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Did you know that Burlington Wisconsin has been having incredible ufo sightings since July of 2004. Yes...and where are we taking these photos??  Right over the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center.  Following are only a
'few' of the wisconsin ufo photos taken over Burlington. All photos copyrighted by Mary Sutherland @2005
Could the photo that Corral Gayle have taken in the sky over Burlington be a space gate. Let's  analyze the possibility of this using the theory of Space Time Warp Tubes.  First I will put up a few photos below so that you can follow
this line of thought with what we were able to capture on digital camera.  

This Photo shows the space time warp tubes.
and ufos coming out. The ufos are only small specks giving you an idea just how
big this gate really is.
One of the small specks coming out of the tube to
the right is shown below. Florescent green shows
us that this ship is in a plasma state. It has not
solidified or formed into solid matter yet.
Larry Dickens, executive producer of the Jerry Pippin Show worked
on the photos above and by cutting and enlarging was able to get
a better definition of what this tube looks like.  Notice the small
speck to the top left of the photo. That is a ufo!
Now for the Fun Part !

S. V. Krasnikov is a theoretical Physicist at the Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo in St. Petersburg, Russia. He  proposes a creation of  a space warp behind the space ship as it travels at near lightspeed to
some distant star system, and then use the "tube" thus created for the return trip.  He suggests a particular "metric", a distortion of space that has an interesting property for the return trip:
it gets you back home shortly after
you left, no matter how far you go.

In effect the Krasnikov Tube is a tunnel through time, connecting the departure time of the ship with the time of its arrival at destination point. Inside the tube space-time is "flat", i.e., unwarped, but the path limits of light
through space-time has been opened out so that it permits superluminal travel in one direction only, e.g., back to the starting point on Earth.
In its impact on interstellar travel, the 'Krasnikov' Tube is similar to that of a hypothetical wormhole mouth launched with an near-lightspeed velocity.  The distortion of space-time provides a shortcut that subverts the
relativistic rules of interstellar travel. However, there is an important difference: the traveling wormhole provides a shortcut through time and space, so that once the wormhole path was established one could literally walk
from one star system to another. On the other hand, the Krasnikov Tube is only a shortcut through time. The distance to  the destination point must still be traversed by a fast starship with enormous relativistic time dilation.

Krasnikov argues that despite the time-machine-like aspects of his metric, it cannot violate the Law of Causality (that a cause must always precede its effects in all coordinate systems and along all space-time paths)
because all points along the round-trip path of the spaceship always have an ordered timelike separation interval [in algebraic terms, c2(t1-t2)2 is always larger than (x1-x2)2 + (y1-y2)2 + (z1-z2)2]. This means, for example,
that a light-beam message sent along a Krasnikov Tube cannot be used for back-in time signaling.  In the terminology of the ufologist, this would mean 'Non-Interference' of events.

Mary Sutherland  @2005
Dirk Laureyssens

In our Big Tube concept the impact force is an unbreakable membrane tube. This tube pelastrates another tube or another part in three possible ways; (1)
the impact tube goes only through the top layer(s) of the impact zone (the top of the tube that is hit) and the impact tube will follow a trajectory inside that
tube, (embedded tube)(2) the impact tube goes completely through the other tube, and carries then two layers as a new skin (Top and Bottom layer) or
several skins from the previous (historical) layering, (3) the impacting tube splits in two or more sub-tubes.

The multi-dimensional Universe consists primary of a giant basic tube made from a tensegritic membrane. The membrane is unbreakable. The
membrane is almost infinite stretchable. The existence such a membrane is the only axioma of this theory. [One can question of course what made this
membrane and then there are several speculations such as a type of tricoted single or double filament that is stored behind the membrane. Our goal is
limited - for the moment - to show an engineering system that is simple and doesn't need a lot of postulates like QM and hundreds of exclusions.]

This membrane is so flexible and elastic that it can infold by a pelastration loop or other types of pelastrations (see image below). This can happen on
macro cosmos level as on micro cosmos level. A pelastration will influence locally the tension on the membrane.

The giant tube - which is in essence the membrane itself - will restructure itself in many divisions and sub-divisions. We call these divisions: Islands or
pellons (pelastrated holons). You can see them also as macro cosmic cigars and micro cosmic cigarillo's. ;-)

Each island contains the complete historical layering from the previous hyperspaces from which is founded. This way we can say that the system always
keeps it's INTEGRITY. Since the internal and external 'skins' move as two or more couples oscillating systems they create between them FRICTION. That
friction creates an overhaul oscillation which amplitude will depend from the internal (topological) structuring of the layers depending from their degree of
membrane stress. This explains RESONANCE.

Next to that the membrane can create 'locally' also new tiny tubes which will act as membrane tentacles vibrating after the overhaul frequency of that
specific island. We can call these outer-island tubes: Field tubes (because they represent the electro-magnetic and radiation fields).

