The different densities of the ether in the universe create many different physical dimensions. Basically there are eight dimensions related to the octave; however every dimension itself can
have again eight sub-dimensions. This subdivision can go on and on rendering infinite dimensions within our universe.  
See Multiverses

The airplanes and boats that mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda triangle without any wreckage ever found can be explained by these time and space warping vortexes on the vertices of
the icosahedron. The planes and boats may have
literally disappeared into another dimension!

Knowing that the natural laws of the universe did not distinguish between good and evil, magic was used by both the white and black magicians to create and utilize dimensional portals or
doorways opening  into the other worlds.  The magician would put an etherical impression upon the doorway. These impression can not  be seen by those today that use only their 3 dimensional
or physical eye.  The White Magicians usually created an etherical impression of the Goddess upon their doorways , but the black magicians used other impressions , such as their own face, a
devil,  demon or a totem .

From these  Face Signature Portals comes the early stories, especially from the Middle Ages, of the Magical Forests, the Haunted Forests - the Forests that could Speak or were seen as 'Evil'
by some but Enchanted by others.
For a very very rare photo of a face signature portal , showing the goddess, click here.

The ancient ones understood that worlds exists within worlds and that these worlds are just as physical as ours. They also knew that there are  interdimensional beings that interact with us on a
daily basis - but on a  different level of consciousness.  The higher dimensional entities are able to  manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them. They communicate
and affect  our own consciousness in ways that we do not fully understand.

The Aluna
Based off the work of Stuart Wilde  at and Stray Reality at, we learn that a shamanic tribe of Columbia, the Kogi,
call the higher dimensional world, the Aluna. And according  to the traditions of the Kogi, special Kogi children are selected at birth to spend their first nine years  in a cave, training to become
visionaries. The children live in the dark; they are not allowed to see the outside world  and in this way they come to see the multi-dimensional Mirror World naturally.
After nine years training the children exit  the cave going out into the real world to become the future visionaries and spiritual leaders of the tribe who are called Mamas .  

The Kogi people trace themselves back to the pre-Colombian Tyrona people who were contemporaries of the Inca.
They are a mystical people with a power that no one else possesses, the power of a twenty-six dimensional world.

The Kogi used the power of Aluna to protect themselves from the Spanish Conquistadors that would have killed them for their gold. It is not in the nature of the Kogi to fight but watching the
Aluna they knew where the Spanish were and so they kept moving around the mountains avoiding trouble. While all the other indigenous tribes fell to the pox of the white man's diseases and
violence, the Kogi survived.

The Kogi world is truly a 26-D Camelot hidden in a 3-D world. Their ideas are very pure and wonderful. In the tribe's long history they have never had a homicide. They don't usually allow
outsiders to visit their mountain kingdom though a British filmmaker was invited to make a documentary on them about ten years ago.

Wilde calls the Aluna 'a place of the hidden Camelots.'   The Kogi believe that the  violent war-like world of the gringo will perish and he will become terrified. In later years, he will seek the Aluna
for an escape from himself but it will be too late, he will never find it.  (Escape through the Portals into a parallel world or alternate reality - a hidden Camelot)
For More Information and  Photos of
Hidden Camelots Click here

The Kogi believe that the Aluna knows you are coming years before you even get up out of your chair. She will call you if you have a warm heart and you are genuine about healing your
shadow, but if you seek power and control, she'll hide from you.

Wilde says, " The more I see the Aluna, which I call the Mirror World, the less there is to say. Everything, including humans came from the Aluna (etheric world) - and this  is where we will return.
It is a place where we can walk into - where peace is the norm ."

As prophesized, the  violence and prolific consumption of the ' Fat Controllers'  will be delivered back to them in digital orbs that float in the air, easy to see but excruciating painful to experience.
Then after a thousand years he and she will be released from their torment and they will be allowed to pollute the pristine nature of this world once again.

The Kogi believed that the prophesy would be fulfilled  with the coming of the  eclipse on August 11, 1999. - all the world would stop and only the Kogi and one other Mayan tribe would survive to
inhabit the earth.  But it didn't happen...why?

