Big Foot -
Exploring the Unknown   
with Mary Sutherland
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
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Bigfoot Sighting crossing railroad tracks off
Spring Prairie Road. Brad Sutherland is
marking the spot where the Big Foot was
spotted crossing.
Burlington WI area.


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Burlington Wisconsin has a lot of crazy
things going on in their woods and

This video gives you an idea of just
how haunted this area is, including a
favorite place for the Bray Road Best,
Dogman and Bigfoot.  

This video has it all...including Mary's
experience with alternate time
dimensions explained by Shaman Dr.
Clifford Alford.

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Sometimes it is just all about Friends.

Brad and Mary Sutherland and Friends get together for a weekend
adventure looking for evidence of Bigfoot, Dogman and UFOs
This adventure took place near Dundee Wisconsin known for their
UFO sightings and their Annual Dundee UFO Days

I hope you enjoy these photos and our great memories with even
greater friends.  

To all my friends that participated in this event remember this -
although I don't get to see you as much as I would like to... I will
always love each and every one of you.   Mary

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Infra-Sound Being Used by Big Foot  - The Oz Factor
LODI WISCONSIN - There is something 'strange' in the Woods of Lodi.  

While taping this area for big foot - behind my son's house, I watched a large
limb actually bow downwards under the pressure of something quite heavy
sitting down on it. I watched the limb bow , but whatever it was, as you see in
this video could not be seen. However, you can hear my voice showing some
fear when I watched the limb bow.

This is what is so frustrating for a witness to the invisible. They SEE or
EXPERIENCE it, but have no proof backing their event. For those of you that
have been negatively judged because of this, I feel your pain....but through the
years, you just have to learn to 'believe in yourself' and 'enjoy the moments' that
were gifted to you.

Don't allow anyone to spoil your moment - Enjoy the magic!

Mary Sutherland
Bigfoot Burials and Grave Yards- Big Foot Bury
Their Dead -  Compiled by Mary Sutherland

We see over and over here reports of 3-4 Bigfoot
participating in the burial of another, as if it is some
kind of a ceremony

Date unknown, modern era: Northern California.
Reported by Ray Crowe.
A witness saw four Bigfoot carrying bones. The longest bone was up
to four feet long.

Date unknown, modern era: Pacific Northwest.
Reported by Roger Patterson
A man witnessed three Bigfoot digging a hole with their hands to bury
a fourth Bigfoot. Afterward, they rolled rocks on the grave.

Date unknown, modern era: Starkey, Oregon.
Reported by Ray Crowe
I the Blue Mountains, Sue Sebring found unusual cobble piles in the
forest. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. .

Date unknown, modern era: Alder Creek, Sandy, Oregon. East of
Reported by Ray Crowe.
Peter Byrne noted an unusual mound of earth along the creek.

1949: Pacific Northwest.
Reported by John Green.
A man reported seeing three Bigfoots, two older males and a female,
laying a dead young female Bigfoot out on top of a rock on a mountain
peak. This is probably the simplest Bigfoot burial, similar to the sky
burials of ancient humans. John Green did not believe the story, but
looking at other reports, it seems reasonable.

1962-1967: Northern Washington state.
Reported by Peter Byrne
A man witnessed three Bigfoot burying a fourth one.

After 1972: Klamath Agency, Oregon.
Reported by Vic McDaniel.
A bulldozer driver was building a road in the forest. He ran the road
through an area of large stones in a circle 20 feet in diameter, with
smaller stones in the middle. The next day, he would come back and
all of the stones were replaced in their original positions after he had
bulldozed them away. This went on for some time, and eventually, he
built the road around the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site.

Before 1975: Location unknown, probably Pacific Northwest.
Reported by Glen Thomas
Three Bigfoots were witnessed digging a hole with their hands to bury
a fourth Bigfoot. When the hole was filled in, huge boulders were rolled
over the site..

