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1101 - 970 BC
Pelasgian influence in Spain
King David and King Solomon's reign in Israe

It was during this time that King David was at the height of his power. While God did not allow David to build the Temple of
Solomon he was allowed to make preparations for its construction.  The project was financed through the vast war booty and
tribute payments that poured in from vassel nations.  The preparations and instructions to Solomon are recorded in I
Chronicles 22: 1-16.

David accumulated "great stores of iron for nails and clamps" (RSV).
This iron may very well have been mined here in Wisconsin.

He also accumulated "bronze in quantities beyond weighing," (RSV)
Evidence will show that David mined the copper ore from Michigan and it may have been refined here in
Wisconsin, near Rock Lake.

King David  also amassed much cedar wood  through his alliance with the city-states of Tyre and Sidon.
The harvesting of timber would again account for the desolate plains , void of timber, in North America.

In the course of his wars, David had collected large amounts of gold and silver from tributary nations, and verse 14 quotes
David as summing up his temple preparations with these words:

"With great pains I have provided for the house of the Lord a hundred thousand talents of gold and a million talents of silver,
and bronze and iron BEYOND WEIGHING , for there is so much of it; timber and stone too have I provided." (RSV). -- The
"Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!, p. 24.


There is archaeological evidence, that the fleets of Solomon and Hiram of Tyre circumnavigated the globe

Hebrew customs, discovered by the early English settlers in the Americas, were found among some of the Indian tribes,
including the wearing of phylacteries! Minoan and Phoenician coins have been found, and inscriptions of ancient Phoenician
an Minoan scripts, in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Star of David was even found in an ancient ruin of the Pueblo
Indians in New Mexico! In the middle of the second millennium, B.C., and down to the time of Solomon, circa 1000 B.C.,
oceanic travel by maritime powers in the Middle East seems to have been fairly common.

In the book BRONZE AGE AMERICA,  the late Dr. Barry Fell (Professor Emeritus of Harvard University) records that copper
trading between ancient North America and the Old World was extant prior to and DURING THE REIGN OF KING DAVID!
In his book, we find evidence from  
ancient inscriptions that Norse kings carried on a
copper trade with the New World in the St. Lawrence River as early as 1700 B.C., seven centuries prior to the
reign of King David.

There is, clear evidence that David's allies, the Canaanite Phoenicians, were included in
the New World copper trade and that some of David's huge stockpile of copper ore came from the Phoenician's
North American trading routes.

Notes Barry Fell --

"Around the northern shore of Lake Superior, and on the adjacent Ile Royale, there are approximately 5,000 ancient copper
mine workings. In 1953 and 1956 Professor Roy Drier led two Michigan Mining and Technology expeditions to the sites.
Charcoal found at the base of the ancient mining pits yielded radio carbon dates indicating that the mines had been operated
between 2000 B.C. and 1000 B.C...
The most conservative estimates by mining engineers show that at least 500
million pounds of metallic copper were removed over that time span, and there is no evidence as to what
became of it.
 BRONZE AGE AMERICA,  NY: Wallaby, 1976. P. 261.

Since the mining operations at these North American sites were taking place during the reigns of David and Solomon, it is
more than likely that part of this Lake Superior copper was used to satisfy David's voracious appetite for raw copper for the
Temple. The biggest customers for copper and other raw materials in the world of the time were King David and Israel and,
later, King Solomon."

These ancient Lake Superior copper mines were worked to exhaustion during the reign of King Solomon,
meaning that they were producing during the time that David was stockpiling copper ore "beyond calculation"

The Bible states that  ancient Israel, under King David, was stockpiling massive quantities of copper ore around 1,000 B.C.  
Sources also confirm  that the North American copper mines ran out of ore during the reign of Solomon. The
connection between the two is quite  obvious: most of the ancient North American copper ore was shipped to ancient Israel
and used for the construction of the Temple and later projects of Solomon.

Lost in Time by Mary Sutherland
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Chapter Twelve –
The X Haplogroup – The Genetic Link to our Ancient Atlantean Ancestors

“Must we fall in the old rut and suppose there was no other means of populating the Western Hemisphere except "by way of
Bering’s Strait? “

“Must we still locate a geographical Eden in the East, and suppose a land equally adapted to man and as old geologically,
must wait the aimless wanderings of the "Lost Tribe of Israel" to become populated?”

("A land of Mystery" 1890 article by H.P. Blavatsky)

While mainstream science and academia drag their feet in accepting the fact that other civilizations existed prior to our
modern civilization, their ideologies are flailing in the wind of skepticism –with the discovery of the Haplogroup X found in the
mitochondrial DNA.

