Lost in Time Revisited
'In Search of Ancient Man Series'
Mary Sutherland
Lost in Time Revisited by Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
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After you have read
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Mary Sutherland
After you have read
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Mary Sutherland
LOST IN TIME REVISITED-  'In Search of Ancient Man 5-book Series
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From ancient superstitions and lore to modern day scientific studies of earth and her survivors. Book Five of
‘In Search of Ancient Man' Series Through the pages of her book, ‘Lost in Time…Revisited’, Mary Sutherland
shares accounts of a time when the planets were in collision; creating world-wide earth catastrophes. Many
races of humans and human type life forms were brought to the point of extinction. For the survivors, life as
they knew it was no more.
Traumatized with fear and a lack of understanding as to what happened to them they fell into the darkness of
ignorance and superstition. Others took advantage of their plight by subjugating the masses. This was done
by forcing them to accept religions and traditions run by self-ordained priests controlled by self-ordained
gods. A new way of life and laws were introduced, enforced by god-appointed kings and their appointees.

As time went on, the greedy gods and their appointees warred with each other forcing the people to take
allegiance and help fight on their behalf. These wars went nuclear, radiating the lands and water, forcing the
people to go underground for protection. A whole geological period has been erased from the land, leaving
behind mere traces of these extinct nations, gods and ‘unknown races of humans’ that we only hear about
through lore and mythology. In this book, Sutherland uncovers the true history of man and the human-like
creatures that may still co-exist with us, making their homes in Inner Earth and the Underground Tunnels.

She shares with you her knowledge of the Line of Cain, the Giants, Creatures of the Night and Inner Earth,
Flying Crafts known as Vimanas, the Djinn, Nephilim and much more. Sutherland shows us through the
writing of this book that with the dawning of this new Age, ancient historical texts that have been hidden from
our eyes for thousands of years are now being made available.

The new sciences have helped us to learn more about explorations of our ocean floors, land and plate
displacements, migration and evolution of ancient man, space exploration and more. We have now been
given an opportunity to walk away from ignorance and superstition. Today we are being given information
whereas we can intelligently explore the possibilities of the 'Great Mysteries'.

284 pages

In our search for truth, we may be making the same mistakes our earlier historians, theologians, anthropologists and archaeologists made; taking a theory and making it into
an absolute fact.

A favorite political quote is “Tell a lie enough times it will eventually be accepted as a truth”.

From the onslaught of misguided superstition to the failed teachings of the church, we find ourselves today caught up in a time of moral misguidance and corruption.
Church leaders, governmental policies and science have failed us. They have dropped the ball and left the masses caught up in a blend of fear, superstition, condemnation
and bigotry.  

A condensed version of our history can be found by many in the Christian Bible…but only a “condensed” version. This holds true with most holy books competing for followers.
“History is made by the Victor.” Traditions and religious beliefs were originally created as a means to control the tribe’s culture. When a tribe was conquered, their history and
religion would be destroyed and replaced by the victor.

“Knowledge is Power” and the knowledge held by the controllers and elite were never shared with the common masses. Even yet today, it is only shared and selfishly
guarded by those in power.

To control the masses, false religion and traditions replaced truth. Those that did not go along with the false teachings, were punished as an enemy of god, the church and
the state; entire countries and races were wiped off the face of the earth.

In my book, ‘Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic’ I wrote the following:

“The Masters of the Far East have compared our souls to a beautiful queen who has wandered from her palace. Becoming lost and disorientated, her mind clouds to her real
identity. Because of this, the lost queen sheds her royal robes, dresses herself in rags and begins a new life for herself as a pauper, begging for the meager crumbs of her
own inheritance.”  

“The memory of who we are has been ‘Forgotten through Time’, but that will soon change and… ‘What once was …will be again’”
“Just as the coming of Dawn awakens the dreamer, the coming of Light will again awaken mankind.”

