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Haunted Burlington
Ref: County Ledger Press, Greg Marsten  7-25-02
Experiencer: Loretta Potter and son Peter Cupp
Location:  Polk County , Town of Maple Plain, North of Hwy 48.
Potter and her son, Peter Cupp, 18, were the lone witnesses in the strange sighting in the early morning hours between 1a.m. and 2
Cupp claims to have been within 20 feet of the 'bigfoot' almost running into it saying that it had a awful smell.
"It was rotten, like something dead," Cupp described, alter comparing it to a 'burning smell'.
Potter had heard the stories and tales of the Bigfoot for years and there are other Bigfoot Sightings in the Sand Lake Region, going
back as far as July of 1976.  Potter had never seen the bigfoot before, but she claims to have heard it in the past. "It's been out there
for years, but it's never ventured so close to the houses before."
Cupp, a security officers, was the first to spot the creature that Thursday, week of 7-25-02
He described something very large and dark. He ran inside when he saw and heard the creature stand up from between three
evergreens next to the driveway. He grabbed a flashlight and went back outside to confirm or deny his suspicions.
"I think it was more scared of me than I was of him. I was shaking, though. It shocked me." stated Cupp.
Potter mentioned the flurry of broken branches, some very large, that made her so afraid. "It would take something pretty big to
break those branches...and the 'smell'!"
Cupp noticed that several local dogs had been barking loud that evening in an area to the southeast of their home where new homes
are being built. Potter feels that new construciton combined with the recent heat way may have brought the homoid to their home
and onto her deck that evening.
Other sightings have been made in the Sand Lake/Cumberland area, although only a handful have ever been officially reported. The
most recent was noted in an area seven miles tot he west of Cumberland in the proximity of Sand Lake. The area has dense woods,
many ponds and tall grass with a few paved roads.
Cupp and Potter also noticed that two pet rabbits were missing from their yard the next morning.
Article provided to Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center  by Kristie Rogers.

Ref: MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL , Keith Edwards  Special to the Journal Sentinenal
April 5, 2000
Experiencer: James Hughes

James Hughes was delivering the Black River Shopper when he saw something he will never forget ..an 8 foot , two legged homoid
type creature carrying a goat.
"He was all covered with hair, a real dark gray color, with some spots that looked a honey color. it was walking on two legs and it
was mighty, mighty big."
Hughes filed a report with the Clark County Sheriff's Department. At first Hughes thought it was a man, but as he got closer he said
he realized it didn't look human - about 8 feet tall, 500 pounds and hairy with an ape-like face.
Article provide to Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center by Kristie Rogers

November 11, 1976
Cashton Record Editor, Martin Erickson
Location: Cashton Wisconsin
Reports of a creature with an offensive odor resembling a prehistoric man.
Erickson reported that the services of the DNR were being sought to determine it's identity.
A 28 year old farmer spotted the creature in a wooded area on his farm about 6 weeks ago (October 1976)
The farmer said that the burly looking character he saw at a distance of 60 feet gave off a staggering odor.
"I became teary eyed and began to gasp for breath", he said.
The farmer who wishes to remain anonymous, added that his dog, who approached the 'thing' became sick and totally listless for
several days.
Article provided to Burlington UFO and Paranormala Center by Kristi Rogers

1999 Big Foot Sighting
BUFO Paranormal and UFO Center/ Kristi Rogers and Margo Bartley
Witnesses: Matt and Desire Jasper
Location: Outskirts of Cumberland Cnty, Hwy G
Time: Midnight, 1999
The Jasper's were heading east bound along Hwy G , off main road Hwy 48.
Desire described looking to her left and noticed three very dark figures on side of road.
Her first thought was bears, but as the three creatures crossed the road she knew for a fact that what they were
seeing was not bears after all. Desire described the bigger one as very tall dark haired crature. She said it had
silverish gray tint to its backside. The hair was long and bristly. The other two were small. She thought maybe babies.
The smaller ones didn't have the silver tint. Also- when creatures ran across the road, they dropped down, using their long front
arms to 'gallop'..much like that of an ape. She then noticed that the two smaller ones had bare behinds. The Jaspers have tried telling
others about their encounter but no one believes them. Desiree said 'They all think we are crazy!"
No noticeable odors
Investigtors thoughts:
"We feel Desiree was telling the truth in the fact that she saw something. When she described the incident to us, she seemed visably
shaken as she recalled this night and what they saw. We gave her our card and told her to call if she had any more information on
bigfoot sightings in the area.