1985: Calapooia River, Oregon.
Reported by Ray Crowe.
In the Oregon Coast Range, Gold miners found a 50 foot wide area
where the tops of all trees had been broken off around the perimeter.
In the clearing, there was a deer carcass and two piles of smooth, five
inch cobblestones, about 2.5 feet high, separated by 20 feet. The
previous night, the miners had been frightened by strange screams
and the sounds of breaking trees. They never went back to excavate
the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site.

1989: McMinnville, Starkey, Oregon.
Reported by Ray Crowe.
Scott White found strange piles of rocks in a clearing with smashed
trees. Possible Bigfoot burial site.

1990: Estacada, Oregon. East of Portland,
Reported by Ray Nab.
A hunter found a dead baby Bigfoot ten feet up in a tree. He reported
that it was just a small, furry little thing. He was interested in the tree in
the first place due to large scat piles all around it. The dead Bigfoot
was buried in the boughs of an evergreen and was covered with  other
boughs. The hunter thought that the scat piles were from the mother
Bigfoot who had been sitting under the tree mourning the death of her
baby. This could be called an “Indian style burial,” as Indians in the
Pacific Northwest used to bury their dead up in trees, albeit in caskets.
The hunter called Portland State University and told them he had found
a dead baby Bigfoot. They laughed at him and told him that they were
not interested in looking at it. After all, Bigfoot don’t exist. The man
'allegedly' stuck the baby Bigfoot in his deep freeze, and that’s the last
we have heard of it.

Summer 1992: Estacada, Oregon, near Bagby Hot Springs.
Reported by Ray Crowe.
A philosophy teacher saw two Bigfoots, either a male and female or
two females. There were two young, auburn colored Bigfoots with
them. They were in a riverbed, burying another Bigfoot under a pile of
stones. They had not dug a hole; they were just burying it with rocks.
He stated that the Bigfoots were acting “sad.” The site was rechecked
by an investigator one year later, but flooding had washed the stones
away, and the site could not be rediscovered.

After 1995: Whidbey Island, Washington.
Reported by Rhett Mullis
Rhett Mullis found large mounds on this island in Puget Sound where
there is no history of Indian residence. A large pit had been dug out but
had not yet been used. There was a “hallway” along a well-used trail
and scat was scattered around. The mounds were covered with large
hand-sized rocks. Plants had been pulled up and placed on top of the
mounds in order to hide them. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. .

October 21, 2002: Estacada, Oregon.
Reported by the BFRO.
Possible Bigfoot burial grounds consisting of pits and stacks of heavy
rocks were found at a high elevation in the Clackamas River Gorge.
They could not be Indian burial grounds.

"This is really an interesting compilation of reports, and quite
fascinating, as well. Thank you for sharing this; it is a facet of this
creature with which I have been quite unfamiliar! Well, that certainly
would answer the question always posed by skeptics; Where are the
bodies? And it does not sound impossible given the other intelligent
actions people observe such as gathering and stacking water plant
roots. "  
Linda Godfrey
People may deny his existence, but more and more, Big foot is
becoming part of our collective consciousness. Here is a 'straw
sculpture' of Bigfoot called 'Straw Squatch' that we found in Mt. Morris
8-25-18 during their straw sculpture competition and festivities.  
Wouldn't you love having that fella on display in your yard!  How Fun!
Bill Benson - Owner of Benson Hide Away
Bar and Grill with Annual UFO Daze.
It is a great place to visit , talk UFOs, Strange
and Unexplained Stories this is the place to
Hang... Camping right down the road with
Hot Showers!
A 19th-century painting depicting a scene from Ramayana, wherein
monkeys are shown building a bridge to Lanka
Hand cut off of a dead bigfoot a person
found in the Himalyan area. It was too
big for one person to carry out of
Portals...Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
19.99  120 pages
Full Color

Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
Believe in the Magic Series

In reading my book, ‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ and
my series ‘Believe in the Magic’, I assure you, that you will not be disappointed.
Quite the opposite; this book and upcoming series offer to the reader a unique
understanding of ‘All that Is!’

