The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls (Reference: )

There are allegedly 12 pyramids or 12 portals, or 12 major power points on
the Earth grid that are strategically placed and will activate when
consciousness reaches Zero Point - reversed Fibonacci to zero. Some also
see 12 UFO's buried in the beginning, that will rise at the end of time.  Could
the Burlington area be one of these 12 portals or power points and could
Rock Lake be one of the places another crystal skull will be found?  I guess
only time will reveal the answer to this question...or will the crystal skull?

There are many theories about 13 crystals skulls that will come together
soon, as human consciousness remembers its soul's purpose and all
evolves in the alchemy of time.

  • 13 crystal skulls were left behind by a sophisticated Hollow Earth
    society who left thirteen "master skulls" which contain around the
    planet the history of these people, their relationship to our creation,
    and the future of humanity.

  • 13 crystal skulls were left behind thousands of years ago, by ancient
    Mayan elders, to be found by future generations. These skulls are
    containers of great knowledge and wisdom holding information
    about the history of the planet, the evolution of mankind, and above
    all, our purpose on this Earth and our future destiny. The legend says
    that one day, at a time of great crises, all of the 13 crystal skulls will
    be discovered and reunited. When that time comes the information
    will be divulged to humanity, who will be ready to understand it

  • 13 life-size crystal skulls scattered throughout the planet that will
    one day be brought together, forming a grid matrix that will allow
    human consciousness to evolve and return to its natural state of
    light. Some of the skulls are allegedly in the hands of indigenous
    people, shaman perhaps, who are custodians of the artifacts, while
    other crystal skulls remain in the hands of those who are not yet
    aware of their importance

  • 12 people, along with their crystal skulls, will be guided to a specific
    place, when the time is right, most likely the Yucatan. No one seems
    to know exactly when or where that will, though the time feels soon.
    The location of the 13th skull is most likely unknown at this time.
    Theories abound from a link to extraterrestrials, to buried beneath
    the ground, to it will manifest when time is resequenced, to being
    hidden by ancient Mayan elders. When placed together, the crystal
    skulls will form a grid matrix (reality is a consciousness holographic
    matrix) aligned with the 13th skull, allowing human consciousness
    to ascend (return) to its natural state of being, light.

DaEl Walker is the Director of the
Crystal Awareness Institute. For over 25
years he has focused research on subtle energy, crystals, healing, and
sensitivity training. He has taught in 9 countries on 4 continents. He was the
first western healer to teach healing to Japan. In February 1996, he was the
only international speaker at the first New Age Expo in Asia, in Hong Kong.
November 1996 he was the only American among 28 presenters at the first
"Conference of Alternative Therapies" held in Eastern Europe, in Romania.
DaEl's presentation was officially voted Best of Conference by the
attendees. In 1998 he received the Martin De La Cruz Prize from the
Academia Mexicana de Medicina Tradicional, at the 12th International
Conference on Traditional Medicine, cosponsored by the University of New
Mexico. This prize is given each year to the individual or organization that
has contributed the most to alternative healing.

Walker has been involved in Crystal Skull Research since 1986 when he
was part of a team of researchers who went to Canada and worked with
the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

The Mitchell-Hedges family loaned the skull to Hewlett-Packard
Laboratories for extensive study in 1970. Art restorer Frank Dorland
oversaw the testing at the Santa Clara, California, computer equipment
manufacturer, a leading facility for crystal research. The HP examinations
yielded some startling results. Researchers found that the skull had been
carved against the natural axis of the crystal. Modern crystal sculptors
always take into account the axis, or orientation of the crystal's molecular
symmetry, because if they carve "against the grain," the piece is bound to
shatter -- even with the use of lasers and other high-tech cutting methods.

To compound the strangeness, HP could find no microscopic scratches on
the crystal which would indicate it had been carved with metal instruments.
Dorland's best hypothesis for the skull's construction is that it was roughly
hewn out with diamonds, and then the detail work was meticulously done
with a gentle solution of silicon sand and water. The exhausting job --
assuming it could possibly be done in this way -- would have required man-
hours adding up to 300 years to complete.

Under these circumstances, experts believe that successfully crafting a
shape as complex as the Mitchell-Hedges skull is impossible; as one HP
researcher is said to have remarked, "The damned thing simply shouldn't

Regardless of any unearthly properties the crystal skulls may or may not
possess, the question remains: where did they come from? There are
countless hypotheses that they are the legacy of some higher intelligence.
Many believe they were created by extraterrestrials or beings in Atlantis or
Lemuria. One theory maintains that the skulls were left behind by a
sophisticated Inner Earth society which lives at the hollow center of our
planet, and there are thirteen "master skulls" which contain the history of
these people. Although nearly all of the crystal skulls have at times been
identified as Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec or occasionally Maya, they do not reflect
the artistic or stylistic characteristics of any of these cultures.

Dael  has since worked on 27 crystal skulls and is the guardian of Rainbow,
an ancient crystal skull which he shows on the air. DaEl is part Native
American, descended from the Cherokee tribe. He is an elder in the Spirit
Horse Medicine Society.

He is the author of The Crystal Book, The Crystal Healing Book, co-author of
the Crystal Sourcebook, has just finished the soon to be published
Crystalotherapy, and is presently writing another book, Physics of Emotion.
He has written a series of articles on alternative therapies for the Tin Tin
Daily News in Hong Kong.

