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Root Word for KU
Ku - "Definitions: the first man created by Kane (Hawaiian Mythology).
Ku - "Definitions: Sacred; God; pyramid; feather (Mayan). feathered serpent
The Nose of this Stone Head points East
No more than 100 yards east of this area is an old quarry filled with water, which divers have told me they have found some sort of
shaft or tunnel at the bottom of the quarry leading back into the land area.

Note that the darkness inside of a mine might correspond to the usage of the phrase "shadow of death" in the Bible. This would be
the darkness of hell (sheol), Job 10:21-22, Psalms 107:10,14, Isaiah 9:2.

So when Rajah Manchou wrote, the owner of the brass plates of which Prophet Strang found, "The word of God came to me while I
mourned in the Death-shade", he might have been saying that he  escaped the destruction of his people while  in the mine.

According to the plates, Vorito was the name of this village which grew up around a mine and thus so these people must have been  

And the name VORee may then  derive from the root word  VOR  in  VORito
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The Record of Rajah Manchou of Vorito

My people are no more. The mighty are fallen, and the young slain in battle. Their bones bleached on the plain by the noonday shadow. The houses are
leveled to the dust, and in the moat are the walls. They shall be inhabited.

I have in the burial served them, and their bones in the Death-shade, towards the sun's rising, are covered. They sleep with the mighty dead, and they rest
with their fathers. They have fallen in transgression and are not, but the elect and faithful there shall dwell.

The word hath revealed it. God hath sworn to give an inheritance to his people where transgressors perished. The word of God came to me while I mourned
in the Death-shade (mines( , saying, I will avenge me on the destroyer. He shall be driven out. Other strangers shall inhabit thy land. I an ensign there will
set up. The escaped of my people there shall dwell when the flock disown the Shepherd and build not on the Rock.

The forerunner men shall kill, but a mighty prophet there shall dwell. I will be his strength, and he shall bring forth thy record. Record my words, and bury it
in the Hill of Promise.
Raja -  ultimately a vrddhi derivation from a PIE root *h₃reǵ- "to straighten, to order, to rule".

The title has a long history , being attested from the Rigveda.

Ra jah - Denotes Overseer of People   (Read Left to Right - not the western style right to left)
Ra ja  =  J(Y)a  R(W)a
A perfect Hebrew name "Yah[weh] sees" or "Yah[weh] is seer"
or "Ra is Yah (weh) god
Reference to Egytian All Seeing Eye - Horus .

Man (Hebrew prefix meaning "from") Chore - To be white, a
nobleman (Strong's 2353, 2357, 2361, 2715)

Vorito - Although in Aramaic V'ORITA means "and the Torah" I favor BRIT
with the terminal -A found often in Aramaic.   Initial BET in Hebrew is
always hard B but in the other parts of a word is usually pronounced "V"
so that a shift from "B" to "V" is likely and an initial "V" could only
indicate a BET.  This would make this word "covenant"

Raja Manchore of Vorito
Sherperd King (son of god) of the Covenant that ruled by watching over God's  people .- Hebrew/Israelite
Pharoah (son of god) that ruled over the People of Ra  (All Seeing Eye) - Egyptian/Israelite .

The oldest of the Horus gods is appropriately named Horus the Elder (Heru-ur), and was especially venerated in pre-Dynastic Upper Egypt along with
Hathor. In this very ancient form, Horus is also a creator god, the falcon who flew up at the beginning of time. The pre-Pharaohnic rulers of Upper Egypt
were considered "shemsu-Heru" or "followers of Horus", and the original Horus is himself considered in some myths to be the brother of Seth and Osiris,
second-born of the five children of Geb and Nut (Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, Nephthys).
Horus the Elder's city was Letopolis, and his eyes were thought to be the sun and moon. When these two heavenly bodies are invisible (as on the night of
the new moon) he goes blind and takes the name Mekhenty-er-irty, "He who has no eyes". When he recovers them, he becomes Khenty-irty, "He who has
eyes". A warrior-god armed with a sword, Horus could be especially dangerous to those around him in his vision-deprived state, and during one battle in
particular he managed to not only knock off the heads of his enemies but of the other deities fighting alongside him, thus plunging the world into
immediate confusion that was only relieved when his eyes returned.
Hebrew staff symbolic
of priest wand
Note all seeing eye
above priest's head.
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