Many times, we have experienced and have had witnesses
come into our office experiencing what seems to be
intelligent communication with the ufo over Burlington. We
will send a telepathic message to it and it will move or flash
lights. We and others have experienced the ufo actually
following the vehicle in which we  or the witnesses are in.
How can this be?   I was at a loss except to just to believe in
the fact it was completely 'telepathic' ---Up until Now.
Thanks to Bruce Cornet Ph.D

ET Robotic Probe or Transient Prosaic Reflection?
caught on camera
by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D

Due to the importance of B.C's site I am going to mirror it
here. I have watched too many sites get dropped and
valuable information forever lost. However I give all this credit
to Bruce and his wonderful work and refer to readers his site
at above 'Thanks to Bruce Cornet 'Link .
We used to laugh over the matter of  what we  called ' Brad's Lightning Bolt' Experience when we went to Eagle Lake one night. The
joke was that the strange bolt of light was some kind of probe scanning his brain to find out what was in there...and of course they
found nothing..
(remember it was a joke..smiles)
Then something rather strange happened.
Brad was the only one that had that experience with the bolt of light into his forehead. And he never went back to Eagle Lake after
that evening. Now if you notice in the photo Brad has 'premature' gray hair.  Almost six months later, I took some people up to the
lake on our tour - one of the gentleman had gray hair. This was the first 'gray haired' man since Brad that had been up there with
us.  And guess what - He got zapped with another bolt of light right into the forehead!
Now we began to think -maybe whoever or whatever that was - thought the second gentleman was Brad due to the color of hair.  
Coincidence - maybe...but then again ..maybe not.

2nd gentleman that was taken to Eagle Lake.
While shooting three ufos off J over Bong Recreational Park,(Above photo)  this woman became frightened and decided to go home. BUT..as she headed for
home, she realized that the ufos were following her. She continued to keep shooting the ufos as she went home. Then went into her house to get her
camcorder. When she came out of her house one of the ufos was sitting up in the sky parallel to her home, as if observing her.
Did they know that she was photographing them - and was curious as to who she was and where she was going - or were they letting her know that they
already knew what she was up to. Was she Probed?  Following are some photos she took as she was going home .
This Photo taken by lady at Eagle lake Looks quite similar to above
left photo at Dannes Farm
December 23, 2004, a group of us had a ufo sighting over by Eagle
Lake. The ufo came down out of the sky. We actually thought it was
going to hit us. Just before it got on us, it turned quickly upwards
and went up above the clouds. I quickly grabbed the camera and
shot towards the direction of the ufo.
Although the ufo is not visible you can see the light phenomenon
and many orbs with the sky a reddish tint.
Photo below .  The car load of people behind us, said that it felt like
they were in some sort of vacuum.  They said all sound had
stopped, such as no tire sounds on the road. They said it almost
felt like they were floating above the road. We were in front and
didn't notice that of course - we were too busy screaming, thinking
the ufo was going to crash down on us.
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Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
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