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Adventures in Immortality
After Death Studies
George Gallup Jr. with William Proctor.
Price 12.95

Out of Print, Very Nice Condition with Clean dust jacket.
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
According to internationally known pollster Dr. George Gallup, Jr., a full 2/3 of all Americans believe in life after death.
Now through ADVENTURES IN IMMORTALITY, we can take a close look at what people see, hear and feel at the
moment of death!

Surveys include in depth interviews with those who have had a close call with death or some other traumatic
experience that has temporarily ushed them into the realm of the afterlife.
The most comprehensive detailed examination of the after death phenomena to date.

226 Pages,  Hard Cover,  Out of Print
Believe in the God who Believes in You
By Robert H. Schuller
Thomas Nelson, Inc. 1989
Price 6.99
let the world's premier postive thinker, Robert H. Schuller, help you create a positive mental image of yorself and of
the God who believes in you. He will show you the God of Love who offers what no other force can.
297 Pages, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Canfield and Hansen
Health Communiations, 1993
First Edition
Price 5.99
Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers share the best of their stories, tales that have touched the hearts
of people everywhere. Canfield and Hansen bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to buoy you up
through life's dark moments.
Chapters titled On Love/On Parenting/On Learning/Live Your Dream/Learning to Love Yourself/Overcoming
Book in very nice condition.
Inside pages, clean, no marks or tears
309 Pages  Paperback with laminated cover.
A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Canfield and Hansen
Health Communications, 1995
First Edition
Price 10.99
101 More Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit
A collection of inspirational writings follows themes of love, developing a positive attitude, humor, and healthy
relationships, and features the works of such authors as Tony Robbins, Art Buchwald, Gloria Steinem, and more.
200,000 first printing
Book in very nice
Book has no tears or markings, Clean.
Jacket shows 'minor' wear
429 Pages..Hard Cover with Jacket
by Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan Production, Inc. 1980
Price 12.99
Based on Carl Sagans 13 part television series .
250 Full Color Illustrations
Sagan retraces 15 billion yars of cosmic evolution that have transformed matter into life and consciousness.
365 Pages, Hard Cover with Jacket, First Edition
Dreams of a Final Theory
By Steven Weinberg
Vintage Books, A Division of Random House  1993
Price 6.99
The scientists search for the ultimate laws of nature. In Dreams of a Final Theory, Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize
winning physicist and author, describes the grand quest for aunifying theory of nature- one that explains forces as
different as the cohesion inside the atom and the gravitational tug between the sun and the earth. He retraces the
steps that have led modern scientists from relativity and quantum mechanics to the notion of superstrings and the
idea that our universe may coexist with others.
340 Pages, Paperback, 1st Edition
Healing and the Mind
By Bill Moyers
Doubleday Publishing Group, 1993
Price 12.99
In the tradiiton of the best selling THE POWER OF MYTH and a WORLD OF IDEAS comes the companion volume to
a ground breaking new PBS series from Bill Moyers , exploring the healing connections between our minds and
368 Pages, Hard Cover with Jacket
Home Coming
Reclaiming and Championing your Inner Child
by John Bradshaw
Bantam Books, 1992
Price 12.99
Homecoming shows you how to : Validate your inner child through mediations and affirmations; Give your child
permission to break destructive family roles and rules; Deal with anger and difficult relationships; pay attention to
your innermost purpose and desires...and find new joy and energy in living.
288 Pages, Paperback
The Human Miracle
Transcendent Psychology
Loriene Chase, Ph.D. & C. King
Price 10.99
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Nice Condition, but some passages are underlined in ink.
First Edition, Out of Print
Human Miracle describes in step by step detail the mediation, dream analysis and dream to order techiques
employed by its authors to alleviate emotional and psychological disturbances as well as physical ills.
Transcendent psychology teaches tht human beings are more than a simple bundle of behavior patterns. Instead, its
basic thesis is that we afe a trinity-an interrelated, indivisible combination of body, mind and spiritual energy. And its
purpose is to help us free ourselves from the shackles of our physical senses, which have become so strong tht we
have almost forgotten the spiritual side of our nature.
This book demonstrates how to penetrate the mysterious area of the subconscious and to release traumatic events
that have been repressed and forgotten but that control our conscious acts and attitudes.

Hard Cover, Hawthorne Books, 206 Pages
Love, Medicine and Miracles
Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Harper & Row Publishers 1986
First Edition
Price 20.00
Sold Out
Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The truth is: love heals. Miracles happen to
exceptional patients every day—patients who have the courage to love, those who have the courage to work with
their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery.