Because the layers press upon each other they create 'tension', thus DENSITY. This way the various combinations between energy and matter are
explained. The shift between energy and matter happens thus as follows: couple (white hole/pellon of A+B)-> de-couple (Black hole separation A and B)
-> re-couple (New white hole/pellon A+X) and/or (new white hole/pellon B+Y).

The Big Tube sub-divides itself by pelastration in trillions of other tube-zones and inter- and intra-dimensional tubes. This process of creation can happen
simultaneous on the MACRO- and MICRO-cosmic LEVEL.

Pelastration is an essential dynamic process to explain the creation of dimensions, matter and energy, motion, etc. and several joining activities, but is not
the only process. Sub-tubes (such as the field-tubes) - resulting from the pelastration of several types of tubes - can also coil, knot, etc. with other tubes
and provoking changes of conditions. For example by coiling they can create temporary conditions (joined resonance by joined connection) to attract (in
fact capture) symbiotic other tubes (compare it with human reproduction). Another type of resonance is however also created by internal friction or
over-heating of one or more layers in a tube-zone or the entry of new tubes (e.ge. adding new strings to the piano). The embedding of another
'micro-island' will influence the overhaul frequency.
The approach of Pelastration and Tunity shows that the each island keeps it's original layers (basic components) and historic design, which are although
adapted during it's existence (island life-time frame) by internal changes (conform intra conditions, thus in accordance with internal 'allowed' growth and
decay condintions) and by exogenous factors: which POSITION (i.e. transversing tubes may fix POSITION in a large network of islands) and CHANGE
characteristics (embedding values).

Every island act thus like an isolated unit (with an own state of the system) but is in fact still in each of it's layers connected with it's founding states of
structure. And the membrane is still the same.
Each island is thus a holon (Cfr. Arthur Koestler: A holon may be defined as 'one part within a larger whole that is itself also a whole containing smaller
parts' -- a self-organizing phenomenon observed in all areas of life.) or a BIBIB (a Box-in-Box-in-Box).

Difference with the traditional String theory:
Uroboros, The Snake that bites in its own tail. More:
There are a number of interpretations about the logic or
values behind the Uroboros snake (also called Ouroboros
and Uroborus). The normal explanation: it symbolizes the
recycling or renewal of the Universe.
From the nothingness shows up a specific zone
with other properties than the nothingness itself.
This can be a pelastration of nothingness through
nothingness. For us this zone however represents
our physical and metaphysical Universe.

Mysterium Coniunctionis by C.G.Jung: "In the
image of the uroboros (the serpent swallowing
its own tail) lies the thought of devouring
oneself and turning oneself into a circulatory
process... The uroboros is a dramatic symbol
for the integration and assimilation of the
opposite, i.e., of the shadow...it is said of the
uroboros that he slays himself and brings
himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives
birth to himself."

.geocities.com/annafranklin1/snake.html :
Originally the snake was the symbol of the
virgin goddess, who gave birth to the cosmos
unaided by any male principle. The coiled
serpent represented her vagina. The connection
between copulation and conception was not
made for millennia. In early myths the Goddess
gave birth to the universe parthenogenically,
though after the connection had been made the
original Oneness of the Goddess split into god
and goddess forms and from their sexual union
creation was thought to arise.

Because of its obvious phallic shape and its
reputed fertility the snake is also a symbol of the
male principle. In the Pelasgian creation myth the
Goddess created the first living creature from air,
the giant serpent Ophion, and becoming a female
serpent mated with it and then gave birth to the
world egg. She became a dove and floated on the
primordial ocean while Ophion coiled around the
egg three times until it hatched out and created
the heavens, the earth and the underworld.

http://zero-point.tripod.com/psycho/psycho1.html :
The Uroborous dragon biting its own tail depicts
the original chaotic condition, which prevails
before the radical transmutation. But it contains all
the refined ingredients of the ultimate state in
their uncooked form—the heat has yet to be
applied to the unrefined material, raw uncooked

The symbolism of the starry heaven coincides with
the motif of polyopthalmia (many eyes). The
dragon or serpent represents the initial state of
unconsciousness, which is to be sacrificed. The
inner man, the homunculus passes through the
stages and undergoes transformation. In Zosimos,
the homunculus stands for the uroborous and is
synonymous with Ion, the self-sacrificing priest of
the mysteries. Uroboros is also identified with the
ego, and the division into four. As an arcanum,
the egg is a synonym for water, the dragon, and
World Egg.