In a 1997 DNA Study a rare mt DNA haplogroup X was found, linking, beyond question, the Mound Builders of North America
with the Guanches of the Canary Islands, the Basques of the Pyrenees, Europe, primarily in parts of Spain, Bulgaria, Finland
and Italy where two to four percent of the population carried it. It was also identified in three percent of living Native American

However, the percentage of individuals among the Iroquois, the haplogroup X was approximately a striking twenty-five percent!

The X haplogroup has also been identified in the Middle East and in 2001, it was again found in a tribe living in the Altaic
Mountains of the Gobi, known as the Altaics.

All of these areas are where Cayce specifically stated Atlantean survivors fled to around 10,000 B.C.

With geneticists in agreement that the Altaic haplogroup X is not from Asia, a lot of holes were shot into the Bering Strait
Theory as well.

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Rock Lake Continued
Aztalan and Lake Mills Wisconsin
'Home of the Wisconsin Pyramid'

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Munck  discovered a planet wide system of coordinates.  This coordinate system was mutually  agreed upon by almost all builders of Sacred Sites on Earth, regardless of where these sites may

The system works off  of a 360-degree sphere, with the Great Pyramid, or the center of the Platonic Solids on Earth, as the Prime Meridian.


How could  the Ancients  have put coordinates into their monuments. Clearly they did not carve the latitude and longitude numbers into the sides of their temples, or else we would have found
them already!

Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees!

What these ingenious architects did was to'work the coordinates 'INTO' the actual structs of the objects they built!

All over the world, Munck shows how the actual structure of the sacred object, the number of faces, stairs, sides, terraces and other features that it contains, reveals its code numbers.


Many of the Mayan temples have large numbers of stairs, and Munck eloquently shows how these numbers add up together. So again, the actual shape and structure of the object itself gives its
crucial coordinate numbers. Once this is done, the numbers are combined with some basic and obvious form of addition, multiplication, subtraction or division, and then combined with a special
"constant" .

This forms a larger number that Munck calls the "GRID POINT VALUE "
It is this number that provides the key to the coordinate position, for Munck shows that a simple mathematical operation on the latitude or longitude coordinates will come up with the same exact
number, down to many decimal places! This simple operation is conducted by adding, multiplying or dividing the number of degrees by the number of minutes by the number of seconds in the

So again, once you get the basic formula from the structure of the object itself, your next step is to factor in certain basic mathematical constants. All of these constants, such as PI , would be
universal throughout all planetary societies.

No matter where you live, if you assign a circle a diameter of 1 unit, the circumference will measure 3.14159 units.

Since numbers like this represent mathematical laws that cannot be altered, they were used to interplay against the basic measurements of the structure itself. And what we are left with is a truly

When Munck's formula is used to factor in simple, universal constants to the outside features and measurements of the sacred site, the results are very significant.

All over the world, with extreme redundancy, all manner of different sacred sites will literally describe exactly where they are on the Grid, in terms of a 360-degree coordinate system with the Prime
Meridian at Gizeh.

The basic units of length measurement that are used in Munck's system are miles, feet and inches, and it is these "English" units that provide the remarkable results.

Obviously, this forces us to believe that these units are a lot more archaic than we thought!


While it may clearly be evident that  the ancients built the pyramids and energy focusing structions on the grid points and bands in order to stabliize and harvest energy   it is EQUALLY
IMPORTANT to know that these sacred sites were also used for SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

While this energy could have physical uses, sources such as Ra indicate that it has profound implications for spiritual consciousness.


This could explain the oft-cited mystery of the sudden disappearance of the entire Mayan civilization in early AD. We might hypothesize that they were able to calculate the timing of a solar /
astrological event, which provided enough outside energy for them to use such structures for the purposes of making such a shift.

Ancient Maps Supporting theories
that the Aztec and Toltecs were in
North America First -
THEN  migrated South
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In Search of Atlantis in Wisconsin - Mary Sutherland   2005 -2018

By examining the work of Carl Munck, we can find a  system of coordinates that includes  nearly every sacred site on earth. In his 1977  book, THE CODE  Munch,  shows how all of the
Egyptian pyramids can be lined up into a very narrow strip that runs straight north and south. (See  illustrations  )

These Grid lines (ley lines) carry flowing currents of energy which cause spiraling vortices.

Gizeh is at exactly 30 degrees North latitude .Exactly one third of the  way,  around the Earth, you come to Mesoamerica, home of the Aztecs and Maya. A literally identical grid band shows up  
here  â€“ 120 degrees from Gizeh-
The entire pyramid complex of Tikal conforms to the north-south grid line configuration!


