In Search of Bigfoot
Exploring the Unknown   with
Mary Sutherland

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Today Mary Sutherland chats with Keegan Reid, radio host and friend to the
Forest People, known to many as Big Foot. Some believe Big foot is not our
friend and should be shot, while others dedicate their lives to prevent any
harm coming to these forest enigmas. Some believe they are of a lost race
that has evolved among our race. What do you believe? Share your opinions
with us today on our interview with Keegan Reid. Let's Talk about it! Yes we
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In Search of Bigfoot - X Marks the Spot and other Bigfoot Markings
Liz standing next to broken branch braced up against a nook in the tree - Burlington Woods
Animal Trail with fresh broken stick pointing to an area we believe was being used by
Bigfoot for sleeping.
In this area we found a lot of crossed sticks and branches creating an X that Bigfoot are known to make as markers for other big foot to follow.
Another limb forced between 2 trees to create a marker for other big foot.
Another Broken small tree forced into the fork of these dead tree limbs.
This area is on the opposite side of the Burlington Woods Swamp , through another set of woods.  I saw no signs of any people back there, being that it is fairly unknown area for the people
of Burlington.  Bigfoot can go back here and enjoy some solitude. There are places we found where beds were made next to the swamp, although we can not throw away the idea of deer
making beds back there. With the high cattails and swamp vegetation this wotuld be a perfect area for many types of creatures and entities to hide without being seen.
Bigfoot has been spotted many times across from this swamp up near these power lines.
In search for Bigfoot we found these trees broken off and leaning up against trees. We think
they may be markers.