PYRAMID OF ROCK LAKE  in Lake Mills Wisconsin

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Reference: Frank Joseph

"When the stars which men see in the night sky were not in the same places they are now, our fathers had already fished these waters for many turns. They were like children,
no wiser than deer, but happy. The red metal on the ground and in streams they found and made into ornaments for their hair and hands. That was all it meant to them. But
over the Sunrise Sea, in a big lodge on a great island, the Marine Men prayed to 'Wes-a-hee-sa', the Foolish Creator.
"Give us the red metal!" they cried to him. " In it there is
much Manitou(spirit) for us!"

Their shamans were clever , their magic strong. Wes-a-hee-sa turned his ear to them. he told them how to make big canoes and he led them across the waves from the OLD
RED LAND , the Island of the Great Lodge, to TURTLE ISLAND. They came to where we now sit.

Our fathers, when they saw the strangers, ran away. They thought they were gods or evil spirits. Their hair was like fire, their eyes like ice, their skin had no color. Their
clothes were made from the rainbow, but the men among them had faces like bears. They carried a magic stone. When they threw it on the ground, it sang a song telling them
where to dig holes in the Earth. They stole the red metal and put it in their big canoes. "  

They went to the small lake, Tyranena. It was named after one of their chiefs from the
OLD RED LAND. They made the shore a sacred burial ground and worshiped the moon
as a powerful devine woman.
The Marine Men buried their dead in pits. When they were laid inside, side by side, in great numbers, stones were gathered, then stacked up over the graves in a big mound.
Smaller mounds, like rock teepees, they piled up over chiefs and their families. The mounds and stone teepees they covered in white and painted many magic signs on them
to imitate the dances of the stars.  Sun and moon exchanged places many times and the burial grounds grew to become a big town of dead people.

One day the Earth Mother could bear her tormet no longer and she pulled the Old Red Land under the water. The gret lodge with many Marine Men drowned. Then those who
were over here were afraid. They fled from the many holes they made to find the red metal. But our fathers, seeing their chance attacked them , killing many. The foreign
chiefs ran to Tyranena  and the big mounds of their dead tribesmen, calling to their spirits for protection from the wrath of the Attiwandeton and the Chippewa.
"one of their shamans spoke. 'The dead will not save us, unless we save them'. They command you to preserve their graves from harm, or else they will become ghosts and
hve to roam the world forever.  You must dig a long row from the river to the lake. This they did, and when it was done, the shaman opened a door from the ditch, which was
higher than the lake. When he did  this, the river ran faster and louder than a buffalo herd. A might wterfall of many thunders fell on Tyranena. The great flood rushed over
the mounds and rock tepees with their honored dead. They were buried under the wall of waters.  

When the task was done, the Marine Men fled Tyranena . Some built big canoes and went over the Sunrise Sea. Others went south , into the hot lands of the valleys and
mountains and jungles. They lived long with the people there. They became chiefs again and had sons by the native women. Their sons begat more sons and through many
generations, until one day the sun god told them to return to Tyranena.

They honored the sacred lake by causing the figures of its spirit guardian to be made on the shore. Tyrena they now called the LAKE OF THE SEVEN CAVES, after the seven
tribes which came up from the south. They used its shores for the burial of their dead under mounds of holy soil. Then they went to the river, where they built a great wall.
They lived behind it and grew rich because all the people brought them food and hides. In exchange, they gave the Indians words from the SKY GODS , who told them how to
regulte their lives and their croops. All went well for some generations. But they still robbed the earth of her red metal.


"One day, the young chief of Aztalan took a bride from the people who lived outside the walls. According to their law, this was a bad thing to do. But the man's passion
prevailed and she came to live in the OLD CITY  with her family. Her brothers worshiped demons and honored them by eating human flesh. They won some of the Aztalaners
over to these deth gods. There was much confusion. Then the sun god came again. He was very angry and told the people they had to leave the OLD CITY. He blew hot
winds, dried up all the water and kept the corn from ripening as punishment. To purify the sacred ground  they descrated, the Aztalaners burned the walls and set fire to
everything. Then they left, going back into the valley lands of the far south.  
Story told by a tribal elder that wished to remain anonymous  - given to Joseph Frank and printed in his book ATLANTIS IN WISCONSIN.

MENOMONIE INDIANS  - Described them as a light skinned foreign people, who discovered ore bearing veins by throwing magical stones, called Yuwipi, on the ground, which
made the copper rich rocks ring like brass does.

ATTIWANDETON INDIANS recall white people who seized both their lands and their animals.

CHIPPEWA know an identical account of a white skinned tribe annihilited in the deep past. When shown a copper axes excavated from a mound in the late eighteen century,
Chippewa elders responded, "white man make long ago, way back."