Strange things happen around the area of Rock Lake. People see things that aren't there  - Ice fishermen can't start their chainsaws out on the ice, but back on shore they start fine - They
return to the ice and again run into the same problem. Scuba divers, trying to film the underwater pyramids can't get their cameras to work. Other divers, preparing to dive into the waters of
the pyramid,  are overcome with a sense of dread.

It is apparent that there is an energy disturbance going on in the area - strong enough to cause mechanical failure as well as affecting the human consciousness.

It is also apparent that this area  represent stress points of higher dimensional and  intelligent energy. The higher frequencies of energy  would render such things as spark plugs for
chainsaws and batteries for electronic cameras inoperable, as it would actually change the vibratory rate of electromagnetic frequencies, thus making them incompatible with ordinary devices.
( We experience the same result when a ufo closely approaches an area  - . all mechanical / electrical items stop functioning.)

These frequencies also affect the human consciousness, leading people to have 'screened visions'. Emotions are affected by these frequencies with some experiencing anxiety while others a
sense of euphoria.  Some people have sensed  that 'time has stopped' or that everything seems to have turned into a silent void. .  (  Similar human reactions occur during the presense of a

It appears that the BUILDERS OF THE ROCK LAKE AREA WERE HARNESSING USABLE ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY.  a technology modern man has yet to put to practical use.  (  It also
seems  that the people piloting these ufos are also  harnessing this usable energy  in these high energy points such as Rock Lake.

(If you look on the Wisconsin Map, notice that Mayville is located within the belt . Mayville was the location of three crop circles two years ago\

Click Here for Mayville Cropcircles)


Now we know that Rock Lake has demonstrated anomalies. But what about Tikal? Carl Munck discusses the main pyramid at Tikal, which is at the lower portion of the American grid line at the
Yucatan, (see plate 1)  indicating that it is unique in several ways. First, its depth shows an exact harmonic of the equatorial circumference of the Earth in feet - 24.9015, which is a harmonic of
24,901.5 statute miles. He goes on to show how the Tikal pyramid encodes the exact measurement for the surface area of a sphere, which will always be 41252.96127 square degrees. When
we multiply this sphere number by three, representing the three staircases on the pyramid, one discovers the pyramid’s exact longitudinal coordinates on the Grid! This looks very curious,
as we are taking a number representing a sphere and using it in a set of three. This is just like our tetrahedron dividing the spherical Earth into thirds.

Reference :


Frank Joseph,, author of THE LOST PYRAMIDS OF ROCK LAKE  states that beneath the surface of Rock Lake lie at least ten structures. Two of these have been mapped and photographed
by skin divers and sonar.  One of these structures is called  Limnatis Pyramid and has  a base width of 60 feet, a length of about 100 feet, and a height of 18 feet, although only about 10 feet
protrude from the silt and mud. It is a truncated pyramid, built largely out of round, black stones. On the truncated top, the stones are squarish . It seems that the structure itself had a coating
of some kind of a  plaster substance.

Approximately three miles from the Rock Lake Pyramids, is the ancient ruins of Aztalan.  Here there were found  two truncated, earthen pyramids, partially surrounded by a tall stockade.
These also showed signs of having a plaster substance used as a coating ..

Aztalan seems to have been occupied as late as the Fourteenth Century.

From Science Frontiers #66, NOV-DEC 1989. © 1989-2000 William R. Corliss
Ancient People of North America - People of Aztalan Wisconsin and Rock Lake

The Toltec or Aztatecas, precursors to the Aztec

The North American Atlanteans were also known as the ‘Aztatecas’ and were ‘People of the Water’.  Wherever they went in their migration they built homes in the middle of swamps, rivers, and

As brilliant hydrologists, they farmed the wet lands by making rafts covered with dirt. They then fastened them to posts driven into the bottom of the swamp or shallow body of water.Only in what
is now Kashmir and Burma do people still make use of swamp-farming as efficiently and extensively as did the Aztatecas.

M. Charles Martins wrote in his March 1, 1867 ‘Revue des Deux Mondes’:
“Now hydrography, geology and botany agree in teaching us that the Azores, the Canaries and Madeira are the remains of a great continent which formerly united Europe to North America”

Ages ago, in a time long forgotten, the American continent also extended from Mexico, Central America and New Granada far into the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe and Africa, covering all the
space now occupied by the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the West India Islands and going far beyond them toward the east and northeast.

