KARBON  d' ALlEN - The Shad Detectives                       PAGE
This Pranksilvania
Redhead goes in search
of Lantern Less's
Lantern. Follow along
with her throughout
these pages to has all
sorts of advice for you.
Ask her a question on
anything - If she doesn't
have the answer she will
make one up.
MattLock and FishHead - SHAD Dectives
Every town has their 'bad guys' and Karbondale Pranksylvania is no exception. Fortunately for Karbondale it is
MattLock and FishHead, our reality's equivalent to Dumb and Dumber.
Follow along in their 'attempts' to stop Karbon d'Alien in her quest  to gather informaton on a ufo that  was captured
in her little town of Karbondale and to recover  a lost lantern for her little alien, 'LanternLess'
Karbondale - An alternate Reality .
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