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Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
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In reading my book, ‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ and
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Quite the opposite; this book and upcoming series offer to the reader a unique
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Spread throughout its pages, are photos my husband Brad and I have taken
through the years of the invisible worlds, filled with multiple selves, faeries,
trolls, UFOs, angels and more.
Bigfoot Living in the Invisible Realms

By Mary Sutherland
Excerpt from
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Bigfoot and Beasts

Another creature that has been reported to use the portals and hide within the dimensional veil is the Bigfoot. In the 70’s a Bigfoot was sighted in a swampy and wooded area by Deadman’s Hill,
near the railroad tracks.

One of the hunters, who were there that night, gave me the report of their encounter. Being that he does not want his name released, I will call simply call him Bruce.  
According to his story, several men from Chicago had joined up with him and a few of their friends from Burlington to do some hunting.  They had all brought their gear to set up camp for a few days
and nights out by Deadman’s Hill. Where they chose their campsite is in a somewhat remote area surrounded by woods and swamps with the railroad tracks and Honey Creek running behind.
That evening, while sitting around the campfire they began hearing yelps, howls and loud screams coming from the area of where the old Burlington Egg Plant is located, which coincidentally is
adjacent to what we call The Haunted Woods, off Honey Creek Road.

They could hear the yelps from the dogs as they chased something large that was heading in their direction.  Periodically they would hear the pursued creature give out a loud and inhuman scream
as it blindly ran into barbed wire fencing.    

The men in the hunting group were standing up with their guns, listening to the sounds. Whatever this thing was, it was heading straight for their camp!  Soon, through the light of their campfire and
a nearly full moon, they saw a humanoid type hairy creature, dark in color, running upright, about 8 foot tall. Bruce said that it ran passed their camp site and made its way across the railroad ,
crossing Honey Creek , disappearing into the woods on the opposite shore.

The next day, the hunters walked around looking for tracks and any other evidence they could find of what they knew to be a Bigfoot.  Bruce claims they found large footprints in the soft ground and
mud around the swamp and where the creature had run into the barbed wire, they found pieces of hair.  The hair was allegedly taken back to Chicago by his friends.  

While some Bigfoot researchers believe that these humanoids are a physical creature, there are others that believe that they may be skin walkers or shape shifters that can take on a physical shape.
Native American Shamans tell us that our human evolutionary tree is much bigger than we think and has hidden branches that, as of yet, we cannot perceive. They describe these ‘hidden branches
of the human evolutionary tree’ as being very similar to us, characterizing them as neither absolute good nor absolute bad. They explain them to have the same type of fears and emotions as we do.
They avoid human contact by camouflaging themselves, much like the chameleon. They can also cloak themselves by creating a cloud of invisibility or can escape through the portals leading into
other multidimensional worlds and realities.

Joan Ocean, a cetacean researcher, famous for her underwater dolphin communication project, has the following to say about the Bigfoot:  

“On many occasions we have noticed that our Sasquatch friends appear see-through, and seemingly vanish instantaneously. The Ancient Ones can dematerialize. They are able to move freely
between our three-dimensional, linear reality, and their world, which exists outside our conventional laws of physics, in the expanded world of Quantum Physics. In the physical world we know, they
make shelters, forage for food, walk long distances, eat, sleep, defecate, communicate and make loud growling sounds. In their extra-dimensional world, life is different. Their bodies are of a
different frequency and therefore their needs are not the same as when in a three-dimensional, physical environment. The particular group of Wise Ones that I have been introduced to can only
remain out of body for limited periods of time, or they lose their ability to return to physical matter.”

“There are many other advanced beings that can access the refined frequencies of light in lighter bodies as well. The Ancient Ones have told me they are in contact with the Good Star People, who
also know how to live in nearby, and very accessible, parallel realities. Physicists know that in Quantum Physics electrons can pass through solid matter. Similarly, while in a quantum state, the
Wise Ones have no weight or mass; they are like a "wave" of energy, or perhaps like an Orb.” Joan Ocean

The question has always been “How can these creatures exist without more people seeing and reporting them?”  To this I answer based off personal observation, “They have the ability to create and
hide in what I refer to as ‘a cloud of invisibility’.”

I came to understand how these entities cloaked themselves while researching a UFO flap in Burlington. For almost one year, the UFOs were appearing nightly over Burlington. Several times, while
trying to photograph and document these nightly visitations, I would feel a presence standing next to me. Refusing to believe that it was only my imagination, I began photographing the spots where I
felt their presence. I was semi-successful with this process, yet most times the photo would only show some sort of an undistinguishable shadowy form standing inside what looked like a large
greenish/yellow cloud.  One evening, however, I got lucky when the alien I was trying to photograph dropped his guard and I was able to capture a more distinguishable image of him standing inside
the veil. This brought me to the realization that we are being observed by various entities that have the ability to hide themselves within a cloud of invisibility. I believe that they use their mind abilities
to pull in and surround themselves with the ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ from the unseen world. They then create a vortex by spinning the electrons at a speed beyond our spectrum of vision – thus anything
standing within the vortex would be invisible to any observer.