In ‘El Orígen de los Indios’, Father Gregorio Perez wrote that the Aztatecas called the Atlantic Ocean, ‘Atlantona’ which meant "Splendidly Radiant Lady of the Waters." Their name for ‘Atlas was
Atlante’ and the roofs of their temples represented the ‘Upper World’ or ‘Talan’. The idol columns holding up the temple roofs were ‘Atlantes’.

Showing that this great extension of the land into the Atlantic did exist, I provide you with the following quote from Moreau de Saint-Mery’s ‘Topographique et Politique de la Partie Espagnole a L’
Isle de Saint-Domingue’:

“There are those who, in examining the map of America, do not confine themselves to thinking with the French Pliny in that the innumerable islands situated from the mouth of the Orinoco to the
Bahama Channel should be considered as summits of vast mountains whose bases and sides are covered with water. Some would go farther and suppose these islands to be the tops of the
most elevated of a chain of mountains which crowned a portion of the continent whose submersion produced the Gulf of Mexico. But to sustain this opinion it must be added that another vast
surface of land which united the islands of this archipelago to the continent, from Yucatan to the mouth of the Orinoco, was submerged in the same way, along with a third surface which
connected them with the peninsula of Florida and with whatever land that may have constituted the northern termination.”

It is the belief of this author that the Aztatecas were the Toltecs. They came to live in a land they called ‘Huehue-Tlapalan’. Its simple name was ‘Tlapalan’ but they gave it the prefix ‘Huehue’ to
distinguish it from three other Tlapalans they had already founded in the districts of their new kingdoms.

Most of the historical manuscripts of Huehue Tlapallan were sadly destroyed by Itzcóatl, the 4th Aztec king (1428-1440). For reasons only known to him, he felt "it was better that people did not
know the truth about their past..."

The Toltecs were precursors to the Aztecs. Enjoying great wealth, the Toltecs were highly skilled in cutting Jade, casting gold along with other works of the craftsman including feather work. Friar
Juan de Torquemada found a record which described them as industrious, orderly and intelligent.

Toltec laws were said to have been strict but justly enforced, and their most important priest-king was Quetzalcoatl.  

The clothing made out of skins by our ancient ancestors who lived in caves is far from the truth. The men dressed in cloaks and pants of cotton; and in times of coldness they added long
sleeveless jackets that reached to their knees. The women wore dresses with petticoats. They were often seen wearing hooded white cloaks embroidered with many colors reaching to their
The priests were described to have worn white or black tunics that reached to the ground, with hoods that covered their heads. Their hair was plaited and reached to their shoulders. They were
humble and kept their eyes lowered. Their feet were bear during times of fasts and in the temple areas. They only wore shoes when they were outside or on a long journey.
In battle, they wore clothes in the manner of tunics of a 'thousand colors' that hung down to their heels, embroidered and very thick and heavy. Some carried long lances and others carried
spear throwers while others carried clubs studded with iron.  They wore helmets of copper and gold, and some used bucklers, principally those who carried the studded iron clubs.

Invasion from  the Tower of Babel Israelites

The Toltecs lived peacefully in HueHue Tlapalan until they were invaded by a tribe of Israelites migrating from the eastern land of Babel (Tower of Babel).
Native-born Mexican scholar, historian and Catholic priest, Fernado de Alva Ixtlilxochitl (1578-1650) documented the first Israelites coming to North America after the division of Babel and the
confusion of languages.
“Wandering for 104 years and after crossing a large part of the world, they arrived in ‘Huehue Tlapallan’, meaning ‘Ancient Place of the Red’ or as the Indians called it ‘The Old Red Land.’
Calling themselves Chichimecas, after their first king, they claimed to have descended from the same forefathers and had come from the Occidental areas.”

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In Search of Ancient Copper Culture
Rock Lake- Underwater Pyramids
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Rock Lake, Located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin has a pyramid  resting beneath its waters.  This pyramid is linked to the people that were
mining the copper in upper Michigan - thus linked to the King Solomon Mines and/or Temple.

The legends of these 'stone tepees' were revived during the mid 1930's when a combination of low and clear water allowed viewing
of a number of its geometric forms, including g pyramids, cones, walls, and trenches.
Again in 1991-92 , unusually clean water conditions  allowed two of the sites to be photographed in sufficient detail to prove once
and for all that these were man made structures.