Twelve mounds of the Rice Lake Mound Group are preserved in Indian Mounds Park, a city park on the shore of Rice Lake. The
group once consisted of fifty-one conical burial mounds. The mounds were spread over a quarter mile of lakeshore. Some mounds
were excavated in the nineteenth century by the Smithsonian Institution during its search for the identity of the mound builders,
while others were excavated in the 1950s. Many were obliterated by city expansion.

Duluth News Tribune, November 6, 1997
Associated Press
RICE LAKE, Wis- Bigfoot in Wisconsin?

That's the possibility under investigation in the Rice Lake area, about 80 miles from Duluth-Superior.

Brad Mortenson of the U.S. Expedition and Exploration Society said three tracks found Monday could be from the mysterious-
some say mythical- ape-like creature known as Bigfoot.

He describes the tracks as about 16 to 171/2 inches long and 8 inches wide at the widest.

Asked about the shape, he said "It looks like a bif foot. It's very distinct."

One print showed five toes, he said, and the impressions indicated a creature with a stride of about 4 1/2 feet, typical for the Bigfoot.

Mortenson, 41, of Sarona, said he started recieving reports about possible Bigfoot activity after a local newspaper story two weeks
ago told about his work with the society, based in Doris, Calif.

"After that we started getting the reports of people coming across the tracks in the Blue Hills," he said.

That's the hilly, wooded region around the Barron County-Rusk County line where a preliminary search turned up the tracks this
week, he said.

He said he planned to do more preliminary searching, and if enough signs are found, the society would bring in equipment and
personnel for a full search.

"I'd like to be a little more certain...before I would commit the society to the expense of a full-scale expedition," he said.

The Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is said to inhabit the Pacific Northwest, but Mortenson said there also have been a lot of sightings in
Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maine.

He said he first became involved with searching for Bigfoot in northern California in the 1970's, and he now serves as international
director of operations for the society.

WHERE: Near the Blue Hills outside Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

WHEN: July, 1999

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS: My son and I decided to go hiking near the Blue Hills near Rice Lake. While hiking along a dirt road
with thick woods on both sides, we heard a strange whistling sound that sounded EXACTLY like a sound file of an alleged Bigfoot
we heard later on the web. There was no screaming or yelling, just the strange whistle vocalization. It was quiet in the woods, and
my son and I looked at each other, then high-tailed it for the car. Looking back it seems silly to have to ran, but we both had the
same reaction simutaniosly.

OTHER NOTES: It was 3:22pm on a bright sunny day, hot and humid. I remember the exact time because I looked at the dashboard
clock when we jumped in the car and sped off.

According to my Wisconsin map, the road we were on in unmarked, but it was right off county road F about 20 miles NE of Rice
Lake. We were roughly 300 yards off the road (F) and had driven into a dead end, then turned around and halfway to the road (F) we
got out and walked around only 3-4 minutes before the whistling started.

Hear is the link to the sound wave I mentioned above. CLICK HERE The end of Bigfoot.wav 3 is the sound my son and I heard. We
have listened to it over and over again, and still have a hard time believing it!

Witness wishes to remain Anonymous at this time.

Bigfoot Seen Near Danbury, Wisconsin And Photographed
June 1, 2002

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:On 6/1/02 I found a 17 1/4 inch footprint near Danbury, Wisconsin. As I began to cast it having been
gone about 1 hour to get cast material and disposable camera. The [What I thought to be bushes} started to shake and bounce wildly
a few yards away. As I arose and began stepping back to get a look.The {bushes] Shot up in the air gave a loud crack and what
turned out to be a tree top fell to the ground.So after looking at the scene and and seeing nothing and all quiet. I walked over and
began taking pics of the damage. I had that same tree in an earlier shot about 20 mins or so earlier taken as soon as I got back. So with
the last pic taken I tried to match the same scene.Got film developed and creature{bigfoot] was on it ten feet in back of the broken
tree. Photo not real clear but when digitalized shows he IS SOLID via pixels. I got him in that last shot!. Creature appears more
Australo than Giganto Young male about 7 ft. Sent word earlier to you that a female I saw is actual what's in the "eastern bigfoot"
sketch you have . I saw male and female together that first sighting so know for a fact, in Pine County in 1972.

ALSO NOTICED: This was about 6 miles N of Danbury about 1 mi West of Wisc. Highway 35, very near the St. Croix River. I
searched there because it is where loose sand of W Wisc gives way to more excavatable denning soil, yet not the clay of further
north. Got there bout 11am and found the track. Returned about noon to cast it, creature started ruckus 15 or 20 mins later and I got
photo. I can tell his height by where he was standing to be about 7 ft ,Weight guesstimate at 250+. Youth apparant by full ,smooth
cheeks. Old one of 1972 had gaunt and lumpily muscled cheeks and was 2 feet taller ,150 or more pounds heavier.
See Photos

Man insists Bigfoots still roam the north woods
Wisconsin DNR officials skeptical

Dennis Murphy of Plymouth is a hunter.

