families
home. But on this one particular night Shawn was inside talking with his friend's girlfriend and his buddy was outside watching the sky. Finally his friend walked
into the house and said you have to come outside and see what ishappening in the sky. When they all went outside and to the west of the home they could see
something strange which had a red ball of light at the top and on the bottom. The body of the object was white which extended out leaving the red balls of light
sitting in themiddle of whatever it was. Shawn's friend told him to look towards the back of the object and a bit in the distance. Looking through a good pair of
binoculars Shawn looked, and could see a red colored pyramid shaped object and the object they first observed seemed to be towing the pyramid behind it. As
the objects moved towards the east they dropped down behind the tree tops and they all could hear what sounded like a jet aircraft for a brief period of time.
Whatever these things were, both had been silent the whole time they were traveling across the sky.
Shawn's wife Robin added her comments to what has been going on at and around their home over the weeks that have gone by. She said they have gone
through the process of shock and being overwhelmed to  acceptance and as she told us, they will never be able to understand what has been going on. Robin
said it is just really bizarre ! She added that being a Christian lady, the unexplainable chain of events has really rocked her world. You think all that you have
learned, been taught and believed and yet we don't know what is real anymore. Robin said this was the hardest part for her, not knowing. Shawn also said that
he asked a few people around the area if they have ever witnessed any strange lights and all of the people he spoke to said no and walked away. One person
did say he had seen some unusual lights, but went on to say that he doesn't even bother looking up anymore. Shawn didn't want to pursue it any further as he
did not want to be known as the crack pot in the community as he was the new fellow in town.
HBCC UFO Research Note: There is a lot more to this experience than I have written here. So much in fact that a fellow investigator by the name of Sam Maranto
and colleagues (Illinois, MUFON) will be driving to the families home and spending a couple of days with them to carry out interviews and an investigation. We all
are hoping that they will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what the family is witnessing. I am sure once they finish up their work with the family they will
have a full report. Video clips and photos available at :  HBBCC UFO RESEARCH CENTER -CANADA

Occurrence:  Late May 2004,
Frank P captured an object in the skies over Wisconsin that was not visible to the naked eye. Using an infrared light blocking filter attached to a night vision
video camera, he shot the object for several minutes until it moved out of frame.
Read Frank's account in his own words:
"The reason I shot the video is because I was looking for UFOs. I set up a camera in the window at my house pointed in the south-southeast direction. I decided
to buy a visible light blocking filter and a night vision camera for this very reason.
Cameras see much wider light ranges than human eyes. Photos released on your site as well as many in the mainstream news: Mexico Military UFOs, Bra Fence
UFO, and the Cheerleader Practice UFO are all examples of craft that were not visible to the naked eye but visible under expanded light ranges. I did verify at
different points during its descent that it was not visible as well. Personally I believe we have an amazing amount of UFOs everywhere and I believe if you set up
a camera just like I did in your area, you would be just as likely to catch one in 2 or 3 hours just like mine.
The entire video is actually over three minutes. It is very odd. The object enters the camera view and has a contrail like it is entering the atmosphere. After a
short time it loses its contrail and continues to descend roughly down, but traveling slightly to the right. I zoomed in and got it in the frame of a telephone wire
(this is where the video I sent you starts and lasts a few seconds in which it makes some eradic movements.). After this, it leaves the camera view behind a house
chimney that is nearby, leaving at a down and slightly to the left direction. It enters the camera frame traveling slightly to the right and leaves traveling slightly to
the right and has a few erratic movements in its path."  COAST TO COAST   Video available upon request

Occurred : 6/5/2004 22:30
Location: Bloomer, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:about an hour Moving lights
I went outside to look at the stars, as the night was cloudless at the time. I looked due west from my backyard and saw a really bright light. I thought it was a star,
but I watched it move erratically. It kind of moved sideways really fast, then it would stop, then go diagonally. It got really bright, then dimmed, then disappeared. I
then turned around to look toward the east. There was a reddish pink light moving slowly "up" the sky. I watched it moved, then go in little circles, then move
again. It would brighten then dim then brighten. I was not sure what it was. I watched it for a while then got my hubby to come look. He tried to prove it was Mars
or Jupiter but the position was wrong for all the planets at this time of year.NUFORC

Occurred : 5/16/2004 22:00
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Shape: Fireball
Duration:15 seconds Heading east toward Milwaukee, bright green fireball descending to the north, visible for about 15 seconds
Heading East on I94, about 20 miles from Milwaukee, sighted bright green fireball (probably meteorite but I've never heard of one like this) descend from right
(south) to left (north), leaving a green trail behind.NUFORC

Occurred : 5/16/2004 21:30
Location: Madison, WI
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5 seconds greenish-bluish fireball like object streaking across NW sky.
Saw a greenish/blueish fireball type object in the North/Northwest part of the sky. Saw the object streaking across part of the sky I could see from a friends
apartment window. Was not a meteor since this seemed alot bigger. Only saw it for a few seconds, when it went out of view from the particular window I was at.
Should've gone outside to see it, but was too shocked. Time approximate, could've happened anywhere from 9-10pm central time.NUFORC

