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Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Today Mary Sutherland chats with Keegan Reid, radio host and
friend to the Forest People, known to many as Big Foot. Some
believe Big foot is not our friend and should be shot, while others
dedicate their lives to prevent any harm coming to these forest
enigmas. Some believe they are of a lost race that has evolved
among our race. What do you believe? Share your opinions with us
today on our interview with Keegan Reid. Let's Talk about it! Yes
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We will having the show at 4 p.m. central on facebook livestream.
See you there!!
Bigfoot Sighting crossing railroad
tracks off Spring Prairie Road.
Brad Sutherland is marking the
spot where the Big Foot was
spotted crossing.
Burlington WI area.


YOUTUBE Video has been
provided for the full story

Burlington Wisconsin has a lot of crazy
things going on in their woods and

This video gives you an idea of just
how haunted this area is, including a
favorite place for the Bray Road Best,
Dogman and Bigfoot.  

This video has it all...including Mary's
experience with alternate time
dimensions explained by Shaman Dr.
Clifford Alford.

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YOUTUBE Video has been provided
for this story.
Sometimes it is just all about

Brad and Mary Sutherland and Friends
get together for a weekend
adventure looking for evidence of
Bigfoot, Dogman and UFOs
This adventure took place near
Dundee Wisconsin known for their
UFO sightings and their Annual
Dundee UFO Days

I hope you enjoy these photos and our
great memories with even
greater friends.  

To all my friends that participated in
this event remember this -
although I don't get to see you as
much as I would like to... I will
always love each and every one of
you.   Mary

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LODI WISCONSIN - There is something 'strange' in the Woods
of Lodi.  

While taping this area for big foot - behind my son's house, I
watched a large limb actually bow downwards under the pressure of
something quite heavy sitting down on it. I watched the limb bow ,
but whatever it was, as you see in this video could not be seen.
However, you can hear my voice showing some fear when I watched
the limb bow.

This is what is so frustrating for a witness to the invisible. They SEE
or EXPERIENCE it, but have no proof backing their event. For those
of you that have been negatively judged because of this, I feel your
pain....but through the years, you just have to learn to 'believe in
yourself' and 'enjoy the moments' that were gifted to you.

Don't allow anyone to spoil your moment - Enjoy the magic!

Mary Sutherland
People may deny his existence, but
more and more, Big foot is becoming
part of our collective consciousness.
Here is a 'straw sculpture' of Bigfoot
called 'Straw Squatch' that we found in
Mt. Morris 8-25-18 during their straw
sculpture competition and festivities.  
Wouldn't you love having that fella on
display in your yard!  How Fun!
Wisconsin Big Foot Hunting in Dundee
Brad and Mary Sutherland and George Tiller at base camp relaxing after a full
day out and about looking for Bigfoot evidence around Dundee Hill
George,Vince and Ruth chill'n at our base camp. Great
Memories and Great Friends!
Holy Hill was another place we checked out while on
our Big Foot Expedition. Known for Strange Sightings
including 'Dogman'. George Tiller
Kathy investigating a promising spot for Big Foot . We found
a portal area with some down and twisted trees....and a lot
of mosquitoes!
George, Vince and Kathy and one bag of beef jerky!
Vince fighting the mosquitoes
Shaun and Tina Spraying themselves down with
Mosquitoe Spray. -
Then it is off to find traces of Big Foot.  
No, we didn't see any Big Foot, but did find some evidence
that they have been in the areas we search..but with good
friends and food, it was a great weekend.  Looking forward to
doing it again.
Bill Benson - Owner of Benson Hide Away
Bar and Grill with Annual UFO Daze.
It is a great place to visit , talk UFOs, Strange
and Unexplained Stories this is the place to
Hang... Camping right down the road with
Hot Showers!
Big Foot Structure found by Racine County Deputy Sheriffs
(retired) Paul and Cindy Dittman . Location: Woods outside
of Burlington, WI   
Part One
Big Foot Structure found by Racine County Deputy
Sheriffs (retired) Paul and CindyDittman . Location:
Woods outside of Burlington, WI   
Part Two
Dogman of Avon Bottoms is where Katie Zahn saw 3 Dogmen
drinking from a creek using their cupped hands and when they
saw her, they stood up on 2 legs & started walking towards her.
She passed a lie detector test on Monster Quest, American
Werewolf. Paul has had 2 scary adventures in this area and
while there is no way to know what they encountered, here he
tells us the stories.  This video was created by Donna Fink. We
have been together on an investigation at Avon Bottoms and put
together a short documentary which will be available soon.
I have also been out in this area with Linda Godfrey in search of
Big Foot which we found some great evidence. We were also
with Paul and Cindy Dittman
For more of Donna's videos Click Here