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The Red Haired Giants 'In Search of Ancient Man 5-book Series'

I have a question for some of you who believe that the giants are the Nephilm. Some feel that the
giants were the Nephilm, thus are from the evil fallen angels that we need to destroy, fear or
distrust....BUT in my book, I show that Noah was a red haired giant. Now if giants were in fact the
product of the fallen angels and the family of Noah repopulated the world...then are we not also
the bloodline of the Nephilm....or did we somehow find a loophole in this equation?
In my book THE RED HAIRED GIANTS I produce evidence of the giant Noah and his family
line. I provide the truth behind the Nephilm as to who they really were. And for the first time, the
truth is provided about the red haired giants ... Their rise to power, their influence on our lives
and their genocide ordered by the God of Abraham.

Evidence reported in this book  strongly supports that races of Atlantean giants lived in North
America and were the advent of the smaller races of modern men and women. As thousands of
earthen burial mounds attest, constant war against one another caused their numbers to
diminish and the smaller, but more numerous races eventually subjugated them. "The
Red-Haired Giants: Atlantis in North America" tells the story of the red-haired giants fall from
grace and their eventual extermination.

The information in this book  is a real eye opener and the true history of mankind should not be
The Red Haired Giants by Mary Sutherland
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Through the desire of James Smithson to create a legacy for himself, the Smithsonian Institution was born. Smithson died in 1829, leaving his fortune to his nephew
James Henry Hungerford, stipulating that if Hungerford died without an heir, his inheritance would be passed over to the United States Government to be used for the
increase and diffusion of knowledge.

Hungerford died in 1835, without an heir, and the United States Government inherited more than a half million dollars. However, due to some controversy, they did not
officially accept the money until 1846.

The year 1848 gave birth to the Great Industrial and Scientific Revolution, commonly regarded as the foundation and origin of modern science.  It was during this time that
science began an earnest study of the earthen mounds and megaliths of North America. In excavating the mounds and examining their content, they unwittingly opened
Pandora’s Box, revealing a secret that had been carefully guarded through the ages. They had uncovered evidence of an advanced race of giant demi-gods in North
America who had established global dominance back in a time long forgotten.
So threated by this information leaking out to the general population the powers to be ordered excavators to acquire whatever they could and destroy everything else.  
According to a former employee of the Smithsonian skeletal remains and artifacts were loaded on barges and dumped in the ocean. The Vatican, fearing damage to their
credibility and official texts, stored ancient artifacts and documents in their vast vaults. Even today, access to these vaults and the information they hide are denied to
everyone not officially approved by the Church.

In 1881, the Congress of the United States gave $5000 to the Smithsonian Institution to conduct archeological excavations for the study of the pre-historic mound builders
and their earthen works in North America.  Mr. Wills de Haas of Wheeling, who had studied the Grave Green Mound in Moundsville, West Virginia, was the first to be put in
charge of the project.  After a year he resigned and was replaced by Cyrus Thomas who continued the project until 1890.  By the completion of the project in 1890, over
2000 mounds and earthworks had been studied in the eastern United States.

In an attempt to re-write history, The Smithsonian suppressed any evidence that gave credibility to the School of Thought known as ‘Diffusion’. This is a belief that
throughout history there was an interaction of people with worldwide travel and trade.  Their goal was to replace ‘Diffusion’ with ‘Isolation’, creating a history whereas
civilizations were born and existed, with little or no contact between them. They maintained that even contact between the civilizations of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys
was non-existent except on a rare occasion. This teaching was not only false but ridiculous, taking into consideration that the river system reached to the Gulf of Mexico
and these civilizations lived as close to each other as a stone’s throw to the opposite shore.

By the mid-1900’s, a new history of North America had been established, based on fallacies perpetuated through our educational system, media and peer pressure.
People were encouraged and conditioned to scoff and shut out any idea not bearing the seal of approval from the scientific world.
In order to satisfy the political agenda of the time, archaeologists and historians were carefully selected to perpetuate historical fabrications, depicting the Native American
Indians, as an intellectually void sub-human species.

In order to sell this idea to the public they used their team of early American and European archaeologists to carefully select Native American skulls that demonstrated,
according to their standards, a being of inferior intelligence. These skulls were then used as a teaching aide to demonstrate the superiority of the European over the
Native American Indian.

Following the team of chosen archaeologists, historians and scholars were handpicked to disseminate disinformation through written propaganda. An example of how
these positions were used can be found in the following words of government official and popular writer, Henry Schoolcraft (1793-1864), who ironically was married to a
woman that was half Native American Indian.