Book is very nice condition. Previous owners name printed neatly on first page.
Inside pages clean, no marks or tears.
Cover has dust jack. Dust jacket shows minor wear
244 pages
The Magic of Thinking Big
by David J. Schwartz
Prentis-Hall Inc.  1965
First Edition
Price 2.95
Sold Out
Set Your Goals High..and Then Exceed Them!
The Magic of Thinking Big gives you workable methods, not empty promises. Its ideas and techniques are so original
that the author had to invent a whole new vocabulary to express them.
Dr. Schwartz demonstrates the steps for acquiring the 'Big Thinker's' vocabulary. he teaches you how to focus upon
large issues, brushing aside trivial details. He proves that certain kinds of thoughts create good luck, make the
'breaks' fall into your lap. To cap it all, he gives you a 30 day Progress Guide to measure your progress towards your
goals - plus a long range program of investing in yourself for financial profit and security.
Book is in nice condition
No tears or marks
Paperback, laminated Cover
Mysteries of the Ancient World
National Geographic, 1985
Price 12.99
Despite decades of research, many such intriguing menants of the past remain enigmas, often provoking questions
rather than providing answers. In Mysteries of the Ancient World you will search through the secrets of long dead
cultures and civilizations and sdiscover the riddles that still persist
223 Pages
Hard Cover with dust jacket, 2nd printing
Nature's Grand Unifying Force Discovered!
Exactly How It Is All Matter and Energy!
Also..A Revolutionary New Atomic Theory
By Robert Michael Kopke
Robert Kopke, 1990
Price 12.99
one of the greatest goals of man has been to find the expected one physical force of all reality which has been called
the 'grand unifying force.'
Now, from an unexpected, unimagined source, comes the exciting news that the world has been waiting for-the
discovery of the one miraculous force entity and exactly how it is all energy and matter!
351 Pages, Hard Cover with dust jacket, 1st Edition
A Simple Path
Mother Teresa
Ballentine Books, New York
Copyrite 1995, Mother Teresa
List Price  24.95
First Edition
We have all been created for greater things - to love and to be loved. Love is love - to love a person without any
conditins, without any expectations.  Works of love are works of peace and purity. Works of love are always a means
of becming closer to God, so the more we help each other, the more we really love God better by loving each other.
Jesus clearly said, "love one another as I have loved you.". Love in action is what give us grace. We pray and, if we
are able to love with a whole heart, then we will see the need. Those who are unwanted, unloved, and uncared for
become just a throwaway of society - that's why we must really make everybody feel wanted.
There is something else to remember- that this kind of love begins at home. We cannot give to the outside what we
don't have on the inside. This is very important. If I can't see God's love in my brother and sister than how can I see
that love in somebody else? How can I give it to somebody else? Everybody has got some good. Some hide it, some
neglect it, but it is there.
Mother Teresa
Hard Cover, Dust Jacket , 202 Pages.
The Mystic and Occult Arts
A Guide to Their Use in Daily Living
by Litzka and Walter B Gibson
W. Nyack, Parker Publishing 1970
Sold Out
Price 21.00
Here is a complete program for using mystic and occult powers to win material and spiritual riches!
Here are the keys to the incredible mystic and occult powers that lie hidden just below the surface of the mind.
With the few simple techniques and methods contained in this guide, you will be able to harness the most powerful
forces of the universe and use them to gain the material and spiritual riches around you!.
Book in very nice condition. Dust jacket show 'slight' wear. Pages clean, no marks or tears.
Previous owners initials on the back inside cover. Very neat 3 letters.
224 Pages Hard Cover
On Becoming a Counselor
A Basic Guide for Non-Professional Counselors,
.by Eugene Kennedy
Price 12.95
Sold Out
Hard Cover/Dust Jacket..Very Nice condition

It is the authors experience that nonpsychological professionals-nurses, general physicians, lawyers, priest, etc, end
up doing most of the counseling that actually goes on in America every day. Eugene Kennedy has written this book
to provide some positive assistance to those para-professionals who must, by necessity, do the bulk of psychologial
counseling in the context of their regular work.
KIRKUS REVIEWS: "An unusually helpful, well-conceived guide for those priests, teachers, lawyers and others with
little psychological background who ae often consulted as counselors."
Copyrite 1977, third printing , The Seabury Press\
337 Pages, Hard Cover/Dust Jack
Powers of the Mind
Psychology of Consciousness
Adam Smith
Price 10.99
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Very nice condition. No tears or markings.
First Edition, Out of Print
"You are the astronauts of inner space," his group was told, before they ingested a famous experimental drug. "You
are going deeper into your mind than anyone has gone...and will come back to tell us what you found."