To prove that this could be done, I created a means for myself and others to accumulate this same type of prana with our minds and pull it down to us. As of yet, I have not figured out how to
intentionally manipulate the field where we can stand inside and become invisible to the observer.  I have however been able to pull the prana to us and use it to separate the ethereal self from the
physical self for the purpose of dimensional travel.

My theory on hiding within a cloud of invisibility may not be such a stretch as you may think and it is certainly nothing new. Actually, the cloud of invisibility is an old trick and is still used today by
shamans. Some of the tribes of the First Nation People also use this practice in their initiations of manhood. As it was told to me., that in order to pass the initiation into manhood, the young man
must be able to make himself invisible then walk up to another person and wave his arms in front of him without being seen.

As I understand the practice, it is metaphysically done by pulling out of the ethereal world what we know as ‘prana’ or ‘chi’, which is composed of electrons. By pulling these electrons together tight
enough, a wall is created that allows no light to penetrate through. By standing behind this wall…or within, one becomes invisible to the observer.  It would be similar to you putting your hand in
between your eyes and the sun. Your hand creates a wall obstructing your vision of the sun - The sun is still there but just not visible for you to see.   


The story you read about the hunters and Bigfoot near the railroad tracks is not an isolated case when it comes to the railroad tracks and Bigfoot. Over ten years ago, a nurse came to my office to
report a Bigfoot sighting near Kansasville, which is only several miles east of Burlington, near Bong Recreational Park. She reported that while driving home one early morning, after working the
night shift, she had to brake for a Bigfoot crossing the road in front of her. She hesitated before finishing the rest of the story feeling that if this sighting wasn’t strange enough, surely what she was
about to tell me would sound almost unbelievable. And in most cases she may have been right – but she had come to the right person for her story – me. She continued with her story by hesitantly
telling me she saw this Bigfoot carrying under his arm, a construction sign with an attached yellow blinking light! Even though she was embarrassed to tell me this detail, I found this strange account
completely credible. These creatures are very curious and the flashing light would have certainly attracted the attention of the Bigfoot. I reasoned that it took the sign as a piece of curiosity that it could
later inspect or play with. The nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me she watched the Bigfoot cross the road, go through a small patch of open space, cross some railroad tracks and
enter into a wooded area.

Years later, I heard of two other Bigfoot sightings on the north side of Burlington in the Honey Creek area. Interestingly enough, both of these sightings took place near the same railroad tracks, yet
twelve to fifteen miles from the nurse’s sighting. Being that the tracks run through isolated areas, unseen by most except for maybe a hiker or hunter, this type of area would be ideal for these
creatures to easily travel from one location to another without the concern of being seen.  


Before we get off the subject of Bigfoot, I have another personal story I would like to share about our encounter of Bigfoot in the woods north of Burlington.
The roots of this story take us back to my mother and a restaurant she had in Wisconsin. As a child, I used to observe her giving odd jobs to some of the local school kids to work off what was
usually a burger and fries that they could not have afforded otherwise. Some of the older teenage boys loved this arrangement, being that they were usually broke and quite hungry after school. It
worked so well for her, that now as an adult and having a restaurant of my own, I sometimes follow her idea and hire on one of the more misfortunate teenage boys, giving them a sense of
responsibility and a little cash in their pockets. In most cases this seems to work quite well for me and the kids I am trying to help – except for one we came to know as ‘Monkey’, who was introduced
to me by a self-proclaimed counselor from the local teen outreach center.

Monkey had worked for the café for several months and seemed to have adjusted quite well into the world of employment. I was quite open to allowing his friends to hang out while he worked. Like
Monkey, his friends seemed quite genial and caused no problems for the café or with any of the customers that frequent our establishment…until one fateful Saturday night.  
Unknowns to me, Monkey had decided that he and his friends could do much better for themselves if they created their own online business.  Since they didn’t have money to purchase inventory to
sell, they had devised an elaborate scheme to rob our store and use the stolen merchandise to establish their business.  The plan was that Monkey would tag along with me on my Saturday Night
Haunted Tours into the woods of Burlington. While he was with me, he would keep in contact with his friends on his cell phone as they robbed the café.

He called them when we arrived at the woods which was their ‘go ahead’ to kick in the basement door which led to a trap door that opens into the café upstairs. In the darkness and out of sight from
any surveillance cameras, they would then be free and undisturbed for several hours, to clean out my merchandise and vandalize the store.  Being that Monkey was constantly on the phone talking to
one friend or another, I suspected nothing and took our tour group out into the woods to what we call the ‘Sacred Circle”. It was at the circle that all ‘hell’ broke loose.