“The Indian has a low, bushy brow, beneath which a dull, sleepy, half-closed eye seems to mark the ferocious passions that are dormant within. The acute angles of the
eyes seldom present the obliquity so common in the Malays and the Mongolians. The color of the eye is almost uniformly a tint between black and seldom has the
brightness, or expresses the vivacity, so common in the more civilized races.”

It is only now, in the 21st Century that some light of truth has been shed as to who these early North American Indians were and were not.  I think we can all agree that they
were not intellectually void and although their languages and customs were very different from those of the early Europeans, this certainly would not have deemed them as
savage. We also know today that not only were there Red Indians but yellow Indians, Black Indians and White Indians with hair colors of black, brown, red and blonde and
eye colors of black, hazel, green and blue.  Through DNA and blood typing, it can be determined that the North American Indian is an amalgamation of the many ancestors
from around the world who had either made North America their home or were sea-faring traders that had interbred with the native people

By 1882, the political agenda had changed and there was no longer an interest or desire to profile the Native American Indian as a savage or an intellectually void people.  
Being that the public opinion of the Native American Indian was then very low, the Smithsonian archaeologists and historians opted once again to change the history of
North America and its cultures by manipulating historical facts. The Smithsonian created the Bureau of Ethnology and Executive John Wesley Powell hired Cyrus Thomas
to head up the fieldwork. By 1894, Cyrus Thomas muddied the waters of our history again by publishing the ‘Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology’,
crediting the Native American Indian as the builders of the great mounds, temples, pyramids, ancient road and water ways of North America.

From the late 1800’s up until only recently, the general consensus was that the Native American Indians were the mound builders. With more and more evidence to the
contrary being discovered today opinions are changing and questions are being asked – “Who were the peoples that inhabited North America before the Native American

True to form, our historians perpetuated another historical fabrication and quite interestingly used the very same modus operando as they did in past with the Native
American Indians. They depicted our ancient ancestors as the stereotype caveman, Neanderthal in appearance, having inferior intelligence.  And – just as before-
archaeologists carefully selected specimens of skulls and skeletal remains that would reinforce their story. These skulls and skeletal remains were then used as a
teaching aide to demonstrate the superiority modern man had over his ancient ancestors. Scholars then followed up by disseminating the propaganda through the
various means of communication we have today.

Unlike our fathers before us, we do not live in a world of isolation where censorship dominated information. We live in a world of computers where information is at our
fingertips.   Being so, it hasn’t taken us centuries to uncover the disinformation spoon fed to us through time. However, due to the years of propaganda, the image we have
of ourselves and our history is impressed upon our minds like concrete and this is the challenge we need to overcome. But just as we have come to accept that the earth
is not flat, we shall also come to accept that our ancient ancestors were not Neanderthal in appearance nor were they an intellectually void sub human species, but just
the contrary. They were a great race of intellectual beings that were even more technologically advanced than we are today. Not only did they study the stars – they flew to
the stars and back!

While historians speak of the indigenous races living in North America, nothing is shared with the public about the races of giants that co-existed amongst the indigenous
people. This race of giants or men of great stature were the mound builders!

In the early seventeenth century the overall consensus was that the Earth was created in the year 4004 B.C. The Church explained away marine fossils, occasionally found
high in the mountains, as “the work of the devil, put there to test the believer’s faith.”   
This type of thinking went unchallenged until 1912, when Alfred Wegener proposed that not only was the earth much older but her continents actually drifted.

This, of course, was immediately rejected by the scientific world. However, Wegener’s theories were validated in the 1950’s through the birth of a new branch of science
called paleomagnetism.

Again in the early 1960’s data coming in from ocean exploration led to the perception of seafloor spreading. A few years later, these and other concepts were synthesized
into the model of plate tectonics, which showed the earth’s outer shell, to be divided into a number of large, rigid plates. These plates move over a soft layer of the earth’s
mantle and interact at their boundaries, which is the cause for most of the seismic and volcanic activity of the earth. These plates cause mountains to raise where they
push together, continents to fracture and oceans to form. The continents, sitting passively on the backs of the plates, drift with them, at the rate of a few centimeters a year.

Just in a matter of a few centuries the set-in-stone dates of earth’s age has changed from thousands of years old to billions of years old. Unlike the people of the
seventeenth century, we now know that marine fossils found high in the mountains are not the work of the devil placed there to test our faith, but the remains of life from an
ancient time.  

