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American Fairy Tales
Retold by Vladimir Stuchl
Illustrated by Ludek Manasek
Colored Illustrations
255 Pages, Hard Cover
List Price 12.99
The Green Prairie, Cowboy Billy Coyote, The Spirit of the Bison Skull, Ants, The Ghost Rider, The Cat in the
Box, Why a Rabbit Hides in a Burrow, The Enchanted Forest, Life with the Wolves, The Toothpick, Atam and
IM, Morning Alligator, The Traveller and the Innkeeper, The General and the Devil, One For You..One For Me,
The Faithful Trio, The Skunk and the Frogs, The Golden Rain, When They Gave Out Wisdom, Harry Queued
Up Twice, Pistoleer Mike Fink, The Unwelcome Neighbour, Fire, The Snake with an Ear for Music, The
Golden Comb, The Wager, The Death Waltz, The Ugly Dog, The Turkey Wench, The Dwarf Who Wanted to
Grow, The Treasure, The Idler, The Bare Mountains, The Golden Finger, The Tight-Fisted Farmer and the
Clever Farmhand, The Billy-Goat and the Hankerchief, Golden Apply and his Stepmother, The Wolf and the
Cub, The Scythe Bitten by a Snake, The Yellow Ribbon, A Rare Horse, Hold on Jim, The Snow Storm, The
Thief, The Stone Maiden, The Black Umbrella, Tismila wanders through the Forest, The Gold treasure of
Mississippi, The Laziest Man in America, The Bird from the Golden Land, Roast Duckling, How Hoof Lake Got
it's Name, The Crooked-Mouthed Family, The Big Shaggy Dog, The Head Devil in Texas, The Mysterious
Music from the Deep, A Noseful of Gold, The Hawk and the Rattlesnake, How Donald Solomon became the
State Deputy, Tommy the Faithful Trout, Wings, The sorcerer from Loudon Hill, The Boy in the Donkey Skin,
Locomotive Bill, Jaguar Petronius- a Friend of the family, The Hitchhiker, The Parting Song, The White Stallion.
Ghost Stories..A Classic Collection
Illustrated by Walt Sturrock
The Unicorn Publish House 1989
Colored Illustrations
Hard Cover
List Price 12.99
Lost Hearts, The Judges House, The Monkey's Paw, The German Student, The Romance of Certain Old
Clothes, Was it a Dream?, The Body-Snatchers, The Old Nurse's Story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Book of Goodnight Stories
Written by Vratislav Stovicek
Illustrated by Karel Franta
Translated by Stephen Finn
Originally Printed in Czechoslovakia by Svoboda, Prague 1982
Publisher Exeter Books, New York 1985
Colored Illustrations
Hard Cover, 240 Pages
List Price 39.99

This delightful collection of stories have been attractively and imaginately arranged to provide 'good night'
reading for  
every night of the year (broke down by the month and in days of the month with a story to go with
each night)
Children aged four to seven enjoy the established favorites including Brother's Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson
and others, but the majority will be new to both parent and children alike. Virtous younger sons and
stepdaughters, sweet and nasty rincesses, greedy and benevolent kings, foolish merchants and wise fools,
animal and human tricksters all appear in these tales of romance, adventure and fantasy. Perhaps what is most
unusual about this collection is the number of exquisitely
funny stories, in which the hero does something
entirely unexpected, or a punishment is carried out in the zaniest way. Many of thee stories will appeal to
folklore enthusiasts: fables boasting the smooth patina of old coins passed down from generation to generations.
This is a book which will long be rmembered by children and their parents!
Dinosaurs of the Land, Sea and Air
1993 Copyright Modern Publishing, a division of Unisystems, Inc.
Printed in Italy
236 Pages, Hard Cover, color illustrations.
List Price 19.95

This book offers an unique look at the every day life of the dinosaur. Learn how they searched for food, fled
from predators, protected their young, and looked for shelter. This book contains fact and information sections
and extensive glossaries which provide futher information.
Allosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Brontosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Dimorphodon, Hypsilophodon, Ichthyosaurus,
Iguanodon, Mamenchisaurus and Triceratops.
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures
1993 Copyright Modern Publishing, a division of Unisystems, Inc.
Printed in Italy
237 Pages, Hard Cover, color illustrations
List Price 19.95

