Experiencer and Contact: InventorGrissom@yahoo.com
Reported to Mary Sutherland by Grissom
On a clear blue 83 degree summer Sunday, July, 1985, at about 3 PM, I was flying my camouflaged
Grumman Yankee TR-2 (N1650R) from Detroit, Michigan to Columbus, Ohio. While under Port Columbus
International airport civilian radar approach control at 15 miles out and descending through 8,000 feet I was
given permission to vector 30 degrees right to investigate what appeared to be a 2nd sun (sphere UFO)
about 2/3 the size of a football field parked on the back side of a large cumulous cloud at about 4,000 feet
and 5 miles NNW of the airport. There was nothing on radar anywhere near that location.

Approaching the UFO at 4,000 feet level and 200 yards, it never lost it's brilliance - just like staring into the
sun only now hundreds of times larger than the real sun still clearly visible above. At this point I was
completely overwhelmed with curiosity as this enormous sphere was still not showing on radar only 5 miles
away and that same radar had never lost contact with my aircraft. As U. S. Navy trained in radar I knew that
this was just not possible. Anything that huge that could create or reflect light that bright and was that close
to the radar should have 'blipped' like the Graf Zepplin blimp with a full metal jacket, and yet, I was still on
radar even though this sphere was now directly between me and the radar - just NOT possible! This means
that the sphere did not absorb or reflect the radar pulses - it was totally transparent to them. This alone
should give us a clue as to what the UFO's physical composition was NOT.

Given that I'm no more or less brave than any other pilot would have been in this situation, I did have one
major 'courage' advantage over most - I was wearing a parachute. So, with burning curiosity and squinting
through sun glasses, I started a slow left turn into the UFO for a closer look. It was at this point that I became
truly apprehensive (scared out of my wits to be honest) of what I was about to do.
Half way through the turn all that bright light from the UFO instantly switched off revealing a huge medium
grey sphere made up of millions of clearly visible perfectly flawless identical pentagon shaped
translucent/opaque crystals about 6 inches long with pointed ends and all spaced identically about 1 foot
apart and NOT moving.
Once I saw that the UFO was NOT solid, I made the decision (with parachute) to penetrate it with my left wing
in an attempt to knock as many crystals off as possible hoping to later find on the ground for analysis. In a
hard right turn the outer third of my left wing sliced through the UFO's crystals with the sound of an intense
hale storm on a tin roof. The hundreds of contacted crystals broke cleanly over the leading edge of my wing
(strange but no fragments) and I could clearly see that the severed surfaces were of a light smooth frosty
texture. At this time I could see approximately 40 to 50 feet deep into the crystals (UFO) where it became
totally dense and black with nothing but the crystals. I also noticed that those crystals my wing did NOT
contact were NOT effected by the turbulence of my wing - they never moved or even quavered - another
observation that was "not possible". The illustration of the crystals below is exactly what I saw on that day.
The sound and the drag created by my wings collision with the crystals was
consistent with the solid weight of ice (or the like) and caused my aircraft to
cartwheel which caused a 60 degree CCW roll. I remember this because I became
instantly concerned about gyro damage and then just as instantly realized how
insignificant that was considering what had just happened.

As for investigations, this was on a Sunday and GATO was closed. The only
evidence would be any recordings where radar approach states that they see
nothing on radar (no evidence) and all the paint and fiberglass missing from the
leading edge of my outer port wing (still no evidence). I examined thoroughly
looking for fragments of the UFO's crystals imbedded in the wing but found
nothing. I didn't think until much later that there might have been microscopic
evidence in the fiberglass. I've been kicking myself for that ever since then. The
good news is that the wing was repaired and repainted so it is possible that
microscopic fragments still exist imbedded underneath the new paint. I recently
checked the "N" number and the plane is still flying and in California. I'm seriously
thinking about buying it back for this reason.

Name withheld, I submit this only as a possible piece to the UFO puzzle and in
hope that there's someone out there who can tell me what it was that I collided

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