ALGONKIAN  TRIBES  in the Great Lakes Region recalls their her, Nanabozho, saying that he supervised the recreation of the world after the Flood, which he survived by
riding on a big 'wooden raft'.
According to the Algonkian Tribes, ' The Great Serpent always come up the Mississippi searching for copper, for which it had an anomous appetite (L. Taylor Hansen)

NAVAHOO  Children ceremony  involves a masked figure wearing a red wig and a horned helmet accompanied by a woman, her face painted white, protraying his wife. They
were supposed to represent the couple which survived the Great Flood as a reminder of the child's ancestral origins.

APACHES Perform a Crown Dance where the performers join in a circle around a 'speaker' wearing a horned headgear, at the center of which is the stylized representation of
an erupting volcano.  He wields a trident, which is a known emblem of Poseidon, the mythic founder of Atlantis.  The speaker thrusts it into the ground, then begins, " I
remember the OLD RED LAND a narration describing Apache origins after some oceanic catastrophe.
The horned headgear can also be found depicted on the  walls of the Victory Temple of Rameses III !

CHUMASH INDIANS from  Santa Barbara, now an extent race, in the California region created the most colorful and vibrant cave paintings of the horned water spirit, Dancing
Frog, who called upon the ancestral powers of ancient forebears, who brought their magic with them from the Great Lodge before it sank into the Eastern Sea.
Astrological Symbols were found that linked the Chumash to  the Canary Islands. They were carbondated and found to date back to approximately 900 BC.At least a dozen of
the pictographs among the Chumash rock paintings resemble and in many ways duplicate Egyptian hieroglyphs. These include symbols for water, stars, mountains, rudders,
heaven, eternity, town, day, alive, etc.

The Winnebago's  Souix ancestors, traded animal hides and meat with the twelfth century Lords of Aztalan. From these ancestors the Winnebago were given the story about
the ancient origins of the Wolf Clans, whose leader dwelt in 'a great lodge' on an island in the ocean where the sun rises. This progenitor had ten sons, one of whom came to
Turtle Island (North America) with his clansmen and women. In time, they intermarried with the natives and established four new clans: the White Wolf, Green Hair, Gray Wolf,
and Black Wolf. The quartet was so name to commemorate the Four Cardinal Directions which streamed out from their oceanic homeland at the center of the world. The first
child born in this new land was called 'Wave' after the bow-wave of the boat that brought them from the great lodge.
Another version is that the 'original Wolf brothers appeared from the bottom of the ocean,' where their ancestral island had been swallowed up by a terrible deluge. As the
disturbed seas began to calm down, the WAKT'CEXI, a water spirit arose from the waves wearing a horned helmet and led the survivors acorss the ocean on improvised rafts
to the new land. Thereafter, all the Wolf clans were known as Water Clans.

As to confirm the Winnebago story of the horned Wakt'cexi, two effigy mounds of gigantic proportions may be found in Wisconsin. They represent the water spirit that led the
Wolf Clan ancestors of the Winnebago from the Great Flood. One of these geoglyphs still exist, on the slope of a hill  outside Baraboo, only forty five miles from Rock lake.
The giant is 214 feet long and thirty feet across at the shoulders. His horned helmet identifies him as the Wakt'cexi deluge hero. The other effigy was found in LaValle,
Wisconsin, but was detroyed by the waters of a dam.

The Horned Giant effigy is repeated in his overseas counterpart, The Long Man of Wilmington. It , too, is the reprensentation of a man (at 300 feet, the largest in Europe) and
is dated at approximately between 2000 to 1200 BC.  The original British hill figure was portrayed wearing a helmet but was obliterated in the early nineteenth century.

Depictions of Horned Giants can also be found on the walls of the Victory Temple of Rameses III from Ancient Egypt. These depictions are said to portray a battle of warriors
with horned helmets, that took place there 3200 years ago.   The Israelite hero  , Moses,  has also been depicted with horns.

YUCHIS  migrated to the Oklahoma territory, where they eventually settled down. Amazingly enough, they show strong evidence that they had contact with the Old World in
historic times. They have a custom which is unique among the American Indians. They are racially and linguistically different from their neighbors. Every year on the fifteenth
day of the sacred month of harvest, in the fall, they make a pilgrimmage. For eight days they live in
"booths" with roofs open to the sky, covered with branches and leaves and
foliage. During this festival, they dance around the sacred fire, and called upon the name of God.

The ancient Israelites had the virtually identical custom, in many respects. In the harvest season in the fall, on the 15th day of the sacred month of harvest (the seventh
month), they celebrate the "festival of booths" for eight days. During this time they lived in temporary booths, covered with branches, leaves, fronds. This festival goes back to
the time of Moses and the Exodus from ancient Egypt (Leviticus 23).

A twenty-one acre city with three pyramids surrounded by stockaded walls in triplicate -  covered with
white plaster.
The masters of this complex  were astronomer priests.
The people left around AD 1320 - after the sacred calendar wound down, reaching the end to a
critical epoch.
The next critical epoch is to occur AD 2012

Ancient Maps Supporting theories
that the Aztec and Toltecs were in
North America First -
THEN  migrated South
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