Over the years, armed with a camera and a supply of plaster of Paris, Murphy has hit the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin in
search of a creature so rare that no one has ever bagged one: Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. Or as the Ojibwe call him, Bug-way'-jinini, the

Murphy, 54, said he first encountered two aging Bigfoots while searching for a fishing spot 30 years ago. He mostly kept the
sighting to himself, fearing he would be laughed at and ridiculed.

He still tracks the elusive creature and believes he captured its image on film during a recent foray into the woods near Danbury. He
said he didn't see the creature but found its image when he had his film developed after his return.

Murphy isn't alone in his pursuit of the creature. And he is far from the only person to claim a sighting.

Ten years ago, funded by a $1 million grant from a benefactor who wished to remain anonymous, the Big Foot Research Project was
launched, using up-to-date technology, including military search equipment.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there are between 2,000 and 6,000 Bigfoots living in North America. And
while the Pacific Northwest gets a lot of attention, there are many other prime homelands, including the upper Midwest.

John Bindernagel, a British Columbia-based wildlife biologist, agrees on both counts.

"It's been treated as a joke or a hoax, but increasingly there is serious study," said Bindernagel, who has a doctorate in veterinary
science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bindernagel, who is writing a book on Bigfoot, said Sasquatch is most often reduced to native folklore or regional myth, but he
believes it exists.

While there have been hoaxes and practical jokers, Bindernagel said there is also credible evidence, including the footprints he has

But until more people overcome their fear of ridicule and report what they see, sightings won't be taken seriously.

According to Bindernagel and others, Bigfoot tends to live where there is water and wooded high grounds. Based on eyewitness
accounts and footprint casts, Bigfoot, is, well, big, standing up to 10 feet tall and weighing more than 800 pounds. At times, reports
say, the creature can be rather pungent. Put those characteristics together, and it would seem that Bigfoot would have a difficult time
playing hide from the seekers.

Not so, said Murphy and others. Bigfoot is shy, smart and nocturnal, thus the creature is good at avoiding us.

Murphy did not want to disclose the exact location of his sighting three decades ago, fearing others would come looking. For bait, he
said he prefers apples and a few bananas.

"It was unbelievable, an eye-opening experience," he said of that first sighting. "They were old. They were pure white. He was 9 feet

He said he was sane and sober when he saw them and remained so earlier this summer when, with renewed interest, he began
searching for Bigfoot in the oak and jack pine forests around Danbury.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials remain unconvinced that there is a huge, undiscovered mammal stalking the
north woods.

"We've not had anyone, to the best of my recollection, claim to have seen Bigfoot," said Jim Bishop, public affairs officer for the
Wisconsin DNR's northern region.

There is a large bear population in the area, he said, and bears can weigh in at more than 500 pounds.

"It could be a bear track," Bishop said of footprint evidence collected by Bigfoot hunters. "A bear track can look very much like a
human footprint."

Murphy, who has a plaster of paris cast of a 17-inch footprint, said it was not made by a bear. Skeptics, he said, tend to dismiss
Bigfoot sightings as large bears.

While he didn't see the creature this summer, the footprints and the sounds he heard from the woods reassured him that Bigfoot is

"I heard him following me. And I heard what sounded like a horse whinnying. I wasn't afraid. This is not a creature to be afraid of,"
he said. "With all the changes and all the growth, I was very happy to realize they were still out there and not extinct."

Since April, Murphy has ventured out about 20 times in search of Bigfoot. He remains confident and optimistic.

"The anticipation is always there," he said. "I think I can find this creature

WHEN: August 23, 2003.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:I was coming home from my girlfriends house one night around midnight. I turned a sharp corner on
my way into Tilleda woods and I saw an upright creature run off the side of the road into the woods. I beleive it was a bigfoot. Later
me and my father went back to look for tracks but found none. This happened between Tilleda and Bowler in Shawano county
Wisconsin. The date of this incidance was August 23, 2003.

It was too far away to see much detail. I saw an upright shape in the distance. It was about 25 feet in front of me and it was quite a
shock. So I couldnt give you detail on appearance really. My mother and girlfriend think it was a bear. But my father beleives me.
The only reason I beleive it was a bigfoot is because it ran upright and it ran into the woods. I dont beleive a bear could move like
that on its hind legs and there arent any houses near that area so i dont think a person would be walking around especially that late at
night. Also I dont think a person would run into the woods had he/she seen my headlights.

