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WASHINGTON -- Weekly World News has uncovered the shocking discovery
a race of underground Mole People living 20 miles beneath the Earth,
using secret tunnels to enter the United States!

This discovery was made not by archaeologists, but by NASA scientists
tunneling deep inside the Earth -- and they're trying to keep the
existence of this race covered up!

A NASA insider has leaked exclusive photos and information about these
"cave people" under the condition of anonymity. "This story has to be
told," says the source. "It's just too big to keep under wraps."

The source excitedly spilled some big secrets about the Mole People.
"They seem to be a friendly race," he says, "But they're very
primitive. We're trying to communicate with them, but it's a
complicated task since they don't speak English.

"The Mole People, as we've nicknamed them, have easy access to the
surface world," states the source. "That said, President Bush is
handling the situation with an abundance of caution.

"One wrong move could result in the creatures declaring war on the
surface. We're not even sure how many of them there are. We've only
seen one city so far, with an estimated 2,000 Mole People in

"But it's been suggested that there likely are several million of them
living in sprawling and cavernous underground cities, scattered
the Earth's surface."

The creatures have some strong similarities to humans -- but also a
significant differences.

"Like us, they walk on two legs, but they're much taller than the
average human -- standing 8 to 10 feet tall. Their fingers are
claw-like. And their hands are webbed and designed for digging, not
unlike the claws of a mole.

"Their skin is super-tough. It has to withstand the intense heat and
rugged conditions found below the Earth's surface."

There seems to have been some contact and interplay between humans and
the subterraneans at some point in history -- they speak a language
similar to an old Navajo dialect.

The source says the Mole People have ultradense musculature, making
them capable of extreme violence.

"When one member of the expedition lit a cigarette lighter, the Mole
People interpreted it as a threat and attacked him.

"They pounced on him like jungle cats, nearly snuffing him out along
with his cigarette. He was lucky to escape with his life."

The Mole People are reportedly very curious about the surface world --
our clothes, our gadgets and especially our foods. They particularly
enjoy our fresh fruit.

"I brought them some grapes, and they acted like it was a feast," the
source says. "Obviously they can't grow fruit of their own, living 20
miles beneath the Earth's surface."

NASA is reportedly eager to study the Mole People. "We want to find
everything about them -- what they eat, how they live, and, most
importantly, what is their relationship to the human race.

"We're curious if they are related to us in some way. Are they the
genetic ancestors of modern man?"

Experts say speculation has been widely varied on the Mole People.
"They could be anything from Yetis to space aliens to descendants of
the survivors of the lost city of Atlantis.

Experts say this discovery has raised a number of serious and
questions, including:

Are the towering inhabitants of the civilization hostile and warlike
friendly and cooperative?

Will they make territorial claims on the surface of Earth? And what
about crucial oil and mineral reserves below the surface? Who owns
them: the Mole People -- or us?

How is it that NASA -- whose official mission is to explore outer
-- discovered the underground culture?

Tight-lippped NASA spokesmen would neither confirm nor deny the

Pressured by reporters, a White House spokesman promised information
"as I am authorized to provide it." But he warned: "That won't be
anytime soon."

According to the source, NASA "stumbled on" the underground
civilization in August while running a classified project code-named
Operation Mole Hole -- an initiative that reporters now believe may
have involved spying on China, using new "underground technologies."

"So far NASA has found secret cavern entrances to the underground
in areas around Washington State's Mount Shasta, Mammoth Cave in
Kentucky and also scattered throughout the southwestern U.S.," said

For centuries, man has speculated about the existence of creatures
beneath the Earth's surface.

Now, for the first time, it seems those suspicions have been proven

But whether these creatures are benevolent or enemies of all mankind
remains to be seen.
Webmaster Note: Personally I believe that if they are of a previous race from a forgotten time and have lived among or under us all this time, why would the government even think of them as
enemies and fearful of an attack . Iam quite convinced that if this was their plan, they would have done it along time ago.
Below I have submitted the Agartha Map and you can compare tunnel entrances located on it with the previous article.

Here is the information I have on our Alien Description Site concerning the Dero and Tero, both subterrain races.

I found several descriptions describing the Teros and Deros .   I will  submit what has been presented to me and leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions.
The First:
A term describing various human groups who inhabit the cavern systems
and re-established antediluvian cities beneath the North American
continent. Many of these may be descended from early American
colonists, while others are apparently descended from older
civilizations such as ancient native Americans who went underground
hundreds and/or thousands of years ago.
The nemesis of the Tero are
the 'Dero', which apparently consist of draconian or reptilian
controlled elements.
The Second:
Explains the Teros as an underground civilization as well, but refer to them as non-humans.
The Teros are more friendly and help keep the Deros , who are more demented from having
excessive power.
They live in underground tunnels, cities and sometimes under the sea.
A problem I have with the Dero name NASA gives to the subterrean people they found is that by all of the descriptions I have found on the Dero they were more of a Dwarf-like creature...never
have I seen one described as 8-10 foot tall.  Let's check out some of the other inner-world races and see if we can find a more fitting description and name for what NASA has descovered.............


Beneath our Earth's surface is the 'Inner World' with  seemingly endless natural caverns and artificial tunnels spreading out and down into the earth. These passages have their own peculiar
underground ecology of water-dwellers and lichens, mosses and fungi. In its upper levels, this dark realm is inhabited by humanoids of every sort. Farther down are stranger races, most hostile
to surface-dwellers.

Drow, the evil dark elves, thrive in ''Inner Earth'. They trade with or war on other races there and on the surface, and are renowned as spellcasters.

Duergar, the gray dwarves, inhabit deep regions and seldom venture to the surface. Organized and intelligent, they easily hold their own against other subterranean races. They are masters of
stone- and metalworking, but hate their cousins, the hill and mountain dwarves.

The stunted dwarflike derro are among the worst of the Under-Oerth races. They crave magic, power and slaves. They are hated and distrusted even by other evil races, which avoid them. Every
twenty years, derro explode outward through the underworld, attacking anything they encounter and destroying or enslaving weaker races.

Jermlaine look like miniature humans that stand twelve to eighteen inches high. These troublesome gremlins love to swarm and rob larger beings, leaving the stripped victims for monsters to find.
Jermlaine like rats, and share their lairs.

Troglodytes are manlike reptiles that dwell underground. These creatures emit a nasty musk in battle that disables humans, demihumans and humanoids, allowing the trogs to kill quickly and
take the bodies back to their lair for a feast.
For more information on human abductions by these creatures click here

Kuo-toa are fish-men, the descendants of an ancient race almost completely destroyed by humanity. The few survivors found refuge beneath the earth. Now they struggle to hold their own
against smarter, faster, more powerful races.

Wererats are frequently seen in the upper levels of the Inner Earth, particularly beneath the Hellfurnaces and in the sewers of cities and towns they have infiltrated in their human forms. They
conduct trade with other races, both under-and aboveground.

Beholders may have come to Earth from another world or plane. A beholder resembles a sphere about four to six feet across, with a single huge eye, a fang-filled mouth and ten eyestalks
crowning the sphere. A beholder can levitate to any height, floating at the speed of a slowly walking human. Xenophobic and cruel, beholders cast powerful magical rays from their eyestalks; the
central eye can cancel out magic used against the beholder. Very few people ever ever see a Beholder. Fewer still will ever live to tell their tale. But everyone knows of the existence of them so
terrifying is their reputation.

Mind flayers, also known as illithids, are human size and vaguely humanoid in appearance. Their slimy skin is violet-colored and each hand has three fingers and a thumb. The mind flayer's head
resembles an octopus: four tentacles hang around its lamprey-like mouth, and its two huge eyes have no visible pupils. The mind flayer uses the tentacles to grasp a victims head and flays open
the unfortunate's skull, eating the brain. Many mind flayers can cast magical spells, but some also have dramatic mental powers called psionics, with which they can enslave or brainwash others.
Mind flayers live in great underground cities; one such city apparently exists beneath the Hellfurnaces. They are not believed native to Earth.

Svirfneblin, the deep gnomes, are a  good underworld race. These hairless, hunched gnomes defend themselves against the hordes of evil.
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