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A Reality Show
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The Carbon-Alien - A Reality Show
Documentary Brought to you by BUFO Televison and Radio   -
Brad and Mary Sutherland


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Brad and Mary Sutherland Getting A Warm Welcome from The Area Locals



"A Reality Show"
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Mary Sutherland greeting Dawn Race
that stopped by with her sister to
welcome us to Carbondale.
Lisa Schenker, Ron Hannivig, Frank
Scassellati having breakfast at
Carbondale's McDonell's Restaurant.
Later that evening, we went back to this
friendly little restaurant. The
management, cooks and waitresses were
great and cordial.
Thanks for the Carbondale Welcome!
Mary Sutherland standing where  
thousands of witnesses  stood in 1974
watching the ufo  retrieval attempts of
a ufo in depths of up to 50 feet of
Authorities 'claim' the only thing that
was in that water lighting up the pond
for 9 hours or more was a lantern
much like what you see to the right.
(Lantern supplied by Dawn Race.)
Photo by Brad Sutherland
Cemetery next to pond
where several BUFO
witnesses claim they
were sitting and  
watched a ufo come
down from sky and
land in pond.
However the
Residents of
Cemetery aren't
WBRE LIVE came to Carbondale to
greet Brad and Mary Sutherland and
do a special updated report on
Carbondale and their visit.
Mollie Halpern , News 22 Reporter,
Interviewing Mary Sutherland at the
Silt Pond outside of Carbondale PA.
Mollie Halpern , News 22 Reporter, Interviewing
Mary Sutherland at the Silt Pond outside of
Carbondale PA.
If you missed the Clip on Page One
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Frank Scassellati at the Silt Pond . Frank  
was not only instrumental in re-opening
the case of Carbondale but was very
helpful co-ordinating our trip to
Carbondale, arranging meetings with the
various press and witnesses and being all
around tour guide.
Thanks Frank. You're Great!
Although Dawn Race had graciously invited us to a
party to meet some other Carbonites, we decided
after a long day just to meet a few of the witnesses
and friends  at McDonnell's restaurant where we
enjoy a  nice relaxing dinner.
Again the  Food was GREAT- As Was the Service!
Dear Mary Sutherland:
I was there, and I actually witnessed
the lantern being  placed in the water
from a rowboat.

The boat had been placed in the water
a short time prior to the arrival of the
I saw the  lantern later when it was
shown to the crowd and it even had a  
"Sugarmans" tag on it-
It was brand new.  The lantern was
quietly  dropped into the water on
the side of the boat away from the
view of  most of the crowd.

I just happened to be looking at the
boat through  my binoculars at that
precise moment( I was on the side
opposite the  crowd.)

I remember thinking to myself, " Why
would anyone want to  drop a lantern
into the water like that?"
Then the divers showed up,
went into the water and "found" the
lantern.  It was shown to the  crowd
and it was all over.

I also had a run-in with what I can
only  describe as the "men-in-black"
when I went nosing around the next  
day- not a pleasant experience.
carbondale  ufo   carbondale ufo    carbondale ufo   carbondale ufo   carbondale  ufo  carbondale ufo  
Karbon d'Alien Receives letter
concerning the Hijacked Lantern
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