By today’s calculations, 250 million years ago, our earth was one super-continent surrounded by water, known as Pangea. This land mass was formed from the
aggregation of separated continents that drifted back together after the break-up of yet an even older supercontinent that existed about 550 million years ago!

Through my research of our cyclic past, I have come to the realization that our earth has experienced a series of world ages terminated by natural catastrophes of cosmic
dimensions. It is quite obvious to me that ancient man must have lived in a frightened state of mind, justified by the events they or their close ancestors had witnessed.
Records they left behind documenting their awe, engendered at seeing nature’s elements unleashed, are extremely unsettling to us, thus for the most part we try to ignore
what is front of our very noses. However, for our very survival, it would be wise for us to listen to the stories documented by these ancient survivors.  

During the Cretaceous Period, the lands of North America, Greenland and Europe were connected. The Colorado Sea covered most of central North America, extending
up from Mexico into the Artic. Approximately 66 million years ago, this period was ended by a cataclysm that brought about the extinction of nearly 75% of all species,
including marine, freshwater, and terrestrial organisms.

At the closing of this period, the western lands became swamp and bogs. The Rockies and the Andes Mountains elevated and the Appalachians, which had been reduced
almost to a base level by erosion, were rejuvenated. The seas retreated from all parts of the continent and the coastal areas of North America sank slowly below sea level.
The ocean invaded the Coastal Plain and the rocks in the Blue Ridge and Piedmont rose slightly.

According to the Chumash Indians, the Lemurians lived on the Western Coasts of the Americas, before their homeland sunk into the Pacific Ocean. The Atlanteans
suffered the same fate as their cousins when their homeland on the Eastern Coast sank into the Atlantic Ocean. Dropping below sea level, the old coast lines were
covered by water and a new coast line was born. Survivors fled to lands deemed safer, which were found further inland and in the higher elevations.  

Cherokee tradition retains the memory of their people coming from the Old Red Land that existed during the period when North America (Laurentia) collided with Northern
Europe (Baltica) to form The Old Red Sandstone Continent.

Hopi tradition calls this landmass, Turtle Island, describing it as having four arms, a head and tail. One arm is Baja, another is the Bay Area peninsula, another is Florida
and the other long arm is Nova Scotia. The tail leads down to Central America and its head is the Bering Strait.
Geological evidence clearly indicates that physical disruptions of enormous magnitude have in the past imposed major alterations to the planet's geography, often
submerging entire continental landmasses into the sea, raising others to become some of today’s highest mountain ranges.

Evidence confirms that the great plains of North America and Mexico to Alaska were at one time under the sea, as was today's eastern coast of America where the ocean
once broke the shores of the Appalachian Mountains.

In the past, there have been major uplifts of land masses around the globe. Rock geologists have estimated the great mass of the Himalayas to have risen to its present
height since the last Ice Age of over 11,000 years ago. Likewise the Andes in South America also show evidence of having been thrust upwards at this time.  Far back in
the geological past, perhaps six or seven hundred million years ago, Wisconsin was part of a mountainous region which covered all this state and much territory outside
it. We know of this former mountainous condition from a study of the rocks and the topography of today. The types of the folds tell us that the ridges were parts of a
mountain range more like the Alps or the Rockies than the Appalachians. The fossils in the overlying sedimentary rocks show that these mountains are among the oldest
in the world.

Speaking with a Native American Indian Elder from the Wolf Clan, I was told that there is an entrance to the underworld in what we call the Wisconsin Alps.         

The Northern Wisconsin Indians tell the story of being forced to live in the underground world, until the surface of the earth was once again safe to live on.
They re-entered the world in the Penokee Mountains of Northern Wisconsin. The exact location is a safely guarded secret by the Native American Indian Wolf Clan.

According to evidence from Professor Alexander Tollmann seven burning mountains fell to earth from space; the largest in the Sunda Strait, setting in motion a great
migration north, which created civilizations in India and then in Sumeria.  Biblically known as Noah’s Flood and written about in Epic of Gilgamesh, took place
approximately 6000 B.C. The Deucalion Flood occurred in the Bronze Age, around 2200 B.C. Another vast catastrophe struck in 535 AD, causing worldwide famine,
drought and plague, which have been theorized to have destroyed, among others, the civilization of the Maya in Central America, and Peruvian Nazca Indians.

