Apportation , The White Stone and Hall of Wisdom, by Mary Sutherland
This is an account of Mary's apportation experience and her obe to the Great Hall of Wisdom

First Water Trailhead and the Superstition Mountains, by Mary Sutherland
First in a series of stories of the Superstition Mountains. Here we find the accounts of the origin of the Mountains and other trivia
Living in the Light by Mary Sutherland
Six Chapter preview of Mary's Book, Living in the Light. These chapters discuss the mystical dynamics of the world we live in.
Overcoming Darkness by Mary Sutherland
Fear is brought on by ignorance and ignorance projects darkness. Take away the ignorance of the object you fear and tje emotion of fear ceases.
What most of us fear is EVIL and it's DEMONS. By recognizing what evil is and it's demons, the fear will cease and the demons vanish. Know thy enemy and click the above link.

Mythology by Mary Sutherland
Before the written word all information was passed on verbally, as an aide for people to remember events and deeds. From this art, mythology was born. Mythology was symbolic, using symbols to
represent everything from gods to deeds. One symbol could illustrate was a hundred words could not.  Click the above link to read article.

Reincarnation by Mary Sutherland
As we are born into this world we lose the memory of our soul's life journeys. In the Upanishad there is written a beautiful story life creation story that describes what happens to us.  To read this
story click above link

American Dollar by Mary Sutherland
Our forefathers, representing the thirteen states, decided to act in the mutual interest of all to design the Great seal, which we can see on the back our American dollar bill. This seal is the
statement of the deals that brought together the formation of The United States of America. Click above for further details.

Seven Clans of Mars by Mary Sutherland
As the story goes, there were seven sites representing seven clans on the planet Mars that were being secretly studied by or U.S. Government. They concluded that the Martians had been highly
advanced. Aware of the coming fate of their planet, they made plans to come to Planet Earth. Fact, Legend or Fiction,, who really knows.  For further information on the 'Blue Star Legacy' click the
above link.

Vohee, Veiled City for the New Jerusalem. Burlington, Wisconsin

Unknown to most, except Morman or now more commonly known as 'Latter Day Saints', the quiet little town of Burlington, Wisconsin is not what it seems.  Burlington is the veiled city of Voree. The
congregations of the Morman Church speak of Voree  as the 'promised land' or the 'New Jerusalem' and has protected it through the use of magic.  Click the above link and see how magical
symbols has kept the town of Voree under a Morman Charm.
Exploring the Unknown
with  Mary Sutherland
Mary Sutherland is an author and
researcher focusing her work on
consciousness studies, ancient history and
unusual phenomena. She is a "hands on"
researcher and the creator of one of the
largest website on the internet with
hundreds of pages providing information
on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient races
and their cultures, sacred sites and power
points of the world, underground tunnels
and cave systems, dimensional worlds ,
metaphysics, etc. The governor of
Kentucky commissioned her as a
‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the
ancient sites of Kentucky. For the last 5
years, she has been exploring, mapping
and documenting the ancient underwater
structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan.
For the last fourteen years she has been
documenting the ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her passion. She
believes it is through truth that we will
break ourselves free of our present
entanglements in life. When we become
free, we will create our own ‘personal story’
of the ‘hero’s journey’ suggested by
Joseph Campbell.
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According to the Wikipedia the term “Reaching Heaven” is a
common description in temple tower inscriptions. The name Babylon
derives from the native Akkadian ‘Bab-ilu’, which means ‘Gate or
Gateways of the Gods’.

Based off these descriptions, the purpose of the ziggurats or great
temple towers, such as Babylon, may have included “Heavenly
Gateways” or “Transport Stations” for the gods.