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Did you know that Burlington Wisconsin has been having incredible ufo sightings since July of 2004.
Yes...and where are we taking these photos??  Right over the Burlington UFO and Paranormal
Center.  Following are only a 'few' of the wisconsin ufo photos taken over Burlington..
Intra-dimensional gateway ufos travel through over burlington
Fiber Optics (of sorts) produced by UFO or some sort of
strange light ..or intra-dimensional multi-colored rods
produced by UFO. So far we have not been able to
figure these strange tubes of light out, except to know
they are connected to the ufo and inter-demensional
Another tube or inter-dimensional fiber optic taken
early that evening of photo above
This was the largest UFO so far (photo below) ..but was not visible to the naked
eye. Was taking a photo of a smaller ufo when this appeared on the photo as
we uploaded from camera to computer  10-25-04
This came out of the double set of 'tubes' used as some
sort of interdimensional gateway.
Florescent green usually represents the ufo as it is still in
the 'plasma' stage.
Brad Sutherland was photographing the chemtrails over Burlington after
some jets came in responding to the ufos earlier that morning. After the
photos were developed we saw that there were two ufos in the photos
and several white cylinder objects .  11-05-04
After an early
morning sighting
of some ufos, jets
came out and
sprayed their
chemtrails in the
location of where
the ufos were
over Burlington
This is a UFO Corral Gayle and Mary Sutherland was photographing in the
sky over Pine Street in Burlington, Wi.  This UFO seems to have the ability
to shapeshift.  IS IT SKY WRITING??? .    2004
CLICK HERE for more
information on UFO SKY WRITING
Corral Gayle was able to photograph this ufo over
Burlington with a disposable digital camera. Taken
over Fred's Bar in Burlington Wi.  2004
The above photo is a cloaked cigar-shaped ufo shooting a laser beam to a smaller
white cylinder type ufo. Photo taken over Pine Street in Burlington Wisconsin
We believe they are receiving and transmitting messages through the beam.  This
photo was taken by Mary Sutherland in 2004 - just as it broke dawn.

Following is another UFO that we found similar to the above not only in form but
action - shooting of light beam . Story follows Photo

February 2000 - Strangely Shaped UFO Photographed
(From This Month In UFO History)

Stinson Lake, proximate to a U.S. army training area, may be an alien or
government UFO base, or a focus of investigation or travel by aliens, one reason
being possible mining as the area is rich in precious minerals. A Mirror ship was
photographed directing a beam of light at the hillside. Two questions that come to
mind are: What was it? And Why was it at an army operations area?

I was given a photo last night of an object above the snow covered evergreens in
the soupy late afternoon February sky of 2000 at Stinson Lake. It is not a painted
object such as blue underneath and white on top, or black, or part metal and paint...

It is like a mirror reflecting the milky white sky above and the forest below color for
color, tone for tone, hue for hue with intensity above surrounding fields at nearest
equator and diminishing below surrounding fields (slightly faded at outer or left and
right edges)

There are no wings and no engines noise according to the photographer. There is
a shadow outlining its shape in a clearing below it and the same shadow is on the
underside reflection. There's more.

After closely examining the object utilizing digital enhancement techniques, globes
are seen underneath with hints of green and white lights, a possible dome on top
which almost completely blends in with the sky and globular energy field where
there are color shifts in the pixel spectrum where there are no added colors but a
reorganization of existing colors suggesting a mirage effect also seen with the
Mexico videos. The shifted field forms a perfect globe around the object exactly
touching is outer edge no matter the attitude of the craft.

Sitting back a little from a 600% enlargement on the monitor screen, a field 'net'
effect is obvious. The field appears webbed like a fish net formed into a globe and
transparent white. Further, there is evidence of a beam of light pointing at a dark
round spot also in a clearing on a nearby hill.

Above the object is a mushroom shape distortion similar to the globular energy field
but larger, which raises the question of the portal of origin or a second ship. It was
so sudden, the photographer never had any indication of what was about to
transpire as he shot landscape photographs in the otherwise peaceful environs
around him.

The photographer happened to be at the site near where the U.S. Army has
historically conducted paratrooper and other training. The Army's conventional
presence may well have been replaced by something extremely advanced. But the
sightings have not diminished in that remote and tranquil location unlikely to be
stumbled upon by any tourist.