He was recently the guest editor for Insight magazine in Australia and now
writes a monthly column. DaEl is a favorite of the media and has appeared
on over 500 radio and TV shows in 9 countries. He has been the subject of
news specials on ABC, CBC Canada, CBS, CNN,  NBC and was the expert
consultant for SCI-FI Channel on their Mysteries of the Crystal Skull

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DaEl Walker and the Crystal Skull Rainbow
Sci-Fi Cafe and Earth Mysteries Museum
Grandmother Rainbow" coming to Burlington, Wisconsin
(clear quartz, ancient,
caretaker: DaEl Walker)
Picture of DaEl Walker with
Anna Mitchell-Hedges and
her crystal skull, taken in
her home in Canada in 1985
Crystal Skull Rainbow - Caretaker DaEl Walker.

April 16 - Friday - Private Session with Dael and Rainbow 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.  

$40.00 - 1/2 hour private session (Pre-paid $35.00)
$75.00 -  1 hour private session - Up to 3 people (Pre-paid $65.00)
Everyone receives a gift of a small crystal skull charged by Rainbow

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April 17 - Saturday   -  Crystal Skull  Workshop - Day with the Crystal Skull
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  

$95.00 per person (Prepaid $75.00)

What is the mystery of crystal skulls. How were they made. Why were they
made. Who made them. When were they made. Watch a slide show
presentation of images stored inside crystal skull Rainbow, considered to be
one of the most powerful crystal skulls. Bring your cameras, your recorders
and your note pads. Become a crystal skull researcher and learn how to find
the codes that activate this crystal recorder. Become part of a 25 year
program to find the truth behind these crystal miracles. You will be able to
keep your photos and share in a special pictures that are captured.

DaEl will be showing slides of photos he took of the images inside of the
crystal skull Rainbow, made by using different color gels over a light box.

"The images were astounding." exclaims Joanne and Carl Parks, who are
guardians for Max, the Texas crystal skull.  "I have never seen so much
landscape", Carl said. "There is so much detail. It's really something."

This skull has many similarities with Sha-Na-Ra and the Mitchell-Hedges skull
and many people have made comments on their feelings that this skull had
been in Atlantis. One of DaEl's slides adds to this speculation, showing an
underwater scene with a dome shaped building...seen very clearly. Other
pictures vary from volcanoes erupting, to spacecrafts and to a futuristic
train.  . There is a priestess in the brow area. UFOs are seen. Color and sound,
as well as light intensity, affects it. Pictures of other skulls can also be seen
in many of the slides.

Rainbow at the United Nations

Rainbow was the focus of attention at the Society for Enlightenment and
Transformation, a group whose members work at the United Nations. DaEl
spoke of the images photographed, using psychometry, and taking energy
measurements as the members passed Rainbow around the room.

Jennifer Borchers, President of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council,
"On behalf of the Executive Committee, I want to thank you for giving such a
wonderful presentation to us. It was a pleasure to chat with about the crystal
skull. The information you shared was well received by everyone in the

More on Rainbow Crystal Skull by DaEl Walker

  • "I can't believe what I saw. It looked like an earthquake caused an
    underground train wreck. People were laying all over the track."

  • "It was no earthquake, it was a volcano! You could see the molten lava
    and smoke."

  • "That looked like people with wings flying through the smoke."

The audience was talking DaEl Walker's slide show presentation -   A most
unusual slide show. They were talking about photographs taken inside a
crystal skull. A piece of quartz crystal carved in the exact shape of a once
living skull. However, this living skull was over 500,000 years old!

How did these images get inside this skull? The Rainbow crystal skull came
from Meso America, perhaps Guatemala, or Mexico. No one knows. For over
4000 years, this area was not known to use a wheel. How was a primitive
culture such as this able to create such an object without the aid of a wheel?
Quartz is very hard, 7 on the MOHS scale. Diamond is a 10. Only a stone
harder than quartz could carve it. And, most strange of all, it is carved against
the natural axis, the natural direction it grows. It should have shattered under
the intense pressure and heat needed to carve it, but it did not.

The images appear under certain stimuli. Different colors, intensity of light,
even sounds cause changes to take place inside the skull. Pictures of places,
animals, people, UFOs, strange buildings, underwater scenes, earthquakes,
volcanoes, futuristic trains, people with animal faces, underground cities,
people with wings, people with fins and more. A series of chronicles of events
and no real understanding of what are seen. We can only speculate.

The pictures are overlaid with other pictures. Some pictures are inside
others. Scenes change as you move around the skull. The images are
apparently stored on lines of light, for if you change the light, you change the
pictures. Such a technology does not exist today. How did the ancients know
to do this?

Many psychics, when holding Rainbow, see scenes which link the skull with
Atlantis. Some of the photos seem to back this. A domed building, such as
described by psychic channels, is seen underwater. Was this Atlantis? No
one knows.

How old is this skull? Although now there exists a method to date quartz
crystal, there is no way of knowing when the carving occurred. A piece of
carved bone, said to be found at the site of the skull, was carbon dated at
over 3000 years. If the skull was there at the same time this still does not say
how old it was when it was placed there.

One clue only adds to the mystery. An image of a piece of an ancient skull
was overlaid on the image of Rainbow. It fit perfectly. It was over 500,000
years old, probably cro-magnon man. Where did these ancients get a 500,000
year old skull for a model, and why should they make it in that image?

All of the ancient skulls seem to be modeled after different types of human
skulls. We do not know why. After years of intensive research and hundreds
of photos we still have more questions than answers. Perhaps continued
research will demystify these great puzzles.  DaEl Walker

April 18 - Sunday Morning Private Sessions  from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
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$75.00 -  1 hour private session - Up to 3 people (Pre-paid $65.00)
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