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The Mormons believe that the Mound Builders may be the so called 'LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL . (Isra -people of; el -god)   - SERPENT RACE


Evidence can link these people to the Phoencians and through the  Warrior King , David who allied himself with King Tyre and Sidon and united the tribes of Israel. Later this empire
went to Solomon.

There is biblical evidence to support that King David's forces crushed  the Assyrian Empire .  King Solomon presided over a Golden Age of scientific learning and global exploration that
was made possible by the world dominance of the Phoenician Empire led by Israel.  Biblical evidence supports that King David's forces crushed the Assyrian Empire and that the  
"birthright" and "scepter" promises, made to the tribes of Joseph and Judah, respectively, reached an ancient apex at that time.  However something went wrong during this  Golden Age.
King Solomon deserted the ways of his God and turned to an  idol worshipping religion. .


A Babylonian tablet, which is the missing Sumerian Record of the Line of Cain  can be found  in the British Museum (No 74329),  circa 2000 B.C.
"As copied by A.R. Millard and translated by W.G. Lambert (Kadmos, vol. VI), it speaks of the beginnings of a group of people, called the AMAKANDU,  who were ploughmen.(
Ploughmen corresponds to the  to the biblical "tiller of the land.") Their  Mesopotamian chief was   called KA'IN !
He built in DUNNA  a city with TWIN TOWERS and  dedicated to himself the lordship over the city.
According to Sitchen, after the death of Ka'in, he was laid to rest in the City of Dunnu.  He writes, " ....We also find among traditional Assyrian eponyms of royal names the combination
ASHUR-BEL-KA'INI ("Ashur, lord of the Ka'inites"). The Assyrian Scribes paralleled this with the Sumerian ASHUR-EN.DUNI ("Ashur is lord of Duni". This implies  that the KA'INI  ("The
people of Kain") and the DUNI ("The people of Dun") were one and the same, thus reaffirming the biblical CAIN AND THE LAND OF NUN OR DUN.


The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were NEVER  SMALL SHEPHERD KINGDOMS! In fact, they were THE TWO SUPER POWERS  of their day and WORLD TRADERS -- reaching  the
four corners of the earth - including North America.   Hebrew/Phoenician artifacts and inscriptions have been documented widely in North America. Most of these books, however, have  
been suppressed.

The Israelite/Phoenicians established a network of colonies throughout the Mediterranean Sea, in  Europe, the British Isles and North America. Raw materials, lumber and metal were
harvested to meet the need for King Solomon's Temple and his other large building projects.  


A civil war eventually broke out  between Israel and Judah.  The northern ten tribes of Israel  adopted the religions and customs of their  allies - Tyre, Sidon and Egypt. The smaller
power, Judah,   retained the capital city of Jerusalem, but later was  excluded from the Israelite/Phoenician maritime alliance.

The  Kingdom of Israel, disobeyed God and gradually degenerated as a nation. However, they remained a naval power. The coming of a drought, during the time of Elijah, stimulated a
migratory wave of people , leaving their homeland and founding  new colories , including Carthage.

We have been led to believe that the Israelites had fallen into captivity after the fall of Samaria.  This is a false belief. Both  Bible and  Assyrian cuneiform records agree that few
Israelites were left in the land after the fall of Samaria. . While many had gone into captivity in earlier Assyrian invasions, these Israelites, avoiding the Assyrians, migrated voluntarily  by
sea and land to several new locations.

The people from the  Kingdom of Judah stayed in their homeland longer than the Israelites ,  but eventually uprooted them selves , moving in several waves of migration.


After the migration of the Israelites, two new Israelite Empires were born.

The first major new Israelite Empire was called "Carthage" . Carthage constructed a maritime, commercial empire linking its colonies on several continents. Carthage's language and
culture was based on its Hebrew orgins. Many Carthaginian (i.e. "Punic") inscriptions confirm their presence in the ancient Americas and their  connecion with MesoAmerican cultures .
The Greeks wrote that Carthage had a secret colony west of the Atlantic to which they sent large expeditions of colonists, and many Carthaginian inscriptions and artifacts have been
found in North America. Carthage was very rich and almost destroyed Rome under Hannibal, but moral degeneracy led to its collapse


Carthage long warred against Greece and Rome, dominating Rome for centuries. This became known as the PUNIC WARS.  


While the CARTHAGE  rose to power in the  MEDITERRANIAN WORLD,  a new power , SCYTHIA   rose in  ASIA .

