Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
by Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
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After you have read
my books, please
give me a nice
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Thank You
Mary Sutherland
After you have read
my books, please
give me a nice
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Thank You
Mary Sutherland


Through the innocence of our childhood, we accepted the invisible world of our Spirituality . This was a time when the Angels
rejoiced and shared special moments with us. Without questioning, we believed in the magic of the soul.  We flew to far away
places on the back of the Grecian Pegasus and played hide and see with fairies that lived in the enchanted forests. We looked to
the sky in awe and wonder as the mighty Zeus hurled his powerful lightening bolts and covered our ears to the thunderous
voices of quarreling Gods. Our Guardian Angel became the "secret friend" that no one else could see. We rescued damsels in
distress and fought fire breathing dragons, using a magical sword found in "Grandpa's woodshed".

What happened to us? How and when did we loose our magic and the secret friends of our youth? Could it have been when
someone laughed at the idea of our "secret friend"? Or was it the time when your father checked your damsel rescue, telling you
to get your head out of the clouds and put that piece of old wood back in the woodshed? Well, I guess the time of the loss isn't as
important as the significance of it, is it? Sadly, sooner or later, the child finally loses out to life and it's lessons and the light of
spirituality surrenders to the darkness of matter.

There was a time, not so long ago, that magic was a way of life, surrounding and protecting it's  believers. A time of Moses and
the parting of the Red Sea. A time of King Arthur and Excalibur, Merlin, the sorceror and the Miracles of Christ. Going back into our
history, we can find even a greater Age. It was from this Age, we hear the accounts of flying dragons, cyclops and their third eye.
This was an Age when Angels walked with man and a race of giants ruled the Earth, known as the Titans.

Two thousand years ago, the accounts of these ancient times and it's people were universally accepted and spirituality was a
way of life.  Now we are told that these accounts of the Ancient Times were nothing but childhood fairy tales and that the practice
of spirituality (of the spirit) is supernatural, taboo or New Age nonsense.  This is an unfortunate belief because when we turned
our backs to our Spirit of Light, we stepped right into an Age of Darkness.

Lost in the darkness, we eventually came to forget the ways and wisdoms of our ancient ancestors and soon became dependent
on the teachings of man-made doctrines designed to  bind our souls to a physical world. Spirituality came to be forbidden and
the voices from "within" was coined "imagination".  The loving God of our Ancestors was replaced by a religion which
blasphemed his loving name and tagged us as poor miserable sinners, undeserving of his love and divine gifts.

A true religion, however, is a "search" for God. This search can only be achieved through the guidance of our Higher Self, where
knowledge and love reigns. Through enlightenment, spiritual faculties will open and blossom, like petals of a flower, with the
Universe backing our very efforts.  The treasures we enjoyed as a child are only a glimpse to the real treasures that will be given
to us as we grow in our own spirituality.

In my youth, I attended church on Sundays, with my mother. Looking back, I remember how we would all gather outside the
church, before service. The men clustered in one group and discussed local politics and predicted the yearly crop outcomes. The
women, in another group, gossiped and exchanged recipes. We children stood around uncomfortably, wishing to be either at the
old swimming hole or fishing down at the nearby Kickapoo River. At the ringing of the church bells, we would quietly go inside
and take our seats. As the minister raised his arms, we stood and sang our first hymn of praise. Up until this point of events, I
really had no problem with church. But then would come the"dreaded" sermon with the minister preaching of this God full of
wrath that punished his children by throwing them into the burning pits of Hell. The further the minister progressed into his
sermon, the deeper I sank into my pew. By the time he finished and the collection plate was passed around, the congregation
was more than ready to pay the price for their weekly salvation!

As a child, like most of you, I believed without question the wisdom and authenticity of my elders. Only until later, in my youth, did I
start noticing certain discrepancies that made me start questioning the validity of some of their truths. We, as adults, think little of
misrepresenting the magic in life and realize less the damage done by creating fallacies. Each fallacy, brought to light,
disillusions the child, bringing on a decline of spirituality, eventually taking the light out of the child and replacing this void with

Although I may have chocked up the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus as a fallacy, the tradition religious beliefs of my youth carried
and guided me into my adulthood. Life experiences through the years, however, began shedding light on certain truths that
conflicted with those beliefs. In the beginning, true to Christian form, I denied any possibilityThat there was error in my faith. For
years I chose to ignore my Inner Voice and followed the ways of my old faith. However, the paradoxes I encountered in my religion
finally forced me to partake on a spiritual quest, which ultimately changed my life forever.

Ten years ago, I shed the cloth of my past and partook on a journey into an unknown realm, clothed only with the insatiable
desire to know the truth of my divine heritage. Knowing the possibilities of losing family, home, friends, business, wealth and
virtually my very soul, I stepped into the most frightening and rewarding experience of my life.

I set off on a journey without a map and fell into many snares and detours along the way. Without the safety net of my past, I had
to learn how to blaze my own trail. During those times, I learned that in order to appreciate the positives in my life, I needed to
experience the negatives as well.

In my quest, I came to the realization that there is not one thing that our Creator has held back from us, not of himself, his
creations, the workings of his creations, nor of his plans for us. I will go a step further with this statement in saying, "He wants us
to know."

God works through his laws and in order to find him, you need to know , understand , accept and abide by them. If you can do
this, Our Creator will share great knowledge with you, but in return, upon hearing these truths, you are then required to share
them with others. These truths , through the pages of this book, I shall now share with you.

Peace and Love Be With you.

Mary Sutherland
Hey Mary! I finished reading your book "Living in
the Light". Freakin' AWESOME! What a wonderful
writer you are. So much research, love and
knowingness was put into this. Time to go back
through and highlight all the personal truths, deep
meanings and quotables. I may have to keep a
spare highlighter on hand in case I run out of ink.