That time is now as we find ourselves coming out of the Dark Age of Pisces and are awakening to the light of Aquarius. We are now coming to the realization that we had been
a people unknowingly living under thousands of years of lies and subjugation. With the old paradigm of ignorance and separation coming to a close, the gathering begins and
all truths shall be revealed, allowing us to realize our own true self.  

Earth and her people are in a transitional period between the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. Although these periods have always been a time of upheaval it is also a time for
us to learn and review the truth of our past in order to build a safe and proper foundation for our future.  
Now is the time to properly process all the new data that we are being exposed to.  Be patient though and realize that each child of the universe has their own path to follow
and truths to process.  

Understand that because of the thousands of years of programming and conditioning by the Age of Pisces Controllers, you may find yourself reacting to events with low
vibration emotions i.e. fear, hate, confusion, etc.  This can be overcome by re-programming yourself to react to a negative emotion with a positive response.
The Ancient Masters understood that mankind is playing out two streams of evolution. Realizing this, Christ voiced to his disciples the following words;
“To you I give meat…
And to the others I give milk”

1.        The first stream of evolution involves 95% of humanity. This portion of mankind is not interested in the higher teachings of the Ancients – the Wisdom Teachings. They
are content to play out a childlike role of a physical life within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.  

2.        The other 5% of humanity is playing out another role in the second stream of evolution. This group is destined to rise above the Mass Mind of the Collective Conscious
of Humanity and seek the ‘Higher Truths’. It was – and is - to this group of ‘truth seekers’ that the Wisdom Teachers shared ‘the meat’ of the “Great Mysteries”.   
In my series, “In Search of Ancient Man” I take you back to a Time lost to us. I provide “Meat” for those 5% seeking “Truth”.  
Although mainstream science and theologians would like to argue the case against the great cataclysms that changed the face of the Earth and destroyed many of the races
that once lived or visited here, the evidence of old and new alike gives testimony for these ancient truths.
A whole geological period has been erased from the land, leaving behind hundreds of extinct nations and races unknown to our ethnologists, archaeologists, anthropologists
and more. However, being that we survived, it is more than likely that other “unknowns” managed to survive and re-populate as well.
Recent discoveries are now showing us that the extinction of “unknown human types’ is now more of a fact than a possibility. What was borne from these “Unknowns” is just
now surfacing.

In ‘Lost in Time…Revisited’ I have:
Documented world-wide fears and tribulations that mankind experienced during the great catastrophes that took place on earth when the planets were on a collision course.  
I have given an account as to why these planets were deified and the mind-set behind the ancient peoples’ religion and human sacrifices.
I exposed an ancient race of ‘Off-Worlders’ who came here from another planet and forced the people of earth into slavery and worship them as gods.
I dedicated several chapters to the secrets of Inner Earth and the underground tunnels.
I wrote of the people who lived in the Inner Earth, including the source and legends of ‘the creatures of the night i.e. Vampires and Werewolves’.   
I continued by connecting the ‘Chosen Ones’ and ‘Shepherd Kings’ to the Christian so-called villain ‘Cain’ and a  ‘Red Haired Race of Giants’.
I further linked Cain’s ‘Land of Nod’ with the Underworld and the lineage of Kings  
Evidence is provided backing my claim of North America as not only the ‘Motherland’ that birthed the great civilizations of the world but the homeland to the people of Lemuria
and Atlantis.

In the writing of this book, I am attempting to straighten out a spider web of confusion concerning the Nephilim, Djinn, Giants, and ongoing events that much of mankind has
unknowingly become entangled in.  

Although I don’t have all the answers I do believe, through my five book series, ‘In Search of Ancient Man’ that  I have accumulated enough missing pieces of the puzzle to
challenge the minds of the readers and tempt them into exploring other possibilities…to ‘think outside the box’.

