Psychic or Radionic Photography - Psychic Photography
Phase Shifting and Tulpoids of the Mind World
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Phase Shifting - Projecting a Hologram of Self

To posit a full theory of this phenomena, a number of questions must be fully examined:
1) What is the relationship between the test object and the subject?
2) How does the test object carry and transfer the complete information of the subject?
3) How is this information optically obtained by the camera  system?

The proposed theory is that the test object is a specimen from the subject that emits a complete quantum hologram, representative of the subject for the condition tested, and that such
hologram represents quantum entanglement/coherence with the subject. That the quantum hologram can be caused to affect the optical part of this phenomena through mediation of the
operator's  focused intention; such mediation creating resonance, entanglement/coherence of the entire system, and, under the right conditions, produce a holographic-like image.

To make a standard hologram, two optical waves are needed: a reference wave and an object wave. These two waves make a 3-D holographic image by creating an interference pattern frozen
in space-time. Both waves are spatially and temporally coherent at the moment of creation, then separated into an object wave and reference wave. The object wave is directed towards the
object and experiences intensity changes and phase-shifts upon illuminating the object. Normal 2-D photographs record only the intensity changes of the object wave and do not record the
phase-shifts. However, when the reference wave is directed back towards and recombined with the object bearing wave, an interference pattern is created that records the phase-shifts of the
object wave relative to the reference wave. These phase-shifts are what produce the apparent freezing in space-time of the object's 3-D image.

The prerequisite need for
human intention/anticipation as part of the BMC  (Brain/ Mind/ Consciousness) modeling also seems vital. Without that component it is unlikely that any of
the images would have been produced
All the evidence indicates that the BMC matrix of a human being obviously "captures" or "resonates" with the target information which it seeks by either sensory contact with the subject or an
icon sufficiently representing the subject, so to permit resonance and their quantum entanglement/coherence. The transduction of that information is what appears to take place quantum
holographically when the cameras are imprinted during a typical imaging session.

On the basis of relevance alone it can be adduced that the human brain creates holographic images from the visual (and other sensory data) experienced on an empirical
. It seems likely that it (the brain) must of necessity produce that which it can understand; thus, multi-dimensional images, or at least good quality two-dimensional structures, which it can
partially extrapolate into acceptable pictures

M. Sue Benford - Empirical Evidence Supporting Macro-Scale Quantum Holography in Non-Local Effects- Journal of Theoretics
The author suggests that a reference wave originating from the directed intention of the camera operator is put in circuit with the object wave, combining to create a holographic interference
pattern which is recorded on the photographic material. The possibility of information transfer between test object, camera operator and photographic plate is further supported by evidence
from a 1993 experiment, in which C. Bennett and his scientific team dem
onstrated that photon quantum informational characteristics can be transmitted instantaneously between two laboratories independent of
space-time, via EPR entanglement.

"Paranormal Pictures"

Reference: Colonel Thomas E. Bearden, U.S. Army (Retired)

Briefly, one model of reality can be constructed whereby orthogonal worlds (3D spaces) all share the same 4th dimension, time, much like spokes of a wheel around an axle. In this model, all
3-spaces, three or more orthogonal turns away from the laboratory 3-space (i.e., from the observers spatial frame) are minds or mind-worlds. Each thought is an object in the mind-world of the
thinker, in such a model. Further, all the 3-spaces crosstalk a tiny bit, usually so small a magnitude as to be virtual (unobservable even in theory). However, under certain amicable conditions,
thought-forms or thought energies in such thought worlds can superpose sufficiently to breach the threshold between worlds. When progressively turning or rotating towards the laboratory
frame a s a result of such super-position, the tulpoid energies/forms pass first into one frame away, which constitutes the ordinary electromagnetic field. In that frame they can affect ordinary
photographic film, particularly film which is sensitive in the ultraviolet or infrared. In fact,
if visible light is of low intensity or nonexistent, the effect is enhanced because visible light is
a quenching of the paranormal channel.

Quite simply, the infrared and UV regions are essentially windows into other orthogonal 3-spaces and hence mind worlds. If the effect of visible light is lessened or
eliminated, but these windows are left open, paranormal pictures are fairly simple to initiate.

Finally, one other effect is important: the kindling or flashing effect, i.e., repetitive shots or snaps also pulses through the IR/UV windows and causes time oscillations a la Kozyrev. If
the visible light quenching effect (dampening) of the persistent decay curve of each pulse is not too great, then the pulses build into resonance -- or bursts across the threshold through the
UV/IR windows.

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