Spread throughout its pages, are photos my husband Brad and I have taken
through the years of the invisible worlds, filled with multiple selves, faeries,
trolls, UFOs, angels and more.
Only miles outside of Burlington Wisconsin, the illusive Bigfoot makes his
home. Now and then one
is spotted and a report usually ends up on my desk of this event. Most
of the time, it is an audio account of what the observer witnessed. But in
the case of the Eagle Lake Bigfoot, our client was actually able to
a footprint left in the mud .
Black and White Photo (left)  is a bigfoot print taken at Eagle Lake .
Compare the pads prints to the
foot of the bigfoot photo on bottom right.( Click black and white photo for
larger picture)
Eagle Lake Bigfoot Print
Burlington Wisconsin area offers an abundant area for food and
shelter for the Bigfoot having underground cave systems,
marshes, sink holes, vortices and woods. Following is an aerial
photo Brad Sutherland took of the area known for bigfoot
The Evolution of Bigfoot
Mary Sutherland

Researching the Bigfoot Sightings I have determined that they are an unidentified primordial humanoid who evolved
alongside of humans but on a different branch of evolution. They live in tribes, care for their community of people and at
this time, want to keep separate from our race of people. Being that they are of a curious nature, they are known to watch
us, yet continue to stay cautious of human contact.

While they are powerful enough to carry a large deer, elk or cow they are usually of a gentle nature and have been known
to nurture a lost child or help an injured back packer. They seem to hunt and live similar to the First Nation People and live
by the cycles of Mother Nature, the moon and sun.

They do share a common verbal language amongst themselves as well as body and hand language. Some form of
language would be necessary for the very survival of the group. Although the verbal language may be different in the
Bigfoot around the world, the body language would be universal as may be their hand language. Their voice can be
lowered to go under the spectrum of our physical hearing. However, this sound can be picked up with a voice recorder.

According to some researchers observing Bigfoot, they could not hear the Bigfoot until they put headphones on and
plugged into their recording devices. When plugged in they could hear a large range of vocalization including grunts,
clicking sounds, barks, animal and bird imitations, distant mumbling, coos and other various sounds and pitches coming
from the group. When the plugs were taken out of the ears, the sounds of the woods go back to normal, without any sound
being picked up coming from the Bigfoot. This year, we are going back to our favorite Bigfoot location and I will be using
the listening devices to test this theory.

The emotions of Bigfoot seem to run the full gamut ranging from love and compassion to fear and anger. There are
stories telling of Bigfoot saving people that have been hurt or lost. However, there are also stories telling that they will
attack when they feel their family or life style is threated. Like humans, they probably have had their share of rogues
through the years and I could think of nothing worse than running into a Bigfoot with a bad attitude…except for a Dogman
with a bad attitude!

When Bigfoot feels threated, they will throw sticks and stones to frighten off whoever or whatever are in the woods that they
are threatened by. One researcher warned me: “If they start throwing rocks at you…DO NOT throw rocks back! I guess if
you do they will really start pelting you with stones! Sometimes they will pelt the observer with nuts and/or pine cones.
When they start feeling comfortable with your presence, the stick and stone throwing seems to cease and they watch you
at a distance. From personal familiarity, we have experienced some stone or stick throwing just to get our attention and let
us know they were there. When they think it is time to for you to leave, they will start throwing things around you or shaking
trees or bushes. Most people get the message and leave. If they are in a group, sometimes they will surround you, yet you
will not see them. Even though they can’t be seen, you will definitely feel their staring eyes upon you- to the extent it raises
the hair at the back of your neck.

In search of Bigfoot look for land with a lot of old growth trees and heavy foliage, with streams, rivers and/or swamps for a
water source which would also provide a good food source i.e. berries, nuts, animals, fish, herbs, etc. Shaggy Bark hickory
trees provide a lot of food dropping in the fall, as does berry bushes in the spring and summer and wild grape vines in the

As soon as humans walk into the woods, the wildlife goes into an alert mode. The birds, insects and other forest wildlife
give off warning to all the wildlife in the woods. The Bigfoot uses this to their advantage- there is no sneaking up on these
man creatures!

