In Search of Bigfoot and Dogman Evidence
Burlington Wisconsin Woods

Exploring the Unknown with Mary Sutherland

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Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Mary Sutherland
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
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Burlington's historical district rests
uneasily on top of twenty-seven
ancient burial mounds. No wonder
everyone in the seemingly sleepy
Wisconsin town owns a ghost
story or two. Residents have
spotted the White Beast of
Burlington near the old fish
hatchery, bumped into a
Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at the
Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen years
chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie
skies of this hotbed of
supernatural activity. Now she
stands as a ready guide to the
mysteries of the Burlington Vortex
Bigfoot Structure found in the woods overlooking Burlington's Egg Plant  -  Path leading from structure goes
down the hill towards the Egg Plant.
We also found bigfoot tracks around this area as seen in photo to right ...not as clear as the ones found in the
Retired Racine County Police Officer, originally found the Bigfoot Shelter and contacted me for
documentation. Mary Sutherland photographed him sitting inside the structure.
Many times, BIGFOOT will build a structure in a portal so they can go in and
out of the dimensional worlds as they please. The photo to right of
structure shows is blurred showing the portal and a cloaked BIGFOOT
standing there watching us.
Another Structure Area found in the Woods and more Foot Prints
While giving tours, we all could feel something watching us at the top of the hill. One day I decided to go up there and check it out.  I found clear evidence of a BIGFOOT site. The
first picture pretty much speaks for itself... A lean-to or blind BIGFOOT  have created to rest in and climb to the upper branches of the trees. They could easily stand in something
like this and use it as a camaflauge so people couldn't see them....especially at night, as we walked through . As they sit here, they can watch for deer crossing through the farmers
field.  We have found rocks piled around trees on the game path that we suspect BIGFOOT uses to throw at deer and other wild animals to take them down.
I found this tree and showed it to Atala . When I originally found it, there was a large stick leaning up against it.
As I looked closely at the tree, you could see how the bark had been beaten off the tree as they used the large
stick to bang on the tree in order to create sound messages to the other BIGFOOT.
The second set of  photos shows an area designed as a blind  with an open doorway as seen with the two logs running parallel to each other and a small tree they had bent over and
anchored down with a downed tree .  At the entrance way a portal or gateway is present and many times we can photograph people standing there, becoming blurry or disappearing.
In the second photo on right, you can see how they could sit in this blind with branches weaved in it for the purpose of camaflauge.
From this look out point the BIGFOOT can not only watch for
animals coming off the farmers field, but look down on a
swamp that gives them plenty of fresh water,  food, shelter and
a place to move about without being seen.
Big Foot Structure found by Racine County Deputy Sheriffs
(retired) Paul and Cindy Dittman . Location: Woods outside
of Burlington, WI   
Part One
Big Foot Structure found by Racine County Deputy
Sheriffs (retired) Paul and CindyDittman . Location:
Woods outside of Burlington, WI   
Part Two