In POWERS OF THE MIND, Adam Smith leads us not only through the workings of the brain, but through new
movements, Transcendental Meditation and Arica and EST, and places them in a new light. He volunteers his brain
for biofeedback and his body for Rolfing, and climbs apprehensively into a sensory deprivtion tank. And along the
way, he meets and extraordinary cast: rat-dissecting brain scientists, a Falstaffian swami, a Zen tennis teacher, Nobel
prizewinning physicists. "ultimately," he writes, " you leave the intitial questions and come to this one: What is really
Hard Cover, Random House Publishing, 418 pages
Primal Man
The New Consciousness
By Arthur Janow, Ph.D and E.Michael Holden, M.D
Price 12.99
Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1975
First Edition
Hard Cover with Jacket
The authors explore such diverse subjects as the nature of psychosis, the need for morality, the structure of sleep
and dreams and the emotional and physiological roots of perversion, impotence and frigidity in sexual life.
This work also sets forth the first major exposition of the levels of consciousness; how they operte, interact and
532 Pages,  Hard Cover
Self Esteem
The New Reformation
Robert H. Schuller
Price 8.99
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, Very nice condition. No tears or markings, except previous owners name neatly written
on top of first page..Clean.

Robert Schuller is calling for nothing less than a new Reformation. In this book the dynamic 'possibility-thinking'
pastor, shows how the Protestant Reformation did not affirm the worth of presons as strongly as it should. In fact, the
author boldly affirms that the Christian churches, liturgies, hymns, prayers and spiritual interpretations have been
rampantly reckless in assaulting the dignity of the person.

Choosing the Lord's Prayer as a biblical basis for the new Reformation, Dr. Schuller challenges any theology that
glorifies the 'mortification of the self.'. From the 'our Father..' which offers the security of being God's own child, to
'Deliver us from evil', a reassuring antidote for fear, Dr. Schuller finds this prayer a powerful corrective to the
negative emotions from which so many suffer today.
177 Pages Hard Cover
Spiritual Healing
In a Scientific Age
by Robert Peel
Price 12.99
Harper and Row Publishers 1987

This provocative study addresses some of the most challenging spiritual questions of all times: Is healing a science
or an art?
What is the place of spiritual healing in our scientific world?
What place does prayer have in a technocratic society?
Is spiritual healing a rational option today?
While based on the author's expert knowledge of Christian Science, this lively text offers a universality that will appeal
to many traditons.
Importantly, this book contains many personal testimonies-real experiences in spiritual healing from real lives- that
should be an inspiration to all seekers

203 Pages , Hard Cover with Jacket, First Edition
Teilhard and the Supernatural
By Eulalio R. Baltazar
Helicon Limited 1966
1st Edition
Price 12.99
This book is a sumary and synthesis of scientific philosophic and theological aspects of evolution. It discusses the
expansion of our world vision into a four dimensional view, the Biblical and evolutionary liner time scale vs. the Greek
cyclic concept of time; Biblical and existential philosophy vs. Platonic dualism.
335 Pages Hard Cover with Jacket, First Edition

Tibetan Book of Living & Dying
By Sogyal Rinpoche
Harper Collins Publishing 1992
Sold Out
Price 20.00
In this major and comprehensive work, Buddhist meditation master  Sogyal Rinpoche brings together the ancient
wisdom of Tibet with modern research on death and dying and the nature of the universe. With unprecedented
scope, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying clarifies the majestic vision of life and death that underlies The Tibetan
Book of the Dead. Sogyal Rinpoche presents simple yet powerful practices from the heart of the Tibetan tradition that
anyone, whatever their religion or background, can do to transform their lives
424 Pages...Hard Cover
Mint Condition
To Thine Own Self be True
The Rebirth of Values in the New Ethical Therapy
Lewis M. Andrews, Ph.D.
Price 12.95

Hard Back with Dust Cover..MINT CONDITION!
In this time of spiritual re-evaluation, a major movement in the field of psychology is emerging which holds enormous
promise for release from so many of the emotional problems troubling people today.
In this book research psychogists and bestselling author Lewis Andrews introduces a radical new theory, based on a
concept as old as Plato, which interweaves spiritual bases with spiritual growth in psychology and helps us regain
control of our lives, reclaim responsibility for our actions, and better understand our reactions and emotions.

Called ethical therapy, the theory is based upon a return to universal ethics. It defines our most pressing problems in
terms of universal principles and helps us use this understanding to overcome depression, guilt, indecisiveness,
boredom, and a host of other emotional disorders
222 pages, hard cover.

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