Excerpt From Burlington Mound Builders by Mary Sutherland Copyright@2004 -2005

Located outside of Burlington Wisconsin, Bong Park is extremely high in paranormal activity, as is most areas where you find underground tunnel
systems and ancient mound works.  Spectral lights are witnessed in the woods northeast of the dog trail area. Many have witnessed UFO sightings
in this area. There is also cultist activity here in the northeastern section of the park . This would be in the no vehicle zone off of existing trails in the
wooded area off of old Hwy 75.  This is the second most dangerous part of Bong Park.
The most dangerous section is the fully intact but sealed underground tunnels. We have heard many stories of paranormal activity here such as manifestations
of spirits, strange mists, unidentifiable noises and strange lights. Access to the system is strictly forbidden by Federal Laws.  I am now working with a client that
may have experienced multiple abductions from this area.  Our investigation of this area is still ongoing. Take the  blue trail from the beach and head to the S.E. side of the lake, by the
big oaks and the huge gully. Talk about a powerful place, Same with Vista picnic look-out area!

The Following are 'suspicious' areas of Bong that we are investigating.
This is where the old runway was built
Seems to be an intra-dimensional portal
The entire perimeter of Bong is posted 'No
Parking at Anytime'. ..very similar to how Dulce
NM is posted.
Although Bong seems to be quiet during the day hours - notice the activities we were able to photograph after the sun goes down.
Corral Gayle and I went out there around 1:30 a.m. during the time the vortexes would be most active.
We also noticed 'sensations' due to a electromagnetic field
surrounding  Bong. ie.
throbbing of the 3rd eye, dizziness, ringing in ears, headaches
Shooting a UFO over Bong -digital camera-Photograph by Mary
While standing outside the car, shooting
photos of ufos, I heard a growl coming from
the wooded area behind me. I ignored it,
thinking it was just some animal. At this
point of time, I felt some sort of
intra-dimensional creature rush out of the
woods coming right at me. Although , now
my skin is crawling, and Iam frightened, I
took another photo of the ufo that appears in
photo 1
I feel the creature standing behind and over
me. I feel his anger and a mental thought
projecting from him ' to get out of here!'. As
you see in the photo, some sort of
electromagnetic flux has presented itself
and no longer can my camera
capture anything except this energy
surrounding me.
Photographed with digital camera
Mary Sutherland  - Photographer
By now - all I want to do is jump in the car
with Corral Gayle and get the heck out of
there! But I was determined to take one
more photo. I felt the creature become more
agitated and sensed his 'rage'. When the
camera allowed me to take another photo, I
snapped the photo directed again towards
the ufo in the sky, then- jumped in the car
and told Corral ' We are out of here!'
You can see the rage this creature was
projecting in the colors of orange and red.  
However- now you can see 'orbs' coming
into the photo. I believe these orbs were
protecting me from this creature.;
Thank you!
As we took off, I put my camera outside the car , through the window and shot back towards the woods where I felt the creature had went back to. can see his energy in this photo.
Although...I was frightened..and everything in my body said...get out of there..Iam glad that I stayed long enough to get these great images.
Otherwise, I would always wondered if it were not my imagination.
These photos proves something was there and my senses were correct!  This is NOT the moon!
After leaving the above area, we drove along the perimeter of Bong - across from where the old air force base that had closed down. This area has been reported with high
activity. Again - signs all over the place - no parking at anytime!. In the following photo you will notice a strange light that seems to be following us. This area is very dark with
no lights. We did not see this light as we were shootin photos either!  Luckily the camera caught it!
Again proof that there is something out there that is not known to the public...maybe not even to the park rangers...but what?  UFOs - Secret Government Operations?  At this
time, it is anyone's guess.  What we do know though is that whatever it has the ability to 'cloak' itself - just as this intra-dimensional creature did.  These photos are in
order as I took them. driving along side of Bong ..heading back towards Burlington .
Every once in awhile, I would stop and take photos..then proceed on..stop..take photos...then proceed again.  Mary Sutherland
Above Photo
I was photographing just like I was in the previous
photos. You can see the road at the bottom of the
photo. I was trying to capture the sky and wooded
area of Bong...BUT as you see whatever that light
was - was also pulling images from us.. The red
area is an image of my dashboard which would
have been to my back in the inside of the car. No
way would that have been captured by my camera
as my camera was pointing the opposite direction
as to where the dashboard of my car was!
Now you see two lights in the sky along with orbs!
Now the bright light shoots a beam down in the direction
of the sign that is posted 'no parking at any time'..Look
what happens next  - in the following photo!
This was the last photo I took. After this photo,
we decided to go back into Burlington and
grab something to eat at the 'all night
Now- what that red is - I don't know.
But - it seems odd that this was my last photo.
Did something 'tell' me to leave the area..or
was my decision to leave based on my
intuition that something was there which was
a danger to us.
I guess, when dealing with Bong -ALWAYS
trust your instincts!
This is the area we were focusing on
Inter-dimensional Photos Taken in the Haunted Woods of Burlngton,
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