The worm, snake, serpent or dragon biting or
swallowing its own tail is a powerful symbol of
infinity, and also of universal nature, of
completion, perfection and totality, the endless
round of embodied existence, the union of the
chthonic with the celestial. Parallels abound - the
figure-8 symbol of infinity (quite possibly derived
from the uroboros), the Chinese yin-yang symbol,
the Buddhist wheel of Life, etc.
Ouroboros The Serpent biting its own tail appears
in New Kingdom Egypt (1600 years b.c.e.). It was
taken up by the Phonecians and then to the
Greeks, who called it the Ouroboros (or
uroboros), which means tail-devouror. They
considered it the Great World Serpent encircling
the earth, associated with the world-ocean.
Ouroboros became an important Gnostic symbol,
later taken up by Western Alchemy.

From the Planck scale to the cosmic horizon, the
visible universe encompasses about 60 orders of
magnitude. The size scales of the universe can
thus be arrayed around the serpent like minutes
around the face of a clock. Sheldon Glashow
originally suggested this symbol, with the
swallowing of the tail expressing his hope for a
unification of the theories governing the largest
and smallest scales [8]. I noticed [9] that there are
many connections across the diagram:
electromagnetism dominates the bottom; the
strong and weak interactions not only dominate
on nuclear scales but also describe energy
generation in stars and determine the composition
of planetary systems; and dark matter, which is
gravitationally dominant on galactic and larger
scales, may be associated with the physics of still
smaller scales.
Following are several photos we took at Eagle Lake 1-31-05 with possible explanation following:
Our world(s) show a complex of interconnectedness on the macro and micro levels which provoke a diversity of living and non-living forms.
The pelastration manifold explains the basic paradox, but also the answers to similar paradoxes about life and religion. Till today these
paradoxes were given by revelations and philosophy, now we can "see" how it works. The basic paradox of how matter and spirit (energy) is
created from "emptiness" is answered by proving that at the second level of manifolding a duality in possibilities of impact-combinations
starts. It becomes clear that which of the tubes becomes the active impact tube determinates the outcome. Although started with identical
forces the layer-characteristics will differ. 2+1=3 is not the same as 1+2=3.
                                 Three is not Three ! ... and that means a lot.

Of course combinations of one, two, three + and three - give a lot of combinations of next levels, since 4 will not be the same as 4, 5
will be not the same as 5, etc.
This apparent contradiction is solved by looking for a higher level. The observer standing on level 1 (where duality is created in 2) has
the OVERVIEW. But the observer standing in 3(-) or 3(+) sees only two different events, from which one is "un-real".

But even the lower observer will be confronted with more of these anomalies. He will not understand what is the origine/cause of
certain of his observations, and will introduce an "uncertainty principle" (Heisenberg) and systems like Quantum Mechanics.

For example: on the forth level a 5 composed by [(3+)+2] and [(4+1)+1] are layered identically (but might have other density
characteristics), but is also layered identical as [1+(3+)]= 4. When observer's evaluation system is based on the scientific approach of
"counting layers" these three will be judged as IDENTICAL. We know however that their combinations of matter and energy is NOT

The result of these pelastrations is a number of local "closed" zones which seem to be independent to the observer but still are
connected in a double way, first by the "JOINT", secondly by the "LAYERING". Interaction between them is thus still possible.

The Paradox of Creation.
Einstein looked 30 years for the Gravitational Ether which would be the "primair" kinetic source in the conception of the Universe.
Movements of the ether or movements in the ether could give a mechanical approach of the universe.
Below analysis shows how pelastration gives the key to the creation of new (embedding previous dimensions) dimensions by
restructering of the Gravitational Ether.
The Paradox of Creation
The Paradox of the Quantum Leap can also be explained.

Michio Kaku: "The original 10 dimensional space-time finally "cracked" into two pieces, a four and a six dimensional universe. The
universe made the "quantum leap" to another universe in which six of the 10 dimensions collapsed and curled up into a tiny ball,
allowing the remaining four dimensional universe to explode outward at an enormous rate. The four dimensional universe (our world)
expanded rapidly, creating the Big Bang, while the six dimensional universe wrapped itself into a tiny ball and shrunk down to
infinitesimal size."

In the pelastration concept the original structure splits in a basic passive part (receptive tube) and the pelastrating second part
(impact tube) that becomes double layered. cfr. Kaku's 10 = 6 + 4 dimensions

De-pelastration= when the impact redraws this acts like a block-hole (shrinking and increasing density) till it disappears in a funnel
(Kaku: "One puzzle, however, is that, according to Einstein's equations, the funnel of a black hole necessarily connects our universe
with a parallel universe.
Furthermore, if the funnel connects our universe with itself, then we have a "worm hole"

Look now to the design of the pelastration: a white hole, that during the de-pelastration (decay) becomes a black hole.
Corral's Car..
Infinite Dimensions!
Jolene in multi-dimension..
One dimension of present (arns up) and the
other dimension of future..moments before
next photo was taken with her arms down.
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