Occurred : 5/12/2004 03:20
Location: Sun Prairie, WI
Shape: Other
Duration:several minutes Triangle formation of moving stars, and slow bright object with in minutes of each other I was out in my back yard having a quick smoke
and taking a look at the sky. As I looked south, about 60 degrees off the horizon. I noticed a triangle formation of stars that looked interesting because I was
looking that the geometric features of the constilations. I noticed that something was not quite right about these stars because they were moving. The stars kept
shape as they moved acrossed the sky from the South to the North, and the color was of that of a standard star. The speed was constant, and no odd
movements were made by the three stars. As I watched; there were no similarities to the star that would point out if they were high flying aircraft. No blinking
indicator lights, or contrails coming the passing object or objects. I also took note that if they were satelites, it is almost impossible to see them in the city, not to
mention in a formation as well. With growing up in an aviation family, and have seen many aircraft at and from many altitudes, this was quite odd. As several
minutes had passed, by the time the object had come to about 60 degrees off the horizon, the star like lights disapeared.
Not much after I as seen the strange formation of moving stars, I was standing outside try to call some friends to see if they had seen what I had. Now standing in
the front yard, looking to the North. I noticed that something very bright was now moving acrossed the sky. It was moving from West to East and was about 20
degrees from the horizon. It traveled to slow to be a jet, and did not make any noise. The object was so bright that it illuminated a small low flying cloud as it
passed through it. No sudden movements were made as it traveled from West to East.
No other aircraft were flying that I could tell as well at the time.NUFORC

Occurred : 5/5/2004 22:30
Location: Beaver Dam, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:30-45 minutes Very bright motionless light suddenly vanishes, and a separate fast moving light/object vanishes earlier
I'm not sure if this was anything significant or not, but I am either baffled, paranoid, or just observant.
It was about 10:30 at night, and I was walking into my family room which is in the front of the house with a big bay window facing South. it was dark in there, and I
went in to sit on the couch and pet the cat while I waited for my husband to come home from work. Wheile I was walking into the room I noticed a very bright white
light in the sky. I'm not sure how high in the sky it was, but from looking out of my window it was above the tree lines straight ahead.
I noticed it right away since it was so bright. It didn't move, so I thought at first it was a planet, but was not familiar with their locations in the sky, so I didn't know
which ones were visible this time of year. Anyway, I petted the cat for a bit while I watched it. It was beautiful, and so bright that it "shined" like a diamond would. I
began looking around the rest of the sky, and I noticed an amber colored light far from the other light moving rather quickly heading in the direction of my house I
noticed no blinking lights on it. Now here is where I get concerned.. About a month ago a friend and I were out driving and noticed an amber light in the sky
moving quickly and not blinking. We pulled over and watched it. It then suddenly vanished..just turned off like a flashlight would. It had us "freaked out". I had
never seen anything unusual in the sky before, so after that I have noticed myself looking in the sky more lately.
Well, I then went to the back of my house to my back porch to see it pass over the house, and after it did, once again it vanished over the apartment complex
behind my house. Please bare in mind I cannot specify exact height or distances when something is in the sky moving. I listened, and since I am close to a
heavily traveled highway, I cannot tell if the sound I heard was a jet, or vehicles on the highway. If it was a jet, it had to be military since it was moving much faster
than a regular plane. However, I thought even military planes had to have some type of blinking light, or at least some type of light at all times, not just invisible in
the night sky. Well, I went on with other things, and my husband came home around 11:00 p.m. and I still saw that bright light in the sky from my window. About
10 minutes later we went upstairs to bed, and after I got ready I went into my son's room which too is upstairs and faces south (it is actually right above my family
room) the light was gone! I looked around, and I could see stars all over around where the light had been, so a cloud wasn't covering it. I kept checking back for
over an hour, and still no more light. It too just vanished. It had remained in the same spot the entire time I had seen it, so it was't a low flying plane, and it was
extremely bright! Since I knew nothing about planets, and thought that's what it was at first, I know now that planets are really not that bright either. Still, I can't
find an explanation for it disappearing like that. I am hoping someone can set my mind at ease. Two months and the same occurance, plus another disappearing
act with a light on the same night. Are they connected to each other? Am I going crazy, or is there something else in the sky?NUFORC

Occurred : 3/2/2004 21:00
Location: Amery, WI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 seconds three lights in shape of tringle disapered and then reapered seen in car out in country side at about 9:00pm.
It was about 9:00pm I was driveng home from some where and we were out in the country side and I was looking up at the stars then i saw it three lights in the
shape of a tringle it would go some place and stop and then it would just disapear then show up some where esle this happened several times until finaly it just
was gone.NUFORC

Occurred : 1/28/2004 06:23
Location: Sheboygan, WI
Shape: Circle
Duration: While hubby and I were on our balcony, we looked up into the sky and noticed............
Me and my husband was on our balcony smoking a cigarette, we do not smoke indoors due to our 3 month old son, and I looked up (I always do to see the stars
if its not cloudy) and I saw this craft that was in shape of a circle with amber lights glowing. The craft wasn't going fast nor slow and I said "Honey look! Thats not
a plane!" and he agreed. We stood there and watched it for about half a minute when it disappeared. I was suprised and know it wasn't anything I've ever seen

Occurred : 1/12/2004 18:30
Location: Neillsville, WI
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes red-yellow-blue lights in southern-western sky in Neillsville WIS
This sighting occured on a clear night no lights from the city since the city is to the north and sighting was to the south-south western sky. Craft shape was hard
to decern. The craft had lights red-blue-yellow which flashed and had white lights on the edges of the craft. The craft was at an altitude of approximately 500-600
feet above the ground at a distance of approx 1-2 miles I think. It was hard to judge distance. There was no sounds that I could hear. There was no wind. Air
temp. was approx 20F. There were stars out. The craft apparently was hovering since it was not moving in any direction. My two dogs where very restless and
were angerly growling towards the same direction as the craft. I watched the craft for about 3-5 minutes trying to see a shape or rule out other explainations such
as aircraft or a star or planet. However, there was no movement, no sounds, and the lights did not strobe like that of an aircraft. There was no vapor trail that I
could see. I went into the house to get the camcorder to zoom in on the craft and film it. I was in the house for approx 5 minutes. When I returned, the craft was
gone. I have not seen it since, however a nieghbor approx. 1 1/2 miles away did see the same craft on the same night at the exact same time.NUFORC
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