Copyright J. Foss 2001 All Rights Reserved
(Source: http://www.rense.com/general10/STUNEY.HTM )

  Mary Sutherland

Rockford Orbs
Strange Lights over Rockford

FAA regulation 91.177 Minimum altitude for IFR operations. (a) Operation of
aircraft at minimum altitudes. Except when necessary for takeoff and landing,
no person may operate an aircraft under IFR below - (1) The applicable
minimum altitudes prescribed in Parts 95 and 97 of this chapter; or (2) If no
applicable minimum altitude is prescribed in those parts -- (i) In the case of
operations over an area designated a mountainous area in part 95, an
altitude of 2,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance
of 4 nautical miles from the course to be flown; or (ii) In any other case, an
altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance
of 4 nautical miles from the course to be flown (AIM/FAR 1994 airman's
information manual / federal aviation regulations).

FAA regulation 91.303 Aerobatic flight. No person may operate an aircraft in
aerobatic flight -- (a) Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement; (b)
Over an open air assembly of persons. For the purposes of this section,
aerobatic flight means an intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in
an aircraft's altitude, an abnormal altitude, or abnormal acceleration, not
necessary for normal flight.
Is this 'off world' Craft violating our airspace - or is this one of ours
called the
TR-3A "Black Manta," mimicking a ufo for reasons still
unknown to us. Check this out!  Thanks Bruce for the 'Tip' !
Listen to the taped audio of Bruces as he explains what has been
going on in and around Burlington - Southeastern Wisconsin and
Illinois Border for the last
30 years
The Black Manta
Click Here to Listen to this small .wav file
on the graphic you see below .
This is 'exactly' what Jolene, I and a few others
witnesses December 23,2004 between Eagle Lake and Bong
Recreational Park. It came right down at us. We  thought it was going
to crash into the car..but then turned suddenly back up into the sky ,
disappearing above the cloud coverage.

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:43:15 -0700
From: "William L. & Lori M. McDonald" <

Subject: Excerpt from my OneList discussion with Hal Puthoff

Hal was pointing out the obvious. This is precisely what I have been closing
my lectures with for the past four years. How can anyone miss the
comparison that my Stingray/Porpoise-like Chimaera design has in
common with the three "Aurora" planes, the F-117 Nighthawk, the TR-3A
"Black Manta," and even the original old YF-12A/SR-71 Blackbird spy planes
of Kelly Johnson's Genius.

Well Hal, you asked for it!

Now that legendary Lockheed engineer and Chief model kit designer for the
Testor Corporation, John Andrews is dead, I can announce that he
personally confirmed the design connection between the Roswell
Spacecraft and the Lockheed Martin Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles
(UCAVs), spyplanes, Joint Strike Fighters, and Space Shuttles.

He was a close personal friend of "Skunk Works" CEO Ben Rich, the hand
picked successor of Kelly Johnson, the man
famous for the F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth" fighter, it's half-pint prototype the
HAVE BLUE, and the top secret F-19 Stealth Interceptor.

Before Rich died of cancer, Andrews took my questions to him. Rich

1. There are two types of UFOs. The ones we build, and the ones THEY
build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "Hand-me-downs."
The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the
administration of that information. After the 1969 Nixon "Purge",
administration was handled by an international board of directors in the
private sector.

2. "'An' item", as opposed to "'The' item" was recovered near the world's only
combat operational atom bomb base (Roswell AAF) in 1947. Hull design,
aerodynamic measurements, propulsion info was passed directly to Jack
Northrop and Kelly Johnson, beginning in 1950, with a major block of data
being passed on from "The Working Group" at Wright Patterson AFB's
Foreign Technologies Division in 1952.

"'The' item" refers to the top secret designation of Kelly's original variant of
the U-2 (TR-1) spy plane in congressional and Pentagon budgets in the

3. Nearly all "Biomorphic" aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell
spacecraft from Kelly's SR-71 Blackbird, onward to today's drones, UCAVs,
and aerospace craft.

4. The inward canted vertical stabilizers of the F-19, the HAVE BLUE, many
drones, some UCAVs, and the SR-71 matched the 30 degree inward cant of
the Roswell spacecraft's shark fin shaped pair of vertical stabs or
"Winglets." Same goes for the wing camber to fuselage "Blend" of the
airframe designs.