It is quite obvious to me that ancient man must have lived in a frightened state of mind, justified by the events they or their close ancestors had witnessed. Records they left
behind documenting their awe, engendered at seeing nature’s elements unleashed, are extremely unsettling to us, thus for the most part we try to ignore the obvious.
However, we have now entered into an age where information is readily available to us and the old paradigm of control and cover-ups is quickly giving way to
enlightenment. Today it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the facts of our past that are continuously being revealed to us through the many recent discoveries.
There is no doubt that what happened in our past will be repeated. It is my hope, that by learning the true history of our past, we will gain a better understanding of our own
nature and gain power to face whatever may come.

Mary Sutherland



CHAPTER ONE:  The Gods of Old …27
And the Gods ruled from Akakor. They ruled over men and earth with ships faster than birds’ flight, ships that reached their goal without sails or oars and by night as well
as by day. They had magic stones to look into the distance so that they could see cities, rivers, hills and lakes. Whatever happened on earth or in the sky was reflected in
the stones. They had great knowledge and could suspend the heaviest stones, fling lightning or melt rocks.

CHAPTER TWO: The Great Atlantean War – War of the Gods…31
Seeking world dominance, the great Atlantean Empire and its trade networks were ever expanding. The only ones that held them back were their Titan cousins from
Greece and Egypt. The Trojan War was the result of the Atlanteans clashing with the powerful Greek interests in the Aegean. H. P. Blavatsky claimed that this war
coincides with the cycle of events described in the Mahabharata and that Homer’s Iliad may have been copied from the Ramayana.

CHAPTER THREE: Enoch the King of Atlantis - “In the Days of Peleg” …36
Prior to the upcoming cataclysms, the ancient gods left earth for safer places. According to Tatunca Nara, “After the former Masters left in the year ‘Zero’, some sort of
global catastrophe occurred. Before leaving, they gave the sacred knowledge to their earthbound offspring to protect until their return. These people were known as the
“Sacred Record Keepers

CHAPTER FOUR: The Upper and Lower Worlds – Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere…46
In ancient times the world was seen as two parts with one part mirroring the other. The land where the sun rose was known as the Upper World. These lands were in the
Eastern countries such as India. Their inhabitants were known as the Talans. The land where the sun sets is known as the Lower or Under World. These lands were in
the Western countries such as North America, known as Atala or Atalan.

CHAPTER FIVE: Atlantean Empire-North America…49
“In the “Days of Peleg”, the country watered by the Ohio and its branches was the center of the Atalan Empire, with its metropolis standing somewhere on the Ohio. It was
divided in several provinces, and ruled by a powerful monarch of the Atlas family

CHAPTER SIX: In Search of Atlantis in Kentucky…53
An ancient name for Atlantis was Appalachia. Being so, I reasoned that the Atlantean treasures would be found in the Appalachian Mountain Area. With this in mind, Brad
and I traveled to Prestonsburg, Kentucky to meet with local treasure hunter and researcher, James Scott.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Cherokee Rebellion against the Ani Ku Tani…66
According to the tradition of the Keetoowah, a thousand years ago, there was an eighth clan, the Ani-Ku-Tani. The Kutani were the rulers, a clan of priest-kings and
religious aristocracy. The Kutani abused their religious-political powers and oppressed the Keetoowah, taking the best their society could produce and forcing the people
to build the mounds as religious temples. Their oppressive taxation and arrogant domination were deeply resented, but the Kutani were greatly feared.

CHAPTER EIGHT: North America – The First Land …71
The first formed rocks which have yet been seen upon the globe, and the earliest forms of life yet discovered, and the oldest human relics which have yet been found, were
in America. And if man first lived and died and laid down his bones in the western world why should we look for his origin in the east?  Other continents like the Americas
may have had contemporaneous foundations laid down in the ancient seas that enveloped the infant world; however North America was the ‘first’ built up, and the ‘first’ to
show dry land above the universal ocean.

CHAPTER NINE: Cut Marks on Mammoth Bones Provide Earliest Evidence of Man- Wisconsin…77
After having some of the sites radiocarbon dated Overstreet determined that the butchered bones date back to probably 13,500 years. According to Birmingham, if the
North American archeological community accepts these findings, the mammoth bones in Kenosha County will provide the earliest evidence of human presence in North
America. Birmingham states that Kenosha County has now emerged as one of the world centers for studying early human life in North America.

