Wisconsin Big Foot Hunting in Dundee
Brad and Mary Sutherland and George Tiller at base camp relaxing after a full day out and
about looking for Bigfoot evidence around Dundee Hill
George,Vince and Ruth chill'n at our base camp. Great
Memories and Great Friends!
Holy Hill was another place we checked out while on
our Big Foot Expedition. Known for Strange Sightings
including 'Dogman'. George Tiller
Kathy investigating a promising spot for Big Foot . We found
a portal area with some down and twisted trees....and a lot
of mosquitoes!
George, Vince and Kathy and one bag of beef jerky!
Vince fighting the mosquitoes
Shaun and Tina Spraying themselves down with
Mosquitoe Spray. -
Then it is off to find traces of Big Foot.  
No, we didn't see any Big Foot, but did find some evidence
that they have been in the areas we search..but with good
friends and food, it was a great weekend.  Looking forward to
doing it again.
In Search of Big Foot Evidence
Exploring the Unknown   with
Mary Sutherland

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In Search of Bigfoot in Dundee and Holy Hill Area -  Bigfoot of Wisconsin
This was taken by Racine County retired police officers  in the
woods of Burlington, WI  - Then provided to me by officers in our
continued search for BIG FOOT.  Mary Sutherland
bigfoot is shown inside box ...coyote prints in circles