5. The outward cants of the F-22 Raptor, the F-117, the McDonnell Douglas
YF-23, and the TACIT BLUE stealth concept prototypes perform similar
aerodynamic functions for stability in high performance flight.

6. Rich observed that the impression Kelly Johnson's contacts had was a
negative impression and Kelly implied in rare conversations on the subject
that "Factions" from "Out there" were a threat, more than they were a
blessing, and that the cost of having "Them" around was "Unimaginable"
and "Unbelievable."

7. It was Ben Rich's opinion, that the public should not be told. He believed
they could not handle the truth, ever. Only in the last months of his decline
did he begin to feel that the "International corporate board of directors"
dealing with the "Subject," could represent a bigger problem to citizens'
personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence
of offworld visitors themselves.

Andrews passed this information on to me in stages, from 1994 until my last
phone conversation with him around the Christmas holidays of 1998.
On 29 April 1993 before the Sightings TV show camera crew, this ship put on a
spectacular performance before professional cameras.  That performance is the
subject of an entire website called
The Performance.  Because of space
restrictions this animated gif could not be put on that website.  It is presented here
the first time in order to give you the full impact of what happened that night.

Whose ship is this and where did it come from?  Are the
Cro-Mags and their
Stingray-shaped ship merely the creation of Science Fiction writers, or could there
be something more to the
Sliders television show?   Could the death-bed
confession of "Skunk Works" CEO Ben Rich be true?
Brad Sutherland Filmed this Manta, very similar to the Sightings illustration
..including the small crafts around it .. over Eagle Lake  11-21-04

On 29 April 1993,  before the Sightings TV show camera crew, this ship
put on a spectacular performance before professional cameras. That
particular performance is the subject of an entire website called The
Performance. Again in December 23, 2004 this particular ship came back
to present itself to myself and our researchers as we were coming back
from doing energy work at Eagles Lake. It came right down at us, right out
of the clouds. At first all we could see was this huge beam of light coming
down right at us , out of the clouds. Just before reaching us, it quickly
banked to the left , going back up through the clouds. As it banked we
could see the dark profile of a ship larger than a football field with a green
light on each wing.. The people in the following car, reported to us , they
felt like they had entered into some sort of 'void' where there was total
silence, except for a loud roaring sound.
Click here to hear the sound of
this ship they that night . . They could no longer hear the sounds of the
tires on the road as they drove and felt as if they were floating. This lasted
only seconds and the sounds came back and things went back to
normal..or as normal as it could get under the circumstances. I and the
ones in the car with me never noticed this void, as we were too much in
shock watching the uncoming ship - just knowing that this was going to be
our last moments on Earth. As the ship went back up into the night sky, we
could see the lights flashing through the clouds something similar to
strobe lights. I had my digital camera handy, so I tried to get a photo of
what was left to see.  
As you see in Illustration: although the Ship was not
there, much activity still remained - or were we in another dimension. The
mystery remains to be answered on this.
Reference: The Black Vault

Now, I am going to do an excerpt out of one of "Benjamin"'s letters, because
I figure if I paraphrase it, I will just get the information mixed up. So here it is:
"I worked on the Gravity Catapult. Einstein General Theory has a number of
similarities to the Maxwell theory of electromagnetism. In
electromagnetism, the basic source of all the forces is the charge in the
electron. The charge generates an electric field. If you move the charge to
form an electric current, the current generates a magnetic field. If you
increase or decrease a magnetic field, that hanging magnetic field in turn
generates an electric field. The same thing happens in gravity.
The basic source of all the forces is the mass of whatever particles you are
using. The mass generates a gravity field. If you move the particles to form a
mass current, the current generates a new field that is the gravitational
equivalent of the magnetic field. (an anti-gravity engine). We have it, have
had it for several years now and I worked on it. Why do you think NASA is
slowly trying to down-size. They keep calling for smaller cheaper engines
and so forth. They know that the present form of space-flight as well as
transportation here on Earth is about to change. They don't want to waste
the money...but they have to or everyone will wonder why. The use millions
of dollars of tax-payer money on useless stuff! This engine uses no fuel,
has no sound and can never break. Since it uses gravitational fields for
motion...as long as you have gravity, the engine will work."

Is this information real? Did the United States Air Force make a huge
mistake by referencing UFOs on a Project Tobacco FOIA request?
Why Would Our Government and Science Keep the UFO Phenomenon Secret
Click Here to Find Out.
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