Report Submitted by: S.N.


WHEN: Early 1970's

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:I don,t know where to begin. Those guys(Wisconsin lingo) have been around since I was 18 yrs. old.
Mainly because my parents moved to Lower Long Lake in Chippewa County after I graduated from high school. I saw a man's face
in the bushes near a town road where my parent's lived at the time. I kept saying hi repeatedly. He stared straight ahead probably
because I saw him. He was not mean. Even earlier, my grandfather owned a cottage not far from this same town road. I was with
several friends and my siblings on a private road all lined with cottages along the shoreline of Lower Long Lake. Pebbles were thrown
one at a time at our group. Foolish children assumed the perpetrators were older boys and hollered threats. The stones graduated to
larger stones and one headed straight for me. Luckily I stepped back and whoever it was missed me. At my suggestion, we all left. I
had a suspicion that the perps were not any one I knew. It scared me at the time.
One warm winter day, I took a walk through the woods my father owned at the time. It was late March where the snow was heavy
and melting. I came across a huge long and tall broken pine bough shelter that was 20 feet long approximately. In my mind, I thought
an animal might live in there and took a closer look. There were a set of big foot prints in the snow leading out from the shelter and
one set of prints leading into the shelter. Bigfoot came to mind fleetingly because I didn't know for sure they were real. I continued
on the logging trail to an open field and further along returned to the woods toward home. I was goofing off with my voice singing
and mimicking crows. It was after I screeched like a chimpanzee that the stalking and branch breaking began. I am either a fool or
incredibly brave because I could feel some one in back of me watching me as the branch breaking got louder and more frequent. Every
time I looked around I saw nothing. I am a good dancer and even in ballet even though I have had little training. I decided to leap very
high in the air and use my arms to spin around landing on my feet again facing the oposite direction. On my way down to my feet, I
saw him standing in the open. I never saw a huminoid so beautiful in all my life. He had a huge walrus mustache and hair on his head
that was blonde. He moved like a ballet dancer so smooth and graceful. All I could do is stare while he hid behind a tree and then I
could see he was incredibly tall. When I first saw him, he was bent over. Any way, the rest of him was a beautiful auburn brown.
His hair at the top of the middle of his shoulders was standing on end. I thought at first it was a guy in a fake fur jacket and fake fur
coat. AMy later thought was this is a bigfoot and I was the luckiest person alive. I spoke in real soft tones and sensed he was near.
This guy is incredibly patient and peaceful because when he got sick of me, he scraped bark off of an oak tree in back of me.
My sister saw an outline of one in the dark. She was scared out of her wits. He was in the woods and she said he looked like a
football player only really tall. Another night, she hollored out the bedroom window in the middle of the night because they were
screaming so loud. Incredibly she does not believe they live near there.

Lower long lake in Chippewa County is part of a huge chain of lakes beginning in Rusk County. There are two lakes in close
proximity to each other. Larabee lake is mostly surrounded by a natural cranberry and blueberry bog. Loads of fish there as well as
raccoon, beaver, muskrat, bobcat,wild turkey, deer and on and on. Lower Long Lake is the other and quite large with very deep
spots. Highway 40 is the closest highway.

OTHER NOTES: (BY MURPH) "The sightings began in a small patch of woods a few miles north of Bloomer,Wisconsin in around
1971 or 1972. The sightings continued off and on until she moved away. The lake was full of crayfish at that time but they began to
diminish and become a bit harder to catch. Local anglers surmised it was the non native rusty crayfish from someones bait bucket
that caused this fall off. She showed us where she had found what looked like a shelter made with broken pine boughs way back
then. It had one set of huge footprints leading out of it on a snowing March day and none going in.On a later occassion she actually
saw a bigfoot lying prone on a hilltop staring at her as she passed. She said he had human like features,with blond hair and a flowing
moustache. The hair on his body was darker with light tips. On another occassion her and her friends began to get pelted with
pebbles as they hunted crayfish and frogs along the shore. So they tossed bigger rocks into the woods in retaliation. Soon a rock the
size of a grapefruit came flying their way so they all took off running for home. If the other kids spotted what was in those woods
they kept it to themselves. The lady told me that at first she tried to tell herself it was just some guy living in the woods and
rationalize it that way. But as she grew up,she knew more and more that this hair covered guy was no ordinary hermit. She has kept
it to herself pretty much until recently and would like to remain anonymous. Their was one particular trail that looked like and ideal
travel route for any Bigfoot passing thru and I asked the lady to concentrate her nature walks there. Interestingly as an adult she
doesn't take those walks alone like she did as a youngster."