Table of Contents

PART ONE - Surrendering of the Old Paradigm     
Chapter One - The Control of the Old Age Surrenders to the Freedom of the New                                            
Chapter Two- Comet Encke -The Wrath of God    

PART TWO - Mythology and Lore Rises out of the Grains of Truth                                                                         
Chapter Three - Deification of the Planets             
Chapter Four- Uncovering the Grains of Truth      
Chapter Five - Written in Stone                               
Chapter Six - Moses and the Burning Bush              
Chapter Seven - Moses Parting of the Red Sea and the Sacred Director                                                           
Chapter Eight - Leprosy in Biblical Times          
Chapter Nine - The Miracles of Elijah      
PART THREE - Earth in Chaos                                    
Chapter Ten- The Great Cataclysms                      
Chapter Eleven - Restoration and the Re-Building of Civilization                                                                     
Chapter Twelve - Hu-Kadesh Societies                     
Chapter Thirteen- The Sauk Indians Date Back to the Great Battles of the Gods in Vedic Texts                  
Chapter Fourteen - Anunnaki in North America - Political and Spiritual Functions                                                
Chapter Fifteen - Tuatha de ‘Danaan - Faerie Folk
Chapter Sixteen - Joshua and the Extermination of the Druids           
PART FOUR - Surviving the Cataclysms               
Chapter Seventeen - It is all just a Matter of Evolution and Survival of the Fittest                                         
Chapter Eighteen – The Ant People                      
Chapter Nineteen - The Blue People                   
Chapter Twenty - Hairy Giants - Big Foot and Wild Men of the Forest                                                                    
Chapter Twenty-One - The Subterreans - Vampires, Werewolves, Demonic Creatures of the Night     
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Effects of Melatonin
Chapter Twenty-Three - Melatonin and Serotonin Addiction                                                                    
Chapter Twenty-Four – Porphyria                          
Chapter Twenty-Five- The Prince of Darkness     

PART FIVE - The Second Evolution of Man through the Line of Cain                                                                 
Chapter Twenty-Six - Half-Truths/ Deceptions    
Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Djinn                      
Chapter Twenty-Eight - The Red Haired Giants    
Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Days of Jared             
Chapter Thirty - Cyclopes and Pelasgians - A People Forgotten in Time                                                      
Chapter Thirty-One – Thoth- Son of Cain              
Chapter Thirty-Two - The Language of Light and the Keys of Enoch                                                                     
Chapter Thirty-Three - Isis and Osiris - Queen Moo and Prince Coh                                                                
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Teachings of Osiris and Christ - The Fall of Spirituality into Materialism                 
Chapter Thirty-Five- Thoth and the Battle between the Gods, Set and Horus                                                 
Chapter Thirty-Six - Mankind's Battle with Gods
Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Clash of the Titans and the Olympians - Celestial Cities and Flying Chariots   
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Fairy Towers and Inner Earth Bird Shamans                                                                    
Chapter Thirty-Nine – Bird Shaman Cultures        
Chapter Forty - He-Goats and Demons                
Chapter Forty-One - The Serpent Headed Ubaid
Chapter Forty-Two - Laws on Hybrid Babies         

PART SIX -   Using Psychic Energies                        
Chapter Forty-Three - Human Sacrifices, Psychic Energy and the Earth Power Grid - Building the Transport Stations                                                                    
Chapter Forty-Four - Human Sacrifices                 
Chapter Forty-Five – Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena Goes Hand in Hand with the Accumulation of Psychic Energy                                                                          
Chapter Forty-Six - Sacrifice of the 'First Fruit'    
Chapter Forty-Seven - Drinking of the Blood        
Chapter Forty-Eight - Energy Imprints                    
Chapter Forty-Nine –Spirit Communication             
Chapter Fifty - Emotional Imprints                          
Chapter Fifty-One –Tulpoids & Created Spirits     
Chapter Fifty-Two- Ghostly Imprints                   

PART SEVEN –Underground Cities and Tunnels               
Chapter Fifty-Three - Noah's Ark & the Tunnels   
Chapter Fifty-Four - Western Tunnel Network                             
Chapter Fifty-Five –Tunnels of South America      
Chapter Fifty-Six - Himalayan Underworld             
Chapter Fifty-Seven- Inner Earth Cities               

Frank Joseph - Author and Researcher

There are rare persons in this world who see things others don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred souls to
reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-born networker in all she does --- from her Burlington Vortex
Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for perception more developed than in her latest title. Frank Joseph .