It is a rare and special treat when a book of this
magnitude is discovered. Living in the Light is not
a book merely to be read; it is a book to be
experienced! The cover description of this awe-
inspiring work only hints at its true depth. It is a
journey into the fascinating realm of the inner-self;
a journey that this reader felt quite privileged to
embark upon. The depth and breadth of Ms.
Sutherland’s profoundly insightful truths and
wisdom are singularly empowering and quite
beyond mere written description. I do not recall the
last time the written word had such an impact on
my accrued overall view of who I am and what my
place is in the grand scheme of life (the Holy Bible

And though I have long believed in the
reincarnation of the soul, Living in the Light has
served to clarify, confirm and validate this evolution
of our metaphysical self. As Ms. Sutherland points
out in this literary gift to the world;I am a planetary
citizen, honoring the life of the earth, and all beings
upon the earth. As a child of the Earth, I honor the
sacredness of all life, and I acknowledge all
humanity as my family. I am a child of freedom,
committed to protecting and restoring this basic
right to all humans everywhere. I choose to live the
fullness of my human potential as a unique and
creative being of light. Living in the Light is not the
proverbial self-help guide, nor is it the culmination
of the author’s personal views. It is an
extraordinarily well-researched, heartfelt and
philosophical work that dares to break the genre
barrier and create a genus all its own. It should not
only be read or reviewed, but rather, celebrated for
its uniqueness and for the knowledge it offers the
reader. In short, astounding does not begin to sum
up this amazing and often miraculous journey into
the true self. Don’t miss this astounding work of
literary genius! You too can set out upon your own
powerful, soul-searching journey; order your copy
today! Five Stars!
Ruth Marie Davis, Avid Reader and Author of The
Reclamation Project.

Living in The Light is a well-documented simply
written book of instructions on how to live
abundantly. The author has it together and leads
you by the hand as you go from kindergarten to
graduation through the school of life. She enlarges
your perspective so that it becomes clear where
you fit in the universe; not just this world or this
country but these are included too. It is a course in
humanity and planetarianism. The essences of
the world's religions are distilled to where they
merge in a unified pattern uniting Jews,
Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Zoroastrians,
Buddhists and all other religions of the world. It
clarifies the road we are all on explaining how we
got to where we are and indicating what to expect

Science and religion are brought together, each
supplementing and strengthening the other.
Reincarnation to government experiments with the
paranormal are all explained. If you could choose
only one book to keep with you for the rest of your
life, this should be the one.
John Meloney author of Alien Odyssey

The sample of Living in the Light is a true gem!
Mary Sutherland is a very enlightened being!
Michael Peter-Moses,

Living in the Light is beautiful, wonderful,
informative and full of love

I am totally astonished and stand in awe at Mary
Sutherland's vast resources and knowledge. This
can only construct the thoughts that she is truly a
chosen one of God. May God continue to live within
her and allow her to share his love.
George Roberts, Norwest, USA

I liked the depth of Living In The Light. I can read a
chapter, put it down for a few days, and come back
to read the very same chapter and still learn
something new. .Mary has really done her
homework. The Book is awesome!
Jim Aho, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Living in the Light is a very enlightening book. I
have read the preview chapters and find them very
smart, witty and easy to understand. It helped me
to realize what was really important in life. I have
had many explanations as to how God is within us,
but I always felt that I was undeserving and
unworthy. After reading Living in the Light, I realized
this was not so. We are all worthy and through our
Divine heritage, entitled to his gifts. I am a
Christian but believe, regardless of what a
person's faith may be, Living in the Light, will help
them to achieve a higher understanding of their
spirituality and place in life.
Wayne Hemmerich, New York

I just can't tell you how much Mary Sutherland's
book touched home with me. I have been
struggling for a while now with my ingrained
thoughts on how religion is supposed to be. How it
is supposed to be is not what feels right to me. So
when I read the excerpts of your book I knew right
away that my coming across your book at this time
in my life was meant to be. I think your book is
really going to help me get past some of these
issues that have been bogging me down. And I
can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
Ginger Pennell, Spring Texas
Book Case, Texas
Author of the Month Mary Sutherland

Mary Sutherland has dedicated her life to helping others
come into the Light. She made her debut as the seventh
child, born in the seventh month on Friday the 13th. Mary's
birth created quite a stir, and to this day, she continues to
raise eyebrows. Her parents encouraged her to believe in
the magic of life, the beauty of love and to follow her own
path. Her non-judgmental approach to life and compassion
for others has opened the doorway for those seeking
spiritual guidance. Two words sum up her philosophy of
life....Love and Truth.

Mary Sutherland’s long awaited book, LIVING IN THE
LIGHT, 'Believe in the Magic', has just been released! The
easy-to-read, thought-provoking style cuts through the 'fluff'
and gets right down to the 'stuff' dreams are made of! Her
book shows us there is 'real' magic in the world and
teaches us how to use it for a more fulfilling and rewarding
life. LIVING IN THE LIGHT teaches us how to cast off guilt
and self-condemnation. Imagine a life based on
forgiveness of self and others ... a life based on shedding
fear and accepting love!

Discover why forgiveness is the key to universal happiness.
Learn to create through your thoughts. See life without
judgment, fear, guilt and anger, and learn how to replace
those feelings with unconditional love.

Unlock the secrets of the mysterious hidden world of
thoughts and subtle energies, where life becomes a
wondrous and infinite adventure. Learn how you can travel
from one world to another or go to another time. Discover
the Life on the 'Other Side'. Get answers to what is death;
where do we go and what do we do. Re-learn the Ancient
Mysteries and Uncover Government Secrets on Aliens and
Time/Space Travel.

You MUST read this book! GUARANTEED to change your
life forever!