The Superstitions owe their existence to a time of fire and explosion, born of volcanos by
eruptions on a scale unknown to modern times. Makes Mount St Helens look small in
comparison!.  The rocks of the Superstition Mountains record volcanic activity from about 22
million to 15 million years ago.  The volcanoes that made the 'Supes include massive flows of
pasty chunky lava that rolled like a slow tracor tread, immense volumes of ash exploded into the
stratosphere, glowing avalanches of hot pumice screaming down the slopes, humongous
landslides and shattering earthquakes. All of this tied to the interaction of dancing continents
slamming into what is now California.
To the Left you see a picture of Brad Sutherland standing at the beginning of First Water
Trailhead.In the background of the picture is  Weaver's Needle (Circled)  Legend has it that the
Lost Dutchman Mine is located close to Weaver's Needle . Supposedly located within  a circle,
who's center is Weaver's Needle and the diameter of which is no more than 5 miles.
With our water bottles in hand, Brad and I take off into the Mountains, searching for what ever
may want to present itself to us, whether it be treasures, spirits, portals, or just the beauty and
abundant wildlife.
The mountain has hidden her treasures well and many have died in an attempt to recover
them or had the misfortunes of knowing where they were.
As we walked deeper into the mountains we could see the Old Military Trail, which reminded us
of the two soldiers, that had traveled this same area, after being discharged from Ft.Mcdowell.
.  They flushed out a deer and shot it. While tracking the wounded creature down, they
happened upon a dark red outcropping  of rich gold ore. Later, the two were found dead near
Black Top Mesa in the Superstitions.
The stories of lost gold and hidden treasures keep us all going back into her bowels in hopes
that we may be one of the lucky ones that the mountain will release her treasures to. Following
are a few accounts of some that have been able to see, sometimes even touch her treasures.
But the curse that goes along with the treasures sometimes carries a high price tag.
Dr. Thorne was a man that befriended the Apache Indians. One day they took him to a place
where gold nuggets littered the canyon floor. But, he was blindfolded on the ride in and out
and could never relocate the canyon.
Another prospector,  named Wagoner,  found a ledge of gold, supposedly in La Barge
Canyon, in the Superstition Mountains. He took the secret of it's location with him to his grave
and it has never been located again.
In 1937, a man named Jenkins, his wife, and two daughters picnicked in the Superstitions, and
found a pretty quartz rock that was very heavy. Later, he was told it was heavily laden with
gold. Before he could go back into the mountains again, he died from a heart attack. His wife
could not remember the location.  The treasure hunters are still looking.
Continuing on, deeper into the mountains, Brad
and I check out the area we have figured to be
possibly where the Lost Dutchman may have had
his mine. Noting that the area hadn't been
disturbed since we were last there, we went on,
making note that someday we will come back and
spend more time scouting it out for more
Dutchman clues.
The Superstition Mountains in Arizona
have long been a place of unexplained paranormal stories and legends of lost treasures.,  From the stories of the Lost Dutchman’s mines, to being a
place of multiple portals where Reptilian humanoids come up from the depths of the Otherworldly to prey upon hapless human victims, unearthly lights that
glow at night lighting up the delicate desert skies, as ships come to and fro between dimensions… This has always been a place of mystery, and obsessive
exploration by brave adventurers who would debark into its depths to seek out its unrevealed secrets never to return. Superstition Mountains...Brad and
Mary's Playground while in Arizona!
Burlington National Ufo and Paranormal Research and Eduational Center
Living in the Light
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Welcome to our Playground!
The Superstition Mountains

This is a place that refused to adhere  to man’s rules, and seems to do its own thing, at times almost in defiance of man. If you are a
sensitive, this is a place where you will experience one phenomenon after the next. Best know who you are, and have a keen respect for the
desert, and if you do not believe in paranormal experiences before you play here, you will after you leave. The Apaches called it the Devils
Warning: NEVER LINGER AFTER DARK! Things happen here that cannot be explained. Here the crust that lies between this world and
others must be very thin, for the accest to inner Earth is almost an open field. In the space of a day one can experience several time and
dimensional shifts, with temperatures reaching over 130 degrees f in the day and dropping to 50 degrees in a matter of a few hours as the
sun sets.
PORTALS DO EXIST HERE! Several friends of ours have shared their portal experiences with me  in the Superstitions. One was Bob Ward, Ripples of the
Lost Echos
,  and another was Bob Schoose , owner of Gold Field Ghost Town. Later I will present the  stories on  their experiences. If you do come across
one keep in mind that if you can pass through then something can pass through going in the opposite direction. Also some Sipapoos are stationary others
are moving, yes I said moving from one location to another like waves of energy. Also they are not always accessible, some are open all the time, most are
not, so if you went through one, there is no guarantee it will be open when and if you return…
Nothing should come to any great surprise to you in the Superstition Mountain area. Don't be shocked if in one minute you turn about to see an old Indian or
prospector standing in the distance  starring at you...or even a little person. You blink your eyes and 'they've disappeared'. That's part of the norm . Or you
find  missing time you can not account for, but reach in your pocket to find a piece of gold or crystal.  That, my friend, is also part of the norm.
Click here to read on my Apportation Experience.
“When Earth Doctor stuck his staff into the ground to cause the flood, and water covered the earth, most of the people perished, but some escaped and
followed White Feather, who fled to the top of Superstition Mountains. The water rose, covering all the valley until it was as high as the line of white
sandstone which is a conspicuous landmark. White Feather, surrounded by his followers, tried all his magic in vain to prevent the further rise of the flood.
When he saw he was powerless to prevent this, he gathered all his people and consulted them, saying, ‘I have exhausted all magic powers but one, which I
will now try.’ Taking in his left hand a medicine stone from his pouch, he held it at arm's length, at the same time extending his right hand toward the sky.
After he had sung four songs he raised his hand and seized the lightning and with it struck the stone which he held. This broke into splinters with a peal of
thunder and all his people were transformed into the pinnacles of stone which can now be seen projecting from the summit of one of the peaks of the
Superstition Mountains.
A Trip To Massacre Grounds

On the northwest side of the
Superstition Mountains lies
Massacre Grounds Trail.

As legend has it, the Apache
Indians  chased a group of Mexican miners, said to be working for the Peraltas, into this area and killed them all, taking their mules for food but leaving
panniers full of gold ore scattered about the ground.
We went  to First Water Road to get to the Massacre Grounds trailhead. The first parking area we came to is  the entrance to Jacobs Crosscut Trail. About
a half-mile further down is the turnoff to the Massacre Grounds Trail. This road is extremely rutted and difficult to traverse , but Brad and I , driving very
slowly, managed to get up there in our car. Parking the car, we began the trip up the canyon to climb the  steep cliffs. Upon reaching the top, it is said, that if
one sits very quietly he/she can hear the spirit sounds of the past massacre.  Here you can also see the fabled Pima people, who were turned to stone. As
we sat up there looking down on places below, listening to a hawk circling above us, time ceased to exist as we took in the solitude and wonder of the sheer
beauty. Personally, I can compare this experience  to no other.

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