CHAPTER TEN: North American Connection to Atlantis…81
Ages ago, a portion of this continent sunk beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In a time long forgotten, the American continent extended from Mexico, Central America
and New Granada far into the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe and Africa, covering all the space now occupied by the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the West India
Islands and going far beyond them toward the east and northeast.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Frederick S. Perkins Brings to Light the Forgotten Race of Giants and the Age of Copper…90
If our coppers shall prove to be smelted, as we maintain they are, Mr. F. S. Perkins of Burlington Wisconsin will deserve the credit of detecting, what all the world’s
archaeologists have hitherto sought in vain, namely the ‘transition period’ intermediate between the age of stone and the age of bronze – the copper age proper, when
men ceased to work copper as though it was stone, but began to melt and mold it as metals.  

CHAPTER TWELVE: Sacrificial Fire Ceremonies …103
As the senior prophet and the human sacrifice ascended to the summit, the prophet would draw forth the knife of sacrifice, which was a signal for universal silence.  The
prophet would then give the knife to the human sacrifice for him to kiss. Returning the knife, he would kiss the hand of the prophet. The prophet would then point the knife
to the sun while the human offering positioned him on the summit of the mound, pointing his face upwards so he could gaze upon the Sun. The younger prophets would
each seize a hand or foot and hold the victim close to the ground. The circle of spectators, watched in silence as the sacrifice was consummated.  After the head was
severed from the body, it was placed on the altar with the face looking towards the sun. The senior prophet would descend to the inner circle ad walk around the altar until
the younger prophets had arranged the fuel upon and about the sacrifice

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Red Haired Giants of Burlington, Wisconsin …114
When the Native American Indians arrived on the scene, there were people already living here. According to the Indians, these people were a Caucasian Race of Red
Haired Giants. They called themselves the Hu Kadesh whose population was as thick as the leaves on the trees.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN:  Newspaper Clippings and Articles Evidencing Giants of Wisconsin …126
Through my library card, I gained access to all the Wisconsin newspapers published dating back into the 1800’s. This chapter focuses on the graves of giants and
mounds with multiple burials, descriptions of what was found in the burial sites and various conclusions of who these giants may have been.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Aztalan, Wisconsin – Migration of the Toltec, Precursor of the Aztec …185
French ethnographer, historian and archaeologist Brasseur de Bourbourg thought that the Mound Builders were the Toltec and lived here when North America was called
Huehue-Tlapalan.  He described North America as ‘The Country of the Mound-Builders who were located in the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys’. Examining Native American
literature and lore, he concluded that the Toltec homeland was located ‘somewhere at a distance in the northeast’. They most likely, migrated down the Mississippi River
into the Gulf of Mexico where they spread out to other lands.  Unfortunately, the historical documents of the Huehue-Tlapalan and the reasons behind their migration were
destroyed by  the 4th Aztec King Itzcóatl (1428-1440) For mysterious reasons known only to him, he destroyed the historical records because ‘he felt it was better for the
people to not know the truth about their past.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Wisconsin Mounds and Waterways…193
Believing these earthworks were built by a lost ancient race, William Pidgeon concluded that the mounds were built on ley lines or earth energy points and that they were a
form of a lost form of earth writing providing information to the passerby.  Seeing and understanding the symbol of the mounds, the passerby could relate to the cult of the
individual involved and their tribal guide, as well as know their specific power ally. These ancient people also constructed an ingenious system of interlocking canals. With
amazing skill, the engineers developed an internal system of navigation, linking the lakes and rivers with the various metropolitan centers of the region.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: History of the Atlantes in North America and Their Dissention into Barbarism …197
“Amid a dreadful scene of steaming waters and clouds of drifting ash and smoke, most perished and those few who survived took their first step backward into the dark
depths of savagery. This was but the beginning of a deep descent into the lowest state of humanity, which was to remain a traditional way of life for thousands of years to
Evidence strongly supports that races of Atlantean giants lived in North America and were the advent of the smaller races of modern men and women.  As thousands of
earthen burial mounds attest, constant war against one another caused their numbers to diminish and the smaller, but more numerous races eventually subjugated them.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Follow the Blood – DNA testing of Native American Tribes …220
The People of the Sea have not only mingled their blood and their strength with us all, but also are the traders who worked the mines of Michigan during the age of bronze.  
With the discovery of DNA and the results of testing thereof, the once popular belief that the origin of man in North America took place about 12,000 years ago with the
coming of Asian man over the Bering land bridge falls flat on its face.  And although this theory somewhat explains the Siberian and Asian people arriving in North America
over the Bering Strait land bridge, it does not explain who these light skinned, red and blond haired people of giant stature were that these people found  already living
here when they arrived.  But, thanks to geneticist and DNA research and the cooperation of the aboriginal people around the world, we can now trace the steps of our North
American ancestors.