When the eclipse revealed its face on the 11th of August it became apparent  to  the  Kogi...  that  something  had  happened since the last  time they had searched the world for spiritual life
only to find one Mayan tribe of enlightenment.

Something had happened that  they  could  not  understand...  The   "great  change"  had happened but we - the dead ones - were still here.   According to their understanding, we  should  
have dissolved  back... into  the  Dream.  

So  the  Kogi...  set  out  to  find  out...  why  the  "dead  ones"  were  still  on  Earth,  and  as  they  searched  the  living  vibrating  records  of  this  Reality, they  found their answer.

Some of the  "dead  ones",  had  become  alive, and  had  created  a dream...  with  enough  life  force...  to  "save  the  world"  as  we  know  it.
In  our  terms, some  of  us...  had  created , through the manifestation of thought,   a  "parallel  world" -  where  life would  continue  to  grow, a  world...  where  the  "dead" could  awaken.

In  August, 1999 , we, the enlighted ones, had given the world a second chance . We had altered the world's destiny - with most of the world not even having a clue as to the events that had
taken place.
* Dead Ones - Those walking without the enlightenment of spiritual consciousness.  Dead to the world around them and to their true abilities .

August 1999 was  a time when 'we' as 'one' 'chose to live' .  We had made a conscious decision to survive.  Through our united  thoughts for survival we overcame our destiny . If  we had
remained on the same track the kogi prophesy would have been correct.
Remember Y2K - Remember all of us preparing for what was about to happen in the coming year - January 2000.
Yes - we had all united as one during those months prior to January in one unified effort to survive and thus created an alternate reality.

We have  now entered a cleansing period before another shift.
Refer to Rattlesnake Prophecy .  For some of us this cleansing is a hard period, for others it is a joy to be taken every time to a
higher octave in frequencies...The shift is connected with our crystal body , our lightbody  which is multi-dimensional. For some advanced souls, part of the cosmic being has already  passed the
trans-portals, which will give some the feeing of loneliness because the body had not had time to accept it.

The New Guardians of the Portals

There are those of you who have felt  a  call many years ago and through your own "intent"  and dedication began to "form the energy portals"  on planet Earth. We see these portals as swirling
energy signatures.

Some of you ,  have been drawn to purposely open new portals of energy in various parts of the planet. This is very powerful work which will accomplish much for what is needed to come.  These
energy signatures that formed the potential vortexes have been waiting a long time to be activiated.

There are also many people, such as myself,  who  are the Guardians of the New Energy - The Gate Keepers . These are people who form the nucleus and nurture a particular vortex of energy.
These people often travel to other places to help in the opening of new vortexes or who visit an established vortex to return home and strengthen the energy of their own portal - such as what
Brad and I did in Kentucky.  These energy signatures of swirling energy will be the portals that will ultimately link the dimensional realities together.

Help from the Old Guards
The previous guardians of the Earth’s energy are all around us in excitement as we take these steps.  They now stand at our side to watch as we take the steps of responsibility for the
Earth’s energy.  I would advise , tapping into this source often for this communication has now increased.  Utilize them often and seek them out. As long as there is work for them to do here
the old guards  will stay.

In the new paradigm we must all work together for the good of the one. The old paradigm of separation is ending.  Only through love and unselfishness will we be able to step through the portal  
into our new realities.

The above photos are a beautiful example of a hidden camelot or two worlds existing within each other..both very much alive.
I was taking a photo of a cut stone from the temple area (left photo) when my presence activated the portal area (right photo)
In right photo note the swirling energy rotating clockwise. The spining energy  of the vortex is causing the photo to blur and giving it a melting type appearance.
A Synchronized Universe

The portal is fully activated and according to the eye of the camera the hidden camelot or hidden temple area is overcoming the 3 dimensional area.
But as we viewed  it through the physical eye, we saw nothing but the world we were conditioned to see.
We 'see' what our mind is conditioned to see.
To understand how the  mind affects how you see your reality Click Here
According to Dr. Claude Swanson
- educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University and author of
The Synchronized Universe

A Hidden Camelot
Mary Sutherland   Copyright 2006
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