This is the companion volume to Dinosaurs of the Land, Sea and Air.
Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Diplodocus, Plesiosaurus, Protoceratops,
Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Tryrannosaurus.
Facts about Dinosaurs
Mammoth Book of Dinosaurs Featuring Ice Age Creatures
1993 Copyright Modern Publishing, a division of Unisystems, Inc.
Printed in Italy
237 Pages, Hard Cover, Colored Illustrations
List Price 19.95
This book tells us what is a dinosaur, the Age of dinosaurs, Rise of the Ice Age Creatures, and the sizes of Ice
Age Creatures and Dinosaurs.  Descriptions and information on the dinosaurs, Albertosaurus, Corythosaurus,
Deinosuchus, Nothosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Struthiomimum. Descriptions and information on Ice Age
Creatures Glyptodon, Mastodon, Saber Tooth Tiger and Wooly Rhinoceros.
Facts about dinosaurs, Facts about Ice Age Creatures
Terms to remember
Colossal Book of Dinosaurs featuring The Dinosaur Dictionary
1993 Copyright Modern Publishing, a division of unisystems, Inc.
Printed in Italy
237 Pages, Hard Cover, Colored Illustrations
List Price 5.00  (Although binding is still tight , some pages have come loose from the spine. All pages are still
What is a dinosaur, The Age of dinosaurs, Dinosaur sizes, Anatosaurus, Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus,
Psittacosaurus, Rutiodon, Scolosaurus, Spinosaurus, Facts about dinosaurs, Dinosaur Dictionary, Terms to
The Enchanted Tales
Retold by Jane Carruth
Copyright 1978 Intercontinental Book Productions
Colored Illustrations
221 Pages  Hard Cover
List Price  : 12.99
Stories illustrated by Mary Dinsdale:
Rumplestiltskin, The Wee Man of the Moors, Hans and the Little Iron Man, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,
The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Little Folk's Presents and the Goblins of Munchwell Hill.
Stories Illustrated by  G & S Tourret:
The Witch and the Children, The White Dove, The Brother and Sister, Rapunzel
Stories illustrated by Donald Harley:
The Little Drummer Boy and The Donkey Cabbages
Stories illustrated by Gerry Embleton:
The Wounded Lion, The Huntsman and the Three Giants, The Bold Little Tailor, Jack the Lion Killer, Jack and
the Beanstalk.

The Story of Pinocchio and other Tales
Great Fairy Tales Classics
Illustrated by Tony Wolf
Text by Peter Holenome
Copyrite Dami Editore, Italy
Printed in Italy
Hard Cover , 55 Pages, Colored Illustrations

Stories incude Pinnocchio, What Other People Think, Chico and the Crane, The Three Wishes, Ali and the
Sultan's Saddle, Amin and the Eggs, Salem and the Nail, The Golden Goose and the Musicians of Bremen

Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Illustrated by Gerald McCann
Companion Library  1963
List Price: 6.95

Treasure Island is perhaps Robert Louis Stevenson's most famous novel.  Treasure Island was written in
Scotland in 1881, and first published in 1883.
It touches our sense of adventure, fantasy and desire to escape from our duties, public and private, even if only
for a moment.
The novel takes place in the eighteenth century. It is a tale of adventure in a world filled with pirates and
characters with names like Billy Bones, Black Dog, Long John Silver, Ben Gunn, Pew, Israel Hands. It is a story
of trickery, recklessness, violence, greed and desire.
263 Pages, Hard Cover
Book is in Very Nice Condition, clean pages, no tears or marks.
Calico, The Wonder Horse or
The Saga of Stewy Stinker
Story and Pictures by Virginia Lee Burton
The Riverside Press, 1951
59 Pages, Hard Cover
Price 10.99
A UFO Has Landed
Milton Dank and Gloria Dank
Delacorte Press
Weekly Reader Books
90 Pages, Hard Cover , 1983, First Edition
Price 6.99