Top photo is of   anomalous skulls found by  Mr. Connolly in a South American Museum. The general opinion seems to be that they  are not the result of
medical deformation and are too anomalous to be the result of "binding" techniques. In addition, some of the skulls have brain vault capacities
significantly in excess of modern man.For more information on skulls please go to

Skulls found in the mounds of Wisconsin are orthocephaic, while the Native American Indian skull is  brachycephalic. Showing that these people were
not of the Native American Indian Tribes - however through crossbreeding the Native Americans could today carry some of the traits of these people.


During the excation of Frank Joseph, he found that the stone caps of the pyramids were broken off.
The YUCHI tribe had an explanation to this in their oral tradition.  The caps were removed or intentionally destroyed for ritual reason before the
inhabitants left, to deconsecrate the sacred precinct and to prevent desecration by non believer.
However this reminds me of our American Dollar - as it shows the stone cap there seperated from the main frame of the pyramids.
Is this to mean that when these particular people come back, the stone caps will once again be placed on the pyramids?  And what power does these
caps lend to the pyramid.


A strange artifact was found in one of the pyramids - a bright red stone with strong hues of brilliant orange running through it, giving it a flame like quality
.  It was found to be HIXTONITE, a trace mineral containing elements of copper responsible for its fiery glow.
Outside of occasional deposits around Lake Erie and in Minnesota, the nearest source for the mineral is known to be HIXTON, WI, over 100 miles
away. It would have had to have been imported to get to this area. The hixtonite was found to have been manufactured for religious ornaments, sacred
arrowheads and ritual drill bits. It was thought to be a stone of spiritual powrs and regarded as holy. It was exported throughout the Midwest, down
south as far the Gulf Coast.


Evidence shows us that the pyramids of Rock Lake and the buildings at Aztalan were covered by a cement or plaster like substance, giving the exterior
a smooth coating.  This same coating was found at the city of Cahokia and in southern Indiana, Angel Mounds.
Sixty five miles northeast of Angel Mounds lie the Wyandotte Caves, where hundreds of tons of dry limestone were mined by these ancient miners. The
material was used in the production of a white plaster.
The Salts Cave, which is part of the Kentucky Mammoth Cave Park, was also mined ancienty for gypsum, a white plaster known to have been then
manufactured.  Contrary to believe, the human remains found in the caves shows that these people were not of the hunter gatherer culture but
someone entirely different. Preserved human fecal droppings in the cave reveal to us that the original inhabitans ate cultivated foods identical to the
specialized crops harvested by the original inhabitants of Aztlan.  These people were of large stature with red and blonde hair.
See Mammoth Caves

The Native American Tribes revered these ancient  as powerful sorcerers. As told through Tribal Legend, ceremonies wre always at night, when the
moon and stars were worshippped as gods. The ancient shamans were known to have 'WALKED ON WATER'...(sound familiar?). with lit torches being
carried in front of them in both hands. Could they really walk on water? In a sense yes - but there was no magic to it. It was trickery to impress the
watchers. A stone causeway had been carefully laid just underneath the surface of the water of which the priests carefully walked. It was forbidden for
any other to be near the lake , so observers would have never known about the hidden rock causeway under the surface of the water.  The Pyramid at
Rock Lake is thought to be by the Native Americans as the TEMPLE OF THE  MOON GODDESS, which would account for the night ceremonies.  Would
this ceremony  be sacriligious according to modern day beliefs. If it was, then we have to question the believes of the largest church in modern
times....The Roman Catholic Church  and their believe in the Goddess Diana .


Your image stands out in the lake. In your left hand you hold the torch of enlightenment. Its flame flickers over the black wters like oil a fire. With your
right yhand you clasp the bow, yet a doe seeks shelter at your side. I understand and vernerate your mystery, Protectress of Animals, Mistress of the
Hunt. From your fair face you gaze down compassionately into the depths. You behold all their secrets. Lady of the Night, protect our sacred lake! Bless
its indwelling spirits and grant us, the living, the enlightenment of your love!
Roman Priest of Diana at Ostia
Late 3rd Century.


Rock Lake was an ancient mining center, clearing house where raw copper extracted from the Great Lakes region was readied for shipment elsewhere
and a home for the miners until they could return to Michigan the following summer. This mining center operation would have employed  thousands of
miners, handlers, sailors, overseers and workers of all kinds, together with an efficient calendrical technology that would have been vital to their
success and survival. There were found an  abundance of astronically significant structures stretching from Rock lake to the Upper Peninsula.

The First Mining Center in Aztalan and Upper Michigan ceased  and abandoned their operation approximately 1200 BC. They were again reopened
approximately 900AD .  The date of Aztalan  reopening coincides with the establishment of CAHOKIA.

Cahokia was known for their Woodhedge, which was a  precisely arranged circle of twenty foot tall red painted cedar posts that calculated the positions
of the sun. With  accurate celestrial information  they knew when to dispath their mining expeditions to the Upper Peninsula.   With the collapse of the
Cahokia, many of them  migrated to the Rock Lake area  to be as close as possible to the copper bearing region. During this time, they traded copper
with the Toltec Civilizations in Mexico and South America.

In the 1930's, Archaeoligical excavations at Aztalan unearthed the remains of a large, rectangular building containing an abundance of unworked
copper, establishing the sites identity as a mining town. The buildings  eight inch thick walls were curved, slightly and ran between large furnaces or
firepits, all suggesting that the copper was cast into ingots before shipping.

It seems that these people suddenly appeared on the scene and was  fully operational at approximately 3,000 BC. They wre using crib lifts to hoist
more than three tons of rock at a time and highly efficient propecting methods superior to late eighteenth century British technolgy. They were able to cut
straight down into sixty feet of solid rock and organized a hierarchy of tasks for thousands of workers. Add  they had advanced knowledge of astronomy,
shipbuilding and navigation.  They appeared during an epoch considered the very dawn of civilization, and was already functioning at a feverish pace in
the Great lakes region centuries before the Trojan War!

According to the lunar date given in Plato's dialogues and corraborative Egyptian records, Atlantis was destroyed in the month of Goddess Hathor,
roughly corresponding to our November, 1198 BC, the  approximate time Michigans copper mines were abandoned. The 14,000 BC date stated by
Plato as the year in which Atlantis sank was an interpreters error brought about by failing to properly tanscompute the Egyptian lunar time scale into
Greek solar calendar.

The trade routes to North America were considered National Secrets. After the destruction of Atlantis, the knowledge of the Copper producing country
was lost..and thus ended the Bronze Age.

Plato additionally described the destruction of Atlantis as having been so cataclysmic, the waters outside the Straits of Gibraltor were impassible
because of the thick carpet of volcanic debris that congested the nearby ocean, effectively preventing passage beyond the Mediterrean ocean.

Wisconsin Skull found in Aztalan
From The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake
by Frank Joseph


Native Americans seemed to have
picked up this traditon from the Ancient
Miners -
as similar mounds have been found in
the Indian Cemeteries.
One such Indian Cemetery was found
in Dunn County by Wayne May. The
site was located on a ligh hill and
featured dozens of mounds identical
to the one found in Rock Lake by Frank
According to Joseph, they differed only
in that the ones in Dunn County were
made of earth and the Rock Lake one
was made of stones.
Others such as these do exist but as
of yet, have not been documented.
These earthworks seem to be special
graves, maybe family crypts, in which
the deceased  relatives were placed
within the circular walls. Living
descendents, in search of a vision
quest of personal communication with
the dead would sit and often sleep in
the crater like depression . Here they
would fast and do prayer or meditation
, waiting for the signs from their
ancient ancestors.
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