When the first European settlers reached the shores of Rock Lake in the 1830s, they saw several little islands all surmounted by
curious stone buildings. These were the ‘rock tepees’ the Winnebago claimed the ‘Old Foreign Chiefs’ had built before they arrived.
The Winnebago described them as a tribe of powerful sorcerers, who allowed no one near the lake except on special occasions.
Then everybody had to attend magical ceremonies down by the shore, always at night, when the moon and stars were worshiped as

During their ceremonies, the priests would give the onlookers a show, giving the appearance of ‘walking on water’; parading across
the face of the waters with blazing torches outstretched in both hands.
They were viewed walking to the sacred islands which supported the temples and shrines of their most honored dead.
While impressive to the viewers, their ‘walking on water’ procession across the lake was nothing but trickery. They were stepping
on stone causeways lying just beneath the surface of the water!
Mapping Underwater Structures of Rock Lake
Frank Joseph and Mary Sutherland
The Menominee Indians had also known for centuries about the conical
mounds at the bottom of Rock Lake. The tribal elders speak of submerged
stone structures they call ‘Pokasawi Pits’.  Some of these pits have also
been found in Northern Michigan. Frank Joseph confirmed one of these pits
to be on the Burlington Wisconsin site that I have been investigating.

In 1990, Dr. Scherz was able to speak with a tribal elder and keeper of the
Worak, who was quite literally on his deathbed. He told Dr. Scherz that a
large stone structure was submerged in the deeper part of Rock Lake.
Before its submersion it had been used as a place of worship. It was
known as the Temple of the Moon Goddess, to whom the whole lake had
been consecrated.

The known astrological aspects of the site confirm the elder’s story. Just
north of Rock Lake, a farmer plowing his field in the dried river bed
uncovered a smooth, round stone decorated with tiny crescent moons. An
identical stone to this one was later discovered at the south end of the lake.
Not far from the southeast shore, someone found a crescent moon
masterfully carved from a single piece of obsidian. Celestial alignments
were also discovered in Aztalan by Dr. Scherz at the temple-mounds.  
According to Frank Joseph, beneath the waters of Rock Lake lie at least ten structures!  For the last several summers Frank
and Mary Sutherland have been mapping and documenting these underwater structures. . One of these structures which has
been named the Limnatis Pyramid has a base width of 60 feet, a length of about 100 feet, and a height of 18 feet. It is a
truncated pyramid.
"We definitely found two structures about in the middle of the lake in 55 feet of water. I would have been satisfied with only one,
but finding two is terrific," Joseph said.
"I'd say the first one is about eight feet high, 12 to 15 feet wide and more than 100 feet long. The second is 10 to 20 feet south
of the first and about the same width, with a steeper slant to the sides, and is shorter in length. They look to be the same
height and exactly north and south on a compass alignment,
Frank Joseph and Mary Sutherland on Rock Lake looking
for Underwater Structures created by the Ancient Mound
Builders.  Video by Mary Sutherland
The most popular deity of the Aztec was
Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Serpent, the man-
god who brought enlightenment to Middle
America, where he was synonymous with the
planet Venus. Representation of him in sacred
art show Quetzalcoatl wears the ‘ocelocopili’, a
high conical helmet made of ocelot skin. So too,
a stone pipe fashioned in the image of a man
wearing the ocelocopili, now at Madison’s
Historical Museum, was found in Aztalan.
His ocelocopili connects the Aztecs with farm
more than Aztalan. In the Old World story of
‘Cadmus’, the Greek myth with so many
startling parallels to Rock Lake , the hero was
traditionally depicted wearing a ‘Phoenician
Cap’, a tall, conical helmet worn not only by the
Phoenicians, but popular with seafarers along
the Aegean coasts of Asia Minor, to Troy, and
identical to the headgear sported by
Frank Joseph , “Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake”

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Strange things happen around the area of Rock Lake., Wisconsin. People see things that aren't there - Ice fishermen can't start their chainsaws out on the ice, but back on shore
they start fine - They return to the ice and again run into the same problem. Scuba divers, trying to film the underwater pyramids can't get their cameras to work. Other divers,
preparing to dive into the waters of the pyramid, are overcome with a sense of dread.It is apparent that there is an energy disturbance going on in the area - strong enough to
cause mechanical failure as well as affecting the human consciousness.It is also apparent that this area represent stress points of higher dimensional and intelligent energy.

The higher frequencies of energy would render such things as spark plugs for chainsaws and batteries for electronic cameras inoperable, as it would actually change the
vibratory rate of electromagnetic frequencies, thus making them incompatible with ordinary devices. ( We experience the same result when a UFO closely approaches an area - .
all mechanical / electrical items stop functioning.)These frequencies also affect the human consciousness, leading people to have 'screened visions'.

Emotions are affected by these frequencies with some experiencing anxiety while others a sense of euphoria. Some people have sensed that 'time has stopped' or that
everything seems to have turned into a silent void. .(Today, we call that silent void - the Oz Affect)
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