Identity:      Djoser, King
Material:    Painted Limestone
Period:       Old Kingdom, 3rd Dynasty
Reign:         Djoser

Height:       142 cm
Width:         45.3 cm
Length:       95.5 cm

This statue is thought to be the oldest, life size,
sculpture known from Egyptian antiquity. It was placed
inside a small closed room (so-called "serdab") at the
north eastern corner of the Step Pyramid of king
Djoser in Sakkara, the earliest monumental
construction made of stone. Here the statue became
the dwelling of the "ka" or guardian spirit of the king
who is represented seated on an elevated throne with
a high back. He could thus hear the prayers, smell the
scent of incense and enjoy the offerings. The king is
shown wearing the "nemes" headdress, a false
beard, and carries a scepter in his right hand. His
eyes which were once inlaid with semi-precious
stones retain a straight look giving it a lifelike effect.
The inscription on the base of the throne gives the
royal Horus name "Netjery-khet".
The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Identity:        Khufu, King
Material:      Ivory
Period:         Old Kingdom, 4th
Reign:          Khufu

Height:       7.5 cm
Width:        2.5 cm
Profile:       2.9 cm

This small statuette is important
because it is the only surviving
complete representation of the
great king Khufu, builder of the
Great Pyramid at Giza. The king
sits on the throne wearing the
red crown of Lower Egypt and
holds the "nekhekh" scepter of
dignity in his right hand. The
face shows features of an old
man with strong personality

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Queen Hatshepsut
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
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by Mary and Brad Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland

According to the Wikipedia the term “Reaching Heaven”
is a common description in temple tower inscriptions.
The name Babylon derives from the native Akkadian
‘Bab-ilu’, which means ‘Gate or Gateways of the Gods’.

Based off these descriptions, the purpose of the
ziggurats or great temple towers, such as Babylon, may
have included “Heavenly Gateways” or “Transport
Stations” for the gods.

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Stones of Ea
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