Frank Joseph - Author and Researcher

There are rare persons in this world who see things others don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred
souls to reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-born net worker in all she does --- from her
Burlington Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for perception more developed than in her latest title.
Frank Joseph .

Michelle M.

I grew up near Burlington, in Waterford and went to school at St. Marys High School  in Burlington. I know this place, and have heard the stories. That whole area, from
Burlington to Kenosha- Bong Air Force Base - has a lot of history and interesting stories, from underground tunnels, buried artifacts which include Egyptian type articles
and clay pottery containing seeds, much like what has been found in the Grand Canyon. There is also a lot of  UFO activity. My folks have 40 acres in the Burlington area,
and witness many night sky activities, including what was described to me, as an enormous mother ship and smaller craft going to and from it.

Mary Sutherland to Michelle:
Michelle, I  used to joke about Burlington having an intergalactic airport . I have seen just about every kind of UFO in the skies over Burlington. We used to chase after them
when I lived in Burlington. You can see them almost every night if you decide to watch the skies.

Doug C. And Stacy Clack

I've had experiences while staying at the Rainbow Motel. The last time was early June last year. It involved a dimensional/ time anomaly at the motel after visiting the
woods and trying a new experiment. By the way, Mary's Burlington book is excellent! If you are interested in that town and surrounding area, you ought to definitely purchase

Tracy S.M. -  Fantastic reading!!! I need this book Mary i will be ordering tonight.
I just purchased this book and your latest on Amazon Kindle

Mary Sutherland Wonderful... Thank you. I really liked Giants Gods and Lost Races. I have information in there that I am sure that no other author or researcher has laid
their eyes on!  You will love it!!!

Misty D.  This is fantastic information and insight. I appreciate you sharing it. I’ve been doing research on this for a very long time. Question, what do you know of the RH
negative people?  Thanks again for the insight

Terri H.  Mu is my origin, I'm buying the book. I can relate. Thanks for writing it!! Cool beans I keep telling people, I'm a Giant, not a freakin' monkey. Evolution Theory has
too many dead ends in the millions of trees of life.

Linda Godfrey - Author and Researcher
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena; she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her own experiences. The author and
investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and phenomena with tips for
heightening the reader's own psychic awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will certainly draw you in."
Dave Geres
Congratulations, Mary!!! I am very excited to read this! As you know, I have recently been somewhat obsessed with the many legends and myths, along with my own
imagination, about the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. This is amazing! I would love to order an autographed copy of this!!
You've inspired me to read. If you ask anyone who has known me for most of my life, they wouldn't believe that I would ever pick up a book.
Thank you for all that you do, sharing all these fascinating revelations through your hard work researching and writing your books, and taking the time to connect with
people as you do here on Face Book etc.
Now that the opportunity is finally here, I may just want to order an extra copy to share!
Kim Hadachek
You are so amazing Mary!
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Thank you for all you do Mary!  It is important work
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Congratulations, i am currently reading book 3 in your 'In Search of Ancient Man' Series. Its an amazing read!
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Mary, thank you for openly sharing your valued research. I so much appreciate it.
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Kerry Koeppen
Such a great mind!
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William W
Greetings Mary I am so pleased to be your Facebook friend and I’m happy to have discovered your interesting publications and organization of spiritual historical education
Diana Palm - I just finished reading your book "The Red-Haired Giants, Atlantis in North America" and I loved it! The research you did and included in the book on the
many, many ancient mounds is overwhelmingly convincing. I am fascinated by the concept of such early origins stemming out from Wisconsin. I have to say, I am leaning
in your direction with the findings based on credible research. Thank you so much for your work Mary and for making this information available to the public! We are looking
forward to more adventures in Burlington and beyond!  Diana Palm Intuitive
Daniel Williams
This book clearly shows how the true history of America has been systematically denied to us through careful censorship and the manipulation of our ancient legacy. After
reading this book, you will be convinced that an ancient sophisticated race of giants called America home. This is great starter book for those interested in unlocking a
mystery that does have an answer but you may have a hard time accepting it. The truth awaits you, begin the journey now!
Naida Kimbrel
So much more to learn about the ancient history of man and we were never taught any of this! Mary gets deep into the history of the ancient mounds, area artifacts buried
beneath our feet, American Indian tribes, Indian graves, and so much more! A whole new look at our very old world! Loved it and can't wait to read more

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