Scythia, and its people were named the SACAE TRIBES.  The term "Saacae" preserves the name of the HEBREW PATRIARCH, ISAAC, fulfilling God's promise. ( Genesis 21:12)

The  Scythia's  Israelite origin is extensively documented . The names of many Israelite tribes and clans are present and identifiable among the Sacae tribes.The  Scythians renamed all
of the rivers emptying into the Black Sea, giving each one a name based on the name of the Israelite

The Scythians were located to the north of the Medo-Perisan Empire and twice crushed the huge Persian armies which invaded Scythia. The Scythians are mentioned in both the Old
and New Testaments, but they are called by their Greek name "Scythia" only in the New Testament.


Equal to the Roman Empire, the PARTHIANS were the only ones that Rome feared. Only  decades before the birth of Christ, its armies drove the Romans completely out of Palestine,
Syria and Asia Minor, forcing the reigning King Herod to flee for his life.

This ancient superpower  lasted for half a millennium . This dynasty was descended from King David.  Many kings of the Sacae Scythians and Parthians bore the name of the royal
bloodline of King David, fulfilling God’s promise in Jeremiah 33:17. Even as the Israelites had a hereditary priesthood (the Levites), so did the Parthians (the Magi). The Parthian
empire had mounted "knights," a feudal government system, and a bicameral "parliament" which elected their kings. In the apostolic period, many Parthians became Christians.

In the 3rd century A.D. the Parthians were overthrown by the Persians and fled to the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea region.The Parthian Empire rose to power as Carthage fell,
and the names of Israelite tribes and clans are much in evidence within the Parthian Empire.

Josephus, the famous Jewish historian, records that the ten tribes were a very numerous people in Asia and he identifies them as living in Parthia's empire. Secular histories
acknowledges that the SCYTHIANS , "Sacae" tribes often assisted the PARTHIANS  in their wars against Greece and Rome.

Parthia and Rome fought some battles which were among the longest and most pivotal ever fought in the ancient world. The Roman Triumvir, Crassus, met an ignominious death fighting
the Parthians and Mark Antony led a large army into Parthia. Antony was driven out , barely escaping with his life.


Parthia was governed by the feudal system. Its Emperors were elected by Parthian elites, and  even offered "home-rule" to some of its larger cities.

While Rome's rulership was harsh and oppressive, Parthia's was enlightened and much wiser.

Whole nations sometimes fought Roman armies in order to be part of the Parthian Empire instead of the Roman Empire.

The Parthian and Roman Empires waged epic wars, had "Summit conferences" between their emperors and even had a period of "Detente" during which Jesus Christ lived his entire life.


Upon examining the prevailing politics that prevailed between Rome and Parthia at the time, light can be shed concerning the events around JESUS CHRIST.


The role of the Wise Men and Jesus Christ was under played in the New Testament.  These wise men were a group of Parthian Elitists whose duties included chosing the emperors for
the Parthians.

These people were not simply three  wise men traveling alone to see the Christ Child; They were a  delegation of Parthian officials  traveling with their caravan of large numbers. So
large in fact, that their presense frightened King  Herod and the entire city of Jerusalem. ( Matthew 2:3).  The Roman rulers of Judea were well aware of Parthia's interest in Jesus Christ
and why these Magi were in Jerusalem!


As Empires rise only to fall, so was the fate of Parthia.  It was eventually  overthrown by the Persians, resulting in the Persians driving the  Semitic Parthians out of Asia.    This mass  
Semitic migration spilling out of Asia into Europe  is known as the CAUCASIAN MIGRATION  . It was one of the largest migrations known in our history and took centuries to accomplish.   
The millions of Parthian and Scythian refugees were given the name Caucasian  due to the fact that they had to travel through the Caucas Mountain gates to complete  their journey.

Parthian nations and tribes which bore such names and the Sacae, the Kermans (Germanii), the Getae and the Jats became known as the Saxons, Germans, Goths and Jutes.
They transplanted Parthia's fedual system of government into Eruope. The mass invasions of these "barbarians," as the Romans called them, eventually led to the complete fall of the
Roman Empire.


One Scythian/Gothic tribe, the Vandals, migrated westward across Europe and then crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Africa. After making ancient Carthage their base, their fleets
controlled the Mediterranean Sea. This group  conquered and "sacked" Rome.  Most of the Goths were already Christians when they poured into Europe from Asia, and secular records
indicate the Gothic conquerors actually "civilized" the Romans.

The invading Semitic Caucasians eventually went on to conquer  Europe and formed the population base of our  modern European nations as well as the United States, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, etc.).  These nations rose to world prominence and power, amassing the dominant share of the world's power, resources, wealth, fertile soil, etc.

Was this all a historical accident .... or was there a divine plan in the making?
According to Bible Prophecy, Genesis 49,  this was not an accident  - but  a divine plan.

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