Michelle M.

I grew up near Burlington, in Waterford and went to school at St. Marys High School  in Burlington. I know this place, and have heard the stories. That whole area, from
Burlington to Kenosha- Bong Air Force Base - has a lot of history and interesting stories, from underground tunnels, buried artifacts which include Egyptian type articles and
clay pottery containing seeds, much like what has been found in the Grand Canyon. There is also a lot of  UFO activity. My folks have 40 acres in the Burlington area, and
witness many night sky activities, including what was described to me, as an enormous mother ship and smaller craft going to and from it.

Mary Sutherland to Michelle:
Michelle, I  used to joke about Burlington having an intergalactic airport . I have seen just about every kind of UFO in the skies over Burlington. We used to chase after them
when I lived in Burlington. You can see them almost every night if you decide to watch the skies.

Doug C. and Stacy

I've had experiences while staying at the Rainbow Motel. The last time was early June last year. It involved a dimensional/ time anomaly at the motel after visiting the woods
and trying a new experiment. By the way, Mary's Burlington book is excellent! If you are interested in that town and surrounding area, you ought to definitely purchase it!

Tracy S.M. -  Fantastic reading!!! I need this book Mary i will be ordering tonight.
I just purchased this book and your latest on Amazon Kindle

Mary Sutherland Wonderful... Thank you. I really liked Giants Gods and Lost Races. I have information in there that I am sure that no other author or researcher has laid their
eyes on!  You will love it!!!

Misty D.  This is fantastic information and insight. I appreciate you sharing it. I’ve been doing research on this for a very long time. Question, what do you know of the rh
negative people?  Thanks again for the insight

Terri H.  Mu is my origin, I'm buying the book. I can relate. Thanks for writing it!! Cool beans I keep telling people, I'm a Giant, not a freakin' monkey. Evolution Theory has too
many dead ends in the millions of trees of life.

Linda Godfrey - Author and Researcher
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena; she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her own experiences. The author and
investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on anomalous
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and phenomena with tips for heightening
the reader's own psychic awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way. Perhaps, then, this
book itself may be considered a vortex. and whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will certainly draw you in."
Dave Geres
Congratulations, Mary!!! I am very excited to read this! As you know, I have recently been somewhat obsessed with the many legends and myths, along with my own
imagination, about the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. This is amazing! I would love to order an autographed copy of this!!
You've inspired me to read. If you ask anyone who has known me for most of my life, they wouldn't believe that I would ever pick up a book.
Thank you for all that you do, sharing all these fascinating revelations through your hard work researching and writing your books, and taking the time to connect with people
as you do here on Face Book etc.
Now that the opportunity is finally here, I may just want to order an extra copy to share!

Kim Hadachek
You are so amazing Mary!
Melanie Burton Elston
Thank you Mary for everything you do!
Cordelia Frei
Thank you for all you do Mary!  It is important work
Tracy Sanlon Mallen
Congratulations, i am currently reading book 3 in your 'In Search of Ancient Man' Series. Its an amazing read!
Dara York
I cannot wait to read them!
Laurie Domsch
Mary, thank you for openly sharing your valued research. I so much appreciate it.
Eileen Violet
If that book is out of print how do I get a copy? I ordered one from your website today but may have ordered the wrong one?
Kerry Koeppen
Such a great mind!
Donna Drake
William W
Greetings Mary I am so pleased to be your Facebook friend and I’m happy to have discovered your interesting publications and organization of spiritual historical education.