The usual routine is when we arrive I sit the group down on these large rocks under some cedar trees, tell them stories of the woods strangeness and photograph them. We usually stay there for
several hours, allowing the group ample time to photograph orbs, run EVP sessions and experience whatever the woods has to offer that night as far as paranormal goes. As we began to sit down,
Monkey left the group and walked over to a shadowy area to make a phone call to his friends, apparently to make sure they got in ok and to give them further instructions as to what to do next. While
he may have been out of ear shot from the group he was not out of ear shot from a group of Bigfoot that was standing in the shadows behind the trees where he stood…and they did not like what
they were hearing!

To get my attention of the danger we and the store were in, a family of Bigfoot started tossing small stones into the group. Being that rock throwing from Bigfoot is not an unusual thing for us to
experience in these woods, most just acknowledged their presence and went on talking amongst themselves. A few tried photographing in the direction the stones seemed to have been thrown
from.  As Monkey joined the group, the rock throwing dramatically started increasing and the Bigfoot began throwing larger stones. Fearing that someone might get hurt, but not wanting to leave I had
the group pick up their gear and move to another place further away from the circle. I thought that maybe the Bigfoot, for some reason, did not want us sitting on those stones so by moving we would
be safe. I was quite wrong over this assumption because the Bigfoot started throwing and pelting us with stones coming from every direction.  By now it was quite obvious to me and the group that
we were under attack!  In my mind, I was asking myself the question “Why? We have always been welcome by them! What in the world had set them off like this?”

The people in the group, including myself were quite frightened over this violent encounter and decided to shut the tour down and get out of the woods as quickly as possible!  Being that it was dark
and we only had a few flashlights to light our way over a rocky trail, we could not move as fast as we wanted to. All the while we were trying to get out of the woods as quickly and safely as possible,
we were ducking stones of all sizes being tossed at us from various directions. As I was outwardly trying to keep the group as calm as possible, inwardly I was praying that none of the rocks would
hit us in the head and severely hurt us. It seemed that as long as we maintained a fast walk the rock tossing would slow down, but as soon as we began to slow, the rocks would start coming at a
much faster pace ….as if they were herding us like sheep or cattle.  After we exited the first sector of woods, I told the group we should be safe, being that in all my encounters with the Bigfoot they
never seemed to throw stones except in the first woods from where we escaped. As the group stopped to catch their breath and grab some sense of comfort, a very large stone came whizzing past
my head, hitting a utility pole that I was standing next to.  The stone was about the size of a soccer ball and hit the pole so hard it caused the pole to vibrate, leaving a small indentation in the wooden
pole. I could not help but think that if that stone would have hit my head it would have popped it like a melon!  Fortunately for us, the group of Bigfoot had good aim with no intention of hitting me with
the stone. However, I honestly did not think that at the time!

We were so frightened most of us were in tears. Tina Caskey, who was helping me that night with the tour, had a severe asthma attack just as we started back onto the trail leading into the second
woods. This was the last woods we needed to go through before we could get to the parking lot and the safety of our cars. To make matters worse, as Tina experienced her asthma attack she
realized that she had not brought her inhaler.  Things had just gone from worse to critical. Tina could not pull any oxygen into her lungs and was struggling. There was no way that she could walk or
save herself from the continued attack. It was crucial that she stop and calm down! Realizing this, I stood next to Tina and began yelling at the Bigfoot to ‘Knock it off!” I breathlessly explained to them
that Tina was seriously ill and needed to calm down or she could die!” As if they understood what I was telling them, the rock throwing instantly stopped and the woods began very still.  I worked with
Tina on her breathing until she stabilized and gave the ok to continue the walk out of the woods.  And just as soon as she said she was better, the rock throwing started back up again – but not quite
as violently. They continued herding us out of the woods with the rock throwing until we got into the parking lot where our cars were. It was only then that the attack ceased!

Being that we were all shook from the attack , all anyone wanted to do was just get in their cars and go back to the café where we could calm down and try to understand what the ‘hey’ had just

Still in shock over our encounter, we arrived back at the café. It was there that I finally understood why the family of Bigfoot was so insistent for us to leave the woods.
What I had thought was a violent attack by the Bigfoot was not that at all. I will always believe that they overheard Monkey talking to his friends and realized that our place was in the process of being
robbed while we were in the woods. I
n their own way, they were trying to rescue me and save the café.  

After arriving at the parking lot, Monkey made his final call alerting his friends to our unexpected early return. Because of this family of Bigfoot, the robbery was kept at a minimal amount of damage to
the store and Monkey’s newly formed little gang were not able to clean me out of all my inventory, except for what I had out in display.

The Burlington Police Department was on the ball and immediately went into action to recover what had been stolen and several arrests were later made.  Fortunately I had insurance which covered
my damages and replaced articles that were not recovered.  I never did tell the police what had taken place with the Bigfoot that night nor the real reason why we called off the tour and came back
early. I felt it may have been just a little bit “too paranormal” for them to include in their report.

We went back to the woods the following Saturday and experienced no rock throwing. It has been several years since this time and the Bigfoot have never repeated this type of action.