Being that there is so much food and herbs in the woods the Bigfoot do not have to depend on meat in order to survive.
They can nurture themselves on wild berries, grains, nuts, mushrooms, wild onions, asparagus, cat tails, minerals and
herbs. They eat certain insects, grub worms, frogs, turtles, fish, etc. They are excellent hunters and hunt in groups, circling
their prey slowly bringing the circle tighter and tighter. When the prey has been caught, its neck is usually broken and the
meat carried back to the tribe for consumption.

Local legend tells of the Wisconsin werewolf, commonly known as the "Bray Road Beast" being spotted around Burlington
and Elkhorn. According to Bruce, a Burlington local, one night one of the farmers off Spring Prairie Road spotted some
sheep lying dead along the side of ‘Deadman’s Hill’, just below the cemetery. As he went up to investigate he spotted
what he referred to as ‘the Beast’ coming off the hill carrying a sheep under each arm. It was shortly after that the farmer
moved the sheep off the land and replaced them with cattle. To this day, the cattle are the only livestock that are pastured
there. Sightings of Bigfoot have also been reported in this same area.

Native American Shamans tell us that our human evolutionary tree is bigger than we think and has hidden branches that
we cannot perceive - at least not yet. They describe these unseen entities who share the evolutionary tree with us as
similar to us; characterizing them as neither all absolutely good nor absolutely bad. They have the same fears and
feelings we do. They avoid human contact by cloaking themselves with a cloud of invisibility or they escape through the
portals into other dimensional worlds or time lines.

Joan Ocean explains in the following:

“On many occasions we have noticed that our Sasquatch friends appear see-through, and seem to vanish
instantaneously. The Ancient Ones can dematerialize. They are able to move freely between our three-dimensional,
linear reality, and their world, which exists outside our conventional laws of physics, in the expanded world of
Quantum Physics. In the physical world we know, they make shelters, forage for food, walk long distances, eat,
sleep, defecate, communicate and make loud growling sounds.

In their extra-dimensional world, life is different. Their bodies are of a different frequency and therefore their needs
are not the same as when in a three-dimensional, physical environment. The particular group of Wise Ones that I
have been introduced to can only remain out of body for limited periods of time, or they lose their ability to return to
physical matter.”
“There are many other advanced beings that can access the refined frequencies of light in lighter bodies as well. The
Ancient Ones have told me they are in contact with the Good Star People, who also know how to live in nearby, and
very accessible, parallel realities. Physicists know that in Quantum Physics electrons can pass through solid matter.
Similarly, while in a quantum state, the Wise Ones have no weight or mass; they are like a "wave" of energy, or
perhaps like an Orb
Professor Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford,  claims that a towering woman named Zana who lived in
19th Century Russia -  appeared to be 'half human, half ape' - could have been the fabled yeti. New DNA
evidence from her living descendents are said to not match any known modern humans living today.  Zana
had at least four children by local men and some of her descendants still live in the region, the Times

Zana  was a remarkable individual, who lived wild in the northern Caucasus and was said to be able to run
faster than a horse. Her story is a tragic one; She was hunted down by hunters and when caught placed in
a pit surrounded by spikes so she could not escape. She was sold on from owner to owner, until she was
partially domesticated and become a servant to a nobleman.
Photo of Zana , her son Khwit and her granddaughter
It was in this wooded area outside of Burlington, WI that a adolescent
big foot  was physically seen by one of our tour members. As she yelled
out, others looked where she was pointing and  saw the effects of
branches bending as it ran from us. it was described as looking like a
orange colored large monkey.
Well we can’t be 100 percent certain it was a young bigfoot but we are
certain that there are no monkeys in these woods!
Tree twists and artificial structure. Paul and Sanjay saw a bigfoot across from this area in the swamp. A four wheeler had
scared it out of hiding and it was making a run for it to a safer place. Michigan

So why doesn't scientists and government take the finding of Bigfoot
seriously...Why make a mockery of all the evidence we have to prove
he/she exists?
Well let's consider Sasquatch and the endangered species act. If
followed to the law. 65%(+-) of the US, Canadian Forests would be
zoned 'Federal Wildlife Habitat.'  Billions of dollars are at stake if
Bigfoot becomes recognized. Think spotted owl... Then think 'Bigfoot'.