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The Staff
I have wanted to make a staff, similar to that of the high priests. . Making it out
of Copper Tubing with a large crystal attached.
I brought this up on a show once with Dr. Clifford Alford, asking him what he
thought the results might be if I made this and carried it with me in the portal
areas around Burlington.
He said he didn't quite know, but the staff itself should make one heck of a
Well to my surprise, this must have been part of a 'collective consciousness'
idea being that the idea was already in use in Canada by Mikael Koch.
Here is a photo he sent me .  Seems it does attract spirit - Just as I suspected!
But what else is it capable of???
Notice the Star of David  and the points of power that the tubes are placed in!
Brilliantly, Mikael has now made a sacred circle , otherwise
known as the Circle of Og, with the Pentagram , using the
tubes and crystal. See Below  Photo One .
Notice the effects of this, after the vortex opens in the
Up 'until' Mikael produced this photos, I had not went public on something I had discovered about our area.
Now - I need to go public so that I may further research this phenomena , using the copper tubes and crystal.

For all of you that are familiar with my sites  on interdimensional physics and the multi-verses, you have come to realize that we
have some very unique phenomenon that spreads from the town itself to outlying areas.

The town is built on at least 27 ancient burial mounds. Many townspeople  experience hauntings. UFO sightings are a nightly
occurrence.  Underneath the town, leading to other towns in the area, is a maze of underground tunnels built by the ancient mound
builders. And of course, my favorite, are the portals or doorways into other worlds, along with experiencing time/space distortions
from them. .

I had always suspected that this area was a place of 'magik and that the Burlington  'historical district'  was made in the form of a
pentagram and that our Center was sitting in the midst of it...which of course would explain why we have an active vortex in the
Center and a lot of ghostly activities. .

It took me years to find this pentagram , but several weeks ago, I finally made a breakthrough and found what I was looking for.

Just as Mikael has demonstrated in his photos, this town is set up similarily. Except no copper and crystal staffs such as what he
has set up.

First to show you is a Circle of Og or Sacred Circle that I found , by accident, as I was reviewing some aerial shots of Burlington.
This is within the city limits of Burlington.
See Circle of Og
Second - is in the sacred circle  that I finally located.
Notice the top of the hexogram  forms a pyramid and at the top of that pyramid is the capstone.
Well our Center lies right there in that capstone!
In this old map of 1908 I was able to see the original streets easier. And found that the only three streets running diagonally
through this pyramid were Washington, Jefferson and Madison. At the base of the Pyramid was Liberty Street!  If you are familiar
with Masonic Lingo at all you will recognize that particular names have meanings. The same thing done here is mirrored at Mt.
Rushmore with the faces of the presidents representing certain virtues. In the case of these 'three' streets  (3 sides to a pyramid)
you have Washington representing Virtue, Jefferson representing Liberty and Madison representing Knowledge.  (These are clues) .
So, with this in mind, going back to the sacred circle of Og - is this another clue.
Star of David  in the middle with (x) amount of Circles with an opening at the north end and an opening at the south end.  And
would these openings be Pyramids - such as th
e pyramid found north of Burlington at Lake Mills, built by the people of King
Solomon?  But where is the pyramid to the south. is it Tikel?

If Iam not wrong, just as Mikael's illustration shows, the
Circle of Og would have tremendous power - with everything within its
perimeters experiencing paranormal activities with time/space distortions caused by the many portals being open for
interdimensional travel.  - Space Gate (?)  Is that why all the ufos in this area???

To view just some of the phenomenon that we experience in this area go to this site

(Again refer back to Mikael's Circle that he Made  - Note the Crystal on the Copper Staffs)

This is what has been discovered in Burlington and surrounding area.
Peters Quarry and Eagle Lake
( Photos are the actual photos taken of the gems found in Burlington)

I have done 'extensive' research in the copper mining of Michigan and Wisconsin.
and have come to realize that we do have the copper here.
and 'possibly' in and around BURLINGTON, WISCONSIN
( The RL Pyramid  may be our Northern Opening of the Og Circle we are looking for)
Click here for details of the Copper in Wisconsin and the Pyramid

Hopefully one of you may have more answers and will share them with me.
Mary Sutherland
Calcite Crystal
It is an energy amplifier. It is
said to help the mind and
body to remember information
brought to bear during astral
travel and channeling. It is
useful in multi-directional
energy distribution; the energy
forces directed at the mineral
separate and return at double
the intensity. It gives a
polarizing prismatic energy,
which produces a spectrum of
energy to clear and to activate
all of the chakras.


Inlaid calcite was used on the
throne in the Tomb of
Tutankhamun c.1340 B.C.E.

1669 Erasmus Bartholinus
(Denmark). Discovered double
refraction in calcite

1828 William Nicol (Scotland).
Invented a polarizing prism
made from two calcite
components. The device
became known subsequently
as a "nicol prism"

When you hold a square
calcite over a line it will
appear to double the line. This
ability will help you by
doubling the power in all spell
Fact:  The two stones are
often found mixed together
creating beautiful patterns.
They are found wherever
there are
COPPER deposits.

The name azurite comes
from its beautiful blue color
(azul means blue in Arabic).
The ancient Egyptians used
it as a make-up for the eyes.

Azurite is believed to fortify
memory and intellectual
receptivity. It is believed to
help ease rheumatism.

Malachite is ALSO believed
to ease rheumatism. It is a
symbol of creativity and is
used to make one conscience
of fears and desires.

It is also good for lending
extra energy to magickal
spells, guards against
negativity and depression,
calms and soothes. Enhances
the ability to give and
receive love. Increases
business success, money.
Promotes sleep. Protection
against physical danger,
especially in children. Draws
out impurities, balances left
and right brain functions,
evil eye protector, all
purpose healer, especially in
solar plexus and good for
healers. Success and good
fortune, especially in
business, attracts money,
protects your creative ideas,
stimulates thyroids, aids in
weight reduction, protects
during travel.
Inspires relaxation,
reflection, spiritual
development, focus and
clarity. It encourages past
life recall and awakens
ancient memories.
Pyrite Crystal
Iron Pyrite is also known as
'fools gold' for it often fooled
the early gold miners. Iron
Pyrite crystals are used as
amulets by the North
American Indians who
believe in the magical powers
of this protective stone.  The
ancient Mexicans made
mirrors, one side polished
flat, while the other side was
strongly convex.
Iron Pyrite is a very
protective stone on all levels.
Should be carried when
performing dangerous work.
Pyrite is also a mental stone,
used to stimulate the powers
of the intellect.
Common in medium-low
temperature hydrothermal
veins either on its own or
with gold, sphaleite or
galena. Also found in
sedimentary rocks,
especially black shales where
it often replaces FOSSILS
In 1903 , an irregular
rounded 2.11 carat diamond
was found in Burlington
(Hobbs, 1901); Cannon and
Mudrey, 1981). Previously
a 2.06 carat white twin was
reported found there in
1897. (Eckert, 1980 )
Sphalerite on Marcite
Sphalerite is one of the very
few minerals that has a total
of six directions of cleavage.
If all of them were to be
perfectly cleaved on a single
crystal it would form a
rhombic dodecahedron.

Sphalerite's structure is
analogous to the diamond
structure. If every other
carbon in the diamond
structure is replaced by a
sulfur atom and the remaining
carbons are replaced with
either a zinc or an iron atom
then basically the mineral is

Sphalerite is by no doubt the
most important ore of zinc .
Used for the making of
and for DRY CELL
